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Taker chapter 1 Taker , meaning Taker , genre Taker , book cover Taker , flies Taker , Taker 65031cdecd173 How Far Would You Go To Claim Your Greatest Desire Would You Flirt With The Darkest Recess Of Your Soul To Achieve Life S Ultimate Fantasy, Passion, Aching Need For Someone That Your Soul Will Not Let Rest Oscar Marcusson Feels A Love For His Assistant Funeral Director S Wife So Strongly That He Is Willing To Commit The Ultimate Sin In His Darkest, Most Needful Hours, Oscar Feels That He Must Have The Love Which His Soul Can No Longer Only Crave To What Extent Is Man Willing To Go To Taste His Passion Most Importantly, What Monster Is Man Willing To Create Taker Is A Novel That Will Entice You With Love, Ecstasy, Pain, Torture, And The Monstrosity Within Each Of Us That Is Passion Possessed

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