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Those Were the Days (The Moments Series, #1) explained Those Were the Days (The Moments Series, #1) , review Those Were the Days (The Moments Series, #1) , trailer Those Were the Days (The Moments Series, #1) , box office Those Were the Days (The Moments Series, #1) , analysis Those Were the Days (The Moments Series, #1) , Those Were the Days (The Moments Series, #1) e247 Don T Fall In Love In High School Don T Fall In Love With Your Best Friend Don T Fall In Love At All When Claudia Lake S Sister Wendy Moves Back Home, Everything Changes The Boy Next Door Wants To Be Than Just Friends Her Best Friend Nurses A Broken Heart With Revenge When It Comes To Love, Claudia Has Learned That It S Better To Be Safe Than Sorry Or Has She Those Were The Days Is A Prequel To Jenny Bravo S Debut Novel, These Are The Moments, That Explores What It Means To Be In Love In High School, The Excitement And Fear Of A First Love, And How To Survive Broken Hearts

  • Kindle Edition
  • 43 pages
  • Those Were the Days (The Moments Series, #1)
  • Jenny Bravo
  • English
  • 23 December 2018

About the Author: Jenny Bravo

JENNY BRAVO spent her childhood in Disney princess nightgowns and climbing trees barefooted These days, she usually wears shoes As a part time writer, she drinks too much coffee and writes feverishly in the fringe hours Otherwise, she blogs at jennybravobooks.com and plays on Twitter While she calls New Orleans home, she also considers herself a resident of Narnia, Hogwarts and Neverland.Twitt

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    Wow I hadn t expected it to be this good for a short story, especially since it is a prequel.The story is about family and friendship and romance and feelings so many feelingsI think I should read the other books in the series now.

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    I really feel like this could have been a lot fleshed out I even think it might have been a good story for an entire book if there had been a bigger event However, I found it hard to follow the story because it was just so short and fast I really wish there had been about the characters feelings.

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    Will definitely NOT be continuing with this seriesEVER

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    Those Were The Days is a short story prequel to These Are The Moments by Jenny Bravo I loved These Are The Moments because it detailed the realistic relationship between Wendy and Simon, as well as portrayed a realistic transition from college to post college life The situation just felt very familiar to me and while I didn t necessarily relate to the characters because friends, Wendy and Simon are a troubled couple from the start I enjoyed reading about their lives and their interactions with each other.While TATM focused mainly on Wendy, Those Were The Days focuses on her younger sister Claudia, who I LOVE She s so cute and I love how in this prequel, you get to learn about her friendship with Casey and the way their relationship slowly progresses.The dynamic between Claudia and Wendy is so different in the two books, so that was interesting to me as well It s funny how time can change things.Would I recommend both of these books Yes Which one should you read first I don t know But I read TATM first and TWTD second and that seems like a good way to go.Take care,Marian

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    A very sweet, age appropriate tween romance.

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    Personal Response I thought Those Were the Days by Jenny Bravo was a little boring because this book was not my type When I read the summary on it I thought it was of a book with male characters, but it turned out to be a book with mostly female characters I bought it on my phone before I realized it was a high school love story.Plot Claudia was in high school and her sister, Wendy, was moving back home after she just graduated college Her sister was named Wendy Claudia did not know how to be a good sister because Wendy was six years older than Claudia Claudia s parents thought that Wendy was the better daughter because Claudia failed her driver s test five times Casey was Claudia s next door neighbor and he kept asking Claudia out She did not agree to go out with him because she thought he was just kidding She was also afraid to admit she loved him Claudia went to a party with Casey and she got drunk Casey took her home and seriously asked her out Instead of saying anything she puked in the bushes A week later, Claudia snuck out with her friend at three in the morning Her friend was named Ava They put plastic pink flamingos all over Ava s ex boyfriend s house Wendy was a painter but she had not been inspired to paint since her boyfriend broke up with her Casey came over to Claudia s house and told her that he was going to stop asking her out She was afraid of losing him than admitting she loved him She told Casey to ask again and they went on a date They went mini golfing then he took her home She asked Casey if he wanted to go on another date Claudia and Casey told each other they loved one another Claudia went home and talked to Wendy She told Wendy to be brave to start painting again Characterization Claudia was the main character Claudia was afraid to love at the beginning of the book When she thought she might lose Casey, she admitted she loved him Wendy was Claudia s older sister and she also changed throughout the book She was heartbroken because her boyfriend broke up with her so she quit painting At the end of the book, she decided to start painting again She let her broken heart disappear.Claudia and Wendy s relationship as sisters changed in the book In the beginning, they were not close and did not talk to each other In the end, they became close and gave each other advice.Setting The book took place in a small town name Covington near New Orleans It was important to the plot because it was a small town so everyone knew everyone This book took place in modern times because the kids had cell phones and modern cars.Recommendation I would recommend this book to only women because this book was about love and was directed toward women characters I would recommend this to women ages 16 to 20 because there were a few graphic scenes in this book.

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    Personal Response I, personally, think Those Were The Days was a never ending book in my opinion I thought the book was based on what Claudia went through in high school in Claudia s love life, but the overall plot summary of the book kept leaning towards a romantic setting, which I unfortunately didn t enjoy reading about Plot When Claudia s sister, Wendy, showed up one summer at their house everything changed for her Their neighbor across the street just so happened to be a boy who wanted to be loved Weeks past by and school had begun, and on Wendy s and Claudia s way back home they took the trail back home they took for the past 17 years after everyday of the school day, that s where they met Simon Simon was an understanding and loyal type of guy School had been in session for almost three months when Simon could not leave Wendy alone All Wendy wanted was to be friends just like the old days when nobody had crushes, and everybody liked each other, and got along fine without dating The next day during school Wendy finally built up enough courage to say no to Simon At first, Simon was not happy at receiving the dreaded news, but then days past along, and Simon soon began to find out that Wendy wanted what the old days had entailed On the other hand, Claudia was the one who wanted to stay on the safe side when it came to dating For weeks guys kept asking Claudia if she would be interested in dating Did Claudia just break the old days rule Characterization Claudia regrets the chances she had with Simon, and what she never had the chance to accomplish while dating him Claudia fit into her friend group, but when it came to hanging out together they had the chance to go on dates, which she felt left out and wanted nothing to do with it Claudia s personality had everyone wondering who she really was as a person, due to the fact that she didn t talk to anyone during the group hangouts and dates they had attended Lastly to describe Claudia personality, she was an adventurous, loyal, and hard headed type of girl in her own mind of her world Simon, the antagonist, left Claudia feeling as if she needed to feel loved and he wanted to create a life for Claudia that s worth living Simon was always creating a stress involved life for Claudia, and while doing that he said that there was no one Claudia was allowed to hang out with Claudia in her right mind was not impressed, which caused Simon and Claudia to quit talking Simon was an individual who was street smart and always took love situations seriously When something went wrong, he would start to deteriorate in mood and his attitude towards others was always disrespectful, causing him to lose friends over the school year Setting The main setting of Those Were The Days, was at Robert s High School Most of the book s settings took place at the high school delivering the messages of when the characters were communicating their romantic lives while at school When the days came to an end, Wendy, Claudia, and the group of boys were heading back home and went their separate ways Another setting was a barn in the back of the woods where each of Claudia s friends would have meetings to discuss the dating life of each friend It was October, which meant that leaves were falling and the temperatures were changing Recommendations I recommend Those Were The Days to a teenage and adult leveled reader due to the climatic occurrence of love and profound language taking place throughout If people enjoy romantic thrillers, I d recommend this book to them to read because of the non stop action of the book s setting Lastly, I d recommend this book to people who enjoy realistic fiction, because throughout the book Claudia explains true situations that connects readers to their own personal lives.

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    There s something about Jenny s writing that transports me back to my time in high school, when all it took was a simple smile from a cute boy to make my heart skip a beat I really enjoyed her debut novel, These Are The Moments and bought this one as soon as it was released, devouring it in one sitting It s a great lead in to the story of the Lake sisters and, importantly, what it s like to navigate your first love.Grab a cup of tea and get comfy, because you re sure to read this book in one go.

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    I wish the book was just a little bit long, and talked about the characters , but other than that it was good.

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