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Spectral Hauntings summary Spectral Hauntings , series Spectral Hauntings , book Spectral Hauntings , pdf Spectral Hauntings , Spectral Hauntings 08967100ff Dark Moon Press Continues Its Tradition Of Showcasing New And Return Authors In Original Tales To Chill You From Haunted Houses To Wailing Spirits And Vengeance From Beyond The Grave, These Stories Will Have You Reading With Than One Light On In The Bedroom The House Chase Knightly The Funeral Coach Unknown FOR THE LOVE OF JUNE Veronica Kegel Giglio Halloween S House Carnelian Gray Obsession Pamela Turner No Tomorrow Michael Randolph Who Cut The Cheese Kevin Eads Thunderous Overhead Mary Genevieve Fortier The Last Ride Jason Gehlert The Secret Of Norgress Ian Bush And Ron Brown

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