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    After devouring the first book in the Cajun Country Mystery cozy series by Ellen Byron, I had to jump on the second, Body on the Bayou It s quickly becoming one of my new favorites series, and I definitely recommend it for other cozy mystery fans Set in Louisiana on a plantation home converted into a BB, the charming setting and characters truly invoke a wonderful southern atmosphere while sharing and spreading great history and relationships among the town of Pelican In this caper, Maggie is forced into serving as the maid of honor for a rival turned friend Vanessa from the last book She and the groom s family have been at odds for 150 years due to a curse one of them brewed up When Vanessa s extended family comes into town, she sticks them on Maggie as part of the responsibilities for the maid of honor Unfortunately, a few of them turn up dead Maggie tries to solve the case, grows attracted to the new detective Bo, and determines who she really wants to be Will she be able to help bring a long lost family member back to the fold Or will she get caught up in the downside of a wedding not meant to happen easily Byron is a talented writer with tons of humor ingested into dialog and narrative It sometimes crosses the line into witty or stomach cramping clearly showing great range in how to keep your readers invested and entertained The pages are easy to follow, I digested this one in under 3 hours It s got 4.5 stars from me the only reason I didn t give it a full five was parts of the story were a little forced nonetheless, it made for fantastic reading and shouldn t worry anyone This is a very solid series I can t wait to devour the next one in a week as I try to catch up on this awesome cast of characters so I can read the ARC for the latest one next month.

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    3.5 stars Maggie has returned to help run her family s plantation s BB in Cajun County in Louisiana She also leads tours of the family s old plantation run by the state now and in her spare time, finds dead bodies In this second book of the series Maggie agrees to become the maid of honor of her disagreeable co worker, Vanessa, who is marrying her family s arch enemy, Police Chief Rufus Durand Vanessa is also hugely pregnant and quite demanding Maggie is also pursing a secret relationship with Bo Durand, a cop in town and cousin to the Police Chief She is giving art lessons to his autistic son in scenes that are truly touching And with all that on her plate, Vanessa s cousin comes for the wedding, stays at the BB and is murdered Oh no, this could be an awful review on the Internet So as she juggles work and maid of honor duty she tries to find the killer I really like the sense of place in this new series I have spent some time in that area and it is really accurate I enjoyed the book but it wasn t as funny as the first one Still it s a fun way to spend the day.

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    Very proud of it, LOL

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    This has quickly become one of my favorite cozy series Body on the Bayou is a perfect blend of mystery, and humor, with a few serious issues thrown in I often found myself laughing out loud at the antics of Maggie and her family friends There are twists and turns around every corner, which kept me reading page after page Ms Byron has cleverly written a series with well developed plots, a unique culturally rich setting and unforgettable realistic characters I find myself wishing I could visit Pelican, Louisiana and check in to Crozat Plantation so I could experience the ageless charm and mysteries of the Bayou first hand Until then, this series is a wonderful substitute And don t forget the yummy recipes that are included Turkey Dinner in a Braid was perfect for Thanksgiving leftovers A Cajun Christmas, book three, is now available and looks to be another 5 star installment.

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    Book two in the Cajun Country Mystery series and I found this one to be so much better than the last one Maybe is was because it was book one which requires the set up of the series but i just had a really hard time getting into the story This one was much better as it starts with a bang, has lots of drama as a pregnant bride is involved, and finally ends with a big sh bang that definitely different to say the least Maggie is pregnant Vanessa s maid of honor which is really funny because she is marrying Rufus of all people As the guests start arriving for the week long festivities one of V s horrible cousins shows up and has to stay at the Crozat BB This was not so bad until she was found murdered next to the bayou near a lost dog and cat that had just given birth Vanessa demands that Maggie investigates once she becomes the prime suspect which only gets worse after another body turns up shot by her new gun The drama had me giggling, the development is smooth, and the little details are included at the same time such as Xander finally speaks While the main focus is the murder mystery itself we still get to keep up with Maggie s budding romance as well as other things Great for fans of cozy mysteries that are set in the South which adds that Southern charm to the mix.This one gets 4 5 stars.

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    Maggie Crozat has been pressed into service as maid of honor is her co worker Vanessa s wedding As if dealing with the very pregnant bridezilla isn t enough, she is also playing host to Vanessa s cousin Ginger At first, Ginger seems nice, but soon she is driving everyone crazy Which means that when Maggie finds Ginger s dead body, the list of potential suspects is very long With finding a killer added to her maid of honor duties, can Maggie successfully juggle everything I completely enjoyed getting to revisit these characters They are tons of fun, and the character growth we see in some of them is truly amazing The plot is strong with lots of motives and secrets to keep us guessing until the logical conclusion This is a strong second entry.NOTE I received an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

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    Dollycas s ThoughtsWe return to Pelican, Louisiana and the Crozat Plantation BB Our protagonist Maggie Crozat has become maid of honor for Vanessa, one of her coworkers, because everyone else ran away from the job With Vanessa due to deliver a baby soon, she has heaped most of the wedding plans on Maggie s shoulders Vanessa and her mom both expect Maggie to just do everything they ask and do it immediately She also has Vanessa s cousin Ginger and her entourage staying at the family BB When the cousin is found dead just a couple of days before the wedding and the police suspect list keeps growing it looks like Maggie will be adding find the killer to her long list of duties.First let me say, Maggie has the patience of a saint Dealing with Vanessa, her mom and the groom, Police Chief Rufus Durand, would have most people throwing in the towel before they completed the first task.Ellen Byron has created some very multidimensional characters and their growth from the first book is very clear The undercover romance of Maggie and Bo continues and hits some bumps as his ex wife comes to town His autistic son is excelling in his art lessons with Maggie though and she enjoys their time together Her family pulls together in the story not only to help Maggie but they also take in some new kittens and puppies that were found by the bayou These little guys stole everyone s heart.She took all the characters and wrapped them into a complex mystery The ending caught me completely by surprise due to some very intricate twists and turns As I eliminated suspects in my mind a twist had me seeing things differently.The covers of both the books in this series are beautiful and made me want to escape right into these stories I have never been to Louisiana but the covers and author descriptions make me feel like I have been there She also describes the glorious Cajun cuisine in the most mouthwatering way Yes, there are recipes at the end of the story.Love this series and hope to return to Pelican soon

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    Although I really enjoyed the first book in the series, this one, however, not so much.What I did like I like the setting of these stories and it makes a great back drop for a cozy mystery.I liked the mystery and the clues although it s pretty easy to figure out who the victim s will be, who will be framed and who the guilty party really is.I liked most of the characters in general but not necessarily how they were fleshed out in this book I really did like Bo s son and how he is being developed with special needs as well as special gifts But in some ways it felt like his development happened too quickly.What I didn t like This one went way too far in the OTT over the top and ridiculously silly actions of the bridezilla and her mom It just got to the point where their actions and everyone cowing to their requests was just frustrating And a lot of pages revolved around all this OTT and doormat behavior that it really ruined the read for me.Our heroine just seemed like a doormat who stumbled onto dead bodies, clues and did whatever was requested of her because she didn t have a backbone And her finding the dead bodies is already getting old I wanted her to be a strong woman, but she never came across as strong just some one who caved at every turn because it was good manners.I don t mind drawing out a romance in cozy mysteries, however, I don t like the other woman troupe and couples who don t communicate so the relationship got 2 thumbs down.

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    Very few cozies move me to tears Body on the Bayou by Ellen Byron is exceptional It is a cozy that has that right balance of what you love in a cozy mystery, a crazy set of circumstances and an incredible dose of reality I loved this book Maggie Short for Magnolia is a character I could immediately relate too, she was easy to get behind and felt like she would make a really great friend The relationships in this book are wonderful, and what I would expect from a southern based cozy, tons of loyalty and a touch of crazy, a seamless blend and the perfect balance I truly appreciated the story line of the relationship with Maggie and her boyfriend s son With out giving too much away the character has Autism and as a mom with kids with Autism, this story line felt incredibly authentic As it touches me personally, when I come across characters in cozies who are supposed to be on the autism spectrum I am often unhappy with how the author writes that character, not in Ellen s book though I feel as if she had a true understanding of what it is like to love and support a person on the autism spectrum She was able to normalize the true relationship with out making it feel negative or unfeeling I felt her story line was a great service to our community and I will be forever grateful I loved the mystery, the way she wrote the victims was perfect I had no idea who the real murderer was until the big reveal Surprising and comedic twists through out This was the perfect Sunday read This is a book I would and will buy my friends to read.

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    When Maggie is asked by Vanessa to be her Maid of Honor, she wants to say no, but doesn t Vanessa is bridezilla plus Her relatives are no treat either When Vanessa s cousin, Ginger s body is found on the plantation, Maggie is once again investigating to save the Plantation.Body on the Bayou is a perfect blend of mystery, and humor I often found myself laughing out loud I really enjoy Maggie s family Her mother, father and grandmother are the epitome of southern hospitality The characters are realistic, from friends to frenemies The plot was well developed, with many twists I absolutely love the setting and some day, hope to visit Louisiana Maybe I will get the opportunity to stay at a plantation home in the bayou some day so I can experience the area If you love a cozy with humor and atmosphere, make sure you pick up this series.

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Body on the Bayou (Cajun Country Mystery, #2) download Body on the Bayou (Cajun Country Mystery, #2) , read online Body on the Bayou (Cajun Country Mystery, #2) , kindle ebook Body on the Bayou (Cajun Country Mystery, #2) , Body on the Bayou (Cajun Country Mystery, #2) 2ca3b652fdec The Crozats Feared That Past Murders At Crozat Plantation BB Might Spell The Death Of Their Beloved Estate, But They Ve Managed To Survive The Scandal Now There S A Tr S Bigger Story In Pelican, Louisiana The Upcoming Nuptials Between Maggie Crozat S Nemesis, Police Chief Rufus Durand, And Her Co Worker, Vanessa FleerMaggie, Inexplicably Tasked With Being Vanessa S Maid Of Honor, Quickly Discovers Why Everyone Else Refused The Assignment When The Bridezilla Hands Her A Long List Of Duties The Most Important Of Which Is Entertaining Vanessa S Cousin, Ginger Fleer Starke, A Mysterious Woman With Dangerous Secrets But Just Days Before The Wedding, Ginger S Lifeless Body Is Found On The Bayou Behind Crozat Plantation And The Pelican PD, As Well As The Crozats, Have Another Murder Mystery On Their HandsThere S A Gumbo Potful Of Suspects, Including An Ex Marine With PTSD, An Annoying Local Newspaper Reporter, And Vanessa S Own Sparkplug Of A Mother But When It Looks Like The Investigation Is Zeroing In On Vanessa As The Prime Suspect, Maggie Reluctantly Adds Keeping The Bride To Be Out Of Jail To Her List Of Maid Of Honor Responsibilities In Body On The Bayou, The Second In Ellen Byron S Charming And Witty Series