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Saturday, 3pm summary Saturday, 3pm , series Saturday, 3pm , book Saturday, 3pm , pdf Saturday, 3pm , Saturday, 3pm 2833f70b17 Overpaid Players Sunday Lunchtime Kick Offs Absurd Ticket Prices Non Black Boots Football S Menu Of Ills Is Long Where Has The Joy Gone Why Do We Bother Saturday, Pm Offers A Glorious Antidote It Is Here To Remind You That Football Can Still Sing To Your HeartWarm, Heartfelt And Witty, Here Are Fifty Short Essays Of Prose Poetry Dedicated To What Is Good In The Game These Are Not Wallowing Nostalgia They Are Things That Remain Sweet And Right Seeing A Ground From The Train, Brackets On Vidiprinters, Ball Hitting Bar, Jimmy Armfield S Voice, Listening To The Results In A Traffic Jam, Football Towns And Autograph Hunters This Is Fan Culture At Its Finest, Words To Transport You Somewhere Else And Identify With, Words To Hide Away In A Pub And Luxuriate In Saturday, Pm Is A Book Of Love Letters To Football And A Clarion Call, Helping Us Find The Romance In The Game All Over Again

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    Saturday, 3PMAll football fans have heard that the modern game is not as good as it was in the good old days, whenever that was nobody has ever told me For all the ills of the game according too some it is the fault of modern football, they tend to forget the violent and racism of earlier times or the state of the grounds, the treatment of the fans and the general disregard of all things concerned with the spherical ball.Saturday, 3PM is a modern love letter to the game from author and historian Daniel Gray and a clarion call to all us fans to reignite our love of the game once again He has written fifty short essays about the game, whose prose is a sheer delight, and brings to life modern day fan culture, even those who watch from their armchairs.In fact any fan of the game knows what it feels on the day when the fixture list is released, looking and planning for the derby games, the away games and where the boxing day game is For me it is like the prelude to Christmas Eve, just as the first day of the season is Christmas Day an end to the three endless months of no football.Any football fan would love this book as it will always make them smile and recognise themselves on the pages of this book A great little book for any fan.

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    A book which sums up the pain and joy, of being a football fan.Thoroughly enjoyable.

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    A simple and slight book, but a very good one The author waxes lyrical and does it very well, with only the odd touch of the clich about such things as bumping into fellow fans of your team miles from home, and the clunk of ball against crossbar, that define and unite football fans everywhere Oh, and some idiots who call it soccer as well If you too share in the bliss in the thought that football is about so much than the match you could call this a very good gift book or you could just as validly file it under anthropology.

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    The book consists of 50 short essays about various aspects of football from the first game of the season to the last, the joy of spotting a fellow supporter somewhere unexpected, the magic of floodlights and of course, as is almost inevitable in Britain, watching the game in bad weather.Among my favourites was Going with Dad which movingly suggests that fathers and sons attending matches together is a way of silently expressing their love for each other My Daughter Listening at the Window is one which really struck a chord with me Like the author, I lived within earshot of Easter Road, Hibernian Football Club s home ground Like his daughter, my Saturdays were punctuated with the sounds of cheers and groans from the fans as I tried to work out whether Hibs were winning or losing, whether the crowd was disagreeing with the ref and who had scored a goal.You might think that you don t like football, but reading this book may just make you see there is still something glorious about the game Daniel Gray s writing is eloquent and graceful This little gem of a book, a love letter to football, is perfect for dipping in and out of.

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    A fun book for all kinds of football fans Dan s writing is a mixture of football wisdom and the genuine love of the game He writes on behalf of the soul of football itself.

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    This is a lovely wee book which recounts 50 Eternal Delights of Modern Football Not a nostalgic look back at the good old days of footballing yore, but 50 observations that make it still a charming game today The pleasure of a well executed piece of time wasting, fat players, seeing a stadium from a train Reading it I had a knowing nod or grin with many and afterwards sat thinking of my own favourite things that brighten up a wet Saturday afternoon watching football If you have read any of his other books you will know that Mr Gray has a lovely way of writing too A handsome and charming book.

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    A slender volume of fifty vignettes examining the everyday pleasures of life as a football fan Beautiful, heart felt prose evokes a sense of nostalgia for a by gone era whilst reminding the reader of the simple delights not yet erradicated from the modern game From club shops to floodlights to the excitement at passing a team bus on the motorway, Daniel Gray s book is as much about society, sociology and history as it is about football.Saturday, 3pm is a joy to read.

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    Good little book listing 50 things we love about football Most are relevant to the non League fan like me If I were to add a 51st it would be the supporter who manically shouts shoot shoot for Christ s sake whenever we have a player in possession of the ball anywhere vaguely near the opposition penalty area.

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    A Charming little book written by a British author and soccer fan..it s title says it all 50 small chapters about delightful things you experience being a soccer fan in Britain As i said, its charming, and if you love the English game, worth a read

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    This book is reviewed at the Two Unfortunates soccer website here.

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