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  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • Whole
  • Melissa G. Moore
  • 05 October 2019
  • 9781623367442

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    I really liked the helpful points on how to overcome obstacles in knowing that we are not our past Our labels attached by society such as stay at home mom in my case is not all that I am We need not make income to be considered valuable as in the mere giving we are able to help others heal Having gratitude, staying open and positive , adjusting our sails to the winds of life can lead to not only our truths in who we are authentically but also lead to our legacies.Melissa did a great job in giving others a head start to a better life I believe the book fell short near the end but that is my personal opinion.I myself am a victim of domestic violence and lived through an 11 yr narcissistic relationship.I can relate on many levels to Melissa s insights expressed here especially in dealing with the shame, blame, guilt, and further victimization often because we suppress repress our feelings causing us to be contained and not free.We need to spread our wings and fly and Melissa illustrated this eloquently Great read and highly recommend.Abuse does not define us as long as we do not allow it too.

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    This is one of the practical self help books I ve read in awhile The exercises and advice were all things I could easily work into my own life I ve also developed a great list of books to read further thanks to Moore s recommendations.

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    At first, the book drew me in instantly I love when I fall in love with a book at first GLANCE I am not to keen on self help books I tend to think they re too wishy washy However, I deeply connected with Melissa Moore s words I had a tumultuous childhood full of violence and abused fueled by alcoholism This book has helped me jump start my journey in healing Coming in terms with my past and forgiveness I recommend this book if you want direction in self care Also, to people who want an insight on what s it like to grow up in a broken home So maybe they can help someone who s trying to put the pieces back.

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    WHOLE is an inspiring story told by a woman who worked hard to overcome the obstacles created by a difficult childhood The authors chose to write this book to bring to light all of the life lessons and research that Melissa learned about overcoming trauma Overall the book is well organized, researched, and resonated with me The acronym for the healing process, WHOLE, seems a little corny to me The in depth explanations for each step in healing were personal, well written, and intelligent WHOLE follows an outline similar to other self help books, but is related to trauma and the complexities that come along with it The authenticity makes the book I really enjoyed the content about art therapy, journaling, and trusting your intuition Also, I probably read too quickly, about 40 pages per day I should have probably read about half that and also taken the time to really ponder the parts that resonated with me I think this would be great as a buddy read with a trusted friend, who may be going through similar struggles in life Comparing thoughts, journaling, and discussing relevant parts of WHOLE would help process and apply the content In general WHOLE is a good self help book geared towards surviving trauma The author is proof that trauma doesn t have to define a person and gives the tools to help work through it.

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    I thought WHOLE is a pretty good read with some good suggestions and stories Melissa s personal story is very interesting and how she overcame it all is very inspiring I learned alot of things that I will be implementing in my own life and suggest this to anyone that loves a good read that will inspire.

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    I couldnt imagine going through this, I am glad you wrote this book It was very good and I wish you luck in the future.

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    I won this book via Goodreads First Reads Giveaway I received an advanced readers paperback copy.

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Whole characters Whole , audiobook Whole , files book Whole , today Whole , Whole 6c11a When Melissa Moore Was Years Old, Her Father Said To Her, I Know How To Kill Someone And Get Away With It At The Time She Chalked It Up To His Love Of Detective Novels, But It Didn T Change The Fact That Her Father Had Always Been Someone Who Made Her Anxious Two Years Later, In , Melissa S Father Was Arrested For The Murder Of Women Over A Period Of Years He Was The Serial Killer Known Nationally As The Happy Face Killer The Pain, Trauma, And Shame That Followed Her Father S Conviction Could Have Left Irreparable Damage, But Melissa, Now The Host Of LMN S Monster In My Family, Has Spent The Following Decades Pursuing A Path Of Healing WHOLE Is The Culmination Of Melissa S Years Of Research, Interviews, And Personal Experience A Step By Step Program To Heal From Trauma And Live A Full Life No Matter What Or Who Is In Your Past Melissa Spells Out Actionable Steps For Moving Through The Five Stages Of Healing After A Painful Experience Watch The Storm Avoiding Reactivity Heal Your Heart Forgiveness As Action Open Your Mind Creativity In Finding Solutions Leverage Your Power Using Your Pain To Fuel Your Momentum Elevate Your Spirit Paying Forward Gratitude, Positivity, And Love In Each Phase Of The Program, Melissa Inspires You How To Embrace Your Past To Find Your Own Wholeness Within Your Broken Life If You Are Stuck In The Rut Of A Painful Experience Whether By Depression, Trauma, Pain, Fear, Addiction, Or Guilt You Will Find Comfort In This Book S Advice, Self Evaluation, And Action Plans WHOLE Blends Together Prescriptive Advice With Personal Story And The Result Is A Safe Zone For You To Find Your Own Path Toward Healing, Happiness, And Health

About the Author: Melissa G. Moore

Melissa Moore is an Emmy nominated journalist, as well as the Executive Producer and Host of Monster In My Family on LMN network She is an expert and speaker on the topics of recovery from trauma, domestic violence, and serial violent crimes Moore was raised as Melissa Jesperson, a daughter of the infamous Happy Face serial killer, Keith Jesperson Growing up in a small town in Washington Stat