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    Tell the Truth continues the story begun in Half Moon Girls and is pretty much non stop action all the way Corinne O Flynn s writing is smooth and compelling and quickly draws you into the action She draws the characters from the Lei Crime World so well that they seamlessly fit into the overall world that Toby Neal has created If you like a fast paced, suspenseful read with plenty of action from beginning to end, you must read these books I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

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    The stunning sequel to Half Moon Girls is action packed with Lei protecting Alicia, again With the trial of Wingate coming up the Feds have brought Alicia back to testify, along with Lei Someone is set on keeping witnesses quiet and they aren t being nice about it The initial scene is gruesome and really sets the story for how far these guys will go to shut someone up To get the full story on Wingate and how Lei and Alicia became witnesses you need to have read the first book In just a few hours you can read both stories and get your blood pumping.

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    This is another great addition to the Lei Crimes Kindle World It takes place almost a year after Half Moon Girls and follows Lei as she prepares to testify at the alleged kidnapper s trial while handling a new murder case The action is fast paced and full of surprises and I love watching Lei s character s growth in the hands of the various authors I ll definitely be reading .I was gifted a copy of the novella by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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    This is a great addition to the Lei Crime World series It is a continuation of Half Moon Girls which I also greatly enjoyed.This book is filled with fast paced action along with many surprises along the way I loved every minute of it Very well written

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    Nice, quick follow up to Half Moon Girls

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    DisappointedThis started off slow In the middle it starts getting good and then ends Not near as good as the first book.

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    Full Disclaimer I was provided an advance copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review Cue Law and Order dong dong Mrs O Flynn has once again found an excellent pace for a novella To explain, I am new to the genre and am intrigued by the faster pace of a lot of what I have seen and read Tell the Truth is a great example of a story that moves at a steady pace leading slowly to a crescendo I don t recall any lulls during the read I was drawn in to each character from the start and remained interested in all the characters to the end.Even though the pace was fast and steady, Mrs O Flynn did not skimp on the descriptions of the local flora, habitats and history of Hawaii Look no further than the descriptions in the first paragraphs of the book for a preview of the vision that unfolds throughout As with the first Half Moon Girls novella, the reader gets a good sense for island life and the beauty around it I found that a nice contrast to the dark story being told.The year is just getting started but this one will easily stay at the top of the list as one to remember Can t wait for the next one.

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    After reading Half Moon Girls, I immediately read Tell The Truth This story is bigger and better than the first In true Lei style, there is a murder, danger, suspense and some surprises you won t see coming Lei will have to fight with everything she has to save herself, Alicia and another that she dearly loves This story is very well crafted I hope to see Lei stories from Ms O Flynn.

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    Tell the Truth is the sequel to Half Moon Girls it is action packed Lei is once again protecting Alicia Wingate s trial is coming up and the Feds have brought Alicia back to testify along with Lei Someone doesn t want the witnesses to testify they want them to stay silent and they aren t being nice about it A fast paced read full of suspense with plenty of action beginning to end.

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