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Changing Moon (Paranorm World #3) explained Changing Moon (Paranorm World #3) , review Changing Moon (Paranorm World #3) , trailer Changing Moon (Paranorm World #3) , box office Changing Moon (Paranorm World #3) , analysis Changing Moon (Paranorm World #3) , Changing Moon (Paranorm World #3) 677b A Brutal Attack Has Left Anya S Body And Life Forever ChangedThe Man She Loved Is Gone, Her Relationship With Her Family Is In Tatters, And Her Future Is Dead With The Woman Who Attacked Her Still At Large, Her Growing Friendship With Luca Is The One Comfort Keeping Her SaneDetermined To Take Control Of Her Life And Her Body, She Finds Her Purpose To Move Forward, Getting Revenge

  • Kindle Edition
  • 246 pages
  • Changing Moon (Paranorm World #3)
  • June Stevens Westerfield
  • English
  • 13 August 2019

About the Author: June Stevens Westerfield

June is a geek girl, fat chick, and unrepentant romantic She writes full time and is both independently and traditionally published She also works part time running her greeting card company, Once More With Feelings, and is co owner of the Pop Lit Divas Radio Show.When not working, June can be found making jewelry, reading, cooking, or watching geeky movies with her husband and snuggling with he

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    Changing Moon is a hauntingly stunning and deeply touching story of the peace of self discovery and the power of hope This is a one journey that will surprise and delight all readers who have fallen in love with the Moon sisters It will invade every part of your heart and pull on all of your heartstrings You will find yourself immersed in the same world but through very different eyes What you think you will find you will never see, and what you see will leave you forever changed Be prepared to lose your heart to Anya She will leave you wanting so much .Anya can feel something different and terrifying taking place within her body, mind, and heart While her mind acknowledges what is happening, her heart is a completely different matter She has her family and friends to draw strength from, but she isn t sure that they will be enough She can t quite settle her spirit with her new existence With other changes taking place around her, she isn t sure how to adjust without losing a part of herself that she isn t prepared to sacrifice While her world transforms in its own time, she must rediscover her heart and find out if she has the strength and courage she needs to face each day as it comes Can Anya find herself amid the chaos and confusion, or will she surrender to the darkness that threatens to swallow her whole I knew that Anya was going to make me feel so much then Fiona, but I never expected what I found within the pages of this amazing book She is an absolutely incredible character To be able to deal with everything that is thrown at her is something that I think most people would never be able to handle without losing their mind She has so much strength then even she realizes She is a complete and utter wonder, and I loved getting to know just how wonderful she really is While the twists and turns in her journey will make your heart ache, it will also prove to make you that much of an Anya fan than before June Stevens has created an absolutely phenomenal addition to her Moon sister series This book will hold your heart captive the entire time It will not let you walk away until it has finished allowing you to experience every part of this wondrous journey Don t close your eyes because you will miss a valuable piece of this epic masterpiece of a series.

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    Anya comes to grip with her new reality in this book Actually this book is mostly about her Jarrett is hardly in it which I was bummed about because he s my fave character in the series This is a transition book for the series, with a lot of time passing in between some chapters and no real action This sets things up for lots of tension in the next book I was really upset with the ending There s heartbreak in store in the near future I hope we get to see what happened to the other Moon sisters during the time lapses.

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    whilst i immensely enjoy this series i much preferred the last book when it was in Fionas point of view instead of Anya There are several points in the book i wanted to jump into it and smack her over the head That beings said to bring out that emotion means you actually care about the character enough to show show them that kind of love The book series continue to have great oneliners and punch lines that just make you feel happy about yourself when you read them and make you smile when doing so

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    Well, well, well What an interesting change of events on the continuing saga of sister, Anya Moon I will admit that after the shocking cliffhanger ending of the last book I began reading Changing Moon with some trepidation I will further admit that as I read the first 20% of the book I was concerned that I did not like where the book was heading but, in all fairness at he end of the read read I was feeling a little breathless and anxious to read book four in this series.Anya has been dealt another raw deal in her troubled life She has been changed into a vampire in order to save her life by a decision made by her sister, Fiona and her lover, Jarrett Now, she is trying to come to come to grips with her new life and emotional scars left from the battle that brought her to this point in the first place.Jarrett Campbell is under arrest by the Black Blades while awaiting trial for the unlawful changing of Anya into a vampire While he is confident they won t execute him for the crime due to the circumstances he really does not care if they do He is feeling guilty for Anya being used as a pawn against him by his enemy, Cora and saddened that her life will never be the same That is why he will propose to her when he gets the chance so that she will never be alone again.Men can be so dumb at times When Jarrett proposes to Anya he neglects to tell her the one only most important thing a woman wants to hear, I love you Instead he provide her with a litany of reasons why a marriage between them would be the best decision for her Ugh Anya was devastated and then embarked on a course that will change both their lives.As Anya begins to work through her emotional baggage and physical restoration, Jarrett is sent undercover in one of the toughest work prisons around Anya finds purpose and Jarrett regains his sanity and realized just what he might have lost The question is, is it too late This was another great installment in the Moon sister series yet, the action was much minimalist, the sex wasn t as hot and the emotional turmoil was at an all time high However, everything happened just the way it should Like most readers, I want an author to take me on an adventure but when events in the plot don t go the way I think they should I reserve the right to grumble Ha I applaud Ms Stevens in staying true to her vision for this story and then making me love the end result My friends, that is not any easy thing to do Now I will have to wait in agony until the fourth book is released but for those of you who have not picked up this series I highly recommend that you do You won t regret it.

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    Anya s life changed forever as the result of a brutal attack She lost her life as she knows it as well as her boyfriend Her relationship with her family is strained to say the least and the vampire responsible for the attack has not been caught She finds some comfort with Luca and soon finds the strength to mend her family relationships and resolves to find a way to get revenge It will take hard work and a lot of time But Anya is determined and will not give up.Anya turned out to have amazing courage and spirit After spending some time in the depths of despair, she raised herself up and went for it There is to come for Anya and who knows where she will be in the end I know I plan to be along with her on her journey.Changing Moon packs a lot of punch in its pages Nothing is as it was for Anya June Stevens Westerfield has built an incredible world, which promises to delight and entertain us as well as dismaying us in some parts through books in the future If you have not read this series as yet, you are truly missing a gem Go forth and read this set of books You will not be disappointed.

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    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Changing Moon, A Moon Sisters Novel Paranorm World Book 3 by June Stevens Westerfield is a wonderful story of change and growth as Anya Moon adjusts to her knew circumstances.I cannot get over how in depth the characters and storyline are in this series, and the world building is top notch I felt a part of the story at times, and again, found it nearly impossible to put my reader down.Another 5 star must read, and I cannot wait for the next story in the series.

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    I was hoping for The story is good since you get to see what Anya goes through, but I thought her love life and a certain situation were going to be resolved, although the story does not end with a cliffhanger Just have to wait and see in the next book

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    Changing MoonSo many twists and turns for Anya Please tell me June Stevens Westerfield is continuing this series I am so in need of further action.

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