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Gypsy Heat(Boston Harbor Romance #4) chapter 1 Gypsy Heat(Boston Harbor Romance #4) , meaning Gypsy Heat(Boston Harbor Romance #4) , genre Gypsy Heat(Boston Harbor Romance #4) , book cover Gypsy Heat(Boston Harbor Romance #4) , flies Gypsy Heat(Boston Harbor Romance #4) , Gypsy Heat(Boston Harbor Romance #4) 2b3353888755d You Came Back Ngel S Quiet Voice Broke The Silence In The Apartment, And Bella Turned Around Slowly To Face Him He Was Standing In The Shadows Of Her Living Room, Shirtless In Deference To The Hot July Night His Hard, Tattooed Chest And Arms On Full Display As He Leaned Against The Wall Yes, Bella Whispered, Mesmerized By The Sight Of Ngel S Rippling Biceps Covered In Mayan Tribal Tattoos, And His Hard, Muscled Chest Branded With The Breathtaking Tattoo Of A Fallen Angel The First Time Bella Had Seen The Tattoo, She Had Instantly Known That Bast Had Designed It It Was Incredible, The Amount Of Emotion That The Angel Was Able To Convey Without Showing His Face The Defeat And Acceptance Of His Fate Was In The Set Of His Shoulders And The Way That His Head Hung Down Between His Knees But It Was How His Glorious Wings Closed In Around Him, Sheltering Him And Protecting Him In His Humble State That Truly Took Your Breath Away And Staring At The Tattoo Now, Stretched Across Ngel S Dark Sweaty Chest, Illuminated Only By The Dim Glow Of Her Apartment, Bella Was Once Again Stunned By The Raw Emotion That It Evoked Neta, Bella Demanded, Lifting Up Her Shirt And Baring The Tattoo Of The Word That Ngel Had Scrawled Under Her Navel The First Night He D Slipped Into Her Apartment And Held Her While She Slept I Missed You, Ngel Replied Quietly, Closing The Distance Between Them In Two Long Strides That Is The Only Truth That Matters, Mamita Bella Closed Her Eyes And Inhaled Ngel S Musky Scent As He Drew Her Against His Chest And Wrapped His Arms Around Her You Were Gone A Long Time Ngel Pressed His Face Into Bella S Hair As Her Tears Trickled Down His Chest I Didn T Think You Were Coming Back I Had To Leave, Bella Whispered, Burrowing Deeper Into Ngel S Chest As She Wrapped Her Arms Around His Waist Isabella Giovanni And Ngel Are Back With All Of Your Favorite Characters From The Boston Harbor Romance Series, And It S Their Turn Now Bella Ran Away From Ngel In Book Three When She Couldn T Face Her Feelings For Him, And He Can T Stay Away From Her When He Finds Out She S Back Get Ready For An Emotion Filled, Intense, Steamy, Love Story, Filled With Laughter, Tears, And Plenty Of Sizzle Catch Up With Ani And Bast, Jordan And Ginger, Raffi, Andy, Remmi And Maria, And Of Course, Sawyer And Bobby

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    This is my personal favorite in my series so far, but I will warn all you readers, you will miss out on the nuances of this story if you haven t read the other books in the series While the essence of Bella and ngel s love story is a stand alone story, it is so deeply entwined in the stories of all of the other characters in the series The best part of writing a series for me, is that the characters from the beginning get to grow and develop throughout the books and you never have to say good bye to them They re all here in book IV, Ani and Bast, Sawyer and Bobby, Jordan and Ginger, Raffi, Andy, and Bella is Bobby Giovanni s little sister, remember him from Mixing It Up and ngel is Bast s old friend from his prison days It is a rich, sensual, complex story filled with plenty of steam and sizzle, angst and a little heartache, but of course, a happy ending

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