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    Can t live with them, can t kill them If you do, you risk having her come back as an incorporeal hag wailing and yelling at you for the rest of your short life, death would be a relief wouldn t it guys This short novel was a pleasure I ve always be fascinated by folklore and mythology from the British Isles and Europe I loved everything about this book, and I especially enjoyed the ending, being the sick bastard that I am.I live in Canada, and as far as I know, we don t exactly have a whole lot of fun beasties running around Sure we have our share of ghosts, aside from that we have Bigfoot, woohoo, just stay out of the dense forests in the West and you shouldn t have a problem Across the pond there are a plethora I read too much, to actually know what that word means of fey, spirits, leprechaun s and other creatures to terrorize children and adults alike, all of which can be used to create wonderful horror stories.Kudos to the author, I m looking forward to your next two books set in the Emerald Isle.

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    I m not one for horror I usually skip over the genre thinking I will find little to keep my attention This book peeked my interest when I discovered it had a paranormal theme The Celtic Curse Banshee was an interesting, fun, and nail biting adventure Although I enjoyed the entire book, including the historic references, locations, and stories I found the descriptive language and scenes the most engaging For someone who does not read the genre, I was fascinated by the horror, spine chilling events, and rich description For me, the details about the deaths and the background of the characters added to the enjoyment of the novel I like to feel connected, at least to some small degree, and the author does not disappoint Twists and turns throughout the book, including an epic ending, left me wanting There was plenty of detail and description about Irish heritage which I found fascinating Just when I thought I knew how the story was progressing, the story would take a different turn It kept me guessing, which I also liked.All in all, a fantastic story and I m keen to read from this author A solid 5 5 stars.

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    DJ Doyle s first book has some fine aspects, most notably her voice and the writing style, which resonate well with the Celtic aspects of Banshee I enjoyed reading this story and look forward to of Doyle s work.

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    First off, I m not a fan of horror, never had been, but as it seems, this book is making me have a rethink If only horror stories can be made to be this thrilling and exciting Although I d received this book in exchange for an objective review, it deservedly earned my 5 .The Celtic Curse WAO What a bomb this story.A family ravaged by an ancestral curse dating back hundreds of years Not your usual Victorian horror tale, which exactly was what I was expecting but, no, in this package you get a full combination of horror, thriller, mystery and elements of Irish history thrown in the mix The historical background to the story is quite fascinating, detailing the origin of the banshee Then moving on to the present time where it returns to haunt a hapless family Is there a limit to what a man would do to preserve the life of a loved one It s a long shot, but Sean has to work real hard to find a way to break the curse plaguing the MacNeal bloodline and in the same vein save his son s life.And, the ending, boy That was the back breaker for meNo need spoiling the fun Get this book very well written, very well researched every page is laced with a magical spell that keeps you constantly tuned in.Well done Denise Doyle, and congrats for a job pretty well executed.

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    spooky coverthis was a short book put it packeda spooky scary punch i am into lengends and folkloreand this book was a pleasure to my eyesto read it had scary elementsand forelore elments

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    Deliciously creepy The Celtic Curse Banshee tells the story of the origins and then the conclusion of one family s experience of a banshee s curse Perfect for lovers of the gothic and the macabre, this tale is permeated by plenty of classic horror, superstition and dark supernatural power, which are in part balanced by the normality of the central characters who unwittingly fall under the curse I found this short book to be perfect reading for a stormy late September afternoon, given that both Friday 13th and Halloween are approaching.

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    Mixing fact with fiction, D.J Doyle has created quite an interesting historical horror novel You can read my full review here

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    The idea of this story itself is fantastic I like the author s creativity in coming up with the detailed background to the story and the origin of the curse The excellent use of imagery gave quite a chilling mood during the scenes with the banshee, and I literally felt the hairs on the back of my neck raise when the characters experienced the same effect Well done I do love how Part One first unfolds the history of the curse, but I think the unfolding happened a little quickly I think if would ve been better to allow the relationship between Fionn and Keela to develop a little further in order to build the suspense and tension between him and his father, as well as a growing tension between Tierney and Donal which would realistically lead up to the decision to employ the services of Fintan Everything in Part One seemed to transpire a little prematurely Perhaps it s because I was enjoying the characters, especially Keela, quite well, and was not yet ready to leave 17th Century Ireland when Part One ended.The same can be said of Part Two There is very little of an opening incident Sean, who previously didn t believe in such things, sees a shadow, Kevin has a night terror and says Banshee, and the next thing you know, Sean s off to Ireland to find a way to stop the curse Things are decided just a little too quickly to seem like realistic reactions to such a situation The story is very creative and captivating, but I feel like things unfold just too quickly.Character development is also a little shallow I think the author did extremely well with Keela, Michael, and Stephen, but the rest of the characters in this story just lacked in being able to grasp any type of reader character relating.I won t allow for any spoilers in this review so I will not be specific here, but I didn t like the ending How things play out is the author s choice of course, but I personally was left with this feeling of, once discovering the conclusion, wasting my time I hate to sound so harsh, but I m being honest It felt like I could ve read all of Part One, the first chapter of Part Two, and then skipped to the last chapter of Part Two, and would have been just fine in understanding the theme and content of the story Everything in between the first and last chapters of Part Two has been made skip able because of the ending BUT, and there is a but this is most likely because of my personal preferences I just like stories like this to end a certain way again I can t elaborate on this because I don t wish to give away any spoilers , so I do not fault the author for her choice in how to conclude this story The chapters in between the first and last may have, in retrospect, seemed skip able to me, but those chapters are still thorough and provide interesting information about the beauties of Irish culture, and during my journey through those chapters, I enjoyed themloved them It made me want to visit Ireland, whereas before picking up this book, I never had a desire to do so previously.Finally, I found quite a bit of run on and fragmented sentences, along with grammatical errors from time to time These issues don t impede the readability of this story, but it is clear that the book lacked an editor, something which I was told was a must when trying to self publish my own novel Regardless, having been an English teacher for ten years, it s hard for me not to notice every error I try not to allow that to taint my opinion on a story, especially when the creativity of the work holds much worth than conventions.Regardless of these minor issues, I d say the story as a whole is definitely worth reading, and I so enjoyed the ride The author does connect each individual event and occurrence within the plot quite well, giving one a strong desire to refrain from putting the book down and keep reading The story s background and originality, as well as the vivid imagery, are the books strongest aspects I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a good ghost story Thank you, Ms Doyle, for making me a little nervous about turning off my lights in the house at night when I had finished reading it ha ha

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    The Celtic Curse, written by D J Doyle, is a well written and dark story I found it very refreshing that the author picked a topic that is not very often written about, and did an excellent job developing this story It is unique and brings something new to the table I truly enjoyed reading about some Irish mythology that is fascinating and should definitely be written about The plot is well developed and has some interesting twists hidden within, some I did not see coming and some that actually upset me The ending was surprising and took a complete turn on me, and no I don t give away spoilers It speaks for the author when you actually feel bad for the monster , in this case the Banshee, but reading how the banshee came about made the difference Sean is not your typical hero but rises to the occasion He is extremely likable and definitely a person who could exist in real life Without any idea on what he gets himself into, he does what he knows he must do to save his son The book follows a good pace and follows his journey to discover what he must do to save his loved ones.This book is definitely not what I expected and did not end on how I thought it would The author did an excellent job with this book and I can only recommend it to fellow readers I enjoyed it even since it covers banshees, who are not commonly covered and I don t really know much about It was great to learn a little about them in this book, but they are still quite the mystery.I have received this book from the author for an honest review.

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    I m a fan of horror, both as film and books I m glad to say this story definitely gave me the vibe of a classic The book has a nice running against the clock pace to it that I enjoyed quite a bit Any scene that involved the titular banshee was just pain awesome and left me with goosebumps Also, I wouldn t call myself a gorehound by any means, but those death scenes were great and did not hold back The right amount of violence serves a horror well and I must say I would not want to run into this angry spirit I mention this because lately in these paranormal ghost demon possession films I feel they play it too safe.I also adored the characters and would without a doubt vote for Brendan as the most entertaining of them He manages to fit in humor in a really dark story, which was quite the surprise Overall, I really liked that we got a sense of everyone s backstory It helped give impact to the story.My only real complaint was that Part Two kind of just jumped right into the action so to speak I was expecting a bit build up, but it doesn t really hinder the story because you get invested in the dilemma very effectively I definitely recommend this book.Last thing, no spoilers, but damn did I enjoy that ending A ballsy climax is something that I always appreciate and this story nailed it

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