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Dissident (Bellator Saga, #1) explained Dissident (Bellator Saga, #1) , review Dissident (Bellator Saga, #1) , trailer Dissident (Bellator Saga, #1) , box office Dissident (Bellator Saga, #1) , analysis Dissident (Bellator Saga, #1) , Dissident (Bellator Saga, #1) da24 I Will Always Be With You Rising Democratic Star Caroline Gerard Hasn T Had An Easy Year After Losing Her Husband, She Is Raising Two Small Children Alone While Trying To Navigate The Tricky And Sometimes Shallow Halls On Capitol Hill A String Of Nasty Speeches Has Her Scrambling To Apologize To Any Number Of Candidates, Including Newly Elected Republican Jack McIntyre Falling In Love Again Is The Last Thing On Her MindJack McIntyre Might Have A Reputation As A Playboy, But He Has His Sights Set Solely On His New Colleague Can He Break Through Caroline S Grief And Capture Her Heart Told Mostly In Flashback And Set Against A Chilling Fascist Backdrop, Dissident Is A Rollercoaster Ride Of Political Intrigue, Passionate Contemporary Romance, And Undying Love For Readers Ends In A Cliffhanger The First Part In A Six Book Saga

  • Kindle Edition
  • 273 pages
  • Dissident (Bellator Saga, #1)
  • Cecilia London
  • English
  • 17 August 2018

About the Author: Cecilia London

Cecilia London is the pen name of a native Illinoisan currently living in San Antonio, Texas She s filled several roles over the course of her adult life licensed attorney, wrangler of small children, and obsessed baseball fan, among others An extroverted introvert with a serious social media addiction, she is the author of The Bellator Saga, an epic, genre crossing romance series You can cat

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    Dissident, book 1 of 6 In times of political discord a couple must fight for their love the future of their country I discovered that you aren t compensating for anything with your giant house and fancy cars He looked down at the bulge in his groin, bringing her hand down to touch it You ll find out soon enough Books in The Bellator Saga should be read in order Book 1 DissidentBook 2 ConscienceBook 3 SojournBook 1 3 The Bellator Saga I IIIBook 4 PhoenixBook 5 RhapsodyBook 6 TriumphDissident book 1 is the opening to the Bellator saga about an epic love between two politicians billionaire playboy John Montgomery McIntyre, Jack aka Monty and widow Caroline Joan Gerard, Punky In times of political turmoil they shall fight not only for their love but for the future of the free world.Despite a rocky start, Jack and Caroline form a close friendship, across party lines, that with time will grow into Story is a combination of current events, flashbacks and a looming mystery All along you know that their love is doomed, their lives threated and United States plagued with insurgency and political discord.Seven words to describe John Montgomery McIntyre, Jack aka Monty Charming, flirty, determined, suave, mysterious, private and ruthless.Seven words to describe Caroline Joan Gerard, Punky Opinionated, strong, indecisive, self assured, prudish, impulsive and hot headed.Dissident, told from mostly Caroline s POV, is the perfect blend of political intrigue, romance, sex, suspense, violence, angst and darkness It s a mystery to unfold and battle to be fought and a love that has much to conquer It ends as cryptic as it started leading right to book 2, Conscience for the continuation of their saga.Spectacular Suspenseful All consuming And evidence of an epic love Hero rating 4.5 stars Heroine rating 3.75 starsSexual tension rating 4.5 starsSex scenes rating 4.5 starsSex scenes frequency 4 starsPlot rating 4.5 starsDialogue rating 4.5 starsStorytelling rating 5 starsStory ending rating N A Overall rating 4.5 starsWould I recommend this series Yes.Would I re read this series Maybe later.Would I read future books by this author Yes ARC provided to me by author Cecilia London in exchange for an honest review.

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    US UK Dissident is about a fictional world where the government are rotten to the core and good people are prepared to fight against the status quo The mature protagonists, John McIntyre and Caroline lead the complex story through many elements and layers It s a political thriller at its core but equally depicts a love affair that slowly builds and, as the series progresses, their deep rooted relationship is portrayed with beauty and depth The Bellator Saga is showcased through the past and present creating stark juxtapositions through the prose of each period The past depicts a time that is beautiful with splendour, wealth and power for the protagonists as their relationship builds and blossoms whereas the present is steeped in political unrest and sees the heroine fighting for her life The character s mature status adds an authentic quality to the telling They re at the top of their respective careers, they ve lived, she has children and he s had a sting of women and past relationships that have never amounted to anything, I love their easy way with each other, the dynamic of their relationship and individual personalities within the many moving parts of this story I had a few small issues with repetition and, for my personal taste, the past is over detailed That said, this first part in the series is largely setting the scene and creating the tone and mood of the story with the back ground of the characters, friendships and political scenarios so, despite some aspects feeling a little too fleshed out, this couple grabbed my interest and I was keen to see their relationship and lives play out I simply had to know where their story went and how far the corrupt government would go in their quest for domination The last 10% of this book absolutely ROCKED and I really enjoyed the fictional world depicted in the present time It completely gripped my attention This political thriller is a story that has to be allowed to grow and breathe at its own pace Don t let the word politics put you off I do not have a huge interest in politics and know very little about USA Administration but by the end of this first part I was firmly immersed in the Saga Think of a really gritty thriller with deep relationships on television where the protagonists are lawyers or politicians, that s the feeling evoked by this series as it slowly emerges from the page I was excited to see where this political, thriller esque style romance would take me and, having now read the first three books I can say that I m firmly a fan of this saga Note Whilst the first three books do not answer every question it s a natural place to read to and pause ready for the next in the series, just as you would do with your favourite TV show The first three books in the series are available here My reviews for Conscience Sojourn Teasers made with stock image purchases from deposit photos

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    4.5 Dissident Stars My Monty I love you so Dissident is an action packed thriller with suspense, romance, and passion It is the first book in the Bellator Saga As the action shifts between flashbacks of the past and scenes in the present, Dissident is sure to hold you captive until the very end.Through the flashbacks, we experience Caroline and Jack coming together Caroline Gerard is a passionate Democrat making a name for herself on the steps of the Capitol As a widow, she has spent time pouring love into the lives of her two precious daughters She has a great support system of friends, and her life seems to be complete However, when Republican playboy Jack McIntyre makes his way into her life, everything changes Would you consider yourself a sex fiend with a sentimental streak Although the two sit on different sides of the house , together they form a friendship that quickly develops into so much Jack and Caroline have an intense attraction to one another, and when they come together, Caroline finds that there is still time for her yet to experience passion and love with another man However, the road isn t smooth sailing as Jack and Caroline have much to discover Just hold on to me Always Meanwhile, in the present Caroline is battling the aftermath of a government uprising Will she have the strength to persevere This is bad This is really bad I want you to be happy Joyful I want to give you everything you ve ever wanted Told in mostly Caroline s POV, Dissident has a perfect blend of action, suspense, and passion The dialogue is witty, and the characters are complex As the first book of the Saga, the main focus is to establish the conflict brewing in the government and to mark the beginning of the epic romance between Jack and Caroline The tension from the present kept me on the edge of my seat At every moment of horror, I thought I was going to break from the harshness of the present And then, magically the story shifts to a flashback where love and tenderness are in full bloom This twisted combination had me on a constant swing of emotions Overall, Dissident was a fantastic read The story challenged my mind and captured my heart When you begin this journey, make sure you have all of the books available on your kindle As soon as you get to the end of the book, you will want to jump right into the second book Conscience The Bellator Saga ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review For reviews reveals giveaways visit

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    4 THRILLING STARSI must say that I was pleasantly surprised by this book I ll admit that at first I wasn t so sure While a huge fan of House of Cards, wasn t sure if mixing politics and upheaval with romance would do it for me Also, I was a bit put off by this being one of a six part series I love to hate serialssort ofLOL But oh boy, I was so wrong This is Ms London s debut novel but it should not be her last This lady can write with the scenes, character development and dialogue just seamlessly flowing from page to page.The story alternates between past and present and it works really well in letting the reader get to know and invest in both Caroline Gerard and John Montgomery McIntyre Jack , as well as slowly start to understand the trouble Caroline is in The main focus is on the relationship and love story that unfolds between Caroline and Jack She is recently widowed with two girls and he is a self professed millionaire playboy This is where any cliches end Their relationship is mature, relatable and so refreshing I just loved the pace, care and attention Ms London gave to the connection and love between Caroline and Jack Caroline was just so likeable, witty and smart And Jack is one sexy beasthe is hard to resist Talk about knowing how to take care of a woman The chemistry between these two was hot and heavy And Jack s adoration is undeniable but also not over the top I want to make you feel good Do all the things for you that you ve been missing Touch you the way you want to be touched Make you shudder and tremble and moan Along with this wonderful and compelling love story, there is suspense and danger unfolding as we experience snippets of a new and dangerous America in which the President is beyond corrupt and Caroline and Jack are caught smack dab in the middle of it.This ends with many questions existing about Caroline s present day predicament, as well as just as many pressing questions as to what happens next in the past I m so ready for the next book I highly recommend this series It s so well written with witty, sexy and smart characters and dialogue, and a plot that will leave you guessing and wanting an ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review Guest reviewer for SlutSistas Book Blog For reviews and blog posts.

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    Dissident generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review Get it now for FREE here 5 That s all I need to know StarsCecilia London blew me away I m so happy to have started The Bellator Saga as it s a series I m so excited about following This dystopian political thriller and romance strays from my normal reading preferences and surprised me in the best possible way I was nervous because I m not a political person, truthfully I m rather apathetic about politics But this author made them kind of fun She presented intellectual conversations about liberals and conservatives, proving points for both sides that were rather fascinating assimilated into a romance for the masses Cecilia London possesses a great gift of writing as her story flows seamlessly With both intrigue and suspense London s writing demonstrates a well rounded, thoughtful, political plot all the while providing a beautiful love story She breaks a mold with this story and told me a story I wouldn t normally jump to read I love that the most about this book It s out of my usual realm and just completely wowed me expanding my reading horizons Dissident starts this saga by taking us to the present in the world of Caroline Gerard and her husband John Jack McIntyre From the very first sentence in the prologue, London hooks you I felt a connection to these characters in their time of struggle at the very start My interest peaked immediately in their relationship and their current situation The prologue sets up the driving force of the story in the present where, through two doctors, we re left to navigate the uncharted waters of this future America where these characters are far from safe The author did a fantastic job of keeping up the suspense in the story By giving us enough about the what s happening in the world, this author makes us feel the imminent danger to the point we are truly concerned for these characters with whom she makes us fall in love with yet we re in the dark about the why this danger found them and totally oblivious as to how they ll survive In a brilliant twist to her storytelling, through a series of seamless transitions in the form of flashbacks we travel to five years earlier in order to follow Jack and Caroline from the very beginning of their relationship Second chance for her, first time for him, plus great friends to lovers these two are a couple with whom I ve become totally invested They make it easy with their intellectual banter, honest conversations, and heated passion Jack McIntyre is a man who s easy to fall for to the point of obsession quite honestly There s something about where they are in their lives, who he was and is, the good Caroline sees in him and the joy he gives back to her life that s just impossible to not love It s no secret I m a fan of serials I love a good cliffhanger, I love the prospect of falling for characters I can follow through a series of books to get in depth look into this world and their lives Cecilia London provided a cliffhanger unlike any other I ve read It s mild in the present world, not overly shocking but just enough that we want so much We re given facts in the present that help with the cliffhanger of the past I m beyond grateful this author provided me the opportunity to start her series If you like serials with a different flare to them some thriller, some politics, a lot of romance Dissident is definitely the book to read to get you hooked on a new series.BR with my favorite reading partner, Irene On to the next girl

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    FIVE STARS ARC provided in exchange for an honest review This book was perfect for me I hung onto to every word as if this was the last book I would ever read I was captivated by the smart and elegant writing style I immediately connected with the characters and my excitement grew to a level that I could barely contain it, my heart was bursting with glee There s no better feeling in the world than when you find the perfect story In this first book of The Bellator Saga we meet Caroline Gerard, a rising star in the House of Representatives She recently became a widow and single parent of two beautiful girls She is very passionate about her job in politics but sadness is always present in her life as she feels guilty for the things she wished she could have said and done for her husband before he died Regrets pile up as she gives a speech where she attacks fellow politician, John McIntyre Caroline immediately wants to fix her mistake but Mr McIntyre wants none of her apologies Later when these two find a moment to sit down for a talk, an unmistakable attraction is born Caroline quickly dismisses her feelings toward John because of his Playboy reputation and also because even after a year since her husband s passing, she s not ready to have feelings for another man.Caroline and John settle into a very special friendship where they exchange interesting conversation, fun debates and the occasional meal John McIntyre is very handsome and charming and he finds himself hopelessly falling in love with Caroline and in a very delicate and patient manner he is determined to win a piece of her heart After a dance and a beautiful kiss, Caroline starts feeling hopeful about a future and maybe loving someone again John is simply irresistible This story is told from past to present The past narrates the whirlwind romance between John and Caroline, while in the present Caroline is handcuffed to a hospital bed recuperating from terrible trauma done to her body Two doctors are trying to protect her from the military men that want her for treason.I loved both sides of the story This is a very smart and well thought out novel The political background makes it exciting and the romance ignited all my senses, making me addicted and desperate for .I highly recommend this books It took me about two minutes into the story before I asked myself WHY ISN T EVERYONE READING THESE BOOKS I m on to the next one I m in book heaven right now.

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    4.5 stars.Well, I could hardly put this one down Really enjoyed it Loved all the politics, the intrigue, the romance, the characters.JACK Swoon and he is in his late forties We need older men in books Seriously He.Was.Hot Rising Democratic star Caroline Gerard hasn t had an easy year After losing her husband, she is raising two small children alone while trying to navigate the tricky and sometimes shallow halls on Capitol Hill Falling in love again is the last thing on her mind CAROLINE So down to earth I really liked her No BS about her This year is an interesting year in American politics I am not American but I am totally intrigued with American politics Spent three weeks in the States this summer and the Democratic and Republic Conventions were held during our stay there I swear, instead of heading out on to town, as one might do on holidays, myself and himself used to hop into bed and watch the highlights of the Conventions on CNN or whatever other station it was on Yeah, I really know how to have a good time I m John Montgomery McIntyre My friends call me Jack Oh, he has a bit of an Irish connection Black Irish You know me and the feckin Irish Jack and Caroline seem like an unlikely couple Opposites He has the reputation of being a bit of a Playboy She has two daughter one of the daughters is called Mo I ve made a lot of mistakes in my life Caroline Things I m not proud of I ll probably continue to be an asshole who does terrible things to people but I feel something for you that I ve never felt before I want to see where it leads You make me want to be a better human being The alternating chapters threw me a bit I didn t really like them in the beginning, but I got used to them.I am really looking forward to the next installment Go to hell And leave me the hell alone I would have been seriously pissed off if I didn t have the next book to dive into.

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    4 Intruiging Stars Ok ok deep breathes I have no idea what s going on right now. I m at the end of Dissident and I m feeling a tad nervous But hoping to Gawd book two I will start to understand what s happening, what I do know is this is not a light read, but a gripping pull at your hair, page turner and make you stop life kind of story So onto my review I m not from the US I m English and politics isn t my forte but hey my blogger buddy Suzanne has recommended this So I went in with both feet and I m going to give a little bit of advice to you that she s given to me Don t worry about the Politics in this book so much and look deeper. That is what I m doing and why I m taking this in its stride, and why I ve fallen hook line and sinker for Jack McIntyre I m clueless as what means what at this point so just going to explain in the best way I can and why I m enjoying this so far. So What s it about Caroline has lost her husband tragically and her life has been a HUGE struggle this past year, and so she is living life with her closest friends and her two daughters Who are EVERYTHING TO HER She is also on the opposite party to Jack when it comes to campaigns and such but let s just say one look at Caroline and his playboy ways stopped and there upon a friendship developed Gradually, slowly and overtime Jack wove himself deep into Caroline s life We re not just friends, sweetheart His mouth was at her ear and his voice, dripping with desire and seductive promise, driving her insane You know that We have a connection I want to be with you, as much than friends He traced his fingers down her throat to her collarbone and she quivered, hearing a thudding noise as her purse dropped to the floor You want this, Jack whispered You need this You know you do And you know I can give it to you You deserve to be cherished, adored, taken care of Sigh Jack Politician, Playboy, friend, lover.That s all I m saying he has it all, he takes his time to get Caroline to trust him, she s been hurting and he s helping her through it, Slowly and for the first time since she lost the world she knew, she s starting to breathe again Saying all this, Caroline has previously lived the life where her previous husband gave her and her children love, stability and safety Jack is not that kind of man Yes he is the kind of man that sweeps you off your feet Sexy, handsome, and trouble But he will also pull the carpet out under you, make you think and feel He also wants for the first time to give everything he s got to Caroline and yes Caroline is a bit stumped at times by his wealth But they are a team together in a unknown kind of situation How will this actually work And can they be happy My thoughtsThis is a Political thriller where these two main characters are finding out what they mean in this world, where the the government are NOT nice people and they re finding a way to live in it It s not fun, it s hard and I feel they re in the midst of a maze they ve got to escape from..I m at the point where I just don t know how to explain this book, it s complicated in the best kind of delicious way The only way I can explain it is by saying this book is your most favorite, most exquisite shoes that are untouchable to your friends but you Your at reach but not quite there I m being a little vague I m just at the point where I m trying to process what s going on So I m going to move forward where I truly feel the Shits hitting the fan, captures are looming in on them It s turning dark I know that. So to sum up. This is a book about two people who are in the limelight, one who doesn t know how to be happy The other who takes what he wants And it sure as hell is intriguing plus I suppose this book 1 sets the tone for book 2 Take the plunge like me and read it. Onwards. ARC Generously gifted in exchange for an honest review For reviews and blog posts

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    OH WOW All of the reviews I ve read and thank you GR friends for all the wonderful reviews that helped to prepare me for this saga DID NOT prepare me for this introduction to the Bellator Saga I don t think I ve read anything like it and it was than a welcome surprise.I really liked how the author set me up to experience a roller coaster ride worth of emotions From one chapter to the next, I didn t know what to expect It was impossible to predict the direction that the author was going to lead me.Told in flashbacks, I fell in love with Jack right along with Caroline It was sweet It was fun It was divine.I love you Silver Fox And just when I got comfortable in lovey dovey land, the rug was pulled right from under me The suspenseful part of the plot kept slapping me upside my head Gut wrenching, heart pounding suspense I thought this was an incredibly creative way of flexing one s writing chops I was constantly on edge, wary of getting too cozy with any scene.I am so excited to start Conscience and thankfully I have the boxed set XO

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    5 What a way to start a Saga Stars A story of intellect, mystery, political savviness and very sensual and sexy undertones I must say, I was a little hesitant to read because I had some preconceived notions about the story Well with the push of some friends, I read and was completely overwhelmed and absorbed into an amazing and epic storyline Representative Caroline Gerard is a mother, a widower she is smart, sassy, determined and incredibly strong Representative Jack McIntyre is smart, good looking, and a playboy But during his campaign, he was disparaged by Caroline in his congressional race But that disparaging lead to a meeting between the two Caroline needed to right the wrong and so THEIR story began Besides this being a love story, it s a story of political intrigue, one that sucks you in and doesn t let you go It grabs you with a prologue that leaves you breathless and then proceeds to take you on a journey of Past and Present It flows effortlessly, beautifully and epically WHY.is the question Why did this happen and Why would it happen Their story enfolds and I couldn t put it down It was magically told, a story that kept you wanting to know and and I loved the writing, I loved the characters, I loved the banter.I loved it all The writing is intelligent, intriguing and sensual It s a story that could easily take place now The political impact of the story will keep you mesmerized and wanting to know Definitely a fantastic series start ARC graciously given in exchange for an honest review

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