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First explained First , review First , trailer First , box office First , analysis First , First 72f1 Best Friends Do Everything Together Including Falling In Love Maya And Cat Have Been There For Each Other Through Thick And Thin, The Good And The Bad, The Laughter And The Heartache But With College Graduation On The Horizon And Real Life Looming, They Find Themselves Facing An Uncertain Future One Where Not Even Friendship Can Save Them From Confusing Choices, Bad Decisions, And The Risks Of Falling In LoveMaya Knows That Love Only Leads To Pain, And The Best Relationships Are Short One Night Short But After Waking Up With Jake, Her Best Friend S Older Brother, In Her Bed, Suddenly Things Aren T As Cut And Dry Cat And Jake Are Close, A Tight Unit Since Their Parents Death, And Cat Will Never Forgive Her If Jake Gets Hurt Jake Is A Firefighter, And Is Used To Running Into Flames Not Away From Them, And Maya Can T Seem To Resist But She S Already Decided Her Future, And It S Far Away From Here The Only Way To Get What She S Always Wanted Is To Burn Every Bridge Behind Her, And Destroy The Possibility Of A Future With The One Man She May Be Willing To LoveWhen Cat Jacobs S Parents Died While She Was In High School, Her Brother S Best Friend Dallas Miller Was There To Help Pick Up The Pieces Several Years And A Looming College Graduation Later, Cat S Motorcycle Riding, Tattooed Knight Is About To Ride Off Into The Sunset And Leave Her In His Dust She Only Has Six Days To Convince Him To Fulfil Her Secret Fantasy Of Having Him For Her First Before He S Gone Forever She S Stubborn And He S Tempted, But This Is A Battle For Than Just Some Time In The Bedroom It S A Fight For Both Their Futures

  • Kindle Edition
  • 165 pages
  • First
  • M.A. Grant
  • English
  • 13 November 2018

About the Author: M.A. Grant

M.A Grant has always loved reading and writing, but fell in love with the romance genre when she started working at an independent bookstore in high school After meeting her husband in college, they began a steady northward migration and are now happily living in the rugged beauty of Alaska s Kenai Peninsula When she s not calling out to passing ravens or making a cup of tea, she s writing dark

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    I m not sure how to rate this because it s two stories in one book I hated book one Maya was a complete bitch and didn t deserve Jake However Cat and Dallas s story was sooo cute I loved it the breakdownBook 1 1 1 2 starsBook 2 3.5 3.8Combined solid 3 blame stupid Maya Book one Maya and Jake Jake is Maya s best friends brother They hate each other, she sees him at a bar, they get drunk and end up in bed Maya wakes up regretting it swearing it ll never happen again Jake has had a crush on Maya forever but she s always been super mean to him so he assumes she just hates him The premise of the story sounds good unfortunately the way Maya s character is written she comes off as arrogant, condescending, a complete bitch and cold I didn t get what Jake saw in her He was always nice and trying to be friendly with her and she just shut him down with snide remarks and self righteousness Ugh Jake and Cat s parents died when Jake was 19 so he had to grow up and be Cat s parent He became a firefighter to support her and put his life on hold to make sure Cat had everything she needed And this bitch threw that in his face and made him feel like a POS just for growing up and taking care of his sister by having a decent job, being responsible and not partying it up or having a life of his own Stupid Anyway, I didn t understand the pull between the two of them but Jake proclaims his love for her and Maya was not having it Thank god their story was short because I wanted to call it quits She doesn t redeem herself She ruined the book for me.Book two Dallas and CatDallas Dally is Jake s best friend and like I said Cat is Jake s little sister.Dally has been in love with Cat since he moved back home from Arizona when Cat s patents died Cat just didn t notice Cat decides she s done with being a virgin and bugs Dallas relentlessly for him to take it He keeps telling her no because he knows Jake would kill him and he s getting ready to move back to Arizona and doesn t want to leave behind with emotional baggage However, Dally finally agrees but before it goes down Jake comes home, finds out, loses his shit and all hell breaks loose I loved Cat and Dally together You see their closeness, playfulness, how they bicker and their love for each other. Their story was so Freaken cute And how it ends was perfect although I kind of wish we got an epilogue.

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    Two stories for the price of one.If you re looking for a sweet romantic read then these two stories are just what you need I have to say that I enjoyed Maya and Jake s story a little as their love hate relationship amused me Cat and Dallas were sweeter because Cat was very naive My only criticism would be that you don t get a full picture because they re so short.

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    This book are about two couples1 Molly and Jake whom hate each other but after one night their feelings surface, maybe was already there I like Molly developed she was a broken girl and has her doubts and don t want get hurt but this was her shield Jake was the good boy and a fireman hot hot hot who was a daddy and a brother to his baby sister They fight but was good to see they around and make some peace or love I just did not like they hidden their relationship to Cat.2 Cat and DallasCat always loved Dallas and he is the bad boy lot of girls and how he sexy he is Cat has a mind of a teenager and she has 22 years and think that she is different because she is VIRGIN FUCK THIS..Dallas all alpha male but could not tell her how he feels or exactly get in her pants.And then Dallas fight with Jake and blah blah blah they have HEA.Why people think that womanizer will lay down with just one woman after one night..

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    eARC recieved via Netgalley from Escape Publishing in exchange for an honest review.You can see of my reviews at Carlene Inspired.Maya believes in one night stands, even when one of those one night stands makes her feel emotions she didn t want to have Love just leads to hurt, especially when it s her best friends brother that s stirring those emotions up Maya now has to decide does she give firefighter Jake a try or does she hurt him, and her best friend, in the process when she runs away.Cat has leaned on Dallas as a big brother ever since her parent s death, but when her virginity gets in the way of her plans she knows he s the perfect candidate to help out with her situation Too bad she actually has feelings for him and he for her as well, because big brother Jake won t like it much when womanizer Dallas is the one to deflower his little sister Both have to decide if going behind Jake s back is worth it in the end.First combines two novellas about best friends Cat and Maya and the similar situations they find themselves in when they date the men they shouldn t I really enjoyed all four main characters, but I have to admit I prefer Maya and hot firefighter Jake the most I could easily see both of these succeeding as full length novels, however I did enjoy them as novellas as well The characters are funny, a bit jaded, and they re about as opposite as night and day Maya doesn t believe in love and she s got an attitude that should easily scare anyone off, but lucky for us readers, Jake doesn t scare easily and when Maya hits him where it hurts it makes him open up his eyes Their witty banter was hilarious and I like how both realized they were perfect fits for each other Cat reminds me of a teenager, she just wants to get her virginity out of the way, even if it means using her brother s best friend and crush to do so Her story with Dallas is laugh out loud funny, but a little harder to believe in In the end, I like that it s best friends dating best friends and of course I like the older guy, college girl scenario The dialogue between all characters is great, the sex isn t over the top, but just right, and the drama isn t overpowering The entire novel is a quick fun read and if I could have my way I d have two full length novels on the couples This was my first novel from M.A Grant, but I don t think it will be my last.

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    One book, two stories This was a bit of a change up to the normal format, but I think I sort of liked it Maya s story begins with waking up from a drunken night of sex with her best friend s brother while Cat s is a story of losing her V card to the same brother s best friendSo this was my first M.A Grant read and I did really enjoy it But I sort of felt like both stories could have been longer and released as standalone books There was far less drama than the blurb eluded to as well But I am a sucker for these themes and did really enjoy the book as a whole, I just feel like there is far potential for this author than what is delivered in these pages.

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    ARC kindly provided via NetGalley for the exchange of an honest review

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    Originally posted on Reader s AnonymousNOTE I RECEIVED THIS NOVEL VIA NETGALLEY IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW FIRST IS A NEW ADULT NOVEL BY AUTHOR M.A GRANT IT S ONE WHOLE NOVEL BROKEN INTO TWO MINI NOVELS THE FIRST NOVELLA WAS THE RATHER UNCONVENTIONAL RELATIONSHIP OF MAYA AND JAKE Jake is a young firefighter on the road to career stardom His personal life revolves around his little sister, Cora, after the untimely death of their parents However, his self discipline and extremely strict lifestyle didn t reward him in the romance department, that is until he finds himself in bed with his sister s best friend, Maya.Maya is an anti relationship, anti love, childish, college student that has been through a disabling childhood sarcasm engendering her anti ways She hates Jake because he reminds her of her father, who was awful and controlling toward her After her parents divorce she shunned love and refuses to try her luck at love, especially with Jake.Despite their differences, they re both quietly aching for one another, and one night after many drinks they act on this attraction after Jake heroically assist her with her ex One steamy night later, they wake up to the awkward moment of, that really happened Of course they both deny the attraction and the wonderful night they experienced, in exchange for hatred and avoidance.There s a lot of unnecessary action and then they end up happily ever after.The problem I had with this novella was Maya Can you say annoying She constantly pushed Jake away for no reason and treated him as if his feelings didn t matter She breaks up with him over text.But the egregious part is that there s no good reason for this behavior I know about the shit with her parents, but, seriously Not cool He kept putting his heart out there to have it broken by Maya and I didn t like it Plus, she s dramatic I CAN T WANT A RELATIONSHIP RELATIONSHIPS DESTROY LIVES THEY TAKE INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM AND SMOTHER IT UNDER THE PRETENSE OF AFFECTION SECOND NOVELLA, DALLAS AND CORA Dallas was there for Cora after the death of her parents, being best friends with Cora s older brother, Jake, kinda designated him as a surrogate brother, but his feelings are anything but brotherly toward Cora She feels the same way about Dallas, but their fear and circumstances prevent them from expressing it However, Cora gets tired of never experiencing life I didn t know that was life, but, okay , so she decides to ask him to take her virginity.After rejecting her around twenty times and dodging her numerous attempts to seduce force him to take her innocence, Dallas finally relents But before they can get down, they have an argument and Jake comes back and blows up.A huge altercation ensues, Cora leaves, but her car breaks down for the lack of gas, she calls Dallas he comes, they do the big thang, but Dallas ends up leaving because Cora has not chosen him yet After all of this Cora goes after Dallas and they live happily ever after.Overall, there s nothing special about either of these novellas, it was alright.

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    This was two stories in one book which were about the same in length The stories are intertwined and both are equally good I may have slightly favoured the first story but only because it had sass and that s what I like Maya and Cat are two best friends so are inseparable, they do everything together They are just about to graduate college and unsure where their paths will lead them.Jake is Cats older brother and Maya has marked him as off limits but after a drunken night they end up in bed together They have a love hate relationship and don t normally let their guards down Neither of them wants it to ruin their relationship and decide sleeping together cannot happen again However that does not mean they can hide from their feelings for each other Cat has a thing for her brother s best friend, Dallas Cat and Dallas have a tight relationship and are really good friends Graduation is approaching fast and the pair are about to go their separate ways but Cat has one favour to ask of Dallas before he goes She wants her first night of passion to be with him all she has to do is convince him it will not ruin anyone s friendships This book is about taking a chance on love and putting yourself out there Cat and Jakes parents died when they were younger and they only have each other They have a strong bond and want to keep it that way Both Maya and Dallas are aware of their strong family connection This book may have a tragic past however it is not the focus of the book which I was glad about I really enjoyed this read it was fun, passionate, quick paced and witty Basically my kind of book.5 stars out of 5 Highly recommended An advanced copy of this book was given to me via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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    I received a copy via netgalley.I found this to be cute A bit sexy but not too much so It s actually broken up into two novelettes Which I thought based on description it was just gonna be a solid novel So that might need to be placed somewhere upon purchase, not many people like mini stories Both are rather shot you get a good storyline going then bam it gets good and it s over For that I didn t like but I preferred the second half with Cat and Dally, I wish it had going for it make it into a novel itself with detail and a better conclusion then what we got But for what they are it s great little quick reads Solid 3.5 rating.

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    MA Grant has another winner on her hands Or maybe I should say two winners I first have to confess that I m really not a fan of New Adult books And I also don t prefer first person That being said, this author managed to pull these stories off and make me love them I d read many of MA Grant s other books and knew she was an amazing writer so I gave these a try Not disappointed.Even though both heroines were of the new adult age and just finishing up college, they never came across as immature Cat was a bit naive but I never found her to have that stupid youngness that many college students have And the heroes were totally mature adult males Yum I m glad we got both point of views as it helped get inside the head of the characters This made some of their actions understandable I really loved that they d all known each other for a while The friends to lovers trope is one of my favorites The stories were filled with enticing banter, sweet emotion and steamy sex All the things I like in a romance book This author has proven once again that she has the talent and ability to write in a variety of genres Well done

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