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    This book was hard to put down I enjoyed the first book in the series and the second one is even better Though there were many instances of repetitiveness when it came to Lacey s past, I could overlook it because of the intriguing story The characters were well developed and the pace perfect A great read

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    Solid detective story.This is of a detective story than a vampire and werewolf book If you re expecting the werewolf to change you ll be disappointed The vampire half of the detective team also doesn t rise to the level most readers would expect in respect to her powers.The story is of a character interaction between the two teammates conflicting interactions while they try to solve their cases than it is a typical vampire slash werewolf battle.This is an excellent detective story, but could use action using the two character s undead abilities.

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    Audiobook review Book 2 of the Undead Unit series is a good detective mystery story involving a search for a unique troublemaker The entire story s focus is on one specific case The characters and the storyline are well developed and interesting This is the first audiobook series that I didn t mind find it irritating to have the narrator change Mr McSorley did a nice job

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    Good overall storyline Characters are great

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    Markie Madden s Souls of the Reaper is filled with intrigue Second in her Undead Unit series, this book does not disappoint Colton and Lacey, from Fang and Claw, the first book, are joined by a new member, Kazz She is eager and intelligent and brings a fresh perspective to the team.A rogue Reaper is stealing souls, seeking power for himself The Undead Unit team must find the rogue before he creates a society with no morals and no restraint Will they be successful or will there be chaos I remain impressed by Ms Madden s knowledge and use of police procedure and the methods used to find the focus of their investigation The elusiveness of the Reaper provides fascinating moments in this thrilling story Well done 5 stars.

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    After having read the first book in the series, I finally got around to reading the second I loved the characters, Lacey, Coulton and the newest member of the team Because I was familiar with them already, I found I really associated with even second time around In this story we learnt about a Reaper taking souls before people had died It had dire consequenses as people could not distinguish between right and wrong. Our Undead team set out to investigate and eventually solve the case, but not before the thrill of the chase A great story, I thoroughly enjoyed it

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    This second book in the Undead Unit series is as good as the first.Over two hundred pages of action and, edge of your seat, suspense.Rookie, Kazz, joins Lacey and Colton as they race against time to bring down the rogue reaper, who s stealing souls.Kazz fits into the team perfectly and adds an extra dimension to the supernatural crime fighting unit,while Lacey and Colton s personalities continue to develop as the story progresses.I am now eagerly waiting for book 3.

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    Great second installment to The Undead Unit series I enjoyed this one than the first It flowed much better and the story s pace was nice and steady The concept of stealing souls was done in a really original way One thing that bothered me was that Asians were referred to as Orientals which now a days is not very PC Asians are people Orientals are carpets Other than that it was a well put together book I can t wait to move onto the next in the series The narrator did a nice job of distinguishing between the different characters though he could have put a bit enthusiasm and emotion into his portrayal of them I would like to thank the author narrator publisher for generously providing me with a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an unbiased and honest review All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Souls of the Reaper (Undead Unit #2) download Souls of the Reaper (Undead Unit #2) , read online Souls of the Reaper (Undead Unit #2) , kindle ebook Souls of the Reaper (Undead Unit #2) , Souls of the Reaper (Undead Unit #2) be3dfbf3402e A Hundred Years In The Future, It S A World Where Supernatural Beings Live Among Humans Of Course, They Re Forced To Take The Undead Oath They Must Not Prey On Humans For Food Just As With Other Minorities, They Battle Prejudice And Must Struggle To Prove Themselves Alongside The Humans Bigotry Is A Criminal Element, As Seen In Any Group In Society The Dallas Police Department Sets Up An Elite New Squad Of Immortal Detectives And Officers, Dedicated To Solving Crimes Among The Undead Headed By Veteran Lacey Anderson, Can The Undead Unit Overcome Its Obstacles, Or Is It Doomed To Failure On The Front Cover Someone S Stealing Souls In Dallas Can The Undead Unit Stop It, Before It S Too Late A Rogue Reaper Is On The Loose In The City Of Dallas Su Xiong Is A Sociopath With No Care For Human Life He Steals Souls Whose Numbers Are Not Yet Up In Order To Become A Powerful Immortal While He S On The Prowl To Gain Power, His Soulless Victims Roam The Streets Without Morals, Without Inhibitions, Without Any Code Of Conduct Or Social S Crime Has Risen Tenfold Petty Crimes, Road Rage, Prostitution, Drinking, And Gambling But For Each Soul That He Captures And Keeps, His Own Mental Stability Begins To Degrade, A Fact That Xiong Is Dangerously Blind To Can Lacey And Colton, Along With Doctors Matthews And Dilorenzo, Find Him And Stop Him, Before The Insanity Inside Spoils The Souls He Holds Within