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One With the Night explained One With the Night, review One With the Night, trailer One With the Night, box office One With the Night, analysis One With the Night, One With the Night 06cd Far From The Glittering Lights And Shallow Bustle Of London Lies Another World A Realm Of Shadows And Secrets, Where Desire Holds Dominion And Passion Knows No LimitsONE DESIREJane Blundell S Keen Intellect And Wit Have Always Set Her Apart From Her Marriage Minded Peers But Such Differences Are Nothing Compared To The Change That Comes Upon Her When She Is Infected By A Blood Sample In Her Father S Laboratory Suddenly, Her Veins Resonate With A Terrifying, Exhilarating Power Dr Blundell Takes Jane To The Scottish Highlands Where She Collides With The Only Man Who Can Understand Her Hunger And Slake Her Unending Desire ONE DESTINYCallan Kilkenny Has Returned To England From Marrakech, Still Filled With Self Loathing At The Deeds He Committed In The Name Of A Beautiful, Depraved Vampire Now That He Has Tracked Down Dr Blundell In Hopes Of A Cure He Has Also Found A Kindred Spirit In Jane Her Passion And Her Blood Calls To Callan, Fueling A Carnal Need That Shocks Them Both With Its Intensity But Others Have Come In Search Of The Cure, Too For Reasons That Are Sinister And Deadly And To Save Jane And The Rest Of Their Kind, Callan Must Risk Everything Even His Last Chance At Redemption ONE WITH THE NIGHT

  • Paperback
  • 341 pages
  • One With the Night
  • Susan Squires
  • English
  • 27 November 2017
  • 9780312941024

About the Author: Susan Squires

Susan Squires is a NYT bestselling author known for breaking the rules of romance Whatever her time period or subject, some element of the paranormal creeps in She has won multiple contests for published novels and reviewer s choice awards Publisher s Weekly named Body Electric one of the ten most influential mass market books and One with the Shadows a Best Book Time for Eternity received a s

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    Reviewed for THC Reviews 4.5 stars One with the Night was another great read in Susan Squire s Companion series Once again, I m rather shocked by the somewhat lower ratings for this series Then again, perhaps it has something to do with the fact that she has a penchant for seriously torturing her heroes, sexually and physically Said heroes are also typically docile and submissive than most vampire heroes, though I hesitate to call some of them betas However, for the most part, none of this bothers me Overall, I enjoy the juxtaposition of the heroine essentially saving the hero I also love how Ms Squires takes her characters on an emotional and psychological journey that always culminates in them not only finding true and lasting love, but also finding some peace with their companion which up to that point has usually tormented them I thoroughly enjoy watching them learn about themselves and each other and grow throughout the story to a place where I can believe in their rightness for one another and the power of their love.Like nearly all of the heroes in this series to date, Callan is a deeply tortured man who was another of the evil Asharti s victims She put him through hell as her own personal plaything, repeatedly raping and physically tormenting him throughout his time with her At first it was via compulsion, but eventually, he submitted to her tortures which only left him further psychologically confused about whether he was a warped man who truly enjoyed her attentions She coerced him into committing other atrocities for her as well, and when she was finally dead, he tried to create a vampire haven where others of his kind could find solace Unfortunately, that plan backfired to the point that he became known as a traitor both to humans and vampires Because of all this, he believes himself evil and unredeemable, but it doesn t stop the good in him from coming out in small ways I loved how his part of the story opened with him cleaning house in a brothel and throwing the cruel manager and customers out while offering a new life to the prostitutes Little good deeds like this are his way of trying to atone for the wrongs he committed in the past, but in reality, he doesn t believe he s doing much good Callan is so tormented, he has tried several times to kill himself, but his companion won t allow it Therefore, when he hears of a possible cure for vampirism, he s all too eager to find the doctor who is trying to discover it Callan thinks that if he can become human again, he might finally be able to return to a normal life, and if not, then at least he d be able to commit suicide He just didn t expect to find love in the process Not surprisingly, since escaping Asharti, Callan has chosen a celibate life for the past two years and doesn t really want to have anything to do with women or sex, but he can t resist the way Jane draws him She s innocent, good, generous, and shockingly positive even in the face of her own vampirism Although he desires her deeply, he believes it s only his companion driving him to the call of life, and he also believes himself not even close to good enough for her Callan loathes himself so much for the things Asharti made him do that he eventually allows Jane to believe some things about himself that, while technically true, have nuance to them than he s willing to admit He even lets her think he s willingly having sex with the villainess, Elyta, when in reality she is compelling him in one way or another Poor Callan has been raped so many times, first by Asharti and then Elyta, that he has trouble differentiating between a loving, healthy sexual relationship and abuse, but luckily through Jane s gentleness and their love for one another, he is finally able to experience and recognize the distinction.Jane has always lived in the shadow of her father but is a very talented scientist and healer in her own right She learned a great deal about doctoring by simply watching her father and reading anatomy books In fact, she s a very bookish young lady in general, which was something I loved about her She also taught herself midwifery by lying to her father about where she was and going into the slums to help pregnant woman Despite all this, her father has little faith in her abilities, mainly because she s a woman, which has left her with some psychological scars of her own to overcome Because of how she was turned vampire in a laboratory accident, Jane is still innocently unaware of the full extent of her condition and powers She only knows what she and her father have been able to deduce scientifically Because his only child has this disease, her father is working tirelessly to find a cure It s very cute how Jane tries to comport herself like a proper lady, drinking her blood from a teacup, not allowing her affliction to turn her into a beast This measure of control she exhibits over her companion definitely comes in handy in convincing Callan that not every vampire is a slave to the creature that shares their blood She s definitely a scientist through and through The fact that she treated her one and only sexual experience years ago as a science experiment was amusing, yet it was sad that she thought of herself as not attractive enough and too much of a bluestocking to be marriageable This is what led to her wanting to experience sex outside of marriage, but her experiment definitely didn t produce the results she was looking for She d been told it would be a transforming experience, but hers was anything but until she meets Callan However, Jane leans so far toward being a liberated woman that her first love making experience with Callan leaves her feeling frightened that she might lose herself and her ambitions in her feelings for him She also thinks it s just her companion producing a heightened sexual response, and that makes her feel warped for wanting sex with him so badly Luckily, she finally comes to terms with all of this and eventually embraces every part of her new self I also couldn t have been prouder of her when she showed her intelligence by deducing with a little help what was actually going on between Callan and Elyta and putting stop to it.This is the first book in the series in which both characters begin the story as vampires, so the dynamic between them is a little different Because of the companion in their blood, they experience an intense, raw sexual attraction from the moment they meet It even provokes a sexual response when Callan is gravely wounded and unconscious Events that occur later in the story change this dynamic, as they experience their attraction for each other in a different way Always though, Callan is thinking of Jane first and foremost in everything he does which I found very romantic They each also see things in the other that they can t see in themselves Callan recognizes Jane s talents, creativity and femininity all of which she tries to hide or deny, because of how her father treated her as the son he never had Jane intuitively senses the pain in Callan s past, because she can see it mirrored in his eyes She also sees the goodness in him when he thinks of himself as nothing but evil Both of them admit their love for one another to themselves, but each think the other can t love them back, which delays their verbal declarations until the very end A part of me wished that they could have had a little faith in each other and their ability to love, but it all ended well anyway.For the first time in this series, I have to admit that the sexual abuse of the hero was a little harder for me to take I think it was because a large part of it was happening in real time with Elyta, interspersed with some flashbacks to his time with Asharti as well, which made it all a little too overwhelming It got to the point that Callan was spending so much time engaged in torturous sex acts with the villainess that I felt it was taking something away from his and Jane s burgeoning love Of course, none of this is his fault, because Elyta first compelled him with her vampire powers, and later, by hanging Jane s safety over his head At the time, he had little else with which to bargain except his body, so I did admire him for putting himself on the line like that to protect Jane It was just difficult to read about him being abused over and over when he was already deeply damaged from his time with Asharti It also didn t allow for a lot of time for Callan and Jane to develop a healthy sexual relationship, so that part seemed slightly rushed Having Callan and Jane finally rekindle their intimacy right on the heels of the abuse seemed a little too soon as well However, I will admit though, that their interactions were very sweet and romantic, and the author did a great job of differentiating between the two experiences for Callan.There were a few common characters from past books who appear in One with the Night Jane s father was first seen in The Companion as the doctor who Ian turned to, looking for a cure, and it is through his blood sample that Jane was infected Stephan Sincai s mentor, the monk, Brother Flavio, arrives with Elyta and her maid, Clara Although Flavio seems to have a guilty conscience for not doing to help Stephan and is obviously not evil like Elyta, he is largely passive throughout the story I thought it was sweet that Clara had been in love with Flavio for a long time and unable to express her feelings inside the confines of Mirso Monastery She finally finds her voice, but sadly, we don t get to see much of what happens between these two Perhaps they will appear again as supporting characters in future books of the series There is also the vampire, Khalenberg, who is out to prevent anyone from discovering a cure Although I don t distinctly recall him from the previous books, he may have appeared before, because he seemed to have knowledge of the other now happy couples I also thought the inclusion of the Loch Ness monster was clever.Overall, I enjoyed reading One with the Night and thought that it was another worthy effort in the Companion series The only reason I marked off the half star was for the somewhat excessive sexual abuse, but in the grand scheme of things, it didn t take too much away from the rest of the story for me I liked the journey to finding a cure and how that all turned out I also admire the author for her talent with character studies and how she was able to bring Callan and Jane full circle in both their relationship with each other and their individual relationships with their companions Although the main characters for the next book of the series look like they are going to be brand new, I look forward to meeting them when I continue the series soon.Note The sexual tension and love scenes between the hero and heroine are fairly steamy but not really what I would term erotic However, there are multiple scenes of the hero being raped both in the present and in flashbacks that are pretty intense and contain some BDSM style interactions including a D S relationship , bondage, flogging, and intimate piercing between him and his female abusers, which are not for the faint of heart.

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    When a feisty and independent thinking young woman is infected by the blood of a vampire, her scientist father begins the search for a cure in a time when even drawing blood was suspect With her father wrapped up in science and its study, Jane is left to fend for herself, never knowing the true extent of her powers Sequestered away in the Scottish Highlands, Plain Jane longs for excitement, pretty clothes and a man strong enough to stand by her, not coddle her.Callan, a turned vampire leads a hollow life full of remorse for heinous deeds he has done Willing to do anything for the cure, he has sought out the good doctor What he found was Jane, a na ve woman who has never been taught the ways of the vampire or of the nature and power of their lust Callan is a victim of his past, tortured and beaten like a plaything for a cruel female vampire Together Jane and Callan must learn to trust in each other to help find a cure or die trying when the vampire world seeks to destroy the possible cure Will these two find than the need to feed their lust Will they embrace their true nature and find their own happiness One With the Night by Susan Squires is a regency romance with paranormal lust thrown in Jane is clearly too sheltered from the world around her and struggles between pleasing her father and being herself Callan has seen too much evil, committed too much evil and has become a tortured soul, full of disgust with himself Ms Squires takes us back to the early nineteenth century and adds an edginess that is almost brittle The true heat comes when Jane discovers her feelings of shameful lust are part of her vampire side and only one man can understand Erotic scenes are detailed and prove that even the most prim and proper vampire has a wild side Dark, steady pacing and dialogue that feels right for the era will make historical romance buffs swoon.I received this copy as part of the One With the Night Review Tour, stopping at Tome Tender September 23.Series Companion Book 4Publication Date August 11, 2015Publisher Susan SquiresGenre Regency paranormalPrint Length 326 pagesAvailable from Barnes NobleFor Reviews More

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    Originally published on Not NowMommy s ReadingOne With The Night by Susan Squires is my first Regency Vampire Romance read and if they are all as well written as this novel, it won t be my last I absolutely loved how the novel started out I was immediately drawn in and wanted to know about Callan Kilkenny and what he endured at the hands of the beautiful yet sadistic, Asharti Tramautized and hellbent on seeking a cure for vampirism that has condemned him to a life bereft of peace and love, Callan is the type of tortured hero I swoon over If Callan is all things swoon worthy then Jane is all things noble and admirable a truly likeable heroine I adore heroines that are intelligent and don t fit into the neat little boxes that society has carved for them It seems that no one truly appreciates what a rare woman Jane is, her father included The only man who appears to notice her is Callan who oddly enough, seeks to remain in the shadows while a cure is being worked on by Jane s father.Most vampires have a signature about them and Susan Squires vamps are no different Their signature Red eyes and cinnamon which I found to be rather interesting The novel was filled with some of the most poetic prose I had ever read For example, one of my favorite lines was The crescent moon was pregnant with a shadow belly where it hung low over the loch How beautiful is that And as a true logophile, I was ecstatic to discover a word that just rolled so eloquently off the tongue gloaming Gloaming le siiiiiigh Another thing I found especially endearing was how it was mentioned repeatedly that Callan s eyes were not blue but were rather a gray green.but no one ever looked closely enough to notice this about him I got it I justgot it The novel had everything that made it so right the right amount of sexual tension, steamy love scenes, heartfelt emotions, and quite a few laughs Thank you, Susan Squires, for such an awesome introduction into a new genre for myself I look forward to reading titles by this author

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    I hated this one I m starting to see a distressing similiarity in all of this authors books Kind of the Cheryl Holt syndrome What s with all the rape Is this the new sexy If so, I don t want to be part of it.

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    The first volume of the Companion series was published, according to Goodreads, in 2002, and One With the Night in 2007, when vampires were already high in vogue in their new version Thus, I was curious to see how the author s vision has changed and whether she was influenced by the new trend.Ms Squires s vampires are modern, but with a flavor of classic and authenticity I liked how they are presented, as well as how she led the game between the extremes offered by the biological predispositions and free will The parallel with another myth, but clearly of an animal nature, artistically highlights these issues The winner of the game is always another and totally depends on the morality and mental constitution of the player From moral to immoral, from innocence to depravity there are many phases in which the characters, main or secondary, are to be found.From decadence and abuse to the sublime moment of transformation, the eroticism has its significance in the story Some aspects seemed to me a bit exaggerated only by their repetition , but maybe another reader will have a different opinion However, these scenes have a defined role and they are useful to the plot One With the Night is clearly an adult story through these scenes, but also through the aspects that are arisen.The main themes of survival, redemption, finding love and make peace with yourself entwine tightly with the social and moral observations regarding the individual and its species human or vampire that add value to the story They offer new and new opportunities to portray the characters without breaking the rhythm of the story The pace is sustained, but it is not that fast forward characteristic to many of the newer stories with similar topic.The style and the language of the author are artistic, and I enjoyed to find, here and there, a figure of speech, a beautiful description or one small fragment whose message deserved to be kept in mind as a quote.That said, I added Ms Squires s books to my TBR short list.http www.mythicalbooks.blogspot.ro

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    My reviewJane Blundell is turned into a vampire when she comes in contact with vampire blood Her father, an obstetrician by trade, determined to find a cure for Jane, whisks her off to the Irish countryside with her and sets up a lab.Callan Kilkenny reads an article about vampirism by Jane s father and sets out to find the doctor, hoping in doctor has or is in the process of finding a cure But there are problems The born vampires are determined to stop Jane s father from finding a cure and when Callan first shows up to the lab, he finds himself fighting for the lives of Jane and her father.This story was way different that what I expected The author does a wonderful job of using the Irish dialogue when Callan is speaking, which makes his character true to life I loved Jane, her compassion and strength gave her character warmth This was good read and I recommend to anyone who loves a sexy, steamy and interesting vampire tale.My rating 4.0 out of 5.0

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    the whole series is amazing

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    This review was originally published on Musing BookwormOne With the Night by Susan Squires is part of The Companion series of books.In the wild Scottish highlands of the 1822, Jane Bludell fights an infection in her blood Jane has been infected with Vampirism It gives her strength that terrifies her Her senses of sight, smell and hearing are magnified to a phenomenal level, but she must remove herself from the world of sunlight and food will no longer sustain her on its own She must have blood Jane knows many things, she is an accomplished midwife and sees herself as a scientist, but she has no idea HOW to be a vampire Jane s father is Dr Blundell, a noted research doctor in London was developing the methods of blood transfusion Through accident, a blood sample in his laboratory infected with vampirism breaks and Jane comes in contact with the blood and it infects her Dr Blundell is diverted from his transfusion work to search for a cure to his daughter s illness He takes her to Scotland, with the hope of keeping her safe and continuing his search for the illusive cure.Callan Kilkenny, has escaped the clutches of a beautiful but depraved and evil vampire Filled with self loathing for the crimes he has been forced to commit, he goes in search of Dr Blundell and his cure, in the hopes the he can be changed back to human and if not return to his former life then at least leave the immortal one that he hates.As Callan approaches the Blundell s farm house, he feels the presence of another vampire He comes to the rescue of Jane and her father as a born vampire attempts to destroy the Blundell s laboratory Callan is injured and it is not till he awakes that he realises that Jane is a new vampire with no concept of what that means He decides to stay and protect the Blundell s in exchange for the cure though he will be tempted daily by Jane s mere presence.Squires has created an in depth vampire world, hidden inside historical Europe There are two types of Vampires those born and those bitten The born vampires feel that they are the pure race and that the bitten vampires should be killed The story eludes to complex politics within the born vampire society which I assume is fully explained in other novels in the Companion series which leads to the born vampires wanting to eliminate Dr Blundell and the cure This is the one of the first sources of conflict you meet in the novel and is a continuous vein weaving through the storyline This gives a solid grounding to the narrative allows the Squires to make many twists and turns throughout her story line The first conflict the reader is faces is that between the character Jane and the vampire illness in her blood Jane wants to help those around her, particularly those in need of medical assistances such as women in labour, but the vampire side of her thirsts for blood, power and sexual release In his world, the person is not transformed into a vampire, but they are infected with a vampire in their blood It is a separate entity that lures them to make love and create new life It is a symbiotic relationship where the host feeds the vampire in their blood with human blood and it pays them back with strength, speed, extra sensory power However, it does not take over the host The host make call on it to give them power allowing them to travel through space via translocation.Jane is a women of her time, and though she has experiences the physical elements of sex purely scientifically and so she could help women in need she has no understanding of passion or physical need When Callan comes into her world she is suddenly possessed with a need to make love to him Her body responds to him immediately, at first sight she has heat between her thighs and thinks of the wetness growing there Callan explains to Jane that this is their Companions want them to procreate and that is why her body is crying out for his They fight the urge as hard as they can Can you say HOT love scenes Delicious.The issue of compulsion is also used in this world, compulsion being a force that a vampire can use on humans or younger, weaker vampires to make them do their will This is used both for good but mostly for evil in this world The hero and heroine in this novel are breath taking Jane is a girl far to strong for her era, which make me love her Historical romance is not one of my most favourite genres but Squires uses a strong willed heroine which made me love the character She is flawed and sometime na ve, but her intelligence, wit and strength of personality saves her from being a simpering damsel in distress, which I utterly despise Instead, I identified with Jane s need to be accepted for who she is and all she has to offer in a male dominated world.Callan is scared and battered from his human life as well as his treatment as a young vampire My heart utterly bled for the suffering he experienced This sensitivity, which the other characters do not see until later in the narrative, juxtaposed with his strength as a vampire and as a rough and ready Scot Irish man creates a man that you fall in love with The brogue the Squires attributes him is at first hard to read, but once I got the hang of the sounds in my head I was just WISHING for my husband to call me lass Who doesn t love a man with an accent, I ask you This book was a marvellous read I am now searching for copies of the rest of the series so I can read I highly recommend you give One With The Night by Susan Squires a go You won t be sorry

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    Rated 4 Stars

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    Falling off as many series do..

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