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Sacrament summary Sacrament, series Sacrament, book Sacrament, pdf Sacrament, Sacrament 45219fbb49 It Began In Sienna, With An Illicit Kiss Stolen Under A Hot Mediterranean Sun It Made The Blood Sing In Her Veins, Burn In Her Body In Ways In Places That She Had Never Felt Before It Was A Pulsing Need To Be Someone Else To Be Something Elsesomething She Didn T Yet UnderstandIt Was Embodied By Davinoff The Dark Lord Was The Epitome Of Beauty, Of Strength He Was Feared By The Ton, And Even By Eeing To Bath, Sarah Could Not Escape Him His Eyes Were Ageless, Held A Sadness She Could Hardly Fathom They Pierced Her, Struck So Deep That She Felt Penetrated To Her Very Core What They Offered Was Frighteningand Tantalizing Was It Evil That Lurked Within This Foreigner S Unnatural Kiss, Or Was The Communion He Offered Something Else Entirely All Sarah Knew Was That The Sacrament Of His Love Would Either Be The Death Of Her Body Or The Salvation Of Her Soul And She Could No Deny It Than She Could Herself

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    Buddy read with Elena on 1 22 REVIEWThis was an enjoyable vampire book, but unfortunately it didn t quite meet my expectations I generally like my vampire fiction to be a bit darker and sexier, and this tried to be those things, but it just fell short Although most of the book held my attention, even if I didn t love it, the last 100 pages really bored me.Based on the two Squires books I ve read, I think my problem with her writing is that she leaves the romance to the very last I enjoy a slow burn, but I don t like when most of the book is absent of romance, only to have sex happen suddenly in the last quarter, without a satisfying buildup having occurred That s what happened in here and in Body Electric, and I m giving this book the same rating of 2.5.

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    Read for the URR New Year 2018 Reading Challenge Vampire Romance.Buddy read with Heather.You wouldn t guess it by my rating, but when I began reading Susan Squires s Sacrament I spent a lot of time poking fun at it and rolling my eyes at what I was reading Despite loving the nocturnal, claustrophobic and deliciously gothic atmosphere of the first chapter, I couldn t help but feeling that I knew exactly where this was going and wasn t especially looking forward to it I mean, the hero is tall, dark, brooding and mysterious the heroine the shy, naive, mousy type the villainess the usual brand of attention hungry female who d use sex to divide and conquer snooze Except, this isn t really what Sacrament is about and as the story unfolds you ll read about the complex, multifaceted relationship between Sarah and Corinne, a great depiction of those kind of dangerously unbalanced and unhealthy friendships rooted in power plays one sometimes find herself caught up in during her teenage years granted, Corinna is a good deal unbalanced and disruptive than most teens, but still you ll read about an intellectually curious woman afraid of really opening her eyes to the reality of her life, going through the motions of relationships and social occurrences she cares nothing about without even realizing it and about a man who has seen it all, tried everything, been everywhere and is now both bored and disheartened by the experience.Despite talking about vampires, murders and crazy women who go around drugging people that won t submit to their charms, Sacrament is highly relatable I think most of us found ourselves going about life with our eyes closed at one time or another And Squires deserves kudos for the way she have Sarah grow into her own person not merely as a consequence of an extraordinary new male presence in her life but thanks to how she acts and reacts to the chain of events that follows Davinoff s arrival in Bath Julien might be what spurs her into motion but Sarah herself is the one that takes all the decisive steps for the story and her life to evolve.If you like a good vampire romance, Sacrament has one of the most original take on vampire mythology you ll find out there which is further explored in Squires The Companion if you re into historical romance, the author crafts a wonderful and passionate depiction of early 19th century England albeit, as per Squires own admission, not always an accurate one but hey, the spirit is there and she ll have you tour around Europe to a little Romanian village that sees to the needs of a mysterious monastery hidden in a remote valley if you require some OTT action genuinely surprising rather than out of place in an otherwise pretty serious story to spice things up a bit, you won t be disappointed and if you love a good slow burn romance, well here you have it Squires will test the limit of your patience but it ll be worth the wait, I promise.P.s The blurb for this book is one of the most misleading I ve read like, ever.

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    Rated 4.2 StarsLast book of the series and I believe I m ready for it to end It seems I ve been reading it forever It was pretty good overall Don t think I ll read it a third time though.

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    I ve read one of the Companion Vampires series before and thought it was okay, so I wasn t expecting much from this prequel Wow Was I thrown for a loop This book was so much than what I was expecting The storyline wasn t just a vehicle for a vampire romance It was in depth In fact, the romance happened so slowly as to almost be an afterthought I really, really enjoyed this It makes me hope that the 2 3 star book The Hunger that I had read previously was an aberration.

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    I picked this book up for 1 and it was well worth it The book was a wild ride with lots of action sequences and it never held still I am not sure if it is the writer or the fact that it was written 13 years ago but I feel like today the book would have stopped after the first arc and there would have been introspective from the leads I love that there was some introspect but it wasn t 3 4 of the book This book was perfect for me

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    This was one of those good books that I didn t want to put down I loved Julien and Sarah It s not often that I wish for stars for a book, but even 10 wouldn t be enough for me It had the intensity and the talented writing like A Rose in Winter by Kathleen E Woodiwiss Unlike most vampire novels And I m a fan of the Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R Ward this was the first book I d come across that took place in the Regency era I was instantly hooked and can t wait to check out in this series

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    If you re looking for vampire or any paranormal action here, you ll be disappointed I actually found the hero Julian a bit wimpy for a vampire The last couple of chapters is focused on Sarah chasing after Julian Expected so much from this book but sadly it didn t live up to it s expectation.

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    The heroine is devastated when a claim is put through that her home is actually legally in the ownership of another man The only way for her to fight the claim is to produce her legal ownership but it s gone missing under mysterious circumstances The one responsible is a devil instead Dressing is all black and possessing the ability to both terrify and attract every soul in any room he enters, the hero is threatening her livelihood and that s something she won t allow But despite the fact that they should really be enemies, the heroine finds herself enjoying his conversations, much to her disgust He s gentlemanly enough to escort her home and in that time, she speaks with him about history and her love of Roman culture Though they often disagree on a range of topics, she finds him to be extremely interesting Her friends also finds him to be interesting and the deranged woman takes it into her head to capture the mysterious man s attention Though nothing at all like with the other woman and in all honesty strongly opposed to the way she presents herself and her single minded obsession with the hero, the heroine stays friends with her as they ve shared a dangerous experience some years ago The other woman keeps the heroine secrets so they have a twisted sort of friendship The heroine is envious at times the friends courage and intensity as she finds herself boring and reserved, not at all the sort of woman to capture and hold the attention of such a man as the hero But when the man spurs the friends attentions, ridicules her in public, the unstable woman seeks revenge She locks him in the basement, forces him opium When the heroine hears no word from either the hero or her friend for some weeks, she grows concerned and visits the friends estate There she is horrified to discover what her friend has done and convinces the friend to let her take him off her hands The other woman, horrified to discover that the hero is than human and kills her manservant, the friend is happy to be free of her burden The heroine takes the man back her estate and nurses him back off his addiction In the process, she discovers that she is bonded to the man like no other The experience they ve shared has created a link that shall forever connect them Also, she s discovered he s a vampire She even gives him her blood to heal The heroine was horribly na ve at times but selfless to a fault and willing to believe that the hero is no monster She manages to change him She makes him become a kinder man, forgiving It s because of her that he doesn t seek revenge for what the friend did to him But not satisfied with what she s already done, the friend has him convicted of murder and he must flee the city Before he goes he expressed him love for the heroine, offers her his Companion so as to make her immortal and his mate But she turns him down, in her cowardice, she fears she s lost him forever so she follows him to Vienna to fight for the man whose come to mean everything to her I thought this book was a nice but it had just too many things going on Normally a historical romance is known to be slower paced, drawn out so as to develop characters But this one had the reader bouncing all over the place First the land dispute, then the crazy friend, then the kidnapping and imprisonment and opium addiction, then the murders, then the Monk s convict It was like a connect the dotes drawing It didn t focus as much on the romance until the end In fact, I wasn t convinced the hero felt anything for the heroine until after he was free of opium which is well past the halfway mark of the book When they did settle down and get to the romance, it was lovely and passionate but I just felt like it was too busy and muddled for my liking.

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    Oh, Sacrament Sacrament, Sacrament, Sacrament I d heard such good things about you before I finally read you, and I seriously feel let down, in ways than just one.This book had an identity crisis almost from page one What kind of book is Sacrament Who knows Frankly, who cares As a whole, this book had such potential, and all of it was squandered mercilessly.The first part of the book introduces the motley crew of characters and sends Sarah Ashton, a supposedly independent and self sufficient woman who in fact had all the appeal and personality of vegetable peelings, on a wild goose chase, trying to find some proof that she owns Clershing, her family home, and can thus successful defend her claim against that of her creepy neighbor, Julien Davinoff We also meet Sarah s psychotic friend Corinna, who is completely unlikeable and plainly has Sarah wrapped around her little finger, a fact that is pretty much an instant turnoff for me in any book whatsoever.So Sarah finds out what happened to the deed sorry to ruin that for you and through a series of banal but painfully detailed social functions, manages to not only repeatedly run into Davinoff but also to watch Evil Corinna become completely obsessed with him Sarah wears a dress with a waist Her boring pseudo suitor George babbles about blood Corinna finally goes off the deep end and kidnaps Davinoff and almost kills him Then we find out that the alleged reason why Sarah puts up with Corinna s nonsense is because back in the day, Corinna convinced Sarah to lose her virginity to some strange underage boy while they were all under the influence of magic mushrooms It was a creepy interlude that did nothing for the characters, ground the plot to a standstill, and left me feeling like I wanted to get my tongue scraped.Once Sarah finally of course rescues Davinoff, she carts him off to yet another English countryside locale and helps him kick the drugs Corinna had him on She finds out he s a vampire but doesn t seem to care Immediately after that Davinoff tries to bail on her because converting people to vampires is wrong never mind that he s done it twice already Sarah traverses Europe to finally track him down and convince him of her true feelings at this point I had covered so much of the book that, no matter how much I wanted to bury the book out in the yard, I made myself finish it.Read reviews at What Book is That

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    Really good book The beginning might be a bit slow but you get to follow in details the different sides of the story Sarah and Julien s love was not an easy one, even in the end But the way its slowly develop and evolve gives you hope I had some trouble appreciatingvSarah s personnality in the first half She is so weak and silent, you wished she would just throw everything away and speak her mind for once It takes some time to get to that point but you don t regret the wait As for Julien, he is so dark and mysterious, you can t help but being drawn to him Two very different and complex characters that make a love story go through time.

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