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Missed Connection (Viral, #1) quotes Missed Connection (Viral, #1) , litcharts Missed Connection (Viral, #1) , symbolism Missed Connection (Viral, #1) , summary shmoop Missed Connection (Viral, #1) , Missed Connection (Viral, #1) 3dc93a06 Twenty Years Weren T Enough For Either Of Them To Forget A Chance Encounter, A Missed Connection Two Wayward Stars That Collided In A Turbulent Sky, At The Right Place, But At The Wrong Time In Both Of Their Lives What Happens When They Meet Again Do The Same Unforgettable Sparks Still Fly Titan Jennings And Jesenia Van Buren May Come From Two Different Worlds But Their Hearts Are Open To Second Chances No Matter Who Or What May Stand Against Them, Love Is What Anchors Their Lives Together Love May Be Infinite But Time Is Not, Missed Connection Is A Novel About Making The Very Best You Can With What Little You Ve Got

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    2 STARS Something is definitely wrong with me because it seems that everybody loved this book.But I m always honest in my reviews so I m going to write an honest review I m not trying to diminish the book s value, my review just reflects my own opinion and my feelings about the book Please don t take this review personally, especially if you loved this book So why 2 stars The story It s not that I hated the story, it s the execution that I didn t like The story is meant to be emotional and touching I didn t know before reading this book how the story would end and I wasn t prepared for some of the events in this book And yet I wasn t shocked nor did I feel sorry for any of the characters I had a constant feeling like something was missing I don t have anything against insta love, in fact I believe in love at first sight But I didn t feel the connection between the hero and the heroine or their epic love view spoiler I understand that Titan was in love with other women in his life and that he was devastated by his wife death and there is nothing wrong with that But I don t like reading about the hero s love for another woman in romance books especially when you are trying to portray the epic connection between the hero and the heroine If someone told me ten years ago that Jess and I would re connect, I would have laughed at them It s not that she wasn t there in a corner of my heart, but I was in love with my wife, my family There wouldn t have been room for Jess in my life, but now, now there is Now I want a front row seat in her life I let myself have this moment to just feel To feel my absolute love for my late wife I let myself mourn her for just moment longer I let myself fall in love a little deeper with her even though she s gone hide spoiler

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    4.5 STARS Maybe I want to rekindle hope This book came highly recommended to me and so I one clicked trusting my wonderful book friends, Jenny and Donna Turns out, this story had a huge trigger for me that they weren t aware of since I rarely talk about the circumstances of the loss I then proceeded to panic and message them frantically Time difference and all, they were both sound asleep an ocean away I had to reevaluate on my own Should I DNF even though the writing is fantastic Should I proceed forward even though the probability of an HEA isn t likely I decided the writing and the characters were just too special not to face what was to come In the end, I m just as proud of myself as I am of Titan Jennings and Jesenia Van Buren for taking the chance.The story starts off with a character named Mike in 2016 getting a transplant The authors then gift you to alternating POVS for the duration of the book of Titan and Jesenia Titan, a widower and single dad is looking to reconnect with a woman who changed his life s path twenty years ago I met you in the snow on the last day of 1995, the same day I decided to kill myself One year prior, I d kill my fianc , and a mother, a father and a daughter Titan never expected his Missed Connection post to spark up such media attention and soon the response he has been waiting for appears Ty, I am the girl from Hope s Diner that New Year s Eve in the snow You have been with me too, for whatever reason I, took, was somehow unable to let you go I always wondered what my life would have been Jesenia has been in a very unhappy marriage for so long Her vibrant daughter has been the center of her universe and her best friend I loved Jesenia s transformation as she reconnects with Ty She explores her sexuality while falling head over heels with Ty and his son, Luke This is what second chances feel like, magical and decadent, almost like you ve beat the powers that be at their own game and you re dancing on borrowed time and a slowly sinking ballroom but you won t let it stop you The writing is simply wonderful as was the depth and quality of all of the characters.Overall, this is a truly well done read that I m surprised I even finished I think the characters simply demanded me to get through it I hope friends will find the beauty in this story and take to heart the lessons learned But as I cast this proverbial coin into the wishing well of the universe, it occurs to me, after a thousand what ifs and years of lost sleep, that our connection wasn t missed at all

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    4 Stars Missed Connection was like nothing I had expected, with a unique premise that I found very intriguing and refreshing This book tells the story of two individuals who are soulmates, who are separated by fate and who eventually after many, many years find each other again Romantic and though provoking Missed Connection was heartwarming as much as it was heartbreaking It was a gripping emotional roller coaster that I really enjoyed, a story that moved me at times to my core, a story that will make you reflect, hope and fall in love Where have you been my whole life Right here, waiting for you to turn up again Titan Ty and Jesenia Jess met for the first time on the last day of 1995 Back then a young Ty was devastated trying to accept his new reality how an accident changed his life irrevocably Jesenia was in a bad place as well Young, pregnant and scared she has been struggling for a while with her life They spend just a few hours together, but they connected with each other from the beginning on so many levels They are separated by fate, but for twenty years neither of them forgot the other Something about you, simply put, set my soul at ease Maybe just the cadence of your voice or the words you chose to speak I can t know In the present, Titan works as a contractor He s a widower and has a 15 years old son who means the world to him With some help from his teenage son, Titan places a missed connection add on Craigslist In a short time everyone finds out about Titan s story and the woman who changed his life so much I remember you Your words, your kindness, your eyes and that dress I remember the way you got my heart beating again Jesenia is New York State senator s wife She is lonely and unhappy in her marriage Her job and her daughter are the only two things in her life who still makes her happy Until she finds out, Titan is looking for her and her daughter pushes her to reconnect with the man who meant a lot to her two decades ago.This story was beautifully written and it has a little bit of everything Titan and Jesenia s story was simply lovely, magical and inspiring I root for these two characters from the very beginning Their connection was there from the start, palpable, felt real and I loved it very much.Both these two characters had depth and both of them felt so relatable Their character development was really well done and I loved the fact the story was told in dual POV Titan and Jesenia s journey was wonderfully written Both characters have their own issues, but together they try to handle everything as best as they can I absolutely loved the tenderness between them You can tell how much they care for each other and how much they still mean to each other Jesenia was a character I liked very much She was a wonderful mother and a genuinely good person She was sweet, caring, attentive and considerate Titan was the perfect man for her in every way He s a good caring father and with Jesenia he was pure and simply perfect The way he cared for her simply warmed my heart You are everything I d always dreamed you d be and so much I loved Jesenia s daughter and Titan s son They were such adorable and entertaining characters They were the perfect children a parent can have loving, caring, supportive no matter what I loved their interactions and all the moments they spent together All in all, Missed Connections was an emotional breathtaking read that will move you deeply, make you feel, reflect and hope.

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    4 Stars Where have you been my whole life Right here,waiting for you to turn up again This is a really hard book to review.I went from no rating straight up to 5stars.I loved the premiseI like nothing than second chance love and books that span over many years,it s totally my thing.Ty is in a really bad place when on New Year s Eve 1995 he meets a beautiful young woman,Jess who is sheltering from a snow storm.They have coffee and really connect,probably than a lot of people do in their lifetime.But all too soon the moment is gone..After this encounter it s enough for Ty to go on living and he does just that..He marries and has a son but has never forget the beautiful girl in the green dress.He finds himself widowed and has been totally honest with his late wife and son about the encounter.On that fateful night Jess was also running from something..a life mapped out for her that she didn t want and she never forgot the beautiful boy she met that night.Fast forward 20 years and Ty s son encourages him to put a post on Craigslist to find Jen..Jess is in a loveless marriage with a Senator,she has built a successful business with her daughter Angie but feels something is missing from her life.So,with help from the meddling children,Angie and Luke who I absolutely loved Ty and Jess find each other again.So,the story was going on very nicelythank you when something happened that had me looking at my Kindle in absolute horror.Enough to make me not carry on.In fact I waited 24hrs before continuingThere are bound to be books that affect us than others but without explaining my own experiences or going into the plot,let s just say this book touched me on a very personal level and I have to say it was extremely well written and very poignant.This was a book of highs and lows for me but I m so glad I reached the finish line

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    4.5 STARS FULL REVIEW TO COME BLURB Twenty years weren t enough for either of them to forget.A chance encounter, a missed connection.Two wayward stars that collided in a turbulent sky, at the right place, but at the wrong time in both of their lives.What happens when they meet again Do the same unforgettable sparks still fly Titan Jennings and Jesenia Van Buren may come from two different worlds but their hearts are open to second chances No matter who or what may stand against them, love is what anchors their lives together.Love may be infinite but time is not, Missed Connection is a novel about making the very best you can with what little you ve got.

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    2.5 Stars This book was hard to rate because whilst it wasn t a bad book in terms of storyline, engagement and character development, I was unable to connect to it on the level that I am sure the authors intended me to The blurb I felt was misleading because the story I read was completely opposite to what I was expecting.Based on a true story, Titan Jennings and Jesenia Van Buren meet one day at a coffee shop when they are both feeling very down and at a pivotal point in their lives After only a few hours they form a special connection, but after Jes runs away from their encounter, they spend the next twenty years wondering what if.Encouraged by his teenage son, Ty puts an open letter online, searching for the woman he feels saved his life all those years ago.What follows is a second chance romance, which is not always filled with happy moments.At times I thought the romance was a little on the cheesy side, I feel that their reunion happened far too quickly and would have preferred development in their relationship as friends first before declaring their love, no doubt they felt a strong emotional bond, but for two people who had only met for a few hours twenty years prior, I felt it was a bit unbelievable to be acting like old lovers.The ending came as no surprise to me, and for that reason I didn t allow myself to emotionally connect to the tragic events that occurred.Overall, I didn t hate it but nor did I particularly like it, but I feel my feelings may have been influenced by my ragey thoughts regarding the ending of this book.Missed Connection is a standalone contemporary romance told in dual POV ARC gratefully received from the author in exchange for an honest review

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    heartbreakingly beautiful stars Where have you been my whole life Right here, waiting for you to turn up again You know one of those stories that grips you from page one and never lets go until you ve turned the last page Well Missed Connection is that kind of story It was everything and it was absolutely flawless it was perfection It had everything that gets our book hearts completely invested falling in love whilst devouring every single beautiful word and sentence written by K Larsen and Mara White What is it about you, Ty What happened to us that night This is what second chances feel like, magical and decadent, almost like you ve beat the powers that be at their own game When we began reading we were immediately reminded of a Craigslist notice which was shared far and wide on Facebook and Twitter At the time it brought tears to our eyes and we both said how we d love a book written about this moment in time Well, who knew it happened His words are than poetic They were meant for me Ty is looking for me We certainly didn t until we opened up this book It was unquestionably inspiring, romantic, emotional, passionate and quite heart breaking too It was a story of soulmates fate, hope and second chance love The ghost of this woman kept alive only by a matchbook, a tattoo and now, a post, just hanging out somewhere online We loved that Titan and Jesenia were mature characters who d truly lived had a past and a present which resembled normality in life with much realism Whilst living their own lives and bringing up their respective children Angie and Luke, each knew that twenty years ago their heart and soul connected with a strangers a connection that lasted one night in a diner after which neither met again until they did It touches me deeply to know that a moment that was so pivotal in my life was important to someone else that it also lives on through you Jesenia is in a loveless marriage a politician s wife who has an incredible bond with her daughter Whilst she suffers with her own personal demons she still remembers that night when she gave a piece of her heart to a chance encounter Jesenia stole our hearts completely So I ve thought a lot on this whole thing and here s what I ve come up with some relationships are anchored by their faith in God, when everything falls apart, both parties come back to their faith and it holds them together Some relationships are anchored by their deep appreciation and respect for their partner But you and I we have something different, we re anchored by a moment in time A chance encounter We re anchored by hope Ty, the most eligible bachelor in contracting is raising his teenage son as a single Dad whilst reminiscing about the night his soul connected with another We felt his longing and frustrations at what was such a highly emotionally charged moment which changed his path in life We fell in utter love with Ty the man he is well he is quite simply amazing in so many respects as well as inspiring You are everything I d always dreamed you d be and so much We urge you to pick up Ty and Jes story it s quite the journey and you will feel every emotion that is possible as you follow their journey both apart and together Learning with them as well as exploring the mystery and romanticism of a one chance encounter that shaped lives and held such a stronghold on two souls forever I hope you know, that if I could, I would give you the stars But, instead all I can give you is everything I have in my heart Come say hi and follow us at TotallybookedBlog TB on Facebook TB on Twitter TB on Pinterest

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    5 Oh My Word Brilliant Devastating Beyond Beautiful StarsMy first book of the new year and I already have a new favorite Having read both Mara White and K Larsen, I knew that I should expect something that would twist me in a pretzel emotionally and plot twists would most likely abound, but I was still not quite prepared for impact Missed Connection had on me I finished this book several days ago and have yet been able to pick up another book Titan and Jesenia wrapped me up in their story and refused let me go or likely I refuse to let them go Twenty years ago on New Years Eve, Titan and Jesenia, seemingly guided by fate, met one night in a cafe Titan, struggling with guilt and grief, planned to commit suicide but a guiding force led him to Jesenia Jesenia left a party to find somewhere quiet to try and come to grips with the future that was laid out for her For a few hours these two talked while a connection was forged But when Titan came back from the restroom, Jesenia was gone Even though he tried to find her, he eventually moved on knowing that she saved him that night Now five years after his wife passed away, with the help of his teenage son, Titan places a missed connection ad on Craigslist that soon goes viral Jesenia has thought about Ty everyday for the last twenty years But her life was planned out and her life left her unable to stay with Ty at the cafe that night But with her marriage to a Senator being one only on paper, her college aged daughter pushes her to connect with the man that is searching for her After twenty years Jesenia is worried that time has manipulated their memories and real life will never live up to their expectations Add to that the ton of baggage both have and Jesenia is hesitant to try and make up for lost time But with Ty s persistence and always faithful presence, she takes the leap hoping that this time time will be on their side With beautiful writing that came full circle, a flowing storyline, and a love story that defies time, Titan and Jesenia s romance blew me away I was swept up in their story I loved that Mara and K let the story flow naturally Nothing was forced and their connection felt real Both had lives outside each other and I appreciated the fact that those were never swept under the rug They embraced the whole of each other without any unnecessary drama Plus I love when kids are part of a story and both Titan s son and Jesenia s daughter were light hearted additions that kept a smile etched on my face.It was always obvious that neither character was perfect but I think that was the whole point They both had their issues which were handled with genuine care and sympathy and not just by the characters but by the way the authors wrote about them Titan and Jesnia were placed in unique situations which made their story all the memorable Their passion for each other and dedication to their children was inspiring And I can t forget just how delicious Titan was Oh man He was the PERFECT book boyfriend Absolutely dreamy and that s not even taking into account his prowess in the bedroom blushes Without giving anything away, this book took my emotions, put them in a blender, turned it on high, then opened the lid before turning it off spraying them every where I have never and I just finished an ugly cry book a couple weeks ago , cried as hard as I cried while reading this book I was literally wracked with sobs Chest heaving, can t catch your breath or see the screen, deep from my soul sobs Then just as soon as I seemingly had my emotions under control enough to read, I was hit again My husband even came into the room I was reading in to check on me because he heard me crying But please don t let that scare you though if you make it through this book without crying your soul is blacker than mine In the end just like Mara did with Maldeas and K did with Jezebel, I was left with a sense of peace To me that shows just how brilliantly skilled these two authors are Before reading Mara White and K Larsen together Eek My heart is already racing in anticipation ARC provided by author for honest review.

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    Missed Connection by K Larsen and Mara White 4.5 stars A serendipitous encounter, an unforgettable bind, a gift of pure solace, when the universe reached out and connected Titan to me, and me to him for a moment This was my first read of either authors so I really did go into this book not knowing what to expect, but this synopsis ticked all the boxes that I love in a book so I dived in This book is about one of my favourite subjects second chance love, add into the mix forty somethings and I am officially hooked I am always saying that there are not enough books that cover the forty pluses, after all, we do have a love life too I have to say that the writing was beautiful, lyrical and mesmerising This was one of those books that captured my attention from the very beginning and didn t let go until the very end Sometimes you just know that you are going to gel with a book and that was the impression I got from the very start me and this book were going on a journey and what a journey it was Emotional, thought provoking, soul searching, heart breaking at times, but most of all uplifting in so many different ways fate has a strong arm and we re blind to its intentions I understand that this book was borne from a social media post of a real life Craigslist ad and having found this out after the fact really added further depth to this story Even though the characters probably have not connected or lived out their lives like Jess and Ty you cannot help but associate this story to someone s real life knowing that someone out there was seeking their own Missed Connection The ghost of this woman kept alive only by a matchbook, a tattoo and now, a post, just hanging out somewhere online Ty was a single dad having lost his wife five years prior He was a perfect father and the relationship he had with his son was heart warming and inspiring These two really were the best of friends and were making the most of the hard hand they had been dealt Ty had spent time reflecting on his past and especially the woman that he owed his current life to I let go of his hand and walk back toward the life I was so eager to run away from One night when Ty was at the lowest of the low he met a woman in a green dress at Hope s Diner, it was snowing, freezing and she looked like a duck out of water with the weight of the world on her shoulders Over a cup of coffee, they talked, they off loaded, but most of all they gave each other hope He goes to the restroom and she disappears, but she left behind a piece of her, a piece that had been firmly lodged in Ty s heart for the past twenty years.Jess too had her issues and one being a loveless marriage to a Senator, but out of that marriage was borne a beautiful daughter that was Jess s champion and best friend The relationship that these too had was once again amazing, they were each other s confidantes, they worked together and they bounced off each other, in short they kept one another going with one incredible bond.And so Ty s son persuades him to try to find the girl in the green dress but is it twenty years too late I hope you know, that if I could, I would give you the stars But instead, all I can give you is everything I have in my heart Jesenia and Titan s story was epic I lived and breathed this story and was frantically page turning as I desperately wanted these two to reunite They had each left a piece of their hearts with each other that night, the intense feelings and recurring dreams were forever present with both of them Twenty years of what if s but neither would change the journey they had both been on K Larsen and Mara White really captured the yearning, the exasperation, that soul mate connection with a flourish I believed every word, I believed in their story how just a few minutes in another s company can truly change the path your life takes How a chance meeting with a stranger can give you that hope, that sense of worth when you really think that you are worth nothing Sometimes people are meant to meet, call it fate, kismet, destiny or whatever sometimes it is your time, sometimes it isn t but fate has a way of making its voice heard will this forever be a Missed Connection or were they just twenty years too soon But as I cast this proverbial coin into the wishing well of the universe, it occurs to me, after a thousand what ifs and years of lost sleep, that our connection wasn t missed at all www.theromancecover.com

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    What happens when the person that owns your soul is someone you only met for mere minutes, twenty years ago When that person was the one that saved your life For Titan Jennings, that s when you lay it all out there via craigslist and hope that she ll read it But sadly she doesn t Not right away at least.Jesenia was lost and running scared when she ran into him that rainy day outside of Hope s Diner twenty years ago Unhappy in her marriage, unloved and disconnected from happiness, she s getting a second chance to change her story A chance to know what it would have been like had she decided to stay instead of run With the push of her daughter and Titan s son, Jesenia and Titan are reunited and quickly discover that spark didn t die nor was it meaningless.Missed Connection was an absolutely touching read of second chances, fate and undying love One moment in time, two people met and their souls became intertwined forever I went into this story blind, all I knew was the title and did not even read the blurb I was just happy knowing that I was going to read a romance about second chances That was enough for me But even reading the blurb would not have prepared me for the story that I read I was flying high, I was wallowing in despair and by the final page I had this little glimmer of hope and my sanity was restored Titan Jennings was so damn perfect The perfect father, the perfect husband and lover The way he was with Jesenia was breathtaking The way he held her hand through her high and lows and never once looked at her like she was a burden There are times when a book can move you and when you can read something and walk away from it and know that it just stole a little piece of your heart This was one of those stories I will not forget this story or the message it delivered.

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