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    By no means is this a fine piece of literature, but that s okay If you re the kind of teacher who cherishes the silent in SSR, this is not the book you want on your shelves.But if you want to get kids howling, laughing, reacting, and sharing, you can t do much better than a collection of family photos that are awkward There are photos of kids caught itching themselves in inappropriate places, dogs caught sniffing in inappropriate places, and kids posting rather questionably with vacuum cleaners Again, not highbrow in the slightest, but a crowd pleaser for sure I know teachers who have used this book to help kids develop precise language to describe some of the photos

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    This is sooo funny I like this even better than the authors previous books because of the wonderful message, which is all about embracing your awkward moments They re what make us unique and adorable They also give both ourselves and others a lot of joy.

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    This book may be giving awkward a new meaning but in a goodway These picture are hard to to love.

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    Made me giggle Since awkward is a word my nieces and I love, I m excited to share this book with them.

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    Very funny

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    HILARIOUS Love it Probably of a parent book but still love love loved it

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    A cute and silly book about how everyone has those not so good moments

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    This preschooland book features real life pictures with statements about things that are not awkward and things that are Totally relatable

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    I liked the candid, real people pictures, that s the best part of the book.

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