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Pigsticks and Harold and the Pirate Treasure quotes Pigsticks and Harold and the Pirate Treasure , litcharts Pigsticks and Harold and the Pirate Treasure , symbolism Pigsticks and Harold and the Pirate Treasure , summary shmoop Pigsticks and Harold and the Pirate Treasure , Pigsticks and Harold and the Pirate Treasure ab2be222 It S Stormy Seas Ahead For Tuptown Unless Pigsticks And His Loyal First Mate, Harold, Can Track Down An Elusive Pirate Treasure On Little Piggy IslandTuptown Is In Trouble To Save It, Pigsticks And Harold Must Come Up With A Huge Ransom To Buy The Town From Greedy Sir Percival With His Piggy Bank Empty, Pigsticks Turns To A Family Heirloom The Treasure Map Of Pigsticks S Great Great Grandpig, Pirate Pigbeard Dressed Like Scalawags, With A Trove Of Swashbucklers Supplies, The Daring Duo Sets Sail But The Atmospheric Some Might Say Rickety Old Pirate Ship Pigsticks Chooses Can T Stand Up To The Bluster And Squall Of The Briny Deep Marooned On Little Piggy Island, How Will Pigsticks And Harold Find The Treasure And Get Back To Tuptown In Time Adventure Abounds In This Third Chapter Book Adventure Starring The Valiant Pigsticks And His Trusty Pal

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    In order to save Tuptown from being bulldozed by Sir Percival Snout, Pigsticks and his sidekick Harold must solve a riddle to find the treasure his pirate ancestor has buried on Little Pig Island This popular series first published in the U.K will appeal to newly proficient readers who are ready to read a substantive story on their own Plentiful humor abounds in a snappy text that isn t watered down for children The ink illustrations that are filled in digitally with color in shades just a bit richer than what would otherwise be pastel playfully accompany the text Often, the illustrations become the text like the two page full spread of the pirate map that contains the riddle I would recommend this book for purchase to any school or public library This book was provided by the publisher for professional review by SWON Libraries.

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    Entertaining The dynamic between Pigsticks and Harold is fun for kids to pick up on The pirate information feeds every kid s inner pirate.

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    Laugh out loud funny Challenging word for what I would consider transitional chapter book.

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    Smash the oligarchy

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    I laughed out loud several times reading this one Delightful

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    I think I m just a stickler but the array of font displayed in this book for young or early readers bothered me Books for this age level should use illustrations when referring to concepts a young child might not get from text alone I felt the book didn t do this It s an adorable story, just not something I would recommend to an early reader, reading to improve skill I could see how a strong reader looking for something entertaining would like it.

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    So adorable, as always

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    Pigsticks and Harold never fail to entertain Keep em coming

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    Another adventure of a very self assured pig and his rather patient and hungry little companion Pirates and silliness abound in this tale of adventure and treasure.

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    Always a hit

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