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    I received an ARC via the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you This is just what I ve been waiting for As soon as Arianne messaged me that this baby was on my kindle I jumped for joy I m such a fan girl For those who are major fans of Pearl, this is your cup of tea It was everything I could have wished for and a little Some things I d always wondered was answered.There s no new plot developments or surprises, but, it does give you of a behind the scenes type of feel to both main characters throughout the Peal Saga and what went down.Over all, I LOVED IT I can t wait for bk2

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    So forced, rushed and artificial feeling.

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    ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.3.5 StarsFull review to come.

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    FREE on today 11 06 2017

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    I wasn t sure as to what to expect with this story, but holy hell Batman, I m freakin hooked Pearl Robinson is a successful, divorced woman living in New York She s used to believe in passion, but now she s all about her career That is until she met Alexandre Chevalier, the French Billionaire CEO of Hooked Up He s the most beautiful man she s ever seen, but he s much younger than she is They have an instant strong connection, and he starts to take her on a beautiful journey Alexandre has had it with all the crazy women in his life He desires a normal relationship with a normal woman, and he thought he was starting that with Pearl, until he finds out the truth of who she is Will he be able to get past the fact that she never let him know her true identity I m completely addicted, and LOVED LOVED LOVED Hooked Up The character development is fabulous, with a sexy, and well written story line that flows effortlessly Chemistry between the characters sparked out of my kindle, and led to frustrating teasing, and finally SMOKIN HOT sexy scenes Arianne Richmonde is diabolical with pulling out the rug from under me with her twists and turns, and kept my heart pounding cover to cover I cannot forget the the cliff hanger ending that set me off, and she s been added to the list of authors trying to kill me Not sure how patiently I ll be able to wait for the next story, as I CANNOT WAIT for it to come out I will end with this, even though I m calling the author bad names for trying to kill me, I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND

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    Received an ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review I don t normally re read books but this one really picked my interest especially since we got dual POV I loved having the chance to get to read what Alexander was thinking and saying as opposed to just getting Pearl s POV What intrigued me in the first place about this book was the fact that a young CEO falls hard for an older woman, and I mean 15 years older is definitely OLDER Getting to experience a relationship between a young man and an older woman is a ride worth reading Especially when this young CEO has a sister who likes to give him hell especially about him loving an older woman Why an older woman You would have to read to find out The whole alpha thing that Alexander has going is really a freaking turn on and I loved having the chance to get to read this book again I m anxiously awaiting for the 2nd part to come out now because this first book will definitely leave you wanting to read Definitely worth 5 stars

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    Got this one free on , and it s so good I m now having to buy the next one in the trilogy to see how things work out for Alexandre and Pearl Told in first person POV alternating between both main characters, the sex scenes are hot, and Alexandre totally yummy maybe too good to be true I ll have to find out.A fifteen year age gap between the H h she s the older one provides a point of difference to the billionaire romance scenario He may be only twenty five, but he s still all alpha male and dominant, with a small d , nothing than light bondage, though wise beyond his years in the ways of pleasing a woman, and Pearl, with her limited and previously disappointing experience, is na ve and innocent than her forty years The only thing that did grate a little was that she also seems to lack the emotional maturity that might be expected for her age, but overall interesting and well written enough that I m parting with hard cash to read on

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    This is my first book I read from Arianne and it won t be my last I love having Pearl Alexandre together The chemistry is there and you can feel it as you read their story Finally having a meaningful relationship after being a player for so long can Alexandre finally be with me woman and be content Has he found love in Pearl, but when he founds something about her will it all come crashing down I can t wait to read book 2 and see what will happen

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    First off, this was WAY smuttier than i anticipated but the build up was very good and so was the writing tbh The scenes were hella graphic BEWARE The ending BOY let me just tell you, I never thought that would happen I think this kind of got me out of my reading slump but im honestly not sure lmaoAlso, idk if I ll read the sequal We shall see.

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    The video of this review is on my Youtube Channel Copy and Paste and you are there This next book made me believe that age isn t nothing but number This book is a series and I don t know if I even want to read it The book of the week is Hooked Up by Arianne Richmonde This book is basically about an older woman named Pearl Robinson who has just given up on love or even looking for it But oh she doesn t see this man coming Alexandre Chevalier is a young man who is billionaire of a social media phenomenon called Hooked Up I got to tell you this almost sounded fifty shades to me just with this twist Alexandre starts to pursue her and you see her really trying to push him away at first but then she starts to warm up to him and then it starts to get steamy She ends up opening to him about everything except this one thing and that is where I had a problem with this read So, this book is I think a three part book and honestly it should have been two because the secret that she had to me didn t feel like a secret that should have broken them up I mean yes she was at the convention looking for a story on him, but after she found out that she wouldn t get it, she gave up He showed up into her life right after and I mean I don t get why this was huge deal because the whole time she was with him she wasn t thinking about no dang story and I would have done the same thing not bring it up if it was irrelevant If she was lowkey pursuing the story while with him then that would have made sense to me It s kind of the reason why I don t want to read the series because I feel like the fight and the separation should have had a better reason And I know that once she explains that to him than he is just going to feel foolish Or she is going to ignore him for being foolish I just know the book is going to sound something like that I just wanted the reason to be bigger and I just don t think that is good enough reason and he just leaves with getting explanation from her just rude Till next Tuesday bye guys.

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Hooked Up (Hooked Up #1) summary pdf Hooked Up (Hooked Up #1) , summary chapter 2 Hooked Up (Hooked Up #1) , sparknotes Hooked Up (Hooked Up #1) , Hooked Up (Hooked Up #1) a39cdf1 I Believed In Sex, Once Upon A Time And Passion But Now My Life As A Single, Divorced Career Girl Living Alone In New York City Was All About Work I Hadn T Had A Date In YearsBut Then He Came Along Alexandre Chevalier The French CEO Billionaire Of HookedUp, The Social Media Phenomenon That Had Taken The World By Storm He Was The Most Beautiful Man I D Ever Seen, And With Eyes So Green They Seared Into My SoulLike A Flash Of Lighting He Struck Me Down His Touch Was Electric, And I Knew My Life Was Irrevocably Changed I D Never Be The Same AgainHe Awakened Every Fiber Of My Being, Ignited Every Cell In My BodyAnd Just When I Thought Things Couldn T Be Perfect It All Came Crashing Down I D Had It With All The Crazy Women In My Life The Models, The Movie Stars, Even My Power Hungry Sister And Business Partner If You D Had A Past Like Mine, You D Understand I Just Wanted A Normal Relationship With A Normal Woman And Then I Met Her Pearl RobinsonShe Was Perfect For MeOr So I ThoughtBut I Was In For A Shocking Surprise When I Found Out The TruthOf Who She Really Was HOOKED UP Is A Series Of Three, Full Length Novels Averaging Print Pages Each, To Be Released At Intervals Of One Month And Three WeeksDisclaimer If Your E Reader Should Melt While Reading This Series, The Author Cannot Be Held ResponsiblePearl Fans Take Note This Is A New, Reedited Version Of The Pearl Books, Told In Dual POV Throughout The Series Is Primarily For NEW Readers, Or Those Who Would Like To Immerse Themselves, Once Again, In Pearl And Alexandre S Passionate Love Story, So Please Do Not Expect A New Storyline

  • Kindle Edition
  • 236 pages
  • Hooked Up (Hooked Up #1)
  • Arianne Richmonde
  • English
  • 19 February 2019

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