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I Am Brian Wilson chapter 1 I Am Brian Wilson , meaning I Am Brian Wilson , genre I Am Brian Wilson , book cover I Am Brian Wilson , flies I Am Brian Wilson , I Am Brian Wilson b9f68c89c6a97 As A Cofounding Member Of The Beach Boys In The S, Wilson Created Some Of The Most Groundbreaking And Timeless Popular Music Ever Recorded, Forever Expanding The Possibilities Of Pop Songwriting Derailed In The S By Mental Illness, Drug Use, And The Shifting Fortunes Of The Band, Wilson Came Back Again And Again Over The Next Few Decades, Surviving And Finally Thriving Now He Weighs In On The Sources Of His Creative Inspiration And On His Struggles, The Exhilarating Highs And The Debilitating Lows Whether He S Talking About His Childhood, His Bandmates, Or His Own Inner Demons, Wilson S Story, Told In His Own Voice And In His Own Way, Unforgettably Illuminates The Man Behind The Music, Working Through The Turbulence And Discord To Achieve, At Last, A New Harmony

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    He rambles, he repeats, he backtracks, there s almost nothing here that you didn t know if you were any kind of Brian Wilson fan, but as usual, he gets to you, and his voice in this book becomes almost hypnotic He s such a figure of hope, this big looming bear of a man with the formerly very high falsetto, this frightened, terrorized adult child who created the bravest, most soaring and most avant garde pop masterwork in 1966 then crashed and burned so badly his musical name is surely Icarus If he can climb through such mental wreckage and still be with us and still find love in his heart, then I m sure you and I can do it too.This is a mental illness memoir, the prose version of some of his solo songs such as Water Builds Up So many times I ve had that hopeless feelingAnd no kind of booze or medicine helped at allI m drowning in too many contradictionsI m about to lose all my self controlOr Where has Love Been I ve been places I can barely talk aboutSunny days that died away in tearsTumbling like a leaf out on the sea of doubtI ve seen nights that seem to last for yearsOr the ghoulish Thank You from the unreleased Sweet Insanity album Feelin shut out, no one caredNot my mother, not my brotherCrazy beatings by my fatherA ooh a oohI should declare myself I m a fan All right, probably not a revelation I wouldn t say I treasure every note he wrote, because no one could, but about half of it is divine Pet Sounds and Smile are divine, but so are all the little two minute bits and pieces like When I Grow Up To Be a Man , Little Pad, Girls on the Beach, Country Air, Wake the World, Til I Die, It s Trying to Say, Still I Dream of It, The Night was so Young, Melt Away, There s so Many there s so many But this is a review of the book, not the music.Occasionally Brian comes out with a zinger We were one of the biggest things going And then we were one of the biggest things gone I love that one And I was a survivor I tried to survive every day Lots of that came from my dad People might say that he was one of the things I had to survive Quite so But also, this memoir is stuffed with amazing nuggets of sublime banality You read this stuff and your brain registers it 30 seconds later and you have to go back and reread, muttering what the hell did he just sayyyyy Some top favourite examples I was just sitting in my bedroom watching the tv set I don t mean I was watching a show or anything It was just the set I liked thinking about all the things that used to be on it I love watching Eyewitness News The content is not very good but the newscasters are pleasant to watch They have nice personalities They also give you the weather.My daughter Carnie cooks Once on Father s Day she called and asked me what I wanted I really wanted cheesecake, but I told her she couldn t make it because of my diet I asked her to make macaroni and cheese instead.When we walked in I went right to the counter and ordered a large pizza The pizza came out of the oven, and I picked up the biggest slice and bit into it It was hot, but it was great This is the best goddamn pizza I ever had, I said.We went to the Beverly Glen Deli That s where I like to go I have been going there for at least 15 years They have a big diner menu with lots of choices and everything is good Brian fans will immediately connect this stuff with songs like Busy Doin Nothin from 1968 all together now I get a lot of thoughts in the morningI write em all downIf it wasn t for thatI d forget em in a whileAnd you can t miss the part where he wants to phone his friend And lately I ve been thinking about a good friendI d like to see of I think I ll make a callI wrote her number down but I lost itSo I searched through my pocket bookI couldn t find itSo I sat and concentrated on the numberAnd slowly it came to me so I dialed itAnd I let it ring a few timesThere was no answerSo I let it ring a little Still no answerSo I hung up the telephoneGot some paper and sharpened up a pencilAnd wrote a letter to my friendAll to a lovely bossa nova melody Non Brian fans can skip this book and instead watch Love and Mercy, the biopic, which dramatizes two contrasting parts to Brian s life 1966 and the recording of Pet Sounds Brian played by Paul Dano and then the tangled tale of 1986 when Brian was in the 24 hours a day care of Dr Eugene Landy in this section Brian is played by John Cusack At first I didn t want to see this movie, the idea of it was creepy But then I did and it s a knockout Totally recommended Brian fans will know that this memoir will not be winning any Nobel Prize for Literature any time soon but this is Brian in his seemingly unedited ineffableness, babbling on and on about cheesecake, records, Phil Spector, brothers, psychiatrists, marriages, daughters, fathers, songs, harmonies, loss, defeat, rediscovery, joy and love and the Four Freshmen.

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    I am Brian Wilson by Brian Wilson is a 2016 Da Capo Press publication If you have seen the movie Love and Mercy , this book makes a perfect companion piece Told in Wilson s own voice the events that unfold in his life are brought to life, as he translates personal observances, memories, impressions, and his feelings and thoughts as he lived in that moment or is reflecting on in hindsight If you have not seen the movie yet, I hope you will someday This book will give you a preview of the themes featured in Love and Mercy which will enhance your viewing pleasure and deepen your understanding of Brian during this period of his life This is not a conventional memoir, so do not pick this book up expecting an in depth discussion about every album or song, or a tell all book where the intimate details of Brian s relationships are placed under a microscope In fact, the truth is, Brian never said anything awful about anyone, even if he most certainly earned the right to do so He takes the high road, and sticks to his own personal thoughts and memories I loved his antidotes, this unique perspective on his life, the way he copes now, the credit he gives to his wife, and the long and hard fought battle to make it to this point There are no excuses, no finger pointing, and the hard spots are considered life lessons, a battle won But there is also a wistful quality to his voice, where one can sense regrets, feel the pain of mistakes made, but his willingness to admit to his faults, without making excuses for his actions, is actually refreshing Overall, what I took away from this memoir was the pleasure of the opportunity to peek inside the mind of one of the most prolific musicians among us, to hear in his own words the thoughts and feelings about his experiences and how his battle with mental illness has shaped him, made him stronger, led him to healthier relationships and the ability to return to music, and to a balanced existence I enjoyed the chance to hear Brian s version of events, and appreciate the way the book was written, as opposed to the usual format memoirs follow It just felt open, personal, introspective and real.Overall, this memoir is very different from any other you have read, or likely to ever read, written by Brian himself It s free flowing, following no particular time frame or order, but is still organized into sections that tend to follow a particular theme or thought process I recommend this book for fans of this artist, for those interested in hearing Brian s inner thoughts in a personal and intimate format, or for those who enjoy memoirs in general, rock bios, pop culture, or performance arts 4 stars

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    When I finished reading I Am Brian Wilson A Memoir Da Capo , I breathed a sigh of relief, wiped my eyes I didn t know that for most of my reading, they had been so teary , and uttered one word Finally That is, thanks to Brian Wilson and his collaborator Ben Greenman, we have a literary document that captures Wilson s voice, spirit, and soul just as much as his best songs We also have a universal tale of that strange brew of melancholy and joy that is life We have a tale of personal redemption.This tale of personal redemption, of course, is nothing new From David Leaf s documentary on the making of SMiLE to Peter Ames Carlin s essential biography of Wilson, it s become standard to write about the chief Beach Boy in a way in which he begins his slow flutter into obscurity after the demise of SMiLE in 1967 a time when Wilson s role in the band changed and, instead of being the band s leader and sole composer and producer, he became a willing participant in such group oriented records as Wild Honey, Friends, and Sunflower.But, as is somewhat well known, Wilson lost the plot in the early 1970s, staying in bed due to a depression that wouldn t lift, putting on weight, doing lots of drugs and alcohol, while all the while occasionally contributing to the Beach Boys music and appearing with them in concert In fact, one of the treats of I Am Brian Wilson, is to read Wilson s dissection of Love You, the 1977 album that still stands as one of rock music s most original and idiosyncratic achievements.It s in the sections of I Am Brian Wilson in which Wilson discusses in detail albums such as Love You, as well as other crucial Beach Boys and solo albums such as Today , Summer Days And Summer Nights , Pet Sounds, SMiLE in both its 1967 and 2004 incarnations , and That Lucky Old Sun that the book gains a lot of its life.Wilson speaks enthusiastically and passionately about these recordings in his own voice This makes the reading experience quite similar to having an intimate conversation with Wilson about what excites him, what makes him tick And, of course, it s music that excites him and makes him tick.And music, as the book s distinctly non linear style indicates, comes to Wilson in tidal waves of ideas ideas that are always battling with the disturbing voices that he s heard in his head since, he claims, he first took LSD in the mid 60s In my reading at least, when Wilson gets on a good run of ideas, which happened mainly in the mid 60s but also in the Love You period and the Lucky Old Sun period in the mid 2000s, great music cuts through the destructive voices, and the beauty of Wilson s best work wins the day.But this artistic victory if I can call it that is only temporary and Wilson has spent the majority of his life combating mental illness each and every day And his mental illness, which he never gives a specific name in the book but candidly and openly discusses, simply sucks the life out of him Wilson would never say this, but his never ending struggle to write some of the most beautiful and creative songs in American popular music history is something of a miracle.It s no wonder, then, that when one listens to a Beach Boys or Brian Wilson solo classic, one feels a kind of ineffable magic More, one feels an overpowering sense of emotion, a resonance that simply can t be put into words Just listen to Surfer Girl, In My Room, The Warmth of the Sun, Don t Worry Baby, California Girls, Let Him Run Wild, the entire Pet Sounds and SMiLE albums and all their terrific cuts, This Whole World, Til I Die, The Night Was So Young, Love and Mercy, and Midnight s Another Day just to name a few.This list of songs is long because it has to be It emphasizes Wilson s over fifty year career as a performer, producer, and arranger as a miraculous lifetime of giving Indeed, as the pages of I Am Brian Wilson attest and I emphasize again, these songs exist because of a deep faith in music s ability to overcome not just mental illness but also the abuse that Wilson suffered at the hands of his father, Murry, and his psychiatrist, Dr Eugene Landy.Wilson speaks candidly about his experiences with abuse, although he never uses the term abuse But he, unsurprisingly, doesn t enjoy writing about them He bluntly states throughout I Am Brian Wilson that it s very painful for him to dwell on them But I give him credit for doing his best to explain his experiences with abuse the best he can Rest assured Wilson doesn t keep anything hidden.Love and mercy, the two great themes of the second half of Wilson s life, ultimately come to the fore as the core of I Am Brian Wilson As Wilson does in his best songs, he wears his heart on his sleeve and writes extensively and thoroughly about how he made some of his best songs, about his wife Melinda and his family, and, unsurprisingly for any Wilson fan, about some of the most comic events of his life.And isn t comic storytelling another form of showing love and mercy And Wilson s utterly original sense of humor jumps out of the book all the time check out the stories about Carole King, Wilson s reception of the Kennedy Center Honors, and the way he met Bono.I Am Brian Wilson is everything it can be and It s a shot of love and mercy from one of music s most humble, troubled, and gifted human beings It s written in a voice that captures the essence of Wilson s thinking And, best of all, it makes you grateful that you occupy the planet in the same time as Wilson that you got to hear the harmonized sigh in God Only Knows, that you got to hear the melody to Surf s Up, that you got to make sense of your life by listening to Til I Die, that you got to read I Am Brian Wilson.This review was published at Stereo Embers Magazine.

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    One of my favorite things about this book is one of the things several reviewers don t like, that it s non linear and rambles That s the way Mark Twain said an autobiography should be written, and this book shows why.The book is not so much about what happened when, and why Most fans are familiar enough with Brian s story The best autobiographies are about the subject, not the happenings, the story not the plot.When Brian says, essentially, This one thing happened one day and it reminded me of this person which made me think of this thing that was like this other thing and that made me think of that time we made this one song, we re getting a glimpse into the man himself Yeah, it rambles, and maybe there s a lot that is not new but, unlike his first autobiography, we can hear his voice and learn how the mind works that created so much gorgeous music I have a better sense of Brian Wilson and his demons and his beautiful, unusual mind That s what I wanted And there were still enough anecdotes about his records and the band dynamics to satisfy me.I took a lot longer to read this than I normally would, dipping into it now and then, after skipping around when it first came out I could have read it in a day or two, but it just felt right, reading it in pieces between other books I might have liked it less if I had raced through it.

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    You know, I never bought into this whole Brian Wilson is a musical genius gig It s been admitted that Mike Love co wrote most of their early work And while he didn t supply the actual music he often suggested the beat or vocal melody the song should take If you look at the catalog, BW has very few solo writing credits All four Beatles wrote songs, words and music So BW s genius isn t necessarily in the area of writing What I do hear of him is how he experimented in the studio, combining different instruments to sound like others There s a YouTube video showing him putting together Sloop John B The question though is Why Why go to the trouble of mixing saxophone and keyboards and other things to get a guitar sound when you could simply play the guitar in the first place That to me isn t genius it s noodling about to see what happens But hey, he s a millionaire and I m not, even though I have written a few songs of my own So before anyone accuses me of anything I ll say I enjoy not necessarily love early BB songs And I don t think there s a single one of the band that I d want to spend 5 minutes in a room with Except maybe Al He pretty much comes across as okay.

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    I m biased I love Brian Wilson for all the joy he has brought into my life Pet Sounds Bury me with a copy, please This book is written in Brian s speaking voice, and he s been down a rough road Anecdotes told several times, thoughts that drop off without resolution not an easy book to read Unless you love Brian Wilson then it reads like a dream

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    I really wanted to love this book because I love Brian Wilson s music Whilst I got a lot of insight into Brian Wilson s troubled life, ultimately the book was constrained by Brian Wilson s ability to tell the story behind his own story even with the help of Ben Greenman At times the book was ponderous but there were also fluid moments when it was possible to get a glimpse of what was going on inside Brian Wilson s head when he was working on his earlier masterworks I recently watched the movie Love and Mercy and the documentary about the re making of SMiLE and those two films together with this book have given me a much better understanding and indeed a sense of marvel at what Brian Wilson had to overcome to find an outlet for his musical genius This book on its own would not have provided that understanding but having seen Wilson being interviewed it is nothing short of a minor miracle that Ben Greenman managed to get enough material in Wilson s own words to put together this book at all Reading Wilson s opinions of his own music and being reminded of the discography of his musical achievements has encouraged me to listen again to his music with a new understanding of the struggles he went through to create it For me, that has than compensated for any disappointment I experienced when reading i am Brian Wilson.

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    I had to take one star off for the repetitive, disorganized format of this book, it very much reads like a transcribed stream of consciousness brain dump from Brian Wilson Also, Brian doesn t hesitate to name drop Phil Spector is mentioned ad nausium , but he s not doing to impress IMO, I think he s often in awe of the people he s met, but it does get annoying However I did enjoy the fact that this is very much written in Brian Wilson s voice, if you can wade through the disjointed narrative, you ll get a real feel for how Brian thinks and looks at life Brian is unable or unwilling to really confront the difficult times in his life, I get the feeling that he s revised events to suite his perspective, he really doesn t want to blame anyone for the difficulties he s had.That being said, I did enjoy the book, its very much written from a musician s perspective, and for me the insight into Brian s creative and inspirational processes were the best parts It was really eye opening for me how much he derived inspiration from others, even though his songs were often ground breaking and original Overall, I enjoyed the book, see the movie Love and Mercy for a cohesive look at parts of Brian s life.

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    If you have seen Love and Mercy, you already know quite a lot of the story of Brian Wilson s life It is another thing to hear it in Brian s own voice In a life that was filled with musical genius, abuse in several forms, physical, mental, drug related voluntary and involuntary, plus the plain old pressures of trying to live your life with a serious mental illness I find it amazing, and a tribute to Brian s own inner innate goodness, that he came out of it as well as he has His wife of course was a huge part of that recovery process Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys legacy of amazing music is part of the music of my childhood, so it was definitely worth a read My only gripe if you could call it that is that the timelines are all over the place, so sometimes it s hard to know where you re at If that is how Brian was living his life, it all makes sense in the end Thank you Brian for the music you gave us for the summers of our lives I recommend it but give yourself time to really read it.

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    So glad that Brian Wilson wrote another book Skip the one from years ago when he was being influenced by the evil Dr Landy Brian Wilson may be the most humble rock n roller ever and definitely the most grateful for his unique life Such a treat to read a memoir by someone who respects others and his own brilliant talent without being a jerk about it Although he tends to repeat himself often, Wilson shares his story with grace, honesty, and humor Who doesn t love the music of The Beach Boys They are the soundtrack of summer for sure Brian Wilson takes you back to how so many of our favorite songs were created Check out The Beach Boys with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra on CD if you really want to hear them at their best.

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