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Liam (The Ghosts of Culloden Moor #14) pdf Liam (The Ghosts of Culloden Moor #14) , ebook Liam (The Ghosts of Culloden Moor #14) , epub Liam (The Ghosts of Culloden Moor #14) , doc Liam (The Ghosts of Culloden Moor #14) , e-pub Liam (The Ghosts of Culloden Moor #14) , Liam (The Ghosts of Culloden Moor #14) 750355ff529 Read THE GATHERING First To Understand The RestLiam Is Possessiveness Such As He D Never Known Rose Up Within Him And, Without Thought, He Leaned Down And Stole A Quick Kiss She Slapped Him Hard Who Do You Think You Are Liam MacGregor Is A Ghost In Search Of Adventure, And It S Finally His Turn To Have Some Fun Sure, Revenge, Family, Moving On These Things Mean Than Anything But He Has A Task To Perform First, So, While He Has The Chance, He Might As Well Have Fun Doing It And She Is His Task Amber Wildly Beautiful And Stubborn He D Never Thought To Feel This Way About A Woman Never Believed He D Have The Chance He Can T Have Her, But For Now, She Is His To ProtectAmber DeLuca Wants Nothing To Do With Her Father S Illegal Activities, Or Her New Bodyguard She S On Her Way To Starting A New Chapter In Her Life When A Kidnapping And Rescue Derail Her Once Again But When Liam Enters Her Life, The Fun Loving Highlander Makes Her Laugh She Feels Safe, Cherished, ProtectedFalling In Love With Him Is The Easiest Thing She S Ever Done But What She Doesn T Know Just Might End Up Hurting Her A NOTE ABOUT THE SERIES Although The Individual Stories Of Culloden S Need Not Be Read In Strict Order, The Gathering Should Definitely Be Read First In Order To Know What S Going On Between The Muir Witch And These Highland Warriors From The Reckoning, Number S Story, Will Finish The SeriesRARD IS NEXT

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    Liam s number is called, his turn to leave his Highlander brothers who died in battle together He s to do a good deed, though Liam isn t sure what it s suppose to be He ends up in Las Vegas, and once he realizes it isn t hell, and that he seems to be alive in the present world, he is only too happy to rescue the fiesty damsel in distress With her father s shady deals, Liam is the perfect bodyguard for Amber That is, when Liam remembers to keep an eye out for danger, and when he can tell the difference between what s real and made up Amber realizes pretty quickly that Liam s cheerful and energetic I love how Diane Darcy weaves another fun loving story with a Scottish hero who s a tough warrior and such a softie.

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    I didn t think I was gonna like Liam but I ended up really liking his story and he turned out to be not so bad after all Needs a good editing.

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    This is book 14 in the series You will want to read the first short story, The Gathering, for the background of the Muir witch before you start the rest of the series After that, each one can be read as a standalone.The youngest of the Macgregor brothers finally gets his chance at his good deed Loved Liam s arrogance it is just what he needed to keep on his toes I really enjoy this series

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    Wonderful storyThis is my favorite story so far Roger and Velma were perfect secondary characters to go along with Liam and Amber I m looking forward to the next book in this wonderful series.

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    I love reading this seriesevery story is totally different from the last I really connected with Liam and felt like I was experiencing his new experiences right along with him It was captivating.

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    The wild scotsmanWhat a great story Liam is that wild Scotsman you love to have in your life Diane Darcy is an amazing story teller.

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    BeautifulWhat a wonderful and beautiful thought that the brave men who died for naught to have a fairytale ending.It would be a good way to think of it.

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    Enjoyable readThere are a few typos and syntax errors but still a fun read I also like that these stories are short.

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    Awesomeness That was a great ending to the brothers books Thank you for doing that All of these books are great you guys are doing a awesome job

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    Excellent way to a tie up the stories of the three brothers LOVED IT

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