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No Cure for Cancer txt No Cure for Cancer, text ebook No Cure for Cancer, adobe reader No Cure for Cancer, chapter 2 No Cure for Cancer, No Cure for Cancer 53a552 An Uproarious And Lacerating Meditation On Life And Death By Celebrated Comedian And Actor Denis LearyBased On The Writer Performer S Hit Off Broadway Show, This Rapid Fire Monologue Sends Up Society And Its Ills Disease, Drugs, Crime, Junk Culture, The Recovery Movement, Pious Political Correctness, Urban Life, And Above All, Our Fear Of Mortality With Wicked Satire And Insight High Octane Comedy Terribly, Angrily Funny The New York Times Absolutely Brilliant The Real Cutting Edge Of American Comedy The Boston Globe

About the Author: Denis Leary

Denis Leary is a five time loser at the Emmy awards And the Golden Globes He has lost in both the drama and comedy categories In leading and supporting roles Not to mention writing Leary hopes to one day be nominated for and than likely not win an Oscar, a Grammy, and a Tony Award His first literary foray Why We Suck A Feel Good Guide to Staying Fat, Loud, Lazy and Stupid was a New Yor

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    I loved this in the nineties when it came out I though Denis was irreverent, shocking, and very funny Then, in my constant research and love of standup, I discovered Bill Hicks Bill Hicks, who died right before this came out Bill Hicks, whose jokes flood this book Bill Hicks, who was smarter and funnier than Leary could ever dream of being although Denis is definitely the better actor There are often overlaps in comedians thoughts and hearts, and I am sure that Bill and Denis may have shared many of the very same thoughts but to see them appear as Leary s alone beggars belief This was practical plagiarizing in the first degree Shame Bill died on the brink of having the comedy success of Leary Shame Bill deserved his material being named under him Worse shame that Leary got away with this theft with practically no publicity worse than that he then proceeded to have a career where he never had another decent comedy special, although he did do some okay acting work Can t copy the dead guy Sorry to say it, but I just think most of this is polished Hicks Don t believe me Go listen to all of Bill Hicks material and then we will talk It would be five stars were it properly credited to Bill well maybe 4.

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    When I first read this, I was in high school and thought it was SUPER EDGY In fact, I think I used to read portions over the phone to my then bestie, since we went to different schools and spent about an hour per day on the phone to catch up ANYWAY, hilarious when you re a teenager going to Catholic school and being raised by parents who think ass is a bad word But when you re damn near 40 I mean, some parts are funny, but by funny I mean that I smiled while reading Also, it s very dated at this point, having been written in 1991 or so, including jokes about Claus von B low I still don t know who that is , presidents Reagan and Bush, the hole in the ozone, and dolphin free tuna Oh, speaking of which, yeah, the references I was familiar with are dated, but there were also references to things I didn t get, so I d actually say that this is maybe still pretty funny for the Gen X folks Maybe they know who Claus von B low is

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    Basically, Denis routine in writing, so the use of BOLD LETTERS to express his moments of shouting don t convey the energy and faux, but fun, anger of Leary s early stand up I prefer to hear or see Denis in action I think he was aiming for performance artist status here by publishing his material a la transcription, but it loses something in translation This material requires Leary s attitude, voice, and manic energy to sell it Skip the book, find the CD or DVD instead.

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    I m a big Denis Leary fan Rescue Me Best TV Show Ever but reading him isn t quite the same as seeing him The snark doesn t fully translate to the written page To boot, a lot of the references to Kitty Dukakis s drinking and CD players as the height of technology are way outdated since this was published in the early 90s.Still, it s Denis Leary And he s brilliant I ll read watch buy whatever he s offering.

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    Made me laugh so hard I was shaking while reading it on the subway So much so that people around me started asking me what I was reading.

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    Hilarious book, Leary at his very best.

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    With a raging wit as fiery as his lit cigarettes, Denis Leary unleashes his comic venom on a variety of topics whether it s political correctness, war, drugs, alcohol, meat, or his own life experiences Nobody is safe from his silver tongue and no topic is off limits If comedy could kill, he d have a higher body count than Henry Lee Lucas Hell, he might already be able to pull that off with the clouds of smoke he spews into the theater Lung cancer doesn t faze him and nor do sensitive opinions He s not leaving the theater until he gets a tumor sized load off of his chest.In many ways, Denis Leary reminds me a lot of late eighties, early nineties George Carlin They both have angry, rapid fire deliveries They can make humor out of even the most dismal topics They have a non binary political agenda Let s not forget the most important part of this comparison Denis Leary and George Carlin are both funny as hell Yes, I do realize that Mr Leary s politically incorrect sense of humor might not survive in this day and age, but that s exactly why it s important for readers to delve into this book with an open mind As long as you re laughing, that s all that matters And damn, did I laugh my head off It would be nearly impossible for me to list off all of the jokes I found hilarious in this book, because there are so many of them I don t even want to give away samples of jokes, because I don t do spoilers But think about this for a minute when you have a viciously angry chain smoker onstage with an alcoholic buzz ranting and raving about sensitive topics, you know it s going to be something special He s not being politically incorrect just for the hell of it either he actually has substance to go with his style Everything he says means something whether you agree with it or not But even if you don t agree with some of his talking points, you re going to laugh anyways even if he has to die trying which he probably will, given how much he smokes and drinks.If it isn t obvious by the end of the story, then there is one thing you and Denis will definitely agree on live every day like it s the last You want that big ass hamburger with five patties and god knows how much cheese Eat it You want that energy drink that will taste like sweet tarts but feel like heart attack hell Drink it Cross things off your bucket list despite the fact that you re not even close to the end yet Hell, you might even be closer than you think, especially if you live in a fun and exciting place like New York, Denis Leary s home state Don t let life pass you by Enjoy it Relax Take a chance I ll admit that I haven t seen a whole lot of Denis Leary outside of Rescue Me , Demolition Man , and Why We Suck , but this book is a damn good introduction into what he s really all about Now that I ve read the book, I d like to see this routine performed live I could probably hunt it down on You Tube or some other movie streaming service I hope I laugh just as loudly as I did when I read the damn book A passing grade will go to Denis Leary and his fiery brand of humor

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    Actually reading this book, which is basically the special of the same name Leary did in the early 90 s, made me think he did NOT rip off Hicks as much as everyone says he does There s extra material here of the same vein and, for me, Leary and Hicks were what I call apples and oranges growing on the same farm They had misanthropic, fuck you humor and insights on pop culture and life in general, but to me the big difference is in delivery Hicks was a bit calmer, contemplative, the moonchild of George Calin, while Leary was an Irish car bomb going off on stage they re both terrific, in their own ways Just my two cents

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