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The Bellator Saga (Bellator Saga, #1-3) summary The Bellator Saga (Bellator Saga, #1-3) , series The Bellator Saga (Bellator Saga, #1-3) , book The Bellator Saga (Bellator Saga, #1-3) , pdf The Bellator Saga (Bellator Saga, #1-3) , The Bellator Saga (Bellator Saga, #1-3) de2837a14f This Series Is Off The Chain OFF THE CHAIN Gutwrenching, Heartwarming, Frightening, Loving, Sexy As All Living Hell It S Life In A Book Kristen, Beverages And Books I Can T Recommend This Series Enough The Bellator Saga Is PHENOMENAL I Don T Know She Does It But Cecilia Has Created This Brilliantly Intelligent, Sexy, Suspenseful, And Moving Saga With Both Light Hope, Love, And Friendship And Dark Hate, Abuse, And Evil Each Book Has A Distinct Feel And Direction And Somehow Each One Manages To Hit You At A Completely Different Emotional Level Suzanne, Tied Up In Romance Breathtaking Brilliant StunningReading These Books Is Like Eating A Delicious And Very Expensive Box Of Chocolates, Each Piece Is Unique, Some Sweet, Some Bitter But In The End You Simply Can T Have Enoughnever Before Have I Felt So Inside Or So Connected To A Story Dee, Wrapped Up In ReadingTwo Souls Intertwined One Epic Love StoryGet Swept Away In The Passionate Romance Between Political Opposites Caroline Gerard And Jack McIntyre In The First Half Of The Bellator SagaThis Set Contains The First Three Books In The Series, Dissident, Conscience, And SojournDissidentRising Democratic Star Caroline Gerard Is Reluctant To Fall In Love Again After Losing Her Husband Can Republican Playboy Jack McIntyre Break Through Her Grief And Capture Her Heart Told Mostly In Flashback And Set Against A Chilling Fascist Backdrop, Dissident Is A Rollercoaster Ride Of Political Intrigue, Passionate Romance, And Undying LoveConscienceCaroline Faces The Biggest Challenge Of Her Life When Confronted With The Cruelty And Sadism Of Her Captors At The Fed Hope Fades Quickly, Even As She Holds Onto Her One Last Bit Of Sanity And Her Unshakable Belief That Her Husband Will Rescue Her But Is That Faith Just A Mirage SojournReeling From Her Experiences At The Fed, Caroline Tries To Forge Ahead And Create A New Identity But That S Hard To Do With The Ghosts Of The Past Constantly Whispering In Her Ear She Is Determined To Find The Rebellion And Move On With Her Life, But What Will She Find When She Arrives There Includes Bonus Material Featuring A Deleted Scene From Sojourn, A Sneak Peek At Phoenix, And A Never Before Released Love Scene Told In Jack S First Person Point Of View

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    LIVE and only 0.99 for a limited time a STEAL US EPIC LOVE STARSThe Bellator Saga is among my favourite reads This is truly an unforgettable saga unlike anything I ve ever read before It has all the elements that I love in great storytelling an epic love, a seriously kickass heroine, an uber sexy hero with deliciously filthy and naughty ways smart and witty dialogue, action, suspense and a plot that ll take you on the ride of your life and leave you guessing and wanting The first trilogy is this hauntingly unforgettable journey that takes you through the birth, growth and the greatest challenges of Caroline Gerard and John Jack Montgomery McIntyre s relationship Both Caroline and Jack are high profile politicians on opposing parties with promising futures Their story takes place with the backdrop of shocking political upheaval that puts a corrupt and ruthless government in power Ms London is a wonderfully gifted writer Her character development is multifaceted and complex Caroline s voyage alone will knock your socks off and the story arc is flawless and riveting Once you meet Jack and Caroline, you ll lose yourself in their sexual chemistry and enduring love Their plight will become yours This is a MUST READ I can t recommend this series enough ARC generously provided by Cecilia London in exchange for an honest review

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    5 Unforgettable Stars This read made our TOP PICKS TRAILER for MARCH Check it out here Bellator Saga is a stunning series Full of political intrigue, passion, romance, and mystery It is unique and unforgettable I simply cannot say enough about the intensity of this roller coaster ride I enjoyed every single second Dissident Part 1 My Monty I love you so Dissident is an action packed thriller with suspense, romance, and passion It is the first book in the Bellator Saga As the action shifts between flashbacks of the past and scenes in the present, Dissident is sure to hold you captive until the very end.Through the flashbacks, we experience Caroline and Jack coming together Caroline Gerard is a passionate Democrat making a name for herself on the steps of the Capitol As a widow, she has spent time pouring love into the lives of her two precious daughters She has a great support system of friends, and her life seems to be complete However, when Republican playboy Jack McIntyre makes his way into her life, everything changes Would you consider yourself a sex fiend with a sentimental streak Although the two sit on different sides of the house , together they form a friendship that quickly develops into so much Jack and Caroline have an intense attraction to one another, and when they come together, Caroline finds that there is still time for her yet to experience passion and love with another man However, the road isn t smooth sailing as Jack and Caroline have much to discover Just hold on to me Always Meanwhile, in the present Caroline is battling the aftermath of a government uprising Will she have the strength to persevere This is bad This is really bad I want you to be happy Joyful I want to give you everything you ve ever wanted Told in mostly Caroline s POV, Dissident has a perfect blend of action, suspense, and passion The dialogue is witty, and the characters are complex As the first book of the Saga, the main focus is to establish the conflict brewing in the government and to mark the beginning of the epic romance between Jack and Caroline The tension from the present kept me on the edge of my seat At every moment of horror, I thought I was going to break from the harshness of the present And then, magically the story shifts to a flashback where love and tenderness are in full bloom This twisted combination had me on a constant swing of emotions Conscience Part 2 You and me You re my heart Caroline Nothing else matters Conscience is the second book in the Bellator Saga You must read Dissident to fully enjoy this read Told again through flashbacks and the horrors of the present, Conscience turns up the passion, increases the pain, and the mystery of the corrupt government begins to unfold One day you ll pay for everything you ve done As Conscience begins, Caroline wakes up in the Fed s Prison where the stakes are high She is subjected to continuous interrogation and is forced to maintain control over her body and mind As the physical pain increases, the emotional pain engulfs her like a virus They were going to tear her apart, smash her and break her bit by bit, bone by bone and day by day until there was nothing left Any harmless gnat can turn into a monster when granted access to power he doesn t need or deserve It is only the reprieve of her memories that bring her comfort and a sliver peace to grasp onto I would do anything for you The memories of Jack and Caroline together left me breathless Their relationship has matured and strengthened into an unbreakable force The intimacy shared between the two is explosive, and the tenderness of their love had me swooning at every turn Jack is quite the dominant in the bedroom my kinky reading friends need to experience JACK , and Caroline is happy to submit to any and all of his demands When we get back to our room I m going to fuck you so hard you re going to feel me with every move you make tomorrow Told in mostly Caroline s POV, Conscience most definitely brought More love for Caroline and Jack and their sweet girls , fear of the twisted government, passion for exploring, and intrigue To state it plainly, this writing is smart The plot is complex, and every piece of the puzzle is important The relationship between the characters remains at the forefront as the backdrop of torture continues to develop I simply could not put it down Sojourn Part 3 She wanted him inside her Forever She dreaded the thought of being without him Without his touch, his voice, his smell Sojourn is the thrilling third book in the Bellator Saga The action and terror have increased, and only one question remains, where is Jack There were times when she was so blinded by pain that she d almost forget the reasons behind it Caroline is in trouble The mounting pressure is pressing her down, and it is questionable if she will be able to survive The Feds have put her through torture and the emotional combat warring in her mind is starting to take a toll The memories of her past, which had previously brought her so much joy, now serve as a weapon of mass destruction She d never be okay Not with the ghosts of the past dogging her every step Her memories had no rhyme or reason No order, no predictability They d engulf her, choke her, pull her under And yet, hope still remains Caroline s determination to remain true to herself and stand firm as a patriot of the United States is what keeps her grounded throughout the terror As the story shifts from the present to the memories of the past, we grasp onto the love between Jack and Caroline Their sexual desires are explored and enjoyed while the government is falling all around them What do you say I suck your clit for a couple of hours while you practice calling me Mr Governor Sojourn is like a roller coaster ride In one moment you are holding your breath from the pain Caroline is experiencing and then in the next Jack and Caroline are acting out their sexual desires that make even that shade of grey book pale in comparison How about Fucking your Wife on the Dining Room Table Yes Yes, please I think I would like that And you will too Whether he was angry or sad, joyful or indifferent He was hers and always would be Told in mostly Caroline s POV, Sojourn was a nail biting addition to the series I was utterly terrified of what was to come or accurately stated, what might not come The complexity of the plot continues to amaze me The characters are developed thoroughly through each book in the series As each layer is revealed, my love and devotion to Caroline and Jack increased My heartbreak for the terror they experienced became my personal terror because of the close connection I felt to them both Additionally, there are some secondary characters introduced in Sojourn which brought, even , depth to the plot I have no doubt they will play a pivotal role as the series continues to develop.Sojourn is by far my favorite in the series to date It truly brought me to my knees There were moments of tears, laughter, and heartbreak all mixed to create an unforgettable blend Every character is critical Every moment is unforgettable Every choice matters I am simply hooked on this series My only complaint is that I have to wait a few weeks to read the next installment Thankfully, Phoenix will be released soon I am on pins and needles waiting to see what happens next I cannot recommend this series enough to my book buddies that enjoy a challenging read full of dark twists and turns and super sexy scenes Bravo Ms London Bravo The Bellator Saga was such a surprise I had been looking forward to reading it and yet, I had no idea how much I would truly adore it It is, by far, one of the most complex plots I have ever read If Ms London is writing, my Kindle will be ready Phoenix, I am ready and waiting To Ms London, I say, bring it The Bellator Saga ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review For reviews reveals giveaways visit

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    Book 1 3 of 6.Blurb, book 1 I will always be with you Rising Democratic star Caroline Gerard hasn t had an easy year After losing her husband, she is raising two small children alone while trying to navigate the tricky and sometimes shallow halls on Capitol Hill A string of nasty speeches has her scrambling to apologize to any number of candidates, including newly elected Republican Jack McIntyre Falling in love again is the last thing on her mind.Jack McIntyre might have a reputation as a playboy, but he has his sights set solely on his new colleague Can he break through Caroline s grief and capture her heart Told mostly in flashback and set against a chilling fascist backdrop, Dissident is a rollercoaster ride of political intrigue, passionate contemporary romance, and undying love.Books in The Bellator Saga should be read in order Book 1 DissidentBook 2 ConscienceBook 3 SojournBook 1 3 The Bellator Saga I IIIBook 4 PhoenixBook 5 RhapsodyBook 6 Triumph ARC provided to me by author Cecilia London in exchange for an honest review.

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    THIS BOX SET IS CURRENTLY ON SALE FOR 99c oneclick here and meet Jack US UK Limited time sale Check price before purchase This BELLATOR SAGA Box Set comprises of the first three books in series Dissident, Conscience and Sojourn It comfortably falls into a variety of genre types including contemporary romance, thriller, suspense and adventure It s also steeped in political context and has beautiful scenes of erotic romance Presented in the third person narrative the themes weave through the story transporting the reader to the fascinating, amazing, corrupt and frighteningly realistic world of Caroline and Jack The world depicts a corrupt state that s fallen into disarray and illustrates the brutal far reaching consequences for all The overriding aspect and the thing I absolutely adore about this story is the love and all consuming relationship between Jack and Caroline Politics is not a subject I d usually warm to in my reading matter but in THE BELLATOR SAGA it s perfectly tuned and a crucial, intrinsic part of the story, driving the action and suspenseful nature of the piece providing gravitas, grit, adventure and the most important aspect LOVE Without the political theme Jack and Caroline s worlds would never have collided so please do NOT let the political aspect deter you from reading I m an avid romance fan of thought provoking writing and stories that develop and grow and this series ticks all my boxes I highly recommend investing time in this series and becoming involved with Jack and Caroline s story.

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    5 Epic StarsThe Bellator Saga is an amazing story that is still ongoing The First Trilogy is comprised of Dissident, Conscience and Sojourn This journey is one that is not easy but it is a journey that will completely move you like no other It revolves around the political scene The events taking place are events that could happen in this crazy world we are living in It is intellectual, it is thrilling, it is a mental trip, and it is also a beautiful love story The journey of Caroline Gerard and Jack McIntyre is one of epic proportions While their journey is still ongoing, these 3 books will take your emotions on a roller coaster ride of mayhem and magnificence While the last book ends in a cliffhanger, it is one that will leave you satisfied and it will leave you a longing for the next book in a good way My Review of DISSIDENTMy Review of CONSCIENCEMy Review of SOJOURNUS

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    ARC received from author via blog tour SPEECHLESS runs to corner of mind to curl up and recover Hmmm This is gonna be one interesting review, I think, and a loooong one at that I won t even go into how long it took me to write this one There s so much to say and so many emotions to convey Should I do this in chunks Do I do it as a whole Where do I even start This came highly recommended by a friend here, and now I know why If I can give this book than 5 stars, there is no doubt that I would I haven t felt like this about a book in a while, honestly And considering the amount of books I read, I sometimes feel certain stories are a dime a dozen, so for this book to leave me gobsmacked at the end is quite a feat And to think this is just the first 3 trilogy Let s start with the series title, The Bellator Saga Bellator means warrior , in Latin In and of itself, it s got oomph, don t ya think And within this trilogy are the books Dissident, Conscience, and Sojourn These titles alone definitely give you an idea of what you will be in for Very clever This is the story of Caroline and Jack Btw, very Kennedy esque, eh No Just me This is their journey told in third person and from Caroline s perspective It moved between flashbacks and the present alternately So while I feared for the things happening currently and my anxiety level remains high, Caroline and Jack s love story was unfolding thru the flashback and I was falling in love with them and couldn t help but get all hot and bothered along the way They re both politicians on the rise Their first encounter was far from congenial but from that first encounter grew a friendship which blossomed into And in a way, you can say they live happily ever after But as their relationship solidifies, there are things happening in the country, things that both Caroline and Jack can t ignore and because of that, sacrifices have to be made, actions had to be taken.If I can quickly sum up my take of each book, this is how it would look Dissident lays a good foundation for what s to come You get to know Caroline You start getting glimpses of what s to come down the road, esp for Caroline You see Caroline and Jack fall in love Conscience is the hardest to get past thru While you continue to get flashback to see how Caroline and Jack s relationship progress, you get of what s happening in the present, what was happening to Caroline, to be exact, and it wasn t pretty at all Cecilia did not gloss over any of the atrocities and it was brutal to read Sojourn shows how Caroline is starting to recover But there s much to be done Caroline and Jack on the one hand continue to be solid in their relationship as you read thru the flashback.One the one hand, I personally am glad that I got to read this in its entirety as I think it enhanced the emotions reading the 3 books within it one after another But on the other, now here I am, about to ramble, to try to express how much I LOVE this series The storyline alone gives you such fodder for contemplation Cecilia categorized this as an erotic political thriller I couldn t agree This is romance, yes romance layered with heat, suspense, and action There s also a dystopian feel to it that feels contemporary at the same time, especially considering the times the Americans are in at this very moment It s fascinating in a disturbing but also inspirational way The prologue alone hooks you right in Immediately, the questions begin Immediately, you feel the suspense Immediately, you get a sense of the strength of the characters The characters alone give a lot of room for good discussion After everything I ll write, I don t think I ll be able to cover everything I want to, which goes to show the care that Cecilia took in developing them I love how Caroline and Jack are on equal footing Both are smart and intelligent, passionate in their beliefs albeit not always coming from the same side, have very strong commitment to their civic duties, and confident with and despite of their personal insecurities Caroline with her feminist inclination, surrounded by similarly strong friends, embodies, in my mind, what young girls should aspire to be And Jack is the man that a woman like Caroline deserves So what you get then is the ultimate power couple.Their times together are impressive, witty, and explosive There s something to be said about the maturity of these characters There s a formality to some of their exchange that just seems fitting but also very heartfelt While pretentious if taken out of context, it s appropriate, for lack of better word And as much as I almost want to say that things moved at a sluggish pace at times, I also realized I needed to read them all to get a full sense of their story I suppose my anxiety didn t help in that I just want to speed things up.And with all the things happening, not only did I fell in love with Caroline and Jack, but I became just as enad with Caroline s friends My heart broke over and over for Caroline and her friends the way things were unfolding in the present The brutality was hard to stomach at times I was getting just as angry and impassioned I seriously hope one character will get his comeuppance in the hands of both Caroline and Jack.Considering how this book ended, which means it s the end of Sojourn, you know their fight has barely started No matter what s in store for Caroline and Jack, they ve already made their marks in my mind I bet I will cringe, I will swoon, I will be anxious, I will be smiling, I will be a lot of things, and none and all of that will matter because I m already sold right from the prologue, and I just want to be taken thru their journey in all its glory.My, my, my I think this is one of the longest reviews I have ever written Yet I feel like I can talk about it some But I won t I ve subjected you enough to my ramblings I say just friggin read it Pls note that I also own a copy

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    The amount of love I feel for this saga author is impossible to translate into words but I ll try In order for me to enjoy the book, I only really ask for two things originality and great writing With this saga, Cecilia London delivers both BIG TIME One of THE most original series I ve read, possibly EVER The writing is exquisite and the story only gets better and better with each book I am so happy to see that the author is staying true to herself and to the story throughout the series It would have been so easy to say POOF and everyone lived happily ever after but EPIC love stories are usually told via EPIC tales and this is exactly what you get with The Bellator Saga If you are the type of reader that doesn t just enjoy the destination but also appreciates the journey that gets you there, you will absolutely LOVE this series This trilogy is currently on sale for only.99 That s THREE FULL LENGTH BOOKS BONUS MATERIAL for less than a cup of coffee

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    I reviewed each book separately.DISSIDENT

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    Individually reviewed The First Trilogy Dissident, Conscience Sojourn.With this new Release Box Set It includes bonus material featuring a deleted scene from Sojourn, a sneak peek at Phoenix, and a never before released love scene told in Jack s first person point of view The Bellator Saga The First Trilogy is LIVE Feb 29, 2016 priced at 0.99 during release week After that it will be 6.99 That s almost 300,000 words for less than a buck Grab these books at this low price while you can US

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    I think these books are swell.

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