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    This novella was just okay in my opinion I love the story of Declan and Savannah but I did feel that this short story wasn t necessarily needed Am going to dive into bk2 now So excited 3

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    Sink or Swim was nice It was pretty cool to read again about Savannah and Declan It was mostly about Declan coming to terms with Savannah s past and moving beyond that, going forward I totally understood his concerns, and it definitely wasn t easy for either of them They moved past this hardship and managed to get on with their lives The epilogue was really sweet Baby cuteness So, I give 3.75 stars to Sink or Swim Sink or swim, Declan What s it gonna be You gonna let life keep you down, or are you gonna get your ass up and fight The day I stop fighting for you is the day I lose you, and I will never let that happen, okay You are important.

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    To me, since Down Out basically covered about a month of Suzannah and Declan s lives and had no epilogue this short story was totally needed Though I would jhave preferred it as an extended epilogue in one publication 1 We find out if Declan can finally move forward after learning of Suzannah s hurtful past2 We get to see him fight There was all training and talk of fighting but no actual fighting in Down Out.3 Does Declan make peace with his runaway Dad 4 Baby cuteness

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    Enjoyed it immensly Had some really good Daughtry and 30 Seconds to Mars going for this read So sweet and frustrating but came full circle in the end Baby Madison Rose was cute and the fight was cool It was what a short extension is meant to be I appreciate that they delved into the issues about Declan not wanting to trigger bad memories for Savannah and it was sweet they got past it As usual these books just make me want of them but I guess I need to move on great read

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    Eh, this should of just been added to the first book Nothing interesting other then the grudge match and the birth of the baby.

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    4.5 StarsI loved Kelley R Martin s Down and Out and was super excited to find that she had written a novella about what happens for Declan and Savannah after the end of the first book.In Sink or Swim, Declan s having a hard time dealing with Savannah s past It s leaving Savannah frustrated in ways than one She wonders if Declan will ever be able to forget her past and move on If not, she s afraid it will be the end for them Savannah s willing to try anything to get her man back with her in the here and now.This short novella was a great follow up to Down and Out There was a realness in the way Declan responded to Savannah s past Savannah s frustration was also real and understandable I loved the way they worked through it together.There were a couple of reasons this hot and steamy novella wasn t 5 stars for me First, I felt like there was a slight spoiler for Blake and Macy s story in book 2 Maybe I m wrong It just felt like something might have been given away Second, the skip forward in time at the ending I wanted of what happened in between the last chapter and the epilogue But maybe we ll see that time period in book 2 That being said, I still really enjoyed this story and thought it was a great wrap up for Savannah and Declan s story.

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    Gif Reaction Review Me when this book was publishedbecause I had been waiting for Savannah Declan like ever 10% mark 30% mark by the ending Really sorry but I don t know what the hell happened This book was unnecessary, didn t bring anything new or exctiing to the world Declan, baby this is for you

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    Sink or Swim was a sweet novella as a follow up to Declan and Savannah s story in Down and Out.I wasn t sold on the main focus of the storyline, but I was sold on a follow up that provided additional insight into the strength of their love and connection With that, Martin didn t disappoint Martin also provided additional fodder for the supporting cast of characters as a teaser for additional books in the series I like Martin s writing style and look forward to the next books.

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    3.5 ishEhh I m not sure It continued on with the negative part of their relationship I think Declan for being so in love was very much an asshole This was s good read I just wasn t liking the characters Ha Does that make sense Good writing I just wouldn t want Declan as mineLooking forward to the next installment in spring 2016 Blake and Macy s story

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    A short story that continues Savannah and Declan love story and we see their HEA I liked that they are still true to themself and still in love with eachother And it is great to see that they support eachother.

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Sink or Swim (Knockout Love #1.5) download Sink or Swim (Knockout Love #1.5) , read online Sink or Swim (Knockout Love #1.5) , kindle ebook Sink or Swim (Knockout Love #1.5) , Sink or Swim (Knockout Love #1.5) 47494e34bf99 Declan Whit Is Used To Fighting For What He Wants, Both In And Out Of The Ring His Pops Used To Tell Him That Anything Worth Having In Life Would Take Work Declan Thought He Took The Motto To Heart, Especially When Savannah Came Into His Life With A Razor Sharp Tongue And Intolerance For Bullshit, Savannah Was The Complete Opposite Of What Declan Usually Went For, But He Quickly Realized She S Everything He Didn T Know He Needed Declan, However, Was Everything Savannah Needed To Stay Away From She Had A Dark, Troubled Past And Was Fighting To Keep Her Head Above Water She Simply Didn T Have Room For A Beautiful, Six Foot Three Fighter, Whose Compassion And Filthy Mouth Had The Power To Bring Her Cynical, Jaded Ass To Its Knees But Declan Wanted Savannah, So He Fought For Her And He S Never Lost A Fight Declan Is Head Over Heels In Love With Savannah, But The Ghosts From Her Past Haunt Them Both Now It Puts A Strain On Their New Relationship That Neither Knows How To Fix, But Savannah S Determined To Try For The First Time In Her Life She Has Something Worth Fighting For, And She Ll Be Damned If She Loses Anything Else Come Hell Or High Water, Declan Is HERS