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Affective Needs chapter 1 Affective Needs, meaning Affective Needs, genre Affective Needs, book cover Affective Needs, flies Affective Needs, Affective Needs 262d8c5ac0154 Ninety Two Days That S All That S Left Just Ninety Two Days And Ruth Robinson, Calculus Genius, Will Stand With Her Arms Raised In A Triumphant V As The Valedictorian Of Roosevelt High With Her Early Admit To Princeton S Neuroscience Program Burning A Hole In Her Pocket, Ruth Can Hardly Wait To Show Her Fellow Teenage Troglodytes That While She Didn T Have Followers, Friends, Or Times In Basements, She Was The One Ending Up On TopAll She Needs To Do Is White Knuckle Her Way Through This Waiting Place Last Semester And Then, Finally, She Ll Be On Her Way Except, The First Day Back From Winter Break, Porter Creed Shows Up Porter Is A Special Education Transfer Affective Needs And Just Like All The Other Desk Flippers And Chair Throwers In The Affective Needs Classroom, Porter Has Some Major Emotional Problems But When Porter Strolls Onto Ruth S Home Turf, Advanced Calculus, And Disrupts Her Axis By Being Both Gorgeous And The Only Person Better At Math Than Her Ruth Begins To Realize That Maybe Life Is What Happens To You When You Re Busy Making Other Plans

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    Loved itThe author has an amazing ability to write characters that you can connect with,picture,and understand One of the best things I loved about this book was that there wasn t a happily ever after immediate resolution.Loved it.

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    3.5 This YA romance came across a bit differently than I was expecting, given the book s blurb Super smart high school senior Ruth Robinson isn t motivated by competition, but by simple attraction, to Porter Creed, who arrives at her school mid year Ruth first spies Porter during a major meltdown outside the Affective Needs classroom the room set aside for kids with emotional problems , as he s struggling in the arms of two police officers Despite her prickly nature, Ruth is drawn to the boy who everyone else fears, and wants to know why a kid shunted off to Affective Needs could possibly also show up in her upper level Calculus class When Ruth and Porter are assigned to be partners on a Calculus project really Math has really changed a lot since I was in high school if you work on projects, and with partners , and Ruth confesses her attraction, the two begin an intense emotional and physical relationship, a relationship that often requires cutting class and skipping school, behavior that should be anathema to rule bound Ruth How long can she keep her relationship a secret from her mother, who also just happens to be the school psychologist Taylor is great at depicting the intensity of first love, as well as the ways that young lovers can avoid talking about the hard things out of worry of losing their beloved Ruth s fascination with Porter was completely convincing, as was her careening on in her course of rule breaking, even knowing that she was bound to get caught eventually Readers might be frustrated with Ruth for refusing to think about just what it is that led Porter to Affective Needs it s pretty obvious pretty early on But it works in the context of teenage love being almost focused on oneself and one s own feelings than on the feelings and needs of the person inspiring such overwhelming feelings in you.Ruth s actions do not come without consequences, but none so tragic that we re left bereft And being a romance, we do have a happy ending, although one that doesn t happen without some time apart during which both Ruth and Porter do some much needed growing up.

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    This was fine It wasn t bad but it didn t blow me away either The description makes a big deal of Porter s emotional problems and his genius level math skills, but both are hardly in the book I was hoping we d see of Ruth trying to understand Porter s issues, but it really never seems to be a problem for their growing relationship There are also a couple of times where a scene will, for lack of a better description, have a hard cut to the next one Most of the time this makes sense but there is one instance where it completely torpedoes a perfect opportunity to see Ruth interact with her father We re told by Ruth and we do see it a bit later that her father is a terrible person, but that would have been a great way for the reader to see that More than that, I just really wanted to see that scene Overall, the book isn t terrible, but instead is forgettable.

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    This was on a recommended list and I m glad I took the time for this YA novel I enjoyed the drama of a high school senior girl who is the daughter of the school counselor She is just marking time till the end of the school year where she will address the class as valedictorian and go on to Princeton Then she stumbles across Porter Creed I like the message of how you see yourself is not necessarily how others see you Both in a positive and negative way Recommended.

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    4.5 stars

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    I read a few reviews and it seems this is going to be a great book Can t wait to read it.

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    The beginning started off slow for me I didn t understand Ruth s obsession with Porter It felt a little forced at the start of the book However, once getting into the story I had forgotten about it and enjoyed the remainder of the book The ending was disheartening for me The two huge time jumps were slightly annoying, but not that awful What I didn t like was that the only thing we saw in the two time hops were all about Porter and nothing much about Ruth s life I don t like when scenes in the future are only placed to talk about one specific character and not the protagonist in general But overall I really enjoyed this book

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    What an incredible book to read Ruth and Porter s story is about stripping away the labels we put on others as well as ourselves within our lives and seeing what truly lies under neath A must read

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    Lucky to get that Badly written Didn t understand it Don t bother.

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    I was disappointed in it I didn t like Ruth her fascination with Porter seemed contrived to me I was also wary of her mother s flirtation with compromising the FERPA rules.

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