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Dark Forsaken (The Devils Assistant, #3) summary Dark Forsaken (The Devils Assistant, #3) , series Dark Forsaken (The Devils Assistant, #3) , book Dark Forsaken (The Devils Assistant, #3) , pdf Dark Forsaken (The Devils Assistant, #3) , Dark Forsaken (The Devils Assistant, #3) 1275569858 Last Spring, Claire Was Framed For The Murder Of Junior, The Devil S Oldest Hellspawn Last Summer, She Reawakened The Fourth Realm, Saved The World After Almost Destroying It , And Wound Up With The Worst Job Ever Now, Claire S Been Locked Out Of Her Realm, Given An Assistant That Doesn T Actually Assist, And Told To Handle A Small Problem In Underworld That Might Just Get Her Killed And To Top It All Off, Mab S Made One Of The Contenders Her Untouchable So, Yeah, You Could Say Claire S Having One Of Those Days Follow Of Claire S Adventures In Dark Forsaken, Book Of The Devil S Assistant Series, To Find Out If Claire Can Defeat The Latest Contender, Survive The Quads, And Replace The Curator Before Harry Figures Out She S Stolen His Blood

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    My original Dark Forsaken audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.Dark Forsaken by H.D Smith is the third novel in the Devil s Assistant series After the second novel, the story picks up with Claire, the presumptive queen of the fourth realm, having been tasked with a job before she can return to her realm and her people After the death of the curator of the museum of the four realms, it is her job to meet with every candidate that presents themselves for an interview and to select one to replace the old curator The rulers of the other three realms are reluctant to have her succeed In addition to this dull job, the other rulers, Boss, Mab, and Harry, call her in to deal with growing unrest in the underworld, developing supposedly at the hands of her Fallen followers Together with the Quads, or four half demon siblings that Claire claimed as her followers from the big three with whom she has a mutual dislike and mistrust, she must attempt to resolve this issue To top it all off, she must find and deal with the other contenders for the Fall throne If she fails she will either lose her throne or her life.I loved this novel as much as the first two It is a fantastic story and the complexity and great characters make it shine As before, I liked Claire s attitude toward the magical world Now, she has to grow into her ruler position and this requires adjusting her behavior and attitude toward the big three, the rulers of the other realms, and the four Quads She has become suspicious, also recognizes that she has to also start to trust some people to survive She is finally is embracing her position in the magical world, but still has a lot to learn The story picked up well from the last novel and provides a decent amount of backstory to make it not too confusing if the reader hasn t read the first two in the series But the plot is complicated and therefore I would really recommend reading the first two books first There are a lot of bits of information and past relationships that were hard to remember However, this complexity is what makes the story interesting This novel was also filled with time jumps that drove the plot forward and made the plot exciting Overall, all the characters continue to be complex with their motivations difficult to guess and it is easy to stay invested in the story I can t wait for the next novel in the series.The narration by Lauren Fortgang was fantastic as before I think she captures all the characters really well She especially does a great job voicing Claire and really captures the snarky commentary from the different characters The production quality was good as well I would recommend this novel to any one like urban fantasy novels with complex interweaving storylines.Audiobook was provided for review by the author.

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    I m loving this series, the characters are dark and challenging with childish pettiness at timesfrom the quads Love the whole concept, especially when the underdog is gaining power as time goes on I m expecting big things, with some surprises along the way, for Claire I m giving nothing away, but I do recommend this series.

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    I read this book in less than a day and really enjoyed the time spent with these characters There was a lot of development with all of the main characters, especially the quads I have to say I love what was done with their characters I like the new plot twists, and we learn some things that I think will have a big impact on future adventures I can t wait to see where the story goes next.

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    I didn t rate Dark Forsaken because I didn t get past 25% and that doesn t seem fair as my issue is with the series as a whole instead of this book in particular Sometimes I ve wondered what I ve missed when it seems like I m the only person who isn t enjoying a series Well that isn t exactly true, because I was enjoying it, I just didn t enjoy how view spoiler H.D Smith would introduce things, people, and situations and then never mentions them again. Not only does Claire never comment on them, whether it be verbal or internally, the story disregards them Like where did Jane go from Dark Hope Where did Claire s baby go In fact, where did it come from in the first place Why would the quads help her, I dunno, ever Why did Mab spend all of Dark Hope trying to get the Quads Why is this stuff never mentioned again in Dark Awakened How is it possible that everything in Dark Awakened was forgotten to make Claire essentially an assistant again in Dark Forsaken By that I mean, who says she now has to find the replacement for the Museum What s really stopping her from just going to the fourth realm And WHY in the world would Claire move in with the Quads Um, yeah they only want to kill you, but I suppose that s a small issue hide spoiler

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    Full review and available at My Thoughts As many of you who follow my reviews will remember, way back in the summer of 2014, I took a chance on a review request from a new to me author and her upcoming paranormal series at the time I took a chance on an unknown and was absolutely blown away at the results Dark Hope showed me everything an indie author could give and blew the doors wide open on my thoughts on the conventions of the genre It s been many months and reads since that first novel and I still hold nearly all paranormal novels I review to the high standards that HD Smith set Could Smith still ignite that spark after three novels It s been over a year since I was immersed into the very intricate world of HD Smith and The Devil s Assistant I won t lie, while this series is a favorite of mine, they are not easy to keep on top of More characters than I could possibly name and settings and plot cycles that mirror a high fantasy series, this series is truly a testament to a writing style such as Smith s While the casual reader can certainly enjoy this series, it will take a keen eye and devotion to truly follow this story That being said, I was so thankful that Smith included a glossary and recap of sorts into the beginning of the novel Without it, I certainly would have been lost It took a few chapters, but once I dove back in and found myself surrounded by the world Smith created, I couldn t look back The story came back to me like an old friend and I was ready to tackle Claire s latest adventure And what an adventure it was I have to say that Dark Forsaken ended up being my favorite in the series thus far And that s saying a whole lot The stakes are higher than they ve ever been With Claire, no longer merely the Devil s assistant, now the Queen of the Fourth Realm, it s time for her to take her place among the Big Three But can Mab, Harry, and The Boss ever truly see Claire for what she really is With the Quads in their most peculiar predicament yet, only with Claire s help can they ban together and save the Underworld and the future of the realms from truly uncertain fates The plot for this one is extremely fast paced, but I do believe it was easier to follow at times than the previous two installments in the series Everything flowed a little easier and I wasn t left with near as many questions as before Smith does an incredible job of easing the reader into her world in order to avoid any confusion One of the greatest things about this series is that Smith doesn t let anything back She doesn t sell her readers short and gives us a full story that fans can really enjoy with ease These aren t quick reads by any means either, if you decide to take the plunge, be ready for the time commitment My absolute favorite part of Dark Forsaken was the amount of character development that we see I won t go into too much detail to avoid massive spoilers, but throughout three novels now, Smith has amassed quite a collection of characters for this series With such a large cast, many haven t received the amount of page time I would like in the past Thankfully, Smith really ups the ante in Dark Forsaken and we begin to learn so much about some of the most intriguing supporting characters in the series, particularly The Quads The Quads are my absolute favorite characters in this series and I am so glad Smith gave them such an expanded role in this third outing I will say that I was slightly disappointed by the lack of interaction between Claire and the Big Three in this one, but it definitely was not too big of a let down with the huge cliffhanger Smith left us on I know book four is going to be absolutely amazing As I ve mentioned in my reviews for the previous two novels, this is one of the most unique series I have read and reviewed in all my time blogging It s so original and refreshing It s becoming increasingly hard to even place this series in a genre classification It s so much than a paranormal, it s than fantasy, it transcends genre classification and literary boundaries in only a way an author as talented as Smith can Anyone who isn t adding The Devil s Assistant series to their TBR is missing out As you guys can clearly see, Dark Forsaken ended up being an absolutely incredible read for me I couldn t set it down and even days after finishing, I m still suffering from a massive book hangover It was everything I was looking for and then some Smith has truly outdone herself, setting the stage for greatness as she continues this groundbreaking series It should come as absolutely no surprise that I am granting Dark Forsaken by HD Smith a near perfect 5 star review I highly recommend this series to all readers, regardless of genre preference It s a thrilling adventure, sure to please all readers Buckle up, it s a trip across the realms that s one Hell of a ride

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    An intricate, riveting, fast paced, action packed, dark paranormal fantasy adventure I was in the arms of my worst enemy, taking comfort from him Would my life ever be normal Normal is boring, Mace said.Dark Forsaken by H.D Smith is the third brilliant installment in The Devil s Assistant saga, the author s dark paranormal urban fantasy series I loved this segment as much as the first two Dark Forsaken picks up where Dark Awakened left off Claire is now the presumptive queen of the fourth realm Before she can return to her realm and people, the rulers of the other three realms, Harry, Mab and the Boss, have deemed that she must find a new curator for the museum Ultimately, they don t want her to succeed, so every candidate that she presents to them, they find unworthy, making this task a boring, rut with no end job In addition, the same three are holding her accountable for the growing unrest in the underworld blaming her Fallen followers Since the four half demon siblings, otherwise known as the Quads, now number among Claire s followers, she works with them to resolve the issue I love that the Quads feature much in this tale Finally, she must track and defeat the other contenders for her throne If she fails, she can lose her throne or her life.Claire is finally accepting her position in the magical world, while acknowledging to herself that she still has much to learn But, seemingly insurmountable obstacles remain in her path Following please find a few of my favorite quotes from Dark Forsaken I couldn t just start killing people That wasn t really my thing Is that true The Boss asked Mace Without even batting an eye, Mace said, Yes And you agreed The Boss questioned Of course Anything for my queen, he said, holding his glass up to me in a mock toast I m calling this place the Tardis, she said, continuing to scan the different locations We re not calling it the Tardis, I said Of course, if she knew what it could really do, I d never change her mind Why the hell not she asked Copyright infringement This tale is phenomenal, but complex Please don t attempt to read it out of order as you ll only be disappointed Almost all of the characters were introduced in the series debut and they all play integral parts in the story Believe me, you won t regret starting from the beginning and reading this series sequentially.Lauren Fortgang continues as the fantastic narrator of this series Her voice is clear and easy to understand Throughout this series, her characters voices have remained realistic and consistent Her performance reflects the proper emotions and pauses I can tell who is speaking at any one time from her performance The end product is polished and professional Her performance enhances my enjoyment and I can t imagine not listening to this series.This series is akin to playing a thrilling video game with Claire where there are many possible outcomes and villains galore at every turn It challenges my mind to keep up Sometimes, I hit stop, just to get my breath and ponder on how astounding the previous maneuver was and what new complications have come to the forefront from the moves just taken I highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys intricate, riveting, fast paced, action packed, dark paranormal fantasy adventures.My full review is published at Reading Between the Wines Book Club Please check it out there

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    Claire has had one heck of a year, she was framed for Junior s death, reawakened the fourth realm and now she is stuck with having to find a replacement for the world s worst job On top of that she has to deal with the quads whom unhumbly bow to her new royalty status, she is still a pawn in the game she doesn t want anything to do with and also has to hide the fact that she has stolen powerful Harry blood running in her veins So yeah I believe Claire has every right to be pissed I absolutely love Claire she is one of those characters that you can t forget, you find your self in situations and ask What would Claire do Just kidding I haven t done that but why the heck not she s a cool cucumber I love STRONG women characters because that s what women want to read about awesome strong characters not whiney winnies Claire is awesome she takes everything you got and sucks it up and then throws it right back at ya She s cunning and smart In this book she is on the run again to stop things that only she knows about before time runs out and she has the most unlikely ally She has so much to do in so little time, can she figure out what the next move is Cannot wait for the next release Just an FYI I waited to read this book because I wanted it in the audio version Just so you know the reader for these books is so awesome she makes the books come even alive Just saying

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    It actually took me 10 days to read this after a friend gave it to me for Christmas 10 days is almost unknown for me Just read it in a day or if it takes a couple of days and isn t gripping me then then give up there are so many good books out there why struggle is my usual method But no I actually read this for 10 days In short bursts, then my head would hurt and I d put it down until the next day Admittedly I was struggling with a chest infection but this was a complicated and awesome read Claire s world gets ever confusing with the competing prophecies, the quite large cast of necessary players and the inevitable confusion caused by time travel and magic.I loved the first two in the series and I truly hadn t realised just how much the audio narration helped to move these books along.I ve given it 4 stars because honestly there were points that I felt could have been clearly written in the sense that and extra half a sentence here and there would have really helped me dive into it instead of constantly going WTF and saved me some flipping back and forth but I wouldn t be surprised if I up that rating to 5 stars once I listen to the audio which isn t out yet

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    Poor Claire, could she just get a break already Nope not yet As Fall approaches she finds herself even entwining into a world that she can t understand and as soon as she thinks she s gets a handle on one problem ten arise BUT have no fear this time she s not alone New allies reluctantly align themselves with Claire for there own reasons but soon realize they have of a stake in Claire s future and the future of the realms than she does Things are never as they seem I have been immersed into Claire s world and I found myself holding my breath with each turn of the page cheering her one At times I was very confused BUT I believe that s the intention of the author because Claire is confused She s on this whirlwind scary confusing adventure and we are on it with her When things don t make sense that s because they aren t supposed to.HD Smith s world is a literal explosion and a welcome change of pace I am excited to see how it all ends and what Claire s future has in store for her

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    I will start by saying that this is the third book in The Devil s Assistant series You MUST MUST MUST read these books in order to know what is going on The series has a ton of interwoven plots and twists that if you don t read the books in order, you can get totally lost HD Smith does an awesome job in developing the characters in these books While reading you will get so wrapped up in the series that you will think you are a part of the story Claire s development is amazing She starts out as the assistant to The Boss and OK, I don t write spoilers, so I won t say any other than you really have to read this series it is another one of those I Can t Put This Book Down type books Now I just have to wait for book 4 to come out lolI was given a copy of this book for an honest review.

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