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Reality Falling summary Reality Falling , series Reality Falling , book Reality Falling , pdf Reality Falling , Reality Falling a6c03eade6 The Battle For Imperia City May Be Over, But The War For Reality Is Only Just BeginningAlice Eve, Head Of The Inquisition And Reluctant Book Wielder, Struggles To Regain Order In A World Thrown Into Chaos Following The Merger Of The Capital With Her Unlikely Supernatural Allies In The Trinity Of Old, She Fights To Prevent The Rest Of The World From Falling Into The Hands Of The Archmage Omniosis, And From Being Merged With The Gloom By Winston Reynolds Through The War Torn World, Alice Must Find A Way To Deliver Her Divine Message Of Reason To The Unsuspecting Winston Before All Is LostMeanwhile, Winston Learns About The Burdens Of Leadership The Hard Way As He Watches The Consequences Of His Actions Become Far Frequent And Closer To The Home Front He Is Left To Wonder If His Ambition Has Pushed Him Too Far As He Prepares For His Wedding Day With His Gorgeous Vampire Wife To Be Veronica, Not To Mention The Upcoming Assault On Industria CityBehind The Scenes, Lewis Thorne Secretly Begins To Fulfil The Archmage Omniosis Dark Duties, Working To Ensure That When The Time Comes, His Best Friend Winston Will Merge The Whole Of Reality With The Gloom Permanently

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    I received this book from Voracious Readers for an honest review This was a great follow up for the first book Gloom Rising It answered many of the questions the first book left open but created some new questions to lead into the last book of the series This book really delved into the philosophy of good vs evil, magic vs non magic etc It was a nice contrast in showing the two sides of the same story Omniosis vs the Twin Goddesses I feel it could have showed of Winston s struggle with which side to follow but otherwise it was an enjoyable read.

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    Supernatural take 2This is the sequel to gloom rising, the storyline is interesting but I found this one a little bit long winded compared to the first book Still love the characters, but if your offended by sexual terms then be forewarned this is not the book for you

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