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Healing Love (Saints Protection & Investigations, #2) explained Healing Love (Saints Protection & Investigations, #2) , review Healing Love (Saints Protection & Investigations, #2) , trailer Healing Love (Saints Protection & Investigations, #2) , box office Healing Love (Saints Protection & Investigations, #2) , analysis Healing Love (Saints Protection & Investigations, #2) , Healing Love (Saints Protection & Investigations, #2) d0c9 Saints Protection Investigation A Private Investigation Business, Pulling Together Men From The CIA, FBI, ATF, DEA, Border Patrol, SEALs, And Police, Devoted To The Missions That No One Else Wanted Or Could SolveCam Perez Left His Juvenile Deliquent Years Behind To Become An Undercover Detective And Then Accepted A Job With Saints Protection Investigations When A Friend S Sister, A Red Cross Nurse, Was Kidnapped, Cam Eagerly Stepped Up To Take On The Rescue Mission The Right Man For The Job, He Was Focused On What Needed To Be Done Until He Lay Eyes On Her And Then Not Only Saving Her Life But Winning Her Heart Became The New Mission Miriam Delaro Had Become Discontent In Her Hospital Job, So The Chance To Go To Mexico To Work For The Red Cross When An Earthquake Struck Was The Perfect Career Change Then She And Three Other Nurses Were Kidnapped By A Drug Cartel, Who Needed Their Services To Aid The Cartel S Wounded She Tended The Ill By Day, But At Night Prayed For A Deliverer, Wondering If Escape Was Possible Then He Came Disguised As A Lowly, Wounded Worker Their Meeting Was Only The Beginning Having To Escape The Guards, Travel By Canoe In A Storm, And Cross Miles Of Perilous Mexican Cartel Country To Get To The Ocean Where The Saints Could Pick Them Up Was Their Goal Falling In Love Was Their Reward Due To Scenes Of An Explicit Sexual Nature And Language That Some Consider Crude, Please Be Warned For Only If You Do Not Like Alphas With Heart Who Fall Instantly In Love With Strong Female Characters While Dealing With Real Life Issues Again Be WarnedThis Version Has The Corrected Spanish Endearment In It

  • Kindle Edition
  • 241 pages
  • Healing Love (Saints Protection & Investigations, #2)
  • Maryann Jordan
  • English
  • 14 February 2018

About the Author: Maryann Jordan

As an Award Winning and International , Barnes Noble, and Kobo Best Selling Author, I have always been an avid reader I joke that I cut my romance teeth on the old historical romance books I ve written as a hobby for over 30 years In 2014, I finally gave in to the characters in my head pleading for their story to be told Thus, Emma s Home was created.My first novel, Emma s Home b

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    Camillo Perez aka Cam used to live his life on the wrong side of the law when he was young When he is unexpectedly saved from a situation by following a request by chance From then on he changes his life and becomes a man who he and the family he loves can be proud of He now works for the Saints Protection Investigation services He is one who hasn t found anyone special since he turned his life around and doesn t know if it is for him with the job he has He then is called for a special mission to save a friend of the companies sister who has been kidnapped and needs to be rescued and he is the most qualified for the job When he sees the sister s picture he is instantly taken with her and the mission to save her is one that has just become of a personal reason than just a new mission.Miriam Delaro is a nurse and starting to feel dissatisfied with her current work at the hospital and looking for something She decides to go to Mexico, where a huge earthquake hit, to assist with Red Cross to the disapproval but acceptance of her family While there she and a few other nurses get kidnapped by a drug cartel to help with the wounded Now she has to try to keep safe and hope her brother sends help When Cam arrives and she understands that he is the help sent she is grateful but also finds herself attracted to her hero As they make their escape, they also start to fall while trying to stay alive and out of the reach of the cartel I really enjoyed this story I loved the hero Cam who was alpha, sweet, and really grew in this story I loved the heroine Miriam who was sweet, strong and I related to her search in finding what made her happy This was low angst romance relationship which I always love but had a good story and I liked how they got to know each other It is on the insta love side but they still get to know each other Very enjoyable read.

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    I liked this one, but didn t love it I m not really sure why I liked Cam and Miriam just fine, along with all the side characters I guess I just never got into the story I wasn t crazy about the whole kidnapped by a drug cartel story line I never really felt the connection between the H h like in the first book I think the action aspect of the story took over to much, leaving the romance on the back burner I dunno, I really like this author so I ll continue with the story This one just wasn t one of her best IMO.Side Note I could have done without the whole fuck buddy scene It wasn t bad, but I didn t see any reason why it was even part of the story It really served no purpose in moving the story forward.

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    Received an ARC from the Author for an Honest Review.Healing Love is the 2nd book in this series This book is about Cam He works for the Saints and we first met him in Serial Love Cam is reformed bad boy that will melt ur Heart and make you Swoon He is sent on a mission to save a Nurse named Mariam Mariam is Jobe s Sister Jobe is from Alveraz security series.Mariam is such a strong woman I know this cos only half of the things she went through I would have given up hope a long time ago but she held on to hope and she was rewarded when Cam came to her rescue When he does come to saves her Boy oh Boy it s insta love or attraction They put their feelings aside so he can get his mission done Safely but during this time a beautiful relationship and bond is cemented.Misunderstandings occur and they separate but when she in Danger again Cam claims her as his and will protect her with his life This book has everything that we have come to love about Maryann s books yet every book keeps getting better and better I loved Cams Alpha, hot male s nature and Mariams strong will and golden Heart They are so amazing together and their chemistry is of the charts The love making scenes were damn Hot as always I love the side Characters they play an important role and their love and Dedication to Cam and Mariam is awe inspiring Maryann has given us another amazing book that will have you hooked from page 1 She is a natural at that This is another must read book by her and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I Did Enjoy.

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    This is the second book in the this series and its beautiful story between Cam who knows what it is to make good and bad decisions in life and Miriam Jobes sister from the Alvarez series who is dealing with being kidnapped and falling in love with her rescuer I loved this book so much it gets you from the very beginning and it sets off every emotion It s a great book for anyone I highly recommend it and any of Ms Jordan s other books as they are all excellent.I received an author copy for an honest review.

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    5 Stars When I stumbled across this author s Love series, she completely captivated me and since then, I just keep coming back Her alpha males fight hard and love even harder And one thing you can expect is when they fall, it is so hard that they will do anything they can for the women they love And her heroines are always kick ass and you will always find yourself rooting for them This brand spanking new series by her is definitely one you don t want to miss Be prepared to swoon, hard.I loved this book It was a fast read that I devoured in one sitting From the first page, I was sucked in and couldn t put it down until the end, knowing they got their happy ending This book was sexy, sweet, fun, intense, passionate, and had a sweet love story wrapped with suspense and tons of twists This was a great addition to this series and I can t wait for the next book It s sure to be epic Get ready for Cam and Miriam because Cam is a man that will make you swoon and fall hard.This is Cam and Miriam s story Cam and Miriam s meeting is on purpose it s part of a plan one that is going to forever change their lives Miriam is a nurse who is overseas and finds herself in danger Cam is sent in to get her and bring her home it s personal What starts out as a rescue close to home turns into them chasing for forever But it is not going to be easy They have the fight of their lives ahead of them When the storm passes and settles, will they find their happy ending I highly recommend this book Review Post

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    Okay, I seriously liked Cam than I thought I would He s definitely a book boyfriend Healing Love actually takes place during the same time as the first book While Jack and the rest were focusing on the Campus Killer, Cam was sent to Mexico to save his buddy s sister Miriam didn t know that when she agreed to aid the Red Cross that cartels would take her hostage and force her to work for them She s just a simple nurse However, being young and pretty and intellectually valuable has many eyes on her Cam, meanwhile, is a former undercover cop and a Mexican American As the only member of Saints Protection and Investigation that will blend in there, he gets sent to Mexico to save her He doesn t plan on falling for her along the way.Originally I thought they would be out of Mexico in maybe five chapters and it would be all about the romance But this was way hard hitting It went into details about the cartels and the tragedies there Miriam sees a lot and handles herself smartly, keeping herself safe until Cam can get to her I ve read this concept before and it s generally a 2 day trek and they fall in love in 48 hours However, Cam and Miriam work together for view spoiler a month hide spoiler

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    3.5 stars Predictable but a decent read

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    Healing Love Saints Protection and Investigation 2 Maryann Jordan3.5 starsCam Perez sets off on a mission to find a friends sister who has been taken Kidnapped overseas from a nurses compound he knows he has got to get Miriam Delaro back Disaster striking Mexico brought her to desire to leave her job at the hospital and head out for a greater purpose Never did she imagine she would end up in the hands of the cartel Hoping her brother sends someone for her, she prays her knight in shining armor will appear and he does in the form of a beautiful savior This book is the second installment of the SPI I loved the first book centered around Jack and this one was good as well however the storyline was not my first choice Im not a huge fan of running from the drug cartel through the jungle and I felt there could have been so much to the story The guys are all back which was fantastic and it was good to see where Jack and Bethany were in their lives for sure Every story isn t always going to be my favorite but the characters continue to keep me coming back There is so much to learn and watch with our SPI men Thank you for the ARC Maryann I look forward to reading and seeing where life takes the boys Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets.

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    Book Healing Love Saints Protection InvestigationAuthor Maryann Jordan Publication Date 1 10 2016Reviewed by Tammy Payne Book Nook Nuts My Rating 5 Stars REVIEW This is Cam s story Cam didn t begin life helping anyone but himself and breaking his parents heart Finally fearing for where their sons life was heading his family moved them to Virginia After a talk with the priest Cam decides maybe he needed to change his life Now to the future The guys are dealing with a campus killer Cam has been thinking lately how much he would like to have a relationship like his parents have But in his line of work relationships don t work or so he thinks Jobes sister is in danger and they have asked Jack if any of their men can help Cam is asked to make the trip to Mexico where Miriam went to work with the red cross Can Cam find and save Miriam I like how the author adds characters from a previous series into the next The author also gives us a bit about the main characters past which helps us in getting to know the character The book is very well written and if you love alpha men then its the book for you I was gifted this book for my honest review.Maryann Jordan

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    5 starI was pulled right into this story The story has laughs, betrayal, sadness, and heartbreak Before reading this story please read the below books firstSerial Love Saints Protection Investigation 1 This is Miriam and Cam s story Cam has to go undercover to bring back Miriam He needs to blend in and get her to trust him so he can protect and rescue her Miriam was kidnapped and is being held to help serve the cartel Can she trust Cam to get her home Once home will she even be safe All the danger lurking around every turn will they make it out in one piece Just when she thinks all is well is she about to lose everything Can Cam bring her home safely Or will he lose not only the girl but his heart also I loved these characters and also the side characters I felt I was able to connect with the characters and the story was a great read I highly recommend this book.

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