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The Resilient One explained The Resilient One , review The Resilient One , trailer The Resilient One , box office The Resilient One , analysis The Resilient One , The Resilient One 5e87 Sweet Romance By Bestselling Inspirational Author, Cami Checketts Alyssa Armsworth, A World Renowned Photographer, Has No Intentions Of Honoring The Billionaire Bride Pact She Made At Girl S Camp To Avoid Getting Whipped Cream Smeared On Her Face While She Slept Marriage Is The Last Thing On Her To Do List And When Her Father Forces His Wealthy Friends On Her, She Runs To Maui Her Plan To Jog On The Beach, Take Some Great Pictures, And Avoid Men Works Until Beckham Taylor Arrives Spending Days On The Ocean With The Handsome Ex NHL Star Is Ideal, But Alyssa S Guilt For Past Transgressions Begins To Consume Her She Doesn T Think Beckham Could Ever Forgive What She S Done To Him And His Family Before She Can Confess, Her Misdeeds Are Thrust Onto The Front Cover Of The Tabloids Now, Alyssa Must Face Her Past Or Lose Her Future The Billionaire Bride Pact Books In Order Would Be The Resilient One The Passionate One The Feisty One The Rebellious One The Independent One The Adventurous One The Protective One The Faithful One The Daring One The Glamorous One Bonus Chapters From The Passionate One A Billionaire Bride Pact Romance By Jeanette Lewis And Pass Interference A Last Play Romance By Cami Checketts

  • Kindle Edition
  • 191 pages
  • The Resilient One
  • Cami Checketts
  • English
  • 09 December 2018

About the Author: Cami Checketts

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Resilient One book, this is one of the most wanted Cami Checketts author readers around the world.

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    Last night I decided to start reading Jorge Luis Borges Ficciones for my 2016 Classics Bingo Challenge It s very intricately written and I think true enjoyment of it requires in depth knowledge of philosophy than I have at my fingertips On about page 25, the trumpet sounded in my brain and I retreated in confusion While regrouping, I hopped over to the other end of the literary spectrum and spent an hour with this fluffy romance just resting my brain before attacking Ficciones again Yup That s itAlyssa is a well known photographer, living in Hawaii, with a painful past due to a sleazy father The gimmick here is that when she was a teenager, Alyssa and her girlfriends wrote down a pact to marry billionaires and live happily ever after But really Alyssa hates rich guys and thinks they re all users like her dad she s had some really bad experiences Can retired hockey player wealthy and of course handsome businessman Beckham change her mind And what if Beck finds out that when Alyssa was a starving young photographer years ago, she took some pictures of him coming out of his dad s funeral for a sleazy tabloid This is what it is a Kindle freebie fluffy romance, sprinkled with punctuation and grammar errors e.g., Who s instead of whose granddaughter are you , that stays pretty superficial throughout, despite Alyssa dealing with some PTSD type issues from her father s awful treatment of her when she was younger It had its moments Alyssa s Granny was a great character , and non critical romance readers will probably love it, but I can t recommend it to anyone else Even for free.2.5 stars.

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    A cute romance Although it is called a clean romance, there are some disturbing scenes of attempted rape So if that is a trigger for you, be careful Our heroine has had a rough upbringing Her father and his friends are rich assholes Daddy dearest decides to get something from her on the marriage mart and starts the bidding for her with his equally horrible and rich friends When one of his buddies tries to get a sample, she flees to Hawaii where her grandmother can protect her Fast forward years later and we find her as an accomplished photographer Enter our handsome and kind billionaire who is looking for a photographer to travel to remote areas and help him in is humanitarian endeavors A sweet romance with all the necessary elements including the meet cute, the strong characters and the nice settings We also have a spunky granny to round out the mix.

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    Alyssa is a famous photographer and has zero plans of ever getting married She is known by the other girls from camp as the dark side of the Billionaire Bride Pact She has had a very troubled upbringing and does not trust men at all When her controlling, sleazy father tries to marry her off to the highest bidder, she runs away to Maui.Beck is an ex NHL star that took over the family business after his parents passed away When he hears that the famous but elusive A.A is meeting with fans in Maui, he heads out there to try and convince him to work with Beck s charity, Jordan s Buds He knows that A.A is just what he needs to bring awareness to his charity and the needs of others all over the world When Beck runs into Alyssa for the first time they are both swept off their feet literally But she takes off before he can even introduce himself Fate is on his side when he checks into the same bed and breakfast that she is staying at When it comes to getting to know Beck and spending time with him, Alyssa is a little apprehensive at first But slowly she starts feeling comfortable around him Now if she can just find the courage to confess what she did years ago and hope that he doesn t end up hating her I absolutely loved Beck and Alyssa Both are scarred physically and emotionally and both have some trust issues But these are two of the things that bring them together They can lean on each other and help the other in a way that no one has ever been able to do before These two are seriously perfect for each other And let s not forget their chemistry swoon Holy Hannah These two dreamy sigh I really did not want the book to end And I just have to give a shout out to Granny I absolutely loved her as well She was such an amazing addition to this awesome book I loved her spunk and spirit She had me busting out laughing times than I could count She almost stole the show almost Hehe I would love to be that kind of granny some day I am really enjoying this series and I can t wait for the next book to be released This series is already a definite must buy for me And can we just take a moment to enjoy this casting I don t know what it is but I am seriously in love with these two dreamy sigh

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    I actually enjoyed this story Granny made me laugh I adored her personality and humor There is a lot of drama in this story accidents, attacks, blackmail, misunderstandings which takes away from its believability So if you can suspend your disbelief and just want a fun read full of drama this is for you.Cover While beautifully done there is no way this cover fits this story Alyssa could never have worn those shoes.Content Clean

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    Full Review Such a fun new to me series I need to start with the first book and read about all of these friends who made their billionaire bride pact But it was written well enough as a stand alone in case you want to read them out of order like I did When I can sit down at my computer I have multiple reviews to catch up on and I ll get my rambling thoughts posted about this book too Rambling thoughts time by JulieCan I just say that I love the premise of this series 12 friends make a pact to marry a billionaire while at girl s camp If they don t fulfill the pact then they have to sing some corny camp song at their wedding So not too dire of a consequence if they fail to marry someone super wealthy but I think it s a song that definitely gives them enough motivation to try to fulfill the pact I said earlier that I didn t start with book one, which was fine, but I almost wish that I had That being said I really want to go back and read through all the stories of these twelve friends I really like the titles too, The Resilient One, The Feisty One, etc It makes me laugh thinking of the twelve friends and their different personalities I think the title fit perfect for this story.Without giving away too much of the storyline other than the synopsis blurb you ve read, Alyssa is our female MC and Beckham, or Beck, is our male MC There is a little history connected to these two that isn t the happiest or what it appears to be Of course there is always a story behind an event and we need this event to create our angst for the story, or at least part of the angst Alyssa brings the majority of the angst to our story due to her background Ok, as far as family members for both MCs go, Beck s sisters brother in laws are awesome, Alyssa s dad is major scumbag slime ball and Alyssa s grandma is just the best ever I think you ll get a chuckle from her antics and phrases There are plenty of secondary characters but the only one who really makes a strong appearance is Grandma Ellie, the other characters just pipe in as memories than anything.Both Alyssa and Beck have had some ups and downs in their lives Beck due to the loss of his parents Alyssa all due to her father s scheming and power plays So what does Alyssa do She disappears, hones a talent and creates a new life for herself She is hiding out on Maui and enjoying her freedom, but her freedom hasn t helped her heal from her scars and trust issues Beck was a former NHL player who now runs the family business as well as a major non profit organization helping kids He is headed to Maui to track down the amazing photographer A.A to convince him to join his team for helping these kids all over the world What Beck doesn t expect is to run into the beautiful Alyssa Beck is well built and was an NHL player so yeah he s got himself some muscles and a very toned body that all women want right WrongAlyssa won t even look at him and continues to avoid it Beck can t figure out why There are many factors playing into why Alyssa is avoiding Beck Can he figure out a way to break down her walls and show her that he can be trusted Or does Grandma Ellie need to step in and save the day Or will Alyssa see Beck s goodness, or will she find a flaw that he is hiding just to get close to her These two characters will have to break down the walls of mistrust if they want to stand a chance at possibly making a go of their relationship There is chemistry and a lot of sparks flying with these two but sometimes the past won t allow someone to trust easy Will Alyssa keep her pact or will she be singing the awfully embarrassing song You ll have to read to find out As far as content in this story, there are several kisses There is a flashback for attempted rape and some talk about her father trying to sell her off but none of it is graphic A few fights and an almost shark attack Overall I would say it is a clean read and would recommend for mature readers due to her father s antics.I downloaded a copy from Happy Reading

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    Alyssa doesn t trust men, and with good reason She isn t perfect It seems like life would be handed to her with a golden spoon, yet she s determined to pave the path for herself Yes, she s gorgeous, but she s down to earth and has a birth defect I couldn t help but to like her from the start She s a very skilled photographer and is spending some time in Maui when her good friend, and tabloid magazine writer, challenges her to get a date with wealthy and famous, Beckham Taylor Beck is a nice guy and is determined to prove himself different from all the other men Alyssa knows He is charming, handsome, rich, kind, and generous He does a lot of good with his money and I love that he s not a selfish and greedy man The way he steps in as protector and friend to both Alyssa and her feisty, adorable Granny, is so sweet Who could resist him Granny is quite the character and so spunky I can only hope to be like her when I m 80 She just says things like they are and has a way of wrapping herself around hearts very quickly.The setting is exquisite and I could visualize it so well In fact, I m dreaming of going back to Maui now I loved the flirtations and banter The excitement, passion, and attraction are all there, but this relationship is also about trust and feeling safe Alyssa and Beck both have scars both physical and emotional but what they do for each other is amazing The romance in this one had me swooning right and left I love that, while it plays a big part of the story, there s to it than just romance There are some major plot twists that had me reeling and that just added to the story.Content mild romance kissing, implied attack, mention of previous rape attempt no language or religious elements mild violence accidents and moments of peril Clean I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

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    Very silly I think I am in a reading slump because I am hating everything I am reading lately and unfortunately there was a lot that bugged me about this book The whole idea was cute and sweet but then they threw in the overly creeptastic father who is trying to prostitute this poor girl out, a couple attempted rapes, an almost drowning, a car going over a cliff, A SHArk Attach Motorcycle accident, cancer and a couple of deaths in the family and everyone trying to get these two together and then keep them apart I just found myself rolling my eyes over and over But I did finish it and it was an entertaining mess

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    I m so excited to be a part of reviewing this awesome new series Old friends make a pact at summer camp when they are young This series follows them as they each find love Cami Checketts is one of my favorites so any day I get to read one of her books is a good day for me Cami, to me, is know for bringing just a bit of suspense to her books It s what sets her apart in the romance genre The suspense isn t overwhelming or the focus, but it is there enough to keep you wondering and anxious.Alyssa is hiding Hawaii is her escape and her refuge Or, at least it is supposed to be Beckham rolls in and disrupts her sanctuary, setting off a chain of events that come crashing in This book kept me reading, pushing forward because I just had to know I loved it The characters, the setting, the story it was all fantastic LOVE Content Clean some references to unwanted sexual advances, attempted rape

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    FREE on today 2 28 2019 Blurb Alyssa Armsworth, a world renowned photographer, has no intentions of honoring the Billionaire Bride Pact she made at girl s camp to avoid getting whipped cream smeared on her face while she slept Marriage is the last thing on her to do list and when her father forces his wealthy friends on her, she runs to Maui Her plan to jog on the beach, take some great pictures, and avoid men works until Beckham Taylor arrives Spending days on the ocean with the handsome ex NHL star is ideal, but Alyssa s guilt for past transgressions begins to consume her She doesn t think Beckham could ever forgive what she s done to him and his family Before she can confess, her misdeeds are thrust onto the front cover of the tabloids Now, Alyssa must face her past or lose her future.

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    This is part of a cute series that follow a group of friends who make a pact at camp to marry a rich man Of course, they were girls and didn t understand how shallow that pact really is.Alyssa had not intention of fulfilling the pact, even when she made it as a youth She comes from a wealthy home and knows that not all wealthy men are honorable She has issues with trust and doesn t feel the need to be in a relationship.Beckham is wealthy He tries to hide the fact because he knows that many women who seek a wealthy husband are shallow That is why he finds Alyssa intriguing She is a genuine person.The two have misunderstandings, miscommunication, trust problems, threats, etc that they have to overcome The book has several issues that it deals with It makes for a very interesting story to read.I look forward to reading from this series I didn t feel that I needed to read the books in any specific order.

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