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Love Plus One (G-Man, #2) summary Love Plus One (G-Man, #2) , series Love Plus One (G-Man, #2) , book Love Plus One (G-Man, #2) , pdf Love Plus One (G-Man, #2) , Love Plus One (G-Man, #2) 2613d5efcd A Year Ago Year Old Lindsey Dennison S Life Took An Abrupt Turn While Away At Cornell For Her Freshman Year At College, Her Parents Marriage Imploded Lindsey Learned The Harsh Truth About Her Father, And His Involvement In Criminal Activity He D Slipped Out Of The Country With His Lover On The Eve Of His Arrest, Deserting His Only Child Lindsey Was Left Trying To Pick Up The Pieces Of The Life She Now Realized Had Been A House Of Secrets And Lies For All Of Those YearsAfter Her Mother S Second Marriage Relocates Her From Indianapolis To Washington, DC Lindsey Decides To Start Fresh At A New College Closer To Where Her Mother, Step Father And Baby Brother Bryce Are Now Living Life Is Different Now For Lindsey, But It S About To Change Even Trace Taz Matthews, An FBI Agent Is About To Rock Her World In Ways Than One Taz Is A Confirmed Man Whore But Lindsey Has A Problem She S Certain He Can Fix But Will He Despite Their Best Efforts, Lindsey And Taz Are Tossed Together By Fate On Than One Occasion, And This G Man Doesn T Appreciate The Distraction Issues At Home With Her Mother Suddenly Cause Lindsey S Life To Become Increasingly Complicated There S A Budding Romance On The Horizon For Lindsey With A Wealthy And Attractive Guy She Meets At School But Things Are Never Quite As They Seem Lindsey Will Learn A Brutal Lesson About Trust, Compassion And Strength Taz Will Learn Lessons About Love, Intimacy And Honor, And That Sometimes Doing The Right Thing Has ConsequencesThis Book Is Intended For Mature AudiencesWarning Explicit Sex, Contains Rape Scene

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    Love Plus One, book 2 stand alone Bad boy biker, Taz s and Lindsey s story of sexual play gone serious set against the suspenseful unfolding of danger and intrigue I m not looking to get hurt, Taz I m just looking to get thoroughly f cked Love Plus One is second book in the G Man series Though each book has its own hero heroine I recommend they be read in order Book 1 Diamond GirlBook 2 Love Plus OneBook 3 Night MovesLove Plus One is Taz and Lindsey s story, told from both of theirs POVs We met them both in Diamond Girl Lindsey is Sammie s daughter and bad boy biker, Taz works with Slate The story picks up about a year after the ending of book 1 Lindsey and Taz keep running into each other and both have an attraction to each other, but age difference and circumstances have them reluctant to admit or act on it When Lindsey meets a preppy guy at school who she hopes to be dating she feels she is in need of some improved bed skills So she turns to Taz for some instructions The story goes from there following them in their budding romance while villains from their past and book 1 continue to haunt them Five words to describe Taz Matthews sexy, possessive, bossy, reliable and real He was studying me now with those gorgeous, green bedroom eyes of his Four words to describe Lindsey Dennison spunky, endearing, naive and annoying Lindsey was beautiful and cute, innocent and sexy, sweet and a smart ass That was what fascinated me so much about her She was multi dimensional, yet not complicated As mentioned, though each book has its own hero heroine and a happy ending, there is an unfolding mystery that carries on through the series Warning I feel the need to warn that there is a rape scene by a villain in this story.On a happier note I am pleased to report that Trey Sinclair from the Baby series makes an appearance.Andrea Smith s witty writing has always clicked with me In this book I rated her story telling at 4.5 stars Half a star was deducted because Lindsey s POVs were at times too long winded Taz s POVs were perfect My reason for not rating it higher ties into plot and my own preference for larger than life heroes. Taz and Lindsey a both very real and tangible people Sexy and suspenseful Overall a great read Thanks Ms Smith It was new territory for me sexually, and for Taz, it was undeniably new territory for him emotionally Hero rating 4 stars Heroine rating 3.5 starsSex scenes rating 4 starsSex scenes frequency 4 starsStoryline concept rating 4 starsStorytelling skills rating 4.5 starsStory ending rating 4.5 starsBook editing rating 5 no edits spotted 4 stars Overall rating 4 starsWould I recommend this series Yes.Would I re read this series Maybe later.Would I read future books by this author Yes ARC provided to me by author in exchange for an honest review.

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    4.5 I want Taz to call ME his baby girl STARS I m not looking to get hurt, Taz I m just looking to get laid She was a fucking contradiction in terms She was soft and sweet lusty and sexy reserved and abandoned at the same time. Well, it s official my friends Andrea Smith has a new stalker auto buy fan in me While I really enjoyed her Baby Lite series, this book pretty much blew it out of the water for me I thought I knew what I was in for, I though I was prepared for what was coming, boy was I fucking wrong But before I get into all that, let s talk about a few other things.While I have not yet read the first book in this series something I will be rectifying immediately , I had no issues understanding what was going on I knew right away when I began reading that this book was going to be right up my alley.I mean let s seeSexy bad boy, slightly assholish and manwhoring hero Said hero also having tattoos He was a sexy as hell FBI agent Heroine that I didn t want to strangle A fantastic plot And enough steam to feel like my reader was going to catch on fire YUP A year ago, Lindsey Dennison s life changed irrevocably Turned out her father was not quite the man she always thought him to be She had to deal with the fact that his criminal activity had led to federal bust, and then his ultimate run from the law Her parent s marriage is over, and her mother is now married to the FBI agent responsible for the investigation.Her mother never even hinting to having the problems that she was having in her marriage certainly hasn t helped with the shock that Lindsey has been dealt But she s trying to deal with it, to move on with her life So she focuses all her energy on her first year of college She s not looking for happily ever after, she just wants to finish school and begin her career There s just one pesky little issue that she d like to deal with before all that losing her virginity.But Lindsey doesn t feel that way She s not looking for rainbows and unicorns and a happily ever after She just wants to get it over with, and who s better fit for the job that her step father s sexy partner, Trace Taz Matthews.Taz is not into relationships He likes his sex hot and dirty, and he likes his women disposable He s 10 years older than Lindsey and he knows that his partner and best friend s virginal step daughter is definitely off limits.But there s just one problem to his plan to stay away from her he can t seem to stop thinking about the little spitfire.So they come to an arrangement Taz will help Lindsey learn all she needs to about sex, and then they will both move on without looking back.But things never quite work out the way you plan them, and Taz and Lindsey find themselves dealing with what looks to be a budding relationship.I really liked that the progression of Lindsey and Taz s relationship didn t feel rushed or forced Even though it might have been lust at first sight, both Taz and Lindsey struggled with their feelings, and it took them some time to deal with things.As I ve come to associate with Andrea Smith s books, the story was filled with steam, action, suspense, and twist and turns Just when I thought I was OK with how things were developing, and thought I knew what was coming Andrea went and swept the rug right out from under me HOLY FUCKING HELL When I got to the 80% mark of this bookI have no words I m pretty sure it was justShortly followed byAnd after just left mePlease be warned that the book has a view spoiler very brutal and graphic rape scene hide spoiler

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    Andrea Smith.You know what I love about Andrea She s has a very traditional romantic style of writing This is someone who knows how to give you one hell an HEA, but who can also twist the story into something that s completely erotic and sexy at the same time She not just like, And then they lived happily ever after Andrea s style is along the lines of And then they live happily ever after.I LOVE it And then there s Taz He s this story s alpha guy He s also in the FBI And he has a really BIG view spoiler truck GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER, LADIES Geez hide spoiler

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    4 Girl Power and It Could Have Been 5 StarsAt first look, 19 year old Lindsey Dennison, has it all.A loving family, money, success, boys at her feet She should be contented and happy but she isn t.The last year, turned her life upside down and most of the days she isn t sure if she wants to get up from her bed.So, loving family.Her parent s sham of a marriage, collapsed Her father is a criminal and cheating bastard on the run, her mother after a stint as a pole dancer, married the leading FBI investigator of the case and they are raising a son Cool Not so much.Social life.When your father is as mentioned above a criminal and you mother is forced on bed rest, then you leave your friends and college behind to care for everything And you are doing it smilingBoyfriends.Boy, you are so wrong A string of failed relationship, one even turned gay , an unswiped V card, a rich, creepy college boy and her step dad s best friend who might be a man whore but he is definitely her dream G man.So what is a girl to do Take it all in stride and look amazing while doing itTaz, has a plan Finish college, join BAU, be the best damn FBI Agent, screw around as much as he can All his big plans fail big time when he meets a pair of green eyes The only catch they belong to his best friend s step daughter who is also a virgin There goes his plan of an all sex no strings relationship What is a bad ass, tattooed FBI agent to do when love is knocking on his door Pull his head out of his ass, answer and protect what s his, forever.Funny and fast paced, exciting and unexpectedly dark and heart breaking there is one brutal scene that is a tough pill to swallow, consider yourselves warned , this book is way better and make much sense than the first Hawt couple and funny banter, kept my interesting throughout the story and KUDOS to Andrea Smith for managing to handle a difficult situation with care and sensitivity My only problem Again Lindsey s mother, a little wee bit of dragging in the middle, I was waiting for the rat bastard to make a special guest star appearance and the only one who didn t see the villain coming miles away was our naive Linds In all, this book in my opinion, even makes the first one believable And I really liked the afterthought that is still lingering in my mind Andrea Smith is an author to watch out for I am really hyped for the next

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    4.5 Stars Love Plus One is Lindsey Sammie s daughter and Taz s Slate s best friend story.Lindsey is 19 She used to have a seemingly perfect life the last year or so her life has been turned upside down All the drama with her father, her mother getting pregnant and remarried to a younger man it s been a lot to deal with She is happy her mother is happy, but Lindsey herself is not so lucky in love After a string of unsuccessful relationships, she just wants to find someone to make her feel good She is a beautiful girl, but still a virgin She is looking to change that Taz is a hot, sexy and sweet FBI agent His career is his life His first and only priority He has big dreams Dreams to join the BAU and he s doing all he can to make those dreams a reality He doesn t do relationships Period He does no strings attracted sex The woman know the score upfront so it s all good On the night of Slade and Sammie s wedding, Lindsey gets a little drunk and Taz takes care of her He is seriously the sweetest guy Taz is very attracted to Lindsey, but she is very off limits to him She is his best friends step daughter, and several years younger than him but he can t get her out of his head Taz is about ready to say screw it and get her out of his system, then he finds out she s a virgin and can t do it He doesn t want to hurt her Lindsey and Taz together they re smokin hot I love the connection and chemistry they have The longer they re together the their feelings for each other start to grow Taz is feeling things for Lindsey he s never felt before will those feelings be enough to make him a changed man, or will he be happy doing the NSA relationships forever Taz and Lindsey s relationship is the main part of this book, but there is also a lot of other things going on We get a good look into Sammie and Slade s life, there is some drama, mystery and suspense There were a few twists and turns that shocked me and just a heads up, there is one pretty graphic scene view spoiler Rape hide spoiler

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    Please do take the content warning above seriously I missed the warnings when I read this and I was really shocked at how dark this one got it absolutely wouldn t put me off because I am a huge fan of dark and angsty but I wouldn t want this to hit anybody s personal triggers without fair warning.So, now we have Lindsey, daughter of Sammie from Diamond Girl, who is at college and desperate to get her V card stamped Taz, who works with Slate who is now Lindsey s step father is deeply attracted to her and the feelings are mutual Taz is married to his career and only indulges in casual hook ups with women he refuses to get involved with them and Lindsey is desperate to lose her V Card and thinks Taz is the man for the job Taz knows that Slate is going to be most seriously displeased if he deflowers his stepdaughter but he s finding her harder and harder to resist God, I couldn t stop thinking about her It was driving me nuts It was as if her face, her body, her voice, her hair, her scent, the taste of her were all imprinted on my brain like some primal connection that I couldn t shed.I so enjoyed this one I liked it better then Diamond Girl which I did really enjoy Taz is a great hero and I developed quite a crush on him while I read this one He s one tough alpha, he s bossy, demanding, protective and absolutely drop dead gorgeous He s an experienced man and he knows how to make things sweet for Lindsey and they really did light up the pages of my Kindle with their passion which burns white hot Lindsey is all kinds of naive but as she lays in bed listening to her Mom and Slate get down and dirty in the room above, she knows she is missing out and has her sight set firmly on Taz She s a bit of a sweetheart who s been dealt a rough hand after the events of Diamond Girl and she really needs someone who will be there for her but Taz is determined not to be that man determined that their relationship will remain purely physical.BUT, as events set in motion in Diamond Girl and old and new villains rear their ugly heads, this one takes a far darker twist as Lindsey will find herself in extreme danger and Taz begins to realise just what she means to him but will it be too late The following quote is from Taz s POV.I felt something wet running down my cheeks It was foreign to me, and for the first time ever, I froze I couldn t move I couldn t speak My heart had died inside of me.We have alternating POV s from Lindsey and Taz so we get to hear what they are both thinking as the plot develops and I thought this worked really well I very much enjoyed getting inside Taz s head This book as erotic as the cover art promises which plenty of sexy action to keep you happy, there s a pulsating suspense plot which will have you completely engrossed as it reaches it s conclusion and, of course, a beautiful love story and a slow awakening for Taz as he learns, albeit very slowly, what is really important to him We also get to catch up with Sammie and Slate from Diamond Girl as they also have than their fair share of dramas to deal with in this one.Great erotic romance with a real page turner of a suspense plot.4 stars

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    4.5 Taz Stars I was flustered Why was I flustered Love Plus One is a stand alone story about love, forgiveness and trust, and doing the right thing, no matter the consequences Following your heart In my opinion, to enjoy the full G man Taz Lindsey experience, Diamond Girl should be devoured first Immerse yourself in their history I love the way this story begins, I can t tell you why exactly, because that would spoil the last book for people who haven t already experienced it, but I can say, it made my heart sing with joy, it was so lovely I loved seeing Slate, the star of Diamond Girl, showing his gorgeousness in this book So Love Plus One What, and who s it all about Lindsey and yummy bad boy and sexual expert, Taz Taz looked hawt in just about anything And nothing at all Just saying Taz is devoted to his career as an FBI agent He doesn t have time for love Only sex He s a man whore with tattoos Mmmmm I need to brush all thoughts of sweet, sexy little Lindsey from my mind No Taz. Please don t do that Lindsey will NOT have a sex only relationship She has principles where sex is concerned She s independent and strong willed but has vulnerabilities, and I adore this about her She s had her life turned upside down in the last year Everything she thought she knew to be true is a lie and she now wants to experience life. Will Taz help her with this He is her elder after all Will either of them bend their rules Will other people be added into the mix or try and stop them Will they be able to resist the pull of their chemistry I LOVE The tutorial Hot, hot, hot. WOW I felt him pour a trail of warm, oily liquid onto my back. he rubbed in circular motions over my shoulders It was exquisite.gently soothingly rubbing all of the fear, anxiety and frustration out of me.I love Taz and Lindsey together, they have an easy to read banter between them, amazing chemistry and at times lots of fun I want to show you something The belly button test. If you want to know what it is, you need to read this book and yes it s of a sexual nature LolIn this series we get the male s POV, as well as the females, and for me, this always makes for a interesting read Taz s voice is just so heart melting His internal monologue and perspective always made me smile inside.I wish it hadn t been so easy for me to know who the bad guy was, having said that there were still surprises along the way and it gripped me to the end with it s sinister story and the possibility of love There is intrigue and mystery involved. And the ending, WOW It was tense My heart hurt for them both I slept and felt pain I felt pain and I slept I had dreams that made no sense, heard voices that I didn t recognize, and prayed to a God that didn t seem to be listening I wanted their happy ever after because these characters reached into my heart and made me feel Another cracking story from Andrea Smith. view spoiler I want to ravish you hide spoiler

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    3.5 Stars So, you think we re on the same page then Yes, I do Well, baby girl, I m here to tell you that you don t even have the correct book opened I was a little too broken up to rate and review this last night I needed some space to think I m going to not do a recap of the blurb and just try to explain my rating.First of all, I think that this book is the most well written book that Andrea Smith has written to date My issues with the sex scenes were almost nonexistent Taz and Lindsey were so very natural togethertheir intensity and the sheer magnitude of the initial JOLT of awareness between them was explosive They knew each other a little bit but due to the crazy happening around them and age difference, it took a special circumstance for that explosion to occur But boy, when it doesI loved, loved, how Taz comes to see Lindsey as a well rounded, genuinely good person Because she is There wasn t a deceptive or calculating bone in that beautiful body She has lost so much of herself since her father s trip to the dark side Her stability has been shaken, and yet she s still a positive individual, trucking along and smiling at the world She loves her new baby brother, she likes her new stepfather Slate, and she s enjoying her time at college with her roommates Jill and Darcy She also wants to get rid of that pesky V card So, I started my stomach in knots from my nerves, what s on the agenda, Taz We re going back to my place he replied very matter of factly We re going to fuck Well, okay Taz TAZ His hair was sandy brown thick and tousled like he d just rolled out of bed He had gorgeous green eyes and some stubble going on that made his perfectly chiseled features that much appealing His right arm was beautifully tattoes from his shoulder to his elbow I think Taz was a great guy, albeit a bit underexplored as a person We know how dedicated to his job he ishe s still taking classes to move up in the FBI, in fact Yeah, studying is sexy, Taz We know he is adamant about not getting into a relationship This was very well done, imo Taz really is clueless about his feelings for Lyndsey But when he finally does start to admit to himself that she is different from all of those other girls, he tries so hard to be a good partner for her He explains to her that he has no freaking clue how to be a part of a whole, and asks her to bear with him I loved this side of him I gazed over at her face as she slept Lindsey was beautiful and cute, innocent and sexy, sweet and a smart ass That was what fascinated me so much about her She was multi dimensional, yet not complicated Once he gets past the roadblock of Lyndsey s virginity, he enjoys the hell out of teaching her the joy of sex and pleasure However, there is little to no background on him his family is obviously brushed off as being not close That s a weird thing to do with a hero As a reader, I want to believe in his loyalty, and I never got to that point with Taz I did, however, get to where I knew of his devotion for Lyndsey And I guess that s what really matters Okay sigh my dislikes I was fully prepared to go for a full fiver on this, but one horrific thing grabbed me down from my happy cloud indeed, it pushed me off the cloud and my litter heart splattered on the ground I had read the disclaimer about the rape scene but I d like to make my own disclaimer This book contains a graphic, disturbing rape scene.That s like it I do not read books with graphic rape It s not a trigger, I simply don t want that type of thing in my romance book Generally, I skip over the scene and continue with the healing and romance But due to the nature of this instance, skipping and moving on wasn t possible view spoiler Lyndsey s rapist has her tied to a bed and first rapes her mouth, then rapes her anally until she hemorrhages All the while, his girlfriend is masturbating while watching this detailed, horrible thing happen When Lyndsey is saved she s on the brink of death from infection and blood loss, and after an induced coma, wakes up only to be told that she has to use a colostomy bag for an indefinite amount of time, maybe forever hide spoiler

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    What s on the agenda, Taz We re going to my place, he replied very matter of factly We re going to fuck Wait, I sputtered, finally What What part didn t you understand he asked, glancing over at me My response to that was gimme some.PLEASE So I m gonna start with the things I liked 1 Taz was all kinds of hot Yes, he was 2 Lindsey was a great I really liked hershe wasn t whiny she was fabulous She knew what she wanted and didn t care who approvedmainly her mother.3 I loved that Slate and Sammie were a huge part of this story but as side characters.they didn t over shadow the MC s.4 The storyline is still loosely tied to the first book, so we get some closure there.5 Of course we get a very sweet HEA 6 I love reading series with the same characters, I feel like I get to know them so I love it when they continue on with the books, as these characters have So that was my likesnow moving on Things that were so so for me Let me state when I say so so for me, it s just my opinion, it doesn t reflect anything towards the book..it s just a personal thing for me.1 Lindsey needed her V card swiped Now books about virgins hit a touchy spot with me becausewell I know it s freaking fiction but dammit it should hurt and they shouldn t have an orgasm OK maybe I m mean because I want them to hurt and as I said it s fiction.2 Well there was a scene in the book I felt a little uneasy about, it was a tragic horrible thing..I can t tell you with out spoilering but it was just terrible I typically don t read books with that in them so it took me by surprise If you want to know what it is read the book 3 There was some medical things that went down.I m a nurse so I hate reading about what I deal with everyday So those were my so so moments.caused me a little shoulder shrug.The book as whole was good I m glad I read it I would love to get Taz alone in a room for about an hour or 2 because.Happy reading everyone Thank you Andrea for giving me an arc

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    TRACE MATTHEWS He was totally hot with his sandy brown hair and assortment of tats And our darling heroine, Lindsey Lindsey def finds Taz aka Mr Trace Matthews very charming and sexy They def have their chemistry going on especially after Lindsey s drunken stunt on her mother s wedding to Slate, Taz s partner How are these two gonna get around So, what s on the agenda, Taz We re going to my place We re going to fuck Wait. What What part didn t you understand I m sick of having you under my skin, So, I intend to have you underneath me, on top of me, sitting on my face, but by God I m having you under my fucking skin any Period These two friggin explosive Oh, my God, I love how you fuck me I love how you make me come Lindsey, I want you to go on the pill Is that an issue I ve never had sex without using a condom I ve never insisted anyone that i m physically involved with get on the pill so that I could continue riding bareback Are you saying we re exclusive How long does it take for you to get with the program, girl I love love Trace Matthews What they don t realise is their hot and steamy exclusive relationship is soon to be on test Enemy are coming but Special Agents Matthews ids definitely on his toes how far he will go in this mission Will have a happy ending Grab it everyone, this is book is hot and steamy and filled with adventure Plus what should go wrong when we have FBI agents in it Andrea oo Andrea, you definitely keep me going and never failed Bring on Easton from Night Moves already

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