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His Deliverance, A Revive Series Spin-Off chapter 1 His Deliverance, A Revive Series Spin-Off , meaning His Deliverance, A Revive Series Spin-Off , genre His Deliverance, A Revive Series Spin-Off , book cover His Deliverance, A Revive Series Spin-Off , flies His Deliverance, A Revive Series Spin-Off , His Deliverance, A Revive Series Spin-Off face8bb7ced41 My Alias Is Brixton Holt Using My Real Name Could Get Me Killed When The FBI Needed A Man Undercover, I Was The Perfect Candidate Unattached And An All Around Badass Two Years Of Infiltrating The Largest Sex Trafficking Ring In The Country, I Feel As Dirty As The Monsters I Work For That Is, Until She Catches My Eye I Call Her Brandi Her Real Name Is No Longer Significant She Knows The Rules Nobody Leaves Unless It S In A Box A Shipping Crate Or A Coffin My First Mistake Was Following Orders The Second Falling In Love

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    Prequel to redesinig fate this book looks at the dark depths of human trafficing and whilst ive always said Allison not afraid to go where other authors wont this book is a shining exaomple of how deep into the human psyche and depths people go to Holt is the main lead in this book a FBI office whos been undercover so long even he believes that badness runs through him by just doing his job Of course nothing is ever simple and Holt has eyes for one of the girls who are being trafficed one emotional slip can cause catastrophe in his line of work so read about he s inner struggle and emotional drama play out Whilst this is a brilliant read if you have trigger point be careful and go into the book knowing its going to pick on some very strong enotions and nerves as his delieverance is the darkest book in the series yet.

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    HOLY SMOKES A.M Wilson s His Deliverance was amazing I can t even begin to describe what I felt while reading this book I freaking balled my eyes out The absolute pain that Brandi went through gutted me over and over again It s hard to write this review because there s so much I can t give away The heartache, the loss, the injustice really got to me I ve felt anger before while reading a book, but I ve never felt the all consuming rage Yes, it s a book, but the way A.M writes it, it s feels like so much She made the characters feel real and made the pain they went through feel real.This story is a major tearjerker I heavily advise you to have a box of tissues ready when you read it But whatever you do, make sure you DO READ IT Thank you so much A.M for this wonderful story and for not being afraid to touch on this brutal, but very real subject.

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    Warning this book contains scenes of rape and violence After reading the Revive Series I just had to know Holt and Brandi s story When reading I knew there was no HEA and that this would be a very emotional read That been said I really enjoyed this book A.M Wilson is a really talented authorHolt believes he s a monster So long undercover, working with the scum of the earth, he can t see any light in the darkness That is until he meets Brandi..Brandi has been through hell Kidnapped, raped and pimped out by the lowlifes that are holding her captive She can t see no end to this hell but can t give up hope either Holt gives her hope, he s not like all the other men.

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    This book will break your heart.

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