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We Need A Little Christmas (Evergreen Lane #2) summary We Need A Little Christmas (Evergreen Lane #2) , series We Need A Little Christmas (Evergreen Lane #2) , book We Need A Little Christmas (Evergreen Lane #2) , pdf We Need A Little Christmas (Evergreen Lane #2) , We Need A Little Christmas (Evergreen Lane #2) 34cea31741 The Best Christmas Present The Unexpected Romance That Brings Two Former Classmates Together For A Lesson In Holiday Magic With Its Festive Snowed Inn And Year Round Christmas Store, The Pretty Town Of Tall Pine Knows How To Do The Holidays Right But This Year, Liv Tomblyn S Homecoming Trip May Be Bittersweet Liv S Grandmother Died Soon After Thanksgiving, Leaving A Lifetime Of Belongings To Sort Through Soon Liv Is Surrounded By Memories, Including A Retro Silver Christmas Tree And There S Liv S Old Friend Scott Leroux The One Time Class Clown Who S Become The Town S Go To HandymanScott Enjoyed Helping Liv S Nammy With Little Fix It Jobs In Recent Years, But Now He S Wondering If The Crafty Grandma Had A Much Larger Project In Mind Everything From Nammy S Mysteriously Malfunctioning Heater To That Silver Tree Seems To Be Conspiring To Throw Liv And Scott Together Not That Scott Objects For Though Liv Insists She Ll Leave Tall Pine When The Holidays Are Over, He S Hoping Their Holiday Kisses Might Thaw Her Resolve And Make This Christmas Truly Unforgettable Praise For Sierra Donovan S Do You Believe In SantaThis Story Is Like The Perfect Cup Of Hot Chocolate Sweet, Warm And Nostalgia InducingRT Book Reviews Praise ForNo Christmas Like The PresentA Charming Holiday Story That Combines The Magic Of It S A Wonderful Life With The Warmth Of A Christmas Carol Donna Alward Donovan Packs This Contemporary Romance Full Of All Kind Of Christmas Magic Publishers Weekly A Stand Out Story RT Book Reviews

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    LOVED IT This is a great way to start off Christmas reading I loved Liv scharacter She is stubborn and has her pride Scott is hot and does everything he can help including getting Liv to stay in her hometown and with him This book is very heartfelt Loosing your grandma before or after Thanksgiving is never easy I can relate to that myself. I couldn t put the book down I was just so engrossed in the story I felt like if I put the book down I may miss something important I highly recommend reading this book I look forward to reading books By Sierra Donovan Thank you Netgalley and Kensington Publishing.

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    Originally published at Desert Island Book ReviewsI love Christmas, and even though it s still way, way too early for most things Christmas, I m always up for holiday themed books Clearly, the publishing industry agrees, since many of these are released in early fall This book, which seems like it would be centered on the holidays, really is of a winter book than a holiday one It s also not really what I would consider a romance, and because of the disconnect between what I thought it would be and what it is, I didn t enjoy it as much as I d hoped.Liv and Scotty are set up to come together for a heartwarming holiday romance, but for me, it never really worked First of all, Scotty s involvement in the story seemed really contrived He doesn t seem to have any particularly close relationship with Liv or her family, with the exception of her late grandmother, and yet he gets called in to help with some frequency Second, to me, they had no chemistry, and the romance isn t shown to us at all We re told the characters are attracted to each other, but it doesn t really come across as genuine On top of that, that majority of the story is about Liv and her family cleaning out her late grandmother s home It s sad on the one hand, but also completely flat on the other It may just be my personal experience, but these people seemed remarkably put together for just having lost someone they loved Not even waiting a week after the memorial service, at Christmas, to clean out her house Seems unreasonably quick to me Plus, death and loss don t inspire me to see or feel romance, so it s a little weird that this is the basis of the story.This book wasn t terrible, but it wasn t for me I didn t like that Christmas took a backseat to a depressing storyline especially with Christmas being in the title and I didn t like the paltry amount of romance the book contained I gave it two stars ARC from Zebra via NetGalley

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    Lovely story that will get readers in the Christmas spirit Great characters and a smoothly flowing storyline will have readers drawn in from the very first page A moving story filled with love, laughter, tears, and finding your path through life Definitely recommend ARC received from Net Galley in exchange for a honest review

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    4.5 StarsI really enjoyed this story but probably wouldn t suggest it to anyone who prefers strictly romance and NEEDS sex to round out a story This read like chick lit, which I m perfectly fine with This story warmed my heart because it came across so authentic and when I m home under a blanket trying to keep warm, authentic and sweet are exactly what I need.

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    This was a fun and quick Christmas romance Liv s Grandmother has passed away so she came home to help her mom and sister to say goodbye and clean out the house She ends up meeting up with Scotty who is the handyman of the town As he helps them with everything she starts having feelings for him But her home and business are back in Texas and she needs to get back to a business that she isn t sure will be there any I received this from netGalley for a review.

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    Reviewed at Keeper BookshelfReturning to Tall Pine once again was such fun I adored last year s Do You Believe In Santa and have it on my re read list for this year s Christmas season Oh, and watch for familiar faces to pop up now and then I love running into old friends grin This year we ll meet Liv and Scott, former classmates whose lives separated into different directions after school Liv moved away to start her own business Scott stayed in Tall Pine becoming the go to handyman around town But now their lives are going to come together once again and with a little meddling from a loving Nammy s spirit who knows what magic might happen this Christmas season.We Need A Little Christmas is full of a loved grandmother s sweet memory as Liv settles down for the difficult, yet loving task of packing up her beloved grandmother s belongings She d meant to come home sooner, but four years had passed in the blink of an eye and now Nammy was gone In recent years Scott had done many repairs at Nammy s and found himself somewhat adopted into the older woman s affections and perhaps her matchmaking as well.I enjoyed Liv and Scott s slow fall into love Definitely a clean romance, this couple seemed guided by unseen loving hands with all the small odd things that were happening around them I like to believe that Nammy was doing her matchmaking still Scott is a content, happy man doing what he loves Sure, fixing things isn t a big money maker type of job but he enjoys tinkering and the satisfaction of a job done well Liv is driven in her work, and will only be home for a few weeks Can love keep her here with Scott Only time, and reading the story will tell.This is a story that has many emotions wrapped up in it Sadness, grieving, frustration, happiness, hope and eventually love I wouldn t call it depressing but I will say that if you have memories of your own loved ones that have passed on you might bring back a memory or two, hopefully they re happy ones.We Need A Little Christmas is a charming, loving and satisfying Christmas Romance One that I d recommend without hesitation You ll feel good, enjoy a clean romance and maybe relive a few Christmas memories of your own I received an e ARC of We Need A Little Christmas from the publisher, Kensington Books Zebra and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review That does not change what I think of this novel.

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    This was a sweet, clean romance that revolved around the magic of Christmastime Liv Tomblyn s grandmother, Nammy, had passed away around Thanksgiving so she had come home to Tall Pine, California She had been voted Most Likely To Succeed when she graduated from high school and was now living Dallas where she was running a successful business with her partner, Terry She had only come home to help her mom and sister pack up her Nammy s home so it could be sold She had no intention of staying past her return date of two days after Christmas She also hadn t planned on meeting an old classmate, Scott Leroux She remembered him but with no romantic interest But, as they spent time together, those feelings began to change into something sweet and wonderful if only she could let herself accept it Scott was the local handyman He had done a lot of work on Liv s Nammy s home and had grown very close to the woman So, naturally, he wanted to help as needed when they were packing up and preparing the house for sale He was fascinated Liv and began to see her as a possible romantic interest He had a reputation for being the in between guy Someone who helped girls get over a heartbreak and then they moved on to someone else It isn t what he wanted but that had been his history The girls he dated all liked him but not enough to stick around with him Was he to be forever doomed Would he ever be the guy that the girl wanted to stay with for good This was a well written story and friendship, love and memories with the beautiful background of the magic of Christmas wound through the story I enjoyed the time I spent reading this story very much I happened to be reading this story the week of Thanksgiving and finished it Thanksgiving morning so it felt very real because of the time of year around the holidays, too.I was given a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    I love this little Christmas town located in Southern California and the charming people who live here In this installment, Scott and Liv, two former high school classmates, are reunited when Liv s grandma, Nammy, passes away and she comes home for a month to help her mom and sister Scott hasn t ever left town and is now the resident handyman.Christmastime is a very nostalgic time for many people Although the reader doesn t meet Nammy, she becomes real through the traditions and memories that are brought to life throughout the book As Scott helps this family go through Nammy s belongings and fix the house up to sell, Liv gets to know him in a new way as adults There is an attraction between them, but boy, does Liv fight it The magic that happens when they kiss and the kind and gentle man that Scott has become should be enough for her to do what she needs to do, but she fights to the bitter end, which is a little frustrating I would ve given up.I love the way this family becomes closer through a loss This book can stand alone, but it was so much fun to see the characters from the previous novel make appearances I love how small towns are bound together and step up to help each other in various ways.There is a thread of magic that shimmers at random moments This is a magical season and a magical place, one that I d love to visit if it were real There are a few things that I would ve liked to see wrapped up I felt like there are a few loose ends, but overall, it s an enchanting story.Content very mild language mild romance I received a copy through Netgalley All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    Review also found at received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review The expected publication date is September 27th, 2016.I know, I know It is only September and why am I reading a Christmas story already I will tell you why It is never too soon to get your Christmas shopping done and I thought this would get me in to the right spirit Also, who doesn t love a Christmas story This was a really cute story It will appeal to those who like romance but prefer them clean Nothing risqu than kissing to be found in this one It was just long enough without being too long.I absolutely loved the town this story was centered around It not only had a Christmas store but it also had a Christmas hotel Now that is something I would pay money to stay at Everything about the town felt warm and inviting and to be honest was my favorite part of the story.It was refreshing to see the romance between Liv and Scotty blossom slowly without the between the sheet action Many times that is just fill in a story and lacks substance the absence of that actually had you feel the emotion a little Now, with that in mind, this relationship did seem to develop out of thin air if I had to be a little critical I didn t mind though, it still entertained me.This is my first Christmas read this year, and my first story by Donovan I believe there may be stories that center around this town so I am going to have to check them out Overall I was pleased with this book.

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    WE NEED A LITTLE CHRISTMAS is not a Christian Romance, but it does start with a funeral and has a few mentions of a Christian song Leaning on the Everlasting Arms and a pastor who makes a mention or two of God Liv is a very take charge individual, organized, and in control She hates falling apart at her grandma s funeral and is crushed she hasn t taken time to visit her family in four years Her sister is pregnant, but feeling insecure and unneeded since Liv is taking charge and bossing her, and her mom is healing from a fall where she broke her ankle With the funeral and cleaning out of grandma s house, there s a lot of taking charge to do and organizational skills needed Scott is a handyman and seems to be a daily call for Liv s family as the house seems to think it needs to keep Liv and Scott thrown together A new furnace that won t workwhen you want it to, but will come on when it s off, a trap door that closes without warning, and I like Ms Donovan s books usually, but this one felt a bit slow and draggy The usual sparks are missing, and characters I liked in her previous book act a bit like jerks in this one I did hurt for Liv Scott seems like a fun type guy but he didn t move beyond that for me If you like Christmas books that are not Christian, then WE NEED A LITTLE CHRISTMAS might be a good one to consider I bought a copy of this book, but not from I won t show up as a verified buyer there I was not obligated to write a review, and all opinions are my own.

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