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    Book Ask Me SomethingSeries The Something Series 2Author Aubrey BondurantPublication Date November 26, 2015Genre Romance EroticaType Companion Series Cliffhanger NoRating 4.5 out of 5 StarsComplimentary Copy generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.My Thoughts Story I m highly impressed with this story and the author The writing is flawless and Ms Bondurant has such a gift for telling a story and getting the reader engrossed.This book may have been told from Sasha s POV but to give Brian the chance at the end of the story to express his feelings and the reasons why he did the things he did, just put the icing on the cake.Kudos to you, Ms Bondurant I absolutely LOVED this story and was sucked in by the time I got to the 20% mark.Yes, there were times I got pissed off at both of our characters and didn t understand why they had to be so secretive about their feelings and their weaknesses, but I appreciated it by the time I got to the end of the book.Now, also you have to realize when I first read that Brian had dominant rules and wanted Sasha to be submissive in the bedroom, I actually rolled my eyes because it s been so long since I read books like this and normally find myself skimming over the sexy parts Cause, really, how many different ways can a couple have sex The funny thing is though I read EVERY SINGLE word every sex scene every dom sub part and believe it or not, I found myself getting aroused.Why Because Ms Bondurant may have made Brian want to be dominant in the bedroom but it was subtle and tastefully done She didn t force the sex on you but seamlessly entwined it through the story.Re Cap Sasha is VP of an advertising firm and friends with her boss, Brian for over eight years She s always had a thing for him but kept it locked up because of the work situation and an anxiety disorder she has had since her teenage years.Dubbed as Sasha B Fierce, everyone perceives her as being solid and perfect, but if they only knew the insecurites she deals with Knowing this, Sasha fears that a relationship with Brian will only fail like all her others in the past.It isn t until Sasha gets wind of Brian meeting up with another woman for a booty call, that the green vines of jealousy take over and she lets her feelings known.But, Brian has an agenda all his own He wants Sasha to promise to submit in bed and follow his list of rules as time goes on it s only inevitable that the two start to feel than just a great FUCK Reason for Reading Author RequestStory Rating 4 out of 5 StarsSteam Rating 5 out of 5 StarsAngst Rating 4 out of 5 StarsWriting Rating 5 out of 5 StarsContent Flow Rating 5 out of 5 StarsTold in Heroine POVHEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler

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    Sasha Brooks has worked with Brian Carpenter in the advertising industry for several years Her last promotion made him her boss and that s part of the reason she s kept their relationship in the friend zone Sasha s a fierce business woman on the surface, but on the inside she s fighting a long standing anxiety disorder Brian, on the other hand, is easy going and laid back until he takes his clothes off and then he s in dominant mode I want you to lose the towel, honey, lie in the middle of the bed with your knees apart and your pretty pussy on display for me Put pillows under your head and relax because when I come out, I plan on spending a lot of time down there So Brian has some rules for this new relationship with Sasha, taking them from just friends to friends lovers Rule number one being f cking before fighting when angry The pair is no strangers to bickering, and their verbal sparring provides some giggle out loud moments It was fun when Sasha would piss Brian off See rule number one I underestimated your ability to talk dirty Your approach is subtle, yet I m on the dance floor with a hard on now Aside from the sexy times, to which they are plentiful, the story has a good message of how images and facades can be alienating as well as how striving for perfection can lead to loneliness I was a little uncertain about Sasha and her insecurities in the opening I didn t exactly connect with her at first, but after how she handled the bathroom gossip scene, I wanted to high five her And then she kept going with the kick ass bravado that she summoned up despite her anxiety issues She really came to show how a woman can be strong in the face of personal adversities I held my head high and walked away with as much dignity as a woman with panties balled up in her fist could Told via Sasha s first person POV aside from the epilogue Ask Me Something is the second book in The Something series It can be read as a standalone, although Josh and Haylee from Tell Me Something and many other secondary characters also appear.

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    DNFSasha was such a strong smart woman, why to reduce her to a meek girl, who was pining for a man for 8 years, knowing he was NOT celibate.And this caricature of a male protagonist offers her a sexual relationship, where he wanted to be a dominant and she a submissive Are you freaking kidding me Why to reduce a cool woman to a jealous insecure hormonal mess Speak about killing the book.Lucky me didn t get to the 1st sex scene.Dominant, my ass Ridiculous

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    Ask Me Something by Aubrey Bondurant a fab four star read This is the second book in the Something series Each book can be read as stand alone and are suitable for adults only due to scenes of an adult nature If you read book one then you would have seen the main characters Sasha and Brian meeting, and in this story we see there chemistry developing and growing, but you don t have to have seen them meet to get their story This book has a great story, and its filled with tales of friendship, love and desire This story shows you how hard life can be at times, but it also shows us the good side of life, the characters are strong and well written and you won t be able to put this book down If you enjoyed it half as much as I did you will be getting the rest of the series to find out what happens in the rest of the stories and who s story will we get next

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    I can feel people wanting me to fail Sasha Brooks, or Sasha B Fierce as her coworkers refer to her, is the calm, cool, collected picture of professionalism, or at least she appears to be Inwardly, however, she is anything but calm, cool or collected Having been blindsided as a teenager with some previously unknown truths regarding her personal history, everything Sasha believed about herself was suddenly not true Overwhelmed when confronted in a humiliating way with this information, she succumbed to her first panic attack in what her therapist refers to as the traumatic trigger that started her anxiety attack disorder Years of therapy, experience dealing with the situations that are her personal triggers, as well as her finely honed ability to recognize the onslaught of her symptoms have all helped Sasha hide her disorder from her family as well as her friends Brian was attracted to a woman who was self assured and put together Not one who had to snap a hair band to keep from freaking out in social situations Brian Carpenter has been in love with Sasha Brooks for eight years A mutual attraction between the two of them has always burned, but it s complicated given that Brian is also Sasha s boss, and they ve settled into a relationship that is a combination of colleagues and friends Knowing how important her career is to her, Brian is left with no choice but to accept being relegated to the friend zone Brian has taken the opportunity to really get to know Sasha minus the anxiety attacks or the information that triggered her disorder His love for her has never waivered, and after eight years of loving her from afar, he s grown tired of his friends only status and devises a plan that he hopes will ultimately result in a relationship with Sasha that includes her returning his love I m not the girl you think you know The two enter into a sexual relationship that is defined by some carefully crafted rules by Brian The time they spend together, and with Brian s rules guiding Sasha where he wants her to go, it s no surprise that s she s finally acknowledged her true feelings for Brian Unfortunately the timing of this realization collides with her learning that he also kept some crucial professional information from her, breaking one of Sasha s very few but critically important rules in their relationship The culmination of all of this emotional upheaval all at once is the mother of all panic attacks during a very public situation In the aftermath of her attack, a humiliated and defeated Sasha has no choice but to finally tell him about her disorder and her past Emotionally overwhelmed and assuming that he couldn t possibly love her upon learning these things about her, Sasha lets Brian go a happily ever after wasn t in my future Fleeing to her parents home to regroup, Sasha gets some enlightening, well timed and perfectly worded parental advice has her rethinking things and doing some self re examination Her parents words, coupled with an explanation and clarification of the professional information by Brian s boss and childhood best friend, all have Sasha scrambling to reach Brian in time But is it too little, too late Do you really think I don t know you, Sasha Jayne Brooks As an avid romance and erotica fan, I m very accustomed to reading novels featuring an imperfect hero It is rare when it is the heroine that is imperfect, and this book is an example of one that is very well done I enjoyed this story very much While Sasha had many issues to overcome, she faced them, bravely, one at time, every single day by going into situations that were known triggers and excelling in them Reading about her slowly letting her guard down with Brian and fall deeper into this relationship was very rewarding The author did a fantastic job of taking the reader into Sasha s head as she worked through her fears.This book was well written and the relationship between Brian and Sasha was lovely to watch unfold Brian proved time and time again that he absolutely did know Sasha as he took her reactions into consideration with each step as he nudged their relationship forward 4.5 smooches for Ask Me Something from me Danielle Palumbo

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    When I happened on Aubrey Bondurant s first book by chance, I was impressed and concluded she was an author to keep an eye on With the release of her second book, I m even impressed She has grown as an author and the strengths evident in her first book are even pronounced here The storytelling is tight and the writing fluid without being overly elaborate, packing a punch when it needs to But where the book really shines is the characters I don t think the author could write a dull, flat, insipid caricature if she tried Her people they deserve to be called that sparkle intelligent, witty, and passionate, they get a grip on you Nor is the author afraid to let reality intrude on her narrative The challenges her people face are real and they are addressed accordingly no fairy dust gets sprinkled no author magic it employed to force an HEA just because Instead, people live, suffer and grow through their mistakes, foibles, and triumphs I feel this is the strongest part of the book The story is unabashedly erotic No doubt you ll get some idea of that from the other reviewers However, I think it deserves some comment on what that means, besides the obvious Erotic tends to be something a buzzword, diluted by overuse and being too often applied in ways that verge on euphemistic, but it once did and still can have a deeper meaning Eros, as originally understood, implied connection Without that connection, nothing is erotic It s the connections between the people in her books genuine, heartfelt and flawed that makes these books truly erotic Few authors of my acquaintance are as gifted in showing this as Aubrey Bondurant is Here again, I feel she s grown in this regard, and this book is a notch higher than her debut novel Now, I m not a typical romance reader, but these are not typical romance It is often unwise to prognosticate on the experience of others, but being not terribly wise in some ways , I ll venture that if you liked her first book, you will like if not love this one even If you loved her first book, you re in for a real treat I also believe this an author who has not yet reached the height of her powers Consider that quietly when you contemplate her upcoming work Final note I received a pre release version of this book from the author, but that was not given to me in exchange for a review, and my review is not based on that version My review is based on the published edition, which I purchased.

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    Absolutely beautiful I am very impressed by this second book and the story that takes place Sasha and Brian are hot in every aspect, especially with the way they are with each other. not giving anything away I have to admit towards the end of the book I did shed a tear Loved this book and can t wait till the next book come out.

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    Couldn t put it downI have read both the first book and now this second book in The Something Series, and highly recommend both Each book was sexy, funny, and even made me cry You know the book is that good when you get that involved with the characters of the book Can t wait to read the next book in the series.

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    So loved this book Got told by a friend of mine SJ Higgins to read it I totally loved the second book First book was also was good, but the second book I truly enjoyed I can t wait for the third book I guess we ll all have to wait.

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    Another brill readI m loving these books I read book one an straight on to book two an now to book three Was hard to put them down

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Ask Me Something (Something, #2) download Ask Me Something (Something, #2) , read online Ask Me Something (Something, #2) , kindle ebook Ask Me Something (Something, #2) , Ask Me Something (Something, #2) ee711e5bb605 How Do You Ask The Question, When You Know The Answer May Change Everything Sasha Brooks Has Been Focused On One Thing Her Entire Life Her Career Newly Promoted As The Vice President In A New York Advertising Company, She Has Beauty, Brains, And One Hell Of A Fierce Reputation But She Also Has A Secret That She Keeps Carefully GuardedBrian Carpenter Is Finding Out That Managing His Newest VP Isn T Without Its Challenges, But When It Comes To Sasha, He D Expect Nothing LessHis Easygoing Personality And Southern Charm Are The Yang To Her Yin And The Calm To Her Storm Over The Last Eight Years Of Their Friendship, The Flirtations, Innuendos, And Chemistry Have Almost Led To , But Sasha Has Convinced Herself They Re Better Off Just FriendsAlmost Until The Moment She Thinks He S With Someone Else Is She Too Late To Admit Her Feelings Gathering The Courage To Ask The Question, Sasha Discovers She Isn T The Only One Keeping Secrets You Think You Know Someone The Something Series Is For Mature Audiences Only Due To Steamy Bedroom Scenes That Are In No Way Contained To Just The Bedroom Full Length Standalone Book With No Cliffhanger Second Book Of The Something Series