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    But, but, butNO I need an epilogue, Mrs Raney Review to come P

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    WHAT What is up with leaving me with that ending Ahem Loved the book It was centered around the Vietnam war yay which I really enjoyed There were a few parts I didn t love, and some things I didn t exactly agree with, but over all it was an amazing after memorial day read And, oh, I loved Brian His story was so sad, yet sorealistic at the same time Not many books go into the conflicts surrounding the Vietnam war that this one did, and I m glad the author didn t shy away from some of the difficult aspects.

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    A sweet short story that centers around a Vietnam Vet who needs physical therapy after coming home.

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    Fighting the results of a terrible warA young man returns home from a war that left him unable to walk He fights the losses of friends that were with him Trying to get his life back together and his families a physical therapist Her skills and his drive and determination to walk again have both of them giving everything they have towards this goal Their emotional connection from the beginning leaves them to realze one day that they love each other Then his wealthy family steps in and tries to.run his lifeToto run his life the way they think it should be Enjoy reading this journey.

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    Deborah I have enjoyed your books on kindle unlimited, reading them one after another Thank you for written about real people in trying circumstances They wrestle with faith as we all do and chose to keep believing in theDeborah I have enjoyed you books on kindle unlimited, reading them one after another Thank you for writing books that are full of real life circumstances and people that struggle with their faith You handle the issues well without giving easy answers Thanks also for keeping them clean.

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    ConcernedThis is the second book I ve read by Deborah Raney in which a professional person violates their code of ethics by romantically being involved with a client I get that it is a cute storyline but romantic relationships with clients professionals are not okay In this case, I m glad he fired her so they were no longer no longer in a worker patient relationship Referring is the best thing to do when a conflict of interest arises I ve enjoyed other books by Deborah Raney but not those with this storyline.

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    Memorable Being of the generation which lost so many young men in that war, I was interested to read a contemporary fiction book about that time I loved being reminded of shag carpet, songs of the times, bell bottoms and not so much of psychedelic wallpaper Memories of friends lost were not as pleasant but I truly appreciate the author s treatment of both sides of the political issues.

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    Good story I enjoyed every page of this book, but there really was not an ending It seemed to me that the book just stopped I Ann disappointed and would not read this author again.

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    Finally Home by Deborah Raney is a Christian novella set in America 1972 during the Vietnam war.Brian returns from Nam in a wheelchair His parents alter their huge house to accommodate his needs, hire a physical therapist and then disappear to Columbia If money could buy a miracle, he was home free Brian s parents have everything money can buy However money cannot buy health or good relationships.Kathy is Brian s therapist and she believes in him She works with him and encourages him She is balm to his wounded body and soul But Kathy is hiding a secret.Kathy and Brian both fight for peace Literally in Brian s case And Kathy goes on peace marches against the war in Nam People in this nation were dying of apathy as fast as the innocents in Vietnam Their aims are the same but their approaches very different.Deborah Raney demonstrates the futility of war The lives it wrecks, not just physically but mentally She touches on the theme of PTSD She shows how war is complicated, even children can be brain washed Brian in spite of his situation still has a strong faith in God He drew his strength from his trust in God This is what will see him through whatever life throws at him Whatever we are facing, fixing our eyes on God and trusting Him will help us in all situations as we feel His peace.Finally Home is not just about returning in the physical sense but it s also in the mental sense It is about being at home with God for who He is and ourselves for who we are It is about knowing that God can heal but if He does not, it is loving and trusting Him anyway I was reminded of Daniel 3 17 18 whilst reading the story If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to save us from it But even if He does not, we want you to know, O king, that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up I love all Deborah Raney s writings and this novella is a delightful read So, grab yourself a download and a cup of coffee and settle down on the sofa to transport yourself back to America 1972.

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    Growing up in the 60 s and during the time the Vietnam War was going on, some of the songs listened to by some of the characters in the story, and also some phrases used Far Out Out of Sight took me back in time It also took me back to the issues of war, and sadly the less than enthusiasm that was shown to troops coming back from Vietnam How that must have hurt, especially for the ones who had no choice, because they were drafted They were called Baby Killers ,etc by protesters and others In this story, it is inspiring in the way two characters and family members come to terms of understanding each other,and forgiving each other, and accepting each other This was an excellent story, one I really enjoyed reading, Thank you, Ms Raney for this awesome book you wrote

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