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Jingle Spells pdf Jingle Spells , ebook Jingle Spells , epub Jingle Spells , doc Jingle Spells , e-pub Jingle Spells , Jingle Spells 614c60c1dd0 JINGLE SPELLS A CyberWitch Press Short Fiction Anthology Jingle Spells Is A Feel Good Holiday Collection Of Witch Themed Tales, From A Witch Hunt At The Winter Solstice, To A Christmas Dinner In Danger Of Being Ruined By An Imp Here You Will Find A Sparkly Pair Of Shoes Holding One Woman S Destiny, And A Magical, Mystery Solving Cup Of Latte Meet A Broken Young Woman Unaware Of The Powers She Possesses, And A Teenage Boy With The Fate Of The World On His Shoulders Featuring Short Stories From Veteran Authors Jennifer Laslie, Sidonia Rose, And Heather Marie Adkins, And Introducing Sammi Cox, Brittany White, And K Laslie Sit Back With A Steaming Mug, Light Up The Fireplace, And Enjoy These Six Tales Of Magic, Mayhem, And Love Solstice Flames By Jennifer Laslie A Midwinter Manifestation By Sammi Cox The Witch S Shoes By Sidonia Rose Molly By Brittany White Holiday Dreams By K Laslie The Witch S Brew By Heather Marie Adkins

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    I have only readSolstice Flames by J Laslie A fun little about a modern day teen witch and set a town with VERY old school laws Would love to see this in a full length very intrigued with the rest of the story.The Witches Brew by Heather Marie AdkinsA mystery with a bit of magic Daiya is a good witch helping all her town through her magical coffee A long standing crush on police lieutenant Cole gets her mixed up in a crime mystery I really hope we see a full length book to see where Daiya Coles friendship leads them.

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    Jingle spells Solstice Flames By J LaslieThe author painted a good description of the first scene down to how cold and damp it was without droning on and it made me want to read to find out what led to this turn of events, as I read I started to understand a little about the teenage Anya and although a very short story this seemed to focus only on the lead up to the dance and that was about it I liked her, she didn t seem anything out of the ordinary at first until the strange scenes started happening and often I like how this had a cliffhanger ending and not a definitive one.A Midwinter Manifestaton By Sammi Cox Well I want to pretend I understand this but I really didn t follow the story at first until the ending, I think there was a hidden message in there somewhere but the imp and sorceress and the clutzy witch who tries and fails at magic and made a mistake to invite an imp into the house to clean which had the opposite effect.The Witches Shoes By Sidonia Rose I thought this one was going to be confusing and leave me wondering what was happening but actually it didn t, it was a sweet almost love story of the paranormal kind with few little fairy tales and myths from the characters past within and I loved the warm pleasant feeling they gave me Molly By Brittany WhiteThe first character I was introduced to was Molly and hearing the snippets of the beginning of her life I thought this was going to be a story of abuse and include a witch somewhere within it, this one didn t have a witch but did have another paranormal aspect and I think it really fitted the story well and get characters were gentle but represented the circle of people they came from well, although I don t think I would have been as understanding as Molly waking up in an unusual house and staying there I would be out of there before giving the stranger time to talk I do like the way the story developed and the characters within definitely made me want to continue reading and find out what happened at the ending Holiday Dreams By K LaslieI have to say this was the weirdest story of this book so far, there wasn t any witches but there was paranormal powers although at the beginning I thought the story was about bullying and how to overcome it, there was to it than that and although pretty short was actually a pretty good story filled with affection, love, hurt pain and even action and guilt The Witches Brew By Heather Marie AdkinsI think this was my favourite out of the whole book, it was almost like a good heartwarming story well kind of with a smidge of murder dropped in there The main character was warm, friendly kind but yes she was a witch although a good one and as you read and about her you felt a kinship for her softness, her nature When it became a bit dramatic with the murder and suspects she kept her head and decided to try and help sort it out even putting herself in danger I enjoyed the ending of this story too which always helps make a short story good.

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    Awesome book

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    I am not a big fan of anthologies, but I one clicked because Sidonia Rose has a story in it Also, let s be honest it is free on kindle I really enjoyed the stories Sidonia Rose s story sucked me in and I had to sneak read it at work I would love to read about Arwen and Brogan and the magic shoes Definitely a story worth diving into and Brogan is HOT You just can t go wrong with this anthology.

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    Sorry to say I didn t think much of most of these stories a lot of them felt like nothing much happened, or else were just a bit dull and only very loosely Christmas related Characters were often melodramatic or illogically annoying I did enjoy Heather Marie Adkins witchy second chance romance murder mystery, even if the Christmas link was tenuous.

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    Great book Couldn t put it down This is one of several anthologies this group has put together I ve read them all, and they are wonderful

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    Love the cute stories about different witches and faeries I wish some stories were longer There is something in reading about the magic that makes the heart go la la la lol

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    Crystal s 5 Star Review What s not to love about 6 short reads about the Yule Season Most of these were new to me authors and I can t wait to read by them At only 182 pages, it s a quick enjoyable read If you love reading about magick, witches, elementals, etc you will enjoy these stories and hopefully become fans of these authors Check this anthology out today

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    What s not to love about 6 short reads about the Yule Season Most of these were new to me authors and I can t wait to read by them At only 182 pages, it s a quick enjoyable read If you love reading about magick, witches, elementals, etc you will enjoy these stories and hopefully become fans of these authors Check this anthology out today

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    Very shortAs with most collections there is a great deal of dross and a few gems I kept reading to find a gem and was sorely disappointed Some were too short to make any impact and others were pointless drivel.

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