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  • Kindle Edition
  • 309 pages
  • An Evil Mind
  • Tim Kizer
  • 25 July 2019

10 thoughts on “An Evil Mind

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    I gave up at 10% on this one because it is just not well written It feels as if it was maybe written by someone very young who has watched a lot of tv but has no real knowledge or experience of crime, either from a detection point of view or the other side of the tracks It reads very much as a draft and not an edited final version A shame because the idea for the book is quite good, but it is just painful to read.

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    Ups and downsThis story is in many ways like being on a rollercoaster It keeps you moving finding it difficult to put down you can t believe it can get any weirder You re feeling are that this book will do well in it s market for the people who like this type of book like myself will find that this a thrilling experience just to have had the opportunity take this rollercoaster ride.

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    Could have been goodTerrible ending, stilted writing Such a shame as the story had potential Unfortunately the whole body swap thing was a little too far fetched for me.

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    Big waste of time You are a policeman You are investigating a murder The man accused says he is innocent as he has from day one The cop is informed by the convicted man what REALLY happened he wasn t who everyone thought he was He d had his consciousness stolen and now, the real killer is walking around in his former body The detective believes him Yup That killed the story for me No law enforcement agent in the USA would buy that malarkey ever Yet based on knowing some secrets like email addresses, passwords, the name of his dog at age 11, the girl s name who gave him his first BJ, and other equally inane proofs, the seasoned detective BELIEVED the man sitting on Death Row Who did he kill The detective s daughter Uh who wrote this, a 16 year old with decent writing skills and a vivid imagination Someone using story telling software He forgot one little detail the necessary suspension of belief NO ONE IS GONNA SUSPEND ANYTHING WITH THAT LOAD OF GARBAGE This could have been a good whodunit but it s not It s not much than a convoluted, wordy chase scene Don t waste your time.

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    Disappointing Boy would I like to be able to write something positive about this book I would like to write that because the premise of this book is a good one Spoiler Alert Two grifters use an ancient ritual to switch bodies with other people in an attempt to get money That s great What isn t great is the writing It was close to impossible to suspend my disbelief with such wooden writing Also, the ending really stunk Gosh, I wanted this to be better Sorry.

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    So many simple editing mistakes I just had to stopI normally don t just stop reading a book but this literally felt like it was written by a perverse 10 year old The mistakes are not even just big time grammar mistakes because I m not even close to a grammar Nazi When I got to the point when Phillip s lawyer told the dad of Helen that whoever killed your daughter and HELEN Sumner should have been Laura I said that s it This is ridiculous Tim Kizer you need to either fire your editor or hire one or pick up another hobby Because this is draft 1 garbage.

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    I triedI tried really really hard to get into this book I did I never really got into it but I wanted to give it a fair chance It is poorly written, has very little plot, the characters don t seem very plausible, and I found many many spelling grammar errors The ending was extremely anti climatic I ve never read a book that I couldn t at least get semi involved in but this is the first.

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    I expected .I would recommended, but the ending could have gone in so many different directions I would not have chosen the one the author used It was a suspense Could have been better But still a good book I must have thought of 3 different endings and none of them was any where close to the actual ending I like the switching of the bodies that should have gave way to many a better shocking ending.

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    DisappointingThis book was so disappointing The story sounded very interesting and could have been a great book Unfortunately, the writer didn t have the skills needed to make this a great book The writing was stilted and juvenile My middle schooler writes better and he is 12 I would have given this a lower rating except the IDEA of the story was intriguing A talented writer could have made this book into a best seller.

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    Very odd or should I say unusual to me way of writing Dialogues are somehow emotionless but straight to the point pretty much until the end of the story, and then when reaching the end you re like oh, that s it then, ok Dialogues are pretty much on a question answer basis and not much in between but at least it doesn t hang around, hence my rating a three star.

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