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Counting Stars chapter 1 Counting Stars , meaning Counting Stars , genre Counting Stars , book cover Counting Stars , flies Counting Stars , Counting Stars 4624c5ab4cac0 Love Is A Luxury For The WeakAt Least That S What Madison Nottingfield S Father Always Said Coming From A Long Line Of Old Southern Money, Madison Has Come To Accept The Uncomfortable Job Of Helping Her Father In His Pursuit Of Wealth And Social Status But By The Time She Turns Seventeen, She S Grown Weary Of Being Her Father S Favorite Way To Gain Power And PrestigeAfter Being Nominated To One Of The Few Debutante Positions In Her Affluent Country Club, Madison Thinks Her Life S About To Hit Easy Street If She Can Learn To Stand On Her Own Two Feet, She Wouldn T Need To Succumb To Her Father S Whims For Once, She Can Do What She S Always Dreamed Of Doing She Can T Wait To Move Forward With Her Secret Plans Of Ditching Her Ballet Slippers To Sing At The Year End Talent Show The Most Important Event Of The Entire YearAll Of Madison S Hard Work Seems To Be Falling In To Place, Until Her Conniving Parents Make A Demand So UnthinkableSo Life ShatteringSo Vile It Almost Completely Stops Madison In Her Tracks Would Their Plans For Her Future Kill The One Thing She Desperately Desires Refusing Her Parents Request Would Mean Losing Everything Family, Friends, And Her Pedigree But, Giving In Would Mean Turning Her Back On The Only Thing She S Ever Truly Wanted

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    Often I wonder what it would be like to have been born into a wealthy family, but then I read books like Counting Stars and you discover and think how really it isn t all it is cracked up to be and that with having lots of money likewise being on the other end of the scale there are sacrifices that must be made and rules that have to be followed More often than not there are higher expectations for those who come from wealthy families to be the best at everything and to follow the set of rules made exclusively for them like marrying someone in the same or higher league , wearing the right clothes and following correct ettiquette In Counting Stars this is a main theme and even so since this book is set in the South where the world of Debutantes and Junior Leagues and correct manners are huge Madison comes from a family of money and has spent her life bending to her parent s rules especially when it comes to fratenising with her father s clients children When the latest of her father s escapades lands Madison with having to hang out with one of the wrong side of the track guys Mickey D aka Rand , Madison is dreading it Though the time she spends with him , she actually realises what it is to have fun and have the freedom to finally be herself and be in a world for even a few minutes where there is no expectations placed upon her What will happen though when just as she starts to fall for him, the guy whom her family hope for her to marry asks her out Will Madison follow family protocol or will she stand up for what she wants especially when it turns out that Liam the guy she is supposed to marry has a secret as well Find out in Counting Stars by Jordan Deen A book where we discover that no matter what anyone says Love is not a Luxury and that even if we have to push boundaries, we can all experience the true feeling of it.

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    Full review and More can be seen at a copy from netgalley for an honest review Some Spoilers This story has so much promise I really loved the concept, even if the female protagonist is a stuck up southern debutant snob It is coming of age story that asks the question Who do you let dictate your life Maddison is the perfect daughter to her parents As the only child she has every monetary thing money could buy Big house, new BMW, lives in luxury, but she still has her little secrets Like her ballet lessons that have evolved to include hip hop and singing She has been raised and taught to live by specific social rules This is her norm her friends, her attire, who she dates and escorts to events is all dictated to her, but her parents then force her into working on a performance piece with the schools most undesirable Rand McDaniel s lives with his older sister and father He works, goes to school and has a little music gig on the side At school he keeps to himself, because he is no legacy No money, no connections, and doesn t care one way or another about any of that, but now he needs an in That in comes in the form of beautiful, far out of his league Maddison.The story is told from the POV of Maddison She is your modern day Cher from Clueless only with a southern style One of my favorite things about the book is the fact that Maddison enjoys 90 s teen movies I love that She is always watching one The story is captivating It was a fast read and has many good parts I was hoping the ending would have been better, but the overall growth of Maddison from her parent s mini snob to her own young woman was nice view spoiler There were somethings in the story that I wasn t a fan about Maybe these are norms, but I am unfamiliar with it 1 Parental discipline and abuse She talks about how often her mother slaps her face if she talks back to her Her father disowning her That is just crazy I have heard of things like that, but it is just crazy Image is so important to them The only way for them to keep that so called image is to control everything they can, including their own daughter 2 Her arrangements with dating Her father pretty much pimps her out to be an escort to other families eligible sons It is absolutely insane And they know what she does They encourage her to put out to keep a boys interest Here are some questions that were not answered 1 Why does the story just jump to the climax It is like Maddison has her epiphany and decided to do something, and then it jumps 4 months into the future with her leaving for college Okay, I wanted to know what happened What the heck We have all the buildup, and then nothing Total downer 2 What happened with her parents I mean she decided to be with Rand, but there has to be repercussions for that There is no way her parents just went from her being okay to being tied to a suitable young man to a lower class guy It makes no since I don t know why nothing was said We do get a few sentences about the money her parents are putting through to help the McDaniel s, but still it just doesn t add all up to the way her parents acted 3 We find out all the back story with Liam and Val, and what happened there, but then we get barely anything about Maddison and Rand And what about Trish What ever happened to her Maddison was so concern over her friend, but then left us in a complete lurch hide spoiler

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    Not sure how I feel about this one.I got something so far from what I expected and usually that s a good thing but in this case it just wasn t I had to put the book down several times it took me weeks to finish it I received an e arc to read and review.

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    Gifted in exchange for my honest review I give this book 2.5 stars out of 5, it was going to be a 3 star, but the author after a slow start Middle in the last 70% of the book had actually started to get me drawn into the story and it made me continue I wanted to know if Madison would finally stand up for what she wanted That she would finally stand up and show her parents and the archaic expectations of the Legacy Clique BUT when the best part would have come next we got An Epilogue And a rushed one at that Where was the Long awaited competition or at least a big humongous showdown and her chance to show both sets of parents that this is the 21st Century and not the 15th Century where daughters are chattels and sold off to the highest bidder.I will state that I was reading an advanced copy which had a few formatting issues and a few sentences that should be looked at But why no Beta readers or Editor didn t think that this ending should have been fleshed out, that to consider that this ending was OK after such a long drawn out start and middle would be happy with a hastily written epilogue Maybe the ending has been fleshed out in the final published version This book has some high ratings and I am not sure if I read the same book as those ANY WAY lets get back to the Review than ranting on about the rushed end And I will warn you I am going to be blunt, I hate saying anything negative so I will try to be as nice as I can be without compromising my honesty and actual thoughts on the book The Blurb states that Love is a luxury for the weak At least that s what Madison Nottingfield s father always said Well we can see why Madison has this idea as he is a drunken useless Father, who thinks that his daughter is just something of an object that he can pimp out to get him further up the social ladder or help on a deal and Madison s mother isn t any better, her mother is the cliched Southern lady who is all about keeping up appearances and her roses than actually showing her daughter any affection.Coming from a long line of old southern money, Madison has come to accept the uncomfortable job of helping her father in his pursuit of wealth and social status But by the time she turns seventeen, she s grown weary of being her father s favorite way to gain power and prestige well I know that Teenagers in the USA are quite naive well they leave school a lot later compared to the UK, NZ or AU teenagers, but after reading the whole book I feel that the Author could not decide if Madison was going to be a naive Debutante or a Society It girl that used Sex to get favours After being nominated to one of the few debutante positions in her affluent country club, Madison thinks her life s about to hit easy street If she can learn to stand on her own two feet, she wouldn t need to succumb to her father s whims For once, she can do what she s always dreamed of doing she can t wait to move forward with her secret plans of ditching her ballet slippers to sing at the year end talent show the most important event of the entire year.All of Madison s hard work seems to be falling in to place, until her conniving parents make a demand So unthinkableSo life shatteringSo vile it almost completely stops Madison in her tracks Would their plans for her future kill the one thing she desperately desires Refusing her parents request would mean losing everything family, friends, and her pedigree But, giving in would mean turning her back on the only thing she s ever truly wanted.Well where I thought that this story would be about a society girl secretly working on getting herself independent and into a college on her actual talent, we did not, in fact there was a distinct lack of world building in Madison s plans for the show and it seems to focus on the boring day to day drivel of social tit for tat and scheming to get a date for a party So unthinkableSo life shatteringSo vile Really lol this really made me laugh, her fathers demand was actually one of the tamest to be honest, I won t explain in detail because I don t do spoilers but these 3 sentences are quite dramatic NO he didn t say she had to do anything X rated so this really is so over the top its just in the blurb to garner the readers interest.If anything the Life Shattering would be actually having to stay under the thumb of these parents training their offspring to be carbon copies of themselves and being turned into a stepford wife OK Character development Madison the Main Character and the narrative is through her POV Her character was on a bit of a see saw, she shows compassion in some aspects then treats the one person who actually shows any care for her at home as a servant why would you not know your housekeeper had kids When we think that she will grow a backbone and do something for herself we are cheated from seeing this growth because the author has decided to give up on the ending and cut to an epilogue.Rand Mickey D the person that daddy dearest wants Madison to do the favour for He is not a Legacy, he is in fact a student at Madison s school on a scholarship Rand has been the object of Madison and her crew s derision for a number of years, but Madison soon sees that he has grown up into something of a hunk while he has been holding a job and school.Liam the other male interest in the story, He is the Legacy Catch of the Season all the Debutantes have their eye on him Madison is no exception, and she has spent 2 years trying to hook him He seems very one dimensional and he blows hot and cold to Madison, and she spends too much time wondering and scheming ideas for him to finally ask her to the Coming out Dance.Lori Rand s Sister, we don t get to see much of this character, but one of my favourite passages in the book was when Madison goes to visit her in hospital, and I really wish that the author had spent time on developing dialogue with Lori and Madison than all the pointless passages on mani pedis etc.Tisha Madisons BFF she is a legacy but not on the top tier of the social ladder She has parents that care for her and who are not consumed by climbing the social ladder, I would have liked to have seen some interaction at Tisha s house, to highlight the difference in the home well the lack of one that Madison had in her cold frigid palace, where the roses get love than the daughter of the house.Overview The book has potential but I felt as if I read a Beta copy not an advanced copy that will publish this week I feel the author could have made this book focus on the obvious lack of love and actual child abuse that she has literally overlooked in her development of this character and story, it seemed to be just be a simple description of a scene when really this could have given this book a bit of focus and food for thought for the intended young readers who the book is pitched for.Not once did the author highlight that back handing their daughter s face or grabbing her and leaving bruising, causing damage was acceptable.I see that there are many who have given this book 4 stars but I am sorry I can t agree It would have been scraping through as a 3 if the ending had been actually there, but its as if the author couldn t find the words to give us the big showdown so she just wrapped it up with the most rushed epilogue I have read to date.I would Love to see this book given the ending the characters deserved ALL 3 of the main characters deserved to get to have their say.And the character that really should have had a voice Lori, Well she was just a pawn to give credence to this plot, and that was a shame, because if she had been a major part of this book, the story could have been a message about so much Drunk drivingVictim Support JusticeChild AbuseChild Solicitation Those 4 categories could have made this book into a book worth reading, unfortunately they were brushed under the carpet and ignored.I hate writing negative reviews, but I am not going to lie, I said my HONEST review and this is it.But this is MY Opinion Check out the previews on before buying and you may decide that it is something you want to read and enjoy.

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    This book caught my attention Been on a kick with these type of books lately This was a very easy read Easy to get sucked into the story and just keep reading I don t like to do any kind if reviews that are very in depth and spoil she fun of reading it yourself I think the author did a great job making this story unique to the type of book it is The main character, you felt for her and her life even though it may have seemed perfect to everyone else and even her for a long time I enjoyed this and read it in one day I was provided with a complimentary copy of this book, through Reading Deals, and I gave an honest review

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    Counting Stars by Jordan Deen Review by Katy GrantBorn to parents who believed that the end, gain money and power, justifies the means, Madison Nottingham was a commodity, to be paraded and traded She was also expected to make an advantageous marriage that would merge two well to do families To this end, she was often seen at high society functions on the arm of a young man, whose father was a business associate of hers while, trading sex for favors was simply part of the program She thought college was her only way out but sometimes life has a few surprises Until, her father almost took the life of a young girl in a drunken driving accident, she d only seen Rand McDaniel as a charity case at school In an effort to keep from being charged with almost killing Rand s sister, her father struck up a deal with Mr McDaniel Now Rand and Madison would be performing on stage together in a prestigious variety program She was afraid that to be seen on stage with Rand would not only tarnish her reputation but at the same time ruin her chances of wedded bliss with Liam Liam, the pretty boy, whose family screamed old money and lots of it There was also the thought that if Rand wasn t talented enough this performance could very well put an end to her shot at getting into a good college But, it was his last chance too Rand works for a living in a garage He needs this opportunity If the right people could see what he could do, it might possibly mean a scholarship to a college Even though he isn t happy about the deal his father made with Nottingham, he will follow through At first he tries to get Madison to practice their routine Her answer is to try to buy him off with sex and then off handedly insults him by asking if he even has a talent Not a good start In the beginning it s the fear of her father s wrath that drives Madison to try to make amends to Rand for her cruel words, but there is something about him that makes Madison to open her eyes to the artificial world she lives in and what real love might have to offer.Living in this social world is a precarious balancing act for Madison It is hard enough trying to entice Liam into her web, so he will see her as the perfect choice for a wife Now she must keep Rand a secret from her friends as long as she can And what of her wishes for her future Madison isn t as hard nosed as her parents Going to college would give her the chance for a life out of her parent s reach where she could make her own decisions about a future very different from theirs From Kindergarten Tisha, her BFF, has shown that a loving family can make a difference She is the down to Earth body, a bit flighty with a touch of practical sense Her role may leave her slightly on the outskirts of the rich and famous, but she is always there when Madison needs a friend And while, Tisha s family is old money, as well, her father is a conscious business man with an endearing love for his family It doesn t take long to realize that in spite her expensive life style Madison is unhappy and wants out Her parents rarely show her any affection, and are spending her beauty and youth to elevate their own stature and wealth In some ways the reader can feel sorry for Madison Her world of wealth feels soulless In spite of her parent s wishes otherwise, Madison kept close ties to Tisha, their friendship was an important part of her life I got the impression that some of the softening of Madison s character was because she did have someone who truly cared about her The interaction between the friend helped to show a softer side of Madison s character leading up to her interactions with Rand and making it easier to like her character This tale for older teens and young adults is a quick read, with enough drama and romance, to carry the reader along But some of the characters are a bit two dimensional Told from Madison s point of view we see she isn t always just a socialite who doesn t have a care for others She gives a closer look at her friend, Tisha, a good friend, a confidant and at times someone she envies, for the love of her parents We see signs that Madison is not always sure of herself either Liam comes off as a playboy with a pretty face and too much money We get a bit of Mrs Nottingham s life as a trophy wife, who needs to toe the line, but I just couldn t feel sorry for her As to Rand we are several chapters into the book and almost at the end before we get most of his story The author does a creditable job of letting us see him but it is in bits and pieces The ending wraps up to quickly with a final situation, that may blindside the reader It feels chopped off with only a couple of the characters riding off into the sunset So what happened to the other side kicks We may never know If the reader is looking for a quick read with some spice, this in one with which you can pass the time For a reader s group looking for something that has some good discussion points and a bit of an open end, this might do very well.

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    Madison Nottingfield seems to lead a carefree, luxurious life she is beautiful, talented and has all the money she could wish for What most can t see is that this perfect lifestyle is maintained at a high cost obeying her father s wishes to a T including going out with anyone she s told to just so that her father can gain an advantage At seventeen, tired of always appeasing her demanding parents Madison hatches a plan that could maybe afford her a measure of freedom from her restrictive life with a planned out future this year she wants to deviate from her usual routine at the end of the year talent show at her prestigious country club Instead of being the perfect ballerina everyone expects she s going to sing her heart out and impress the scouts that will be present at the show.All her plans seem thwarted when her father needs her help to cover up his latest mistake This favor could not only endanger her plans but also her social standing Unfortunately, going against his wishes is not an option he threatens to take away everything she has become accustomed to if she defies him Madison doesn t know it yet but she is at a turning point in her life will she play the role expected of her or can she break free and make her own way While my first impression of Madison was not too good she grew on me fast She is understandably jaded because of how her parents treat her and her shallowness can be excused with her upbringing Being treated like a commodity by your own parents can t be easy which lets me forgive and understand some of her questionable behavior With other characters I would be skeptical that she falls in love so quickly but since she is starved for affection from people in her life and experiences real tenderness for the first time, it s no wonder that she falls quickly for the only guy that seems to genuinely care for her.The social expectations in this story are very well portrayed and made my heart ache for Madison on many occasions I was horrified at what her parents put her through and how her mother ran her whole life and invaded her privacy at every turn Her life wasn t really her own and she was pushed around like a puppet most of the time I could really empathize with Madison even though I probably wouldn t like her in the real world Her meeting with Rand s sister was touching and seemed to put her own situation into perspective for her.Having said that, I expected much of this book The premise had real potential that was never realized The storyline about Madison s passion for singing was abandoned pretty quickly even though form the blurb I thought it was going to be a major plot point Liam could have been a much complex character and even an ally to Madison if his story was explored in detail sooner in the book Madison s best friend was pretty two dimensional, also Generally, I expected dialogue with Rand and reflection on her social circle and contrasting between his world and her world The story had a nice twist at the end but was wrapped up too quickly in a short epilogue without the anticipated showdowns with Madison s parents or Rand.So, while entertaining at times, and heartbreaking at others Counting Stars felt unfinished and left me feeling like there was something missing at the end.______________I received an ARC through NetGalley.

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    I was given this book for an honest review.2 starsAs I try to read young adult books, I try to figure out what would be good for them to read and what is too much This book had just about everything in it It had a unique twist, or you could say old fashioned twist to it When you think back in the day you remember when you had marriages already picked out for your kids There was a line of heirachy, you couldn t touch this person, they were beneath you and you could only be associated with these types of people I don t know if it still goes on, but I know that its sad that choices were made for those children and love was never a factor It was different to see that type of story play out I think at times it got a little wordy and the story really didn t seem all together there at times, but I did like it to some degree I felt a little rushed and the characters, I felt, weren t developed enough and there was too much going on in the book that didn t make it seem believable I really didn t connect with the characters and that is upsetting for me I really did like background story about the kids trying to get into colleges and how they all wanted to live their dreams It may just not be my type of book, but it was decent book to read.There was a lot going on in this book, so I just want to talk about some of the characters Madison is a strong young lady, her parents have a plan and they fill that is it Madison wants from life, but I see what her parents do to her and that fa ade she builds ends up eating her up Rand I liked him he is a commoner He doesn t care about much but he knows he wants to have a life after high school Liam Well hes one of those take it or leave it characters Hes just there to keep his parents happy He has to do things he doesn t want to do, but has to do LIke I said before the characters weren t developed enough for me to give you a decent review.I don t want to take anything away from the author The author did a good job, and I really enjoyed the book at times I just feel this was not my type of book and that I probably would not recommend this book to any other person, but I will give the author another try down the road.

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    Counting Stars by Jordan Deen is a very interesting story Even though I can t relate to Madison I do understand her She comes from money and her parents have high expectations on everything she does She is a ballerina, she has had etiquette classes, and , everything that someone in their lifestyle does to prepare them to be married off to another family that has just as much money or , is better I found it interesting that Madison had to escort sons of wealthy families for parties and events Her parents were only interested in finding the right family, being seen with the right people Because that is what is important in their lifestyle Madison is pretty much trained to always do what her parents want no matter what and when her Dad forces her into a situation with a guy who is not in her crowed of friends at school, it is really hard on her She wants to keep up her appearance she of course is always worried how she looks and not be seen talking to this guy who is not in her class Of course something happens to change that I will say this was a fun and interesting book to read I felt it was a quick read and was all in Madison s POV She is trying to find herself and has stuff to deal with like most 17 year olds Part of me wants to say there needed to be emotional drama but then again, maybe this is how Madison s drama is I am thinking that Madison really isn t capable of drama in her shelter life I think that if there was too much drama, it could have just dragged out the story and could have lost interest I guess what I am saying since it was all in Madison s POV this book is good Could have been interesting to have also read from the two guys in the stories their POV but that still didn t take away from this story I am giving it 5 stars because I loved reading this book and even though there is was potential this story still has enough for me to totally enjoy it I also thought the ending was great I want to thank NetGalley and Book Enthusiastic for a copy of this book to review for an honest Opinion I received a free copy of a book in exchange for an honest review

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    I received an ARC of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I was intrigued by the concept of this novel The description grabbed me and I was looking forward to reading it The cover art was gorgeous However, I was disappointed I was not at all impressed with this book In many ways, this book had the plotline of a bad teen TV movie The main character, Maddie, came across to me as shallow, vain, and conceited It takes a long time for any positive aspects of her character to emerge Maddie s parents don t appear to care about her beyond what she is able to do to increase their position in society The two major male characters, Liam and Rand, are pretty much one dimensional characters It s pretty obvious from the beginning who Maddie is going to end up with For such a short novel, it takes a long time to really feel like the novel is really going somewhere, which can be contrasted with the ending feeing rushed The entire novel talks about this talent show and how important it is, then it is never shown as part of the novel It shows Maddie getting ready for it the night of, then skips to well after the talent show occurs This novel spends an inordinate amount of time talking about the characters bodies If as much time had been spent on character development as discussing the various aspects of their bodies, this would have been a much better novel As a whole, this novel needed to be better developed The plot dragged in the beginning and rushed through the end My overall impression This novel needed plot development, better character development, and better pacing I would like to see this author continue to write and develop her craft because the concept was interesting, but the execution was flawed.

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