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Too Hot to Handel (John Pickett Mysteries, #5) explained Too Hot to Handel (John Pickett Mysteries, #5) , review Too Hot to Handel (John Pickett Mysteries, #5) , trailer Too Hot to Handel (John Pickett Mysteries, #5) , box office Too Hot to Handel (John Pickett Mysteries, #5) , analysis Too Hot to Handel (John Pickett Mysteries, #5) , Too Hot to Handel (John Pickett Mysteries, #5) 1f9d When A Rash Of Jewel Thefts Strikes London, Magistrate Patrick Colquhoun Deploys His Bow Street Runners To Put A Stop To The Crimes The Russian Princess Olga Fyodorovna Is To Attend A Production Of Handel S Esther At Drury Lane Theatre, Where She Will Wear A Magnificent Diamond Necklace The Entire Bow Street Force Will Be Stationed At Various Locations Around The Theatre Including John Pickett, Who Will Occupy A Box Directly Across From The PrincessIn Order To Preserve His Incognito, Pickett Must Appear To Be A Private Gentleman Attending The Theatre Mr Colquhoun Recommends That He Have A Female Companion A Lady, In Fact, Who Might Prevent Him From Making Any Glaring Faux Pas But The Only Lady Of Pickett S Acquaintance Is Julia, Lady Fieldhurst, To Whom He Accidentally Contracted A Scottish Irregular Marriage Several Months Earlier, And With Whom He Is Seeking An Annulment Against His Own Inclinations And For Whom He Recklessly Declared His Love, Secure In The Belief He Would Never See Her AgainThe Inevitable Awkwardness Of Their Reunion Is Forgotten When The Theatre Catches Fire In The Confusion, The Russian Diamonds Are Stolen, And Pickett Is Struck In The Head And Rendered Unconscious Suddenly It Is Up To Julia Not Only To Nurse Him Back To Health, But To Discover His Attacker And Bring The Culprit And The Jewel Thief To Justice

  • Hardcover
  • 226 pages
  • Too Hot to Handel (John Pickett Mysteries, #5)
  • Sheri Cobb South
  • 07 October 2019
  • 9781432831684

About the Author: Sheri Cobb South

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Too Hot to Handel (John Pickett Mysteries, #5) book, this is one of the most wanted Sheri Cobb South author readers around the world.

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    I ve given this an A for narration and a B for content at AudioGals, so that s 4.5 starsThis fifth John Pickett mystery is a bit of a departure from the other books in the series in that our hero spends a rather large part of it unconscious, leaving his lady love, Lady Julia Fieldhurst to the bulk of the sleuthing when it comes to solving the mystery of some missing diamonds That said though, John is nonetheless a major presence in Too Hot to Handel , and Joel Froomkin s hugely entertaining narration kept me engaged throughout, so I didn t feel the slightest bit short changed.Note There will be spoilers for earlier books in the series in this review.It s three months since Bow Street Runner John Pickett said farewell to the woman he fell in love with almost a year earlier, and a matter of weeks before the case for the annulment of the irregular marriage they inadvertently contracted in Scotland comes before the ecclesiastical court At the end of the previous book, Dinner Most Deadly, he declared his love for Lady Julia Fieldhurst, but also said that they should not meet again he has always known that the huge gulf in their stations makes any relationship between them impossible, and it s become too painful for him to keep spending time with her while knowing she can never be his For Julia it s been three long, colourless months and none of her usual activities hold much interest for her any Even a night out at the theatre is dull until, on the way out, she hears a distressed older lady claiming that her jewels have been stolen Recalling that the Duchess of Mallen s rubies had also disappeared while that lady was at the theatre, and that they had been recovered by the Bow Street force, Julia suggests sending for a Runner, and for a few brief minutes, is excited at the prospect of seeing John again only to come crashing down when someone else appears in his stead.You can read the rest of this review at AudioGals.

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    Lady Julia is moping Her best friend Emily is newly reconciled with her husband and rusticating with him, it s Lent and entertainments and scarce, but if she s honest with herself she knows the real reason is because her annulment will soon go before the Ecclesiastical Court and she ll no longer be Mrs John Pickett That s what would be best for everyone given the differences in their station John Pickett s duties have been light lately He asked not to be sent to Mayfair and a fellow Runner, Mr Foote, is on the case of missing jewels As luck would have it, John and Julia are about to be thrust together to help solve the mystery of the missing jewels All the Runners are needed on hand at a Handel concert at the Theater Royal while a delegation of Russian aristocrats are visiting with the royal family John and Julia take a box where they can observe the royals unseen but when a fire breaks out in the theater, everyone is forced to evacuate In the chaos, John and Julia must escape Unluckily for John, he is hit in the head during the escape and rendered unconscious Julia must confront her feelings and channel her inner aristocrat to keep John alive and try to solve the mystery of the missing Russian diamonds.This is a much better story than the previous one, like the book I was expecting I LOVED the relationship aspect of this novel At first I wanted to bang John and Julia s heads together but I realize that in their time and place it s complicated than what their hearts want As the story progressed, I gasped, cheered and clapped at the end It makes a nice conclusion if you can t get the rest of the series There are other non romantic relationships in the story too and I liked seeing how John has affected those around him The downfall of this novel is the mystery It is SO painfully obvious Mr Colquhoun should have figured it out John seemed to be on the verge of it when he was hit Lady Fieldhurst also has some relationship drama to work out with her in laws and I loved seeing how that played out The historical details are great, especially the medial treatments UGH Thank goodness for modern medicine.John is such a great character but I do feel he is too naive and innocent for a man raised in the worst neighborhood in London At 13 or however old he was when he was rescued, he would have been hardened already and jaded than he is His naivety makes him sweet and appealing He s sharp though and can figure out things his experienced colleagues can not Lady Julia has been kind of wishy washy alternating between strong and whiny Here she rises to the occasion and figures out what she wants I loved the way she dealt with her adversaries I was cheering as I read the story.Other characters include Mr Colquhoun who clearly loves John like a son He recognizes John s excellent qualities He also discovers first impressions can be wrong I really like him and I m curious about his Mrs and what she s like I also really liked John s landlady Mrs Catchpole who also loves John like a son She s very kind John s friend Lucy is not so kind but she s had a rough life and loves John in her own way Not so enjoyable characters are Lady Julia s in laws I like only one of them The Dowager is snobby and the cousin is annoying Mr Foote is like how I would expect John to be He is not a kind man The doctors are not appealing but they can t help it given the limited medical knowledge at the time This book was a great conclusion but since the library purchased an e book of the next book in the series for me I will be reading on I will probably stop there, however If you liked the rest of the series so far you will enjoy this one even .Content I think one D word, some sensuality and view spoiler closed door love scene Yes readers, John and Julia finally consummate their relationship They ARE technically married and she is a widow so I don t see a problem given the values of society at that time hide spoiler

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    Absolutely delightful In re doing part of our house, some of my books have been temporarily moved, and I have misplaced John Pickett or I should say The John Pickett Mysteries As all is slowly getting back to normal, I found Sheri Cobb South s Too Hot To Handle, Another John Pickett Mystery 5, opened it, started reading, and as it is said, the rest is history Congratulations, Ms Cobb South Now I hope to locate For Deader or Worse, John Pickett s next mystery yesterday

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    This book was outstanding In Too Hot to Handel John is injured when he is sent to work undercover as Lady Julia s escort to the opera following a rash of jewelry robberies at the Drury theatre While John is the hero of the first order, he literally carries Julia on his back while scaling a rope from a burning balcony, it s Julia who steps up and nurtures a comatose John and makes a momentous decision about their relationship and accidental marriage Though I wish that John s first time wouldn t have been when he was still abed, medicated with laudanum due to a head injury and retained no memory of consummating his marriage with Jane I appreciate so much that these are clean stories with fade to black love scenes But for poor John to have no memory of finally losing his virginity to his beloved wife was a let down Still, I loved how many mysteriesthe who, what, and why, lead up to the theatre being burnt down The author is a superb storyteller an she does an excellent job of creating a realistic Regency timeframe while bringing a wonderful balance of mystery and romance between the main characters The John Picket mysteries are an excellent way to spend time with wonderful characters and delve into a good mystery.

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    I love John Pickett Julia

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    At last, our John Pickett is no longer a virgin In the last book, he and Julia, Lady Fieldhurst, learned they were inadvertently married under Scottish law because they presented themselves as husband and wife Such a marriage is impossible due to the differences in their stations.Mr Colquhoun loves John like a son and he sees that John truly loves Julia, so when laying a trap to catch some jewel thieves, he suggests that John bring Julia as his guest at the theatre He arranges for proper formal clothes for John.Julia has admitted to herself that she has missed John dreadfully and is thrilled when she receives his invitation She refuses to wear black and instead , wears a blue satin dress John is speechless when he sees her.They go to the theatre but the plan goes awry when the building catches fire The door to their box is jammed and when John finally gets it open, the corridor is filled with smoke and flames John contrives a makeshift rope from the velvet curtains and with Julia clinging to his back, they reach the theatre floor They push and shove their way out, but when the roof caves in, John is struck very hard on the head, losing consciousness.Julia manages to hire a sedan chair and gets them to John s rooms on Drury Lance It soon is apparent that he is badly injured She removes his clothes, soddened by the water used to fight the fire Removing his coat, she discovers the diamond necklace belonging to the Russian princess who attended the theatre Julia is determined to nurse John herself and to discover how the necklace ended up in John s pocket The mystery is fairly obvious, if highly satisfactory to fans of John Pickett however, the romance really takes over this story As I said in the opening sentence, the ending is very romantic and what we fans of the series have wanted and expected for quite a while.It will be interesting to see how they make their very unequal marriage work

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    I received this book for free I am voluntarily leaving this review and all opinions expressed herein are my own.I am such a fan of this series This is the fifth book in the John Pickett Mysteries series It is a standalone story and can be read without having read the prior books in this series The author does kindly do quick summaries of events which occurred in prior books to catch you up or remind you, if it s been a while However, I would recommend that you start with the first book in the series In Milady s Chamber to really get a feel for the MCs John Pickett and Lady Fieldhurst.Here, John is assigned to attend the theater to surreptitiously watch for a thief after the Russian royal jewels and he is encouraged to take Lady Fieldhurst along as part of his disguise At the theater a fire breaks out and John rescues Lady Fieldhurst But, he receives a blow to the head In a change from the previous books in the series, John is unconscious for most of the book while Lady Fieldhurst cares for him and conducts her own investigation into John s injuries and the missing jewels.This is probably the book most fans of the series have been waiting for will they won t they is finally answered I really liked the exploration of Lady Fieldhurt s character in this book and her assertiveness It was also fun to see her have to learn to do things for herself without servants Equally fun, was learning how the other characters felt about John, through their care for his wellbeing as he was nursed back to health I listened to this book the narrator, Joel Froomkin, is absolutely a perfect compliment to this series.

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    The additions there are to this series the richer the characters and their stories become I don t know how SCS will top this installment but I can t wait to find out.SCS resolves many of the conflicts she so deftly set up earlier in the series but leaves plenty of room for new ones to naturally evolve Supporting players like Lucy put in appearances in ways that move the story and never feel forced It was great fun to read the exchanges between Lucy and Julia However, the main focus is on Bow Street business and the future or not of Julia and John s marriage.Everything about this installment seems designed for ultimate reader satisfaction You couldn t ask for dialogue that is engaging SCS gives the reader characters whose flaws make them all the endearing The story itself contains enough hints at who done it, along with some great twists and turns, so that even if you are the reader that indulges in this series purely for the mystery, you won t be disappointed.If you are a John and Julia fan, you may find yourself returning to than one passage just relive some of the best scenes they have had so far in the series.It s a great read with plenty of room left at the end for many installments.

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    Audiobook review Best One Yet Too Hot to Handel is a bit different than the first few, because John has gotten injured and is unconscious for most of the story This means that Julia takes it upon herself to solve the mystery We also get to see a bit of Mr Calhoun than we usually do, he is very concerned for Mr Pickett s well being All of Sheri Cobb South s books are very good with a nice mix of sweet, mystery and humor Joel Leslie Froomkin s performance is, as always, outstanding His narrations are always a delight to listen to I would definitely recommend listening to this series I received a copy of this audiobook at my request and this is my voluntary review.

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