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Practical Sins for Cold Climates chapter 1 Practical Sins for Cold Climates , meaning Practical Sins for Cold Climates , genre Practical Sins for Cold Climates , book cover Practical Sins for Cold Climates , flies Practical Sins for Cold Climates , Practical Sins for Cold Climates 5643ac060d41c When Val Cameron, A Senior Editor With A New York Publishing Company, Is Sent To The Canadian Northwoods To Sign A Reclusive Bestselling Author To A Contract, She Soon Discovers She Is Definitely Out Of Her Element Val Is Convinced She Can Persuade The Author Of That Blockbuster, The Nebula Covenant, To Sign With Her, But First She Has To Find Him Aided By A Float Plane Pilot Whose Wife Was Murdered Two Years Ago In A Case Gone Cold, Val S Hunt For The Recluse Takes On New Meaning Can She Clear Him Of Suspicion In That Murder Before She Links Her Own Professional Fortunes To The Publication Of His New Book When She Finds Herself Thrown Into A Wilderness Lake Community Where Livelihoods Collide, Val Wonders Whether The Prospect Of Running Into A Bear Might Be The Least Of Her Problems

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    Take Candace Bushnell s Carrie Bradshaw, transplant her to a Canadian version of the TV show Northern Exposure, and saddle her with a two year old unsolved murder and a soup on of chick lit romance, and you have Practical Sins for Cold Climates I should have hated this, right But somehow author Shelley Costa pulls it off magnificently Even as a fellow New Yorker, I found Valjean Val Cameron, a Donna Karan clad senior editor at a boutique publishing house, initially annoying, a woman whose comfort zone is so tiny that she sees living without Carnegie Deli, a Starbucks specialty espresso coffee, and high count Egyptian cotton sheets as roughing it However, as Val encounters hardships in the Canadian North Woods that she couldn t have even imagined back in her apartment on East 51st Street in Manhattan, I admired her surprising integrity and resolve While a widowed bush pilot of sorts, Wade Decker, is thrown in as a love interest, the romance took a back seat to Val s voyage of personal discovery and her quest to find out what really happened to Leslie Selkirk Decker that October day when someone threw her out of a second story window at the summer camp that her family had established on Lake Wendaban at the turn of the 20th century Not that romance aficionados won t enjoy the tanned, sexy Wade Decker A light hearted mystery that provides a surprising and subtle argument on being true to yourself I loved my time spent at Lake Wendaban and in the Canadian North Woods with the spunky, intelligent Val This must be what chick lit for the thinking woman looks like In the interest of full disclosure, I received this book from NetGalley and Henery Press in exchange for an honest review.

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    Thanks to NetGalley.com and the publisher for sending me this free ebook I enjoyed reading it and give it four out of five stars Val Cameron is a New York city book editor who is sent to northern Ontario to get a signed contract from a reclusive author She realizes that there is a possibility that he may be involved in a suspicious death two years before She could lose her job if she doesn t do due diligence She does solve the case This book is the first in a new promising series I liked the ending.

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    Practical Sins for Cold Climates is not the typical Henery Press adorable cozy mystery, yet I thoroughly enjoyed reading it The story is very well written, uncomfortable, haunting at times, and, eventually, honest.Valjean Cameron, the leading lady of the book, is a senior editor at a New York City based publishing company Due to her complicated relationship with her boss, she is sent to a small settlement on a remote lake in Canada to sign a best selling author Being a city girl through and through, she is immediately terrorized by what is considered everyday life to the residents She encounters misery after hardship after misery, and her reactions are hilarious.I felt like Val was fighting with her own vision of herself She starts off timid, and she stubbornly wants to appear self reliant As the book progressed, she realizes that accepting herself and doing what she really feels is right, though difficult, is important and worth doing This book reads as longer than typical cozies because it needs to, for honest character evolution The mystery has a very satisfying conclusion.I am a big fan of the Henery Press cozies, and I am happy to see that they are broadening their scope, while maintaining a high level of quality This is the first book I have read by Shelley Costa, and I am very impressed Also, I am especially interested in any further books featuring Valjean eARC netgalley

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    In this edgy first in a new cozy series from Costa, Val Cameron, a senior editor at a New York publishing company, travels to the tiny town of Wendaban, Ontario A strong plot and engaging characters make for a well crafted mystery, and Val s humorous attempts to cope with the wilderness do much to lighten the tension The core of the story is Val s discovery of her own self worth Publishers Weekly

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    this was quite good, and i am pleased at thr fact that the characters were well developed A great read from thr far north of Ontario i loved the locale

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    Copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This was my first book written by this author and I really wanted to give it a try The plot looked interesting and fresh, different from all the other cliches I somehow managed to finish it for than a week for cozy mysteries I usually need day or two and here are my thoughts The main character here is Valjean Val Cameron who works as an editor at a successful publishing house in Manhattan Her boss is a former famous writer who has written just one masterpiece book.The business is in trouble and Val is sent to Canada in the middle of nowhere to find an author who lives there and has to convince him to sign up a contract with her publishing house.What seems like a one day business journey, soon turns out into a murder investigation There is a summer camp at Lake Wendabon that is going to be closed One of the sisters that run the camp dies in an accident not so long time ago The other sister does her best to save the family legacy, but her efforts look hopeless There is a rumor that Leslie Selkirk, the sister who died, is murdered and that Charlie Cable, Val s potential best selling author is the murderer So Val decides to find out about Leslie s death and make sure that her writer in bloom is not responsible for it But when she starts to dig, much things are getting out on the surface.Sounds interesting, right That s what I thought Let me explain why I rated it the way I did.First, the title and the cover Did someone try to put humor in it I don t judge books by the cover or the title, but those things really matter The whole picture looks like a weather forecast report, not a cozy mystery book I don t want to insult someone, I apologize if I do, but that s my opinion.But what really bothered me here was the writing style English is not my first language, but very rarely I need a dictionary when I read books in English There were whole sentences that were hard for me to understand I often asked myself what the writer wanted to say And some scenes look so familiar At one point I even thought that I was reading another version of Six Days Seven Nights movie with Harrison Ford and Anne Heche.Putting the writing style and the cover aside, the mystery part was fine for me There was an accident that happened a couple of years ago and ended with death While most people in the town considered the death as an accident, Val figured out that something just wasn t right Her curiosity and sense of justice took her on a journey where she had to figure out who her real friends were She already knew that people had a darker side, but never in her wildest dreams assumed that her friends might be her enemies I liked Val from the very first page She arrived in the Canadian wilderness with her Prada high heels and pencil skirt and gained my sympathies I loved that the author put her out of her comfort zone, she managed well into the wild.Overall, it is not a bad book, just needs some polishing, according to me.My opinion 3 5.

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    Practical Sins for a Cold Climate by Shelley Costa is the first book in the Val Cameron Mystery series Val Cameron has been sent to Lake Wendaban, Ontario Canada to get the reclusive Charles Cable to agree to let Schlesinger Publishing publish his latest book Val does not like remote wilderness, but she is not given a choice she had a little bit of trouble with her last client Her boss, Peter Hathaway a very odd duck with a shaved head and pajama like clothing insists that she go her job is on the line It sounds like an easy job, but if it sounds that easy it will not be Val tries to get Charles at a town meeting and ends up in the middle of a brawl Val gets knocked out and her contract destroyed There is unrest in the town over development.Wade Decker s wife, Leslie was murdered two years previously The case has yet to be solved There is a hint that Charles might have killed her Val wants to make sure to do her due diligence with this client unlike her last one before she gets him to sign the contract Will Val be able to find the killer, clear Charles name, and get her contract signed You will have to read Practical Sins for a Cold Climate to find out such a long title Practical Sins for a Cold Climate is very confusing at beginning it takes a while to start figuring things out and the writing does not help Stilted and awkward is the word that comes to mind regarding this author s writing style The book does not flow well The book jumps around one minute with Val, then another character, then it jumps again It is like Practical Sins for a Cold Climate tried to be a combination suspense novel and cozy mystery, but it did not succeed Practical Sins for a Cold Climate was just not an enjoyable book to read The main character was just not someone I liked Val , and we had too much internal dialogue Val seems to be thinking about her lovely apartment in New York, Peter and their odd love life yes, she was sleeping with the boss , her work, the secretary who does not like to work and the boss pays for her yoga, Peter s odd lover Peter is sleeping with Val and this woman with her bald head and an oddly placed braid Too much was shoved into one book I give Practical Sins for a Cold Climate 1 out of 5 stars I m sorry, but I just did not like Practical Sins for a Cold Climate.I received a complimentary copy of Practical Sins for a Cold Climate from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Check out my blog for additional details and other reviews

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    Suspicious goings on in the Canadian Wilderness This is a very readable book, and if allowed I would have awarded three and a half stars, as I did enjoy it despite what I felt was an unconvincing plot.Valjean Cameron is an editor at a successful publishing house in Manhattan here boss is the rather strange Peter Holloway, who seems to have had a personality change, from conservative businessman to eccentric hippy.The business has been in trouble due to having published a book about paedophilia by an author who has turned out to be a paedophile Awkward especially for Val who is accused of not having undertaken due diligence To redeem herself she is sent to the Canadian Wilderness to sign up a new book by a different author, Charlie Cable, a virtual recluse.Arriving at Lake Wendabon in her Prada heels, Val is way out of her comfort zone She is faced with a Summer Camp which is on its last legs due to the murder of joint owner Leslie Selkirk two years previously, and a very active environmental lobby Determined not to mess up again, and with Leslie s murder not solved, she must ensure that Charlie Cable is not the murderer She is assisted by Wade Decker who was married to Leslie, and who also pilots the local seaplane.This was the point where I felt credibility was stretched to the limit, but what results is a ripping yarn which had me entertained until the last page.Somewhat lacking in convincing situations in which Val finds herself and amazingly seems to cope, but still a worthwhile read.Pashtpaws Breakaway Reviewers were given a copy of the book to review

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    I received this book free from the publisher through NetGalley I thank them for their generousity In exchange, I was simply asked to write an honest review, and post it The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising To know a clue when it slapped her silly would depend on a familiarity with these lives that she didn t have Valjean Cameron worked at a small estoteric publishing house in Manhatten She worked for Peter Hathaway for 12 years now, weaving their love life like a repair in an old muslin curtain, doing grunt work for the company while Peter basked in the spotlight And Val put up with it despite Peter s changing habits and strange new girlfriend, despite the receptionist she d dubbed Ivy League Ivy , despite the fact that the publisher might in fact go under without a signature on a contract from a squirrely recluse who lived up north in Canada in Peter s old home town.So here is she is, being thrust into nowhere island two days north of her beloved Manhatten, trying to find reclusive Charles Cable and get his signature Easy peaseyright Well..This is not your everyday Henery Press book It s no cosy mystery Instead, you are dealing with a taught action mystery that is as convoluted as the waterways it travels And, that s its drawback It s too long and a bit confusing I have to hand it to Ms Costas she writes very well, but this might not be appealing to some regulars.

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    4.5 stars This was my first book by Shelley Costa and boy was it action packed Most of the book took place near the water dealing with canoes, sea planes and fishing boats all things that I myself are not comfortable with So with that going on and the story, my heart beat was definitely pumping faster than usual While trying to get a reclusive author to sign a publishing contract Val, stumbles upon a questionable death where all signs point to the author as being the perpetrator Already having signed a pedophile, she doesn t want to make the same mistake twice So she is determined to find out whether this author is a killer She goes through a lot of crap and I mean literally to get to his very secluded cabin in order to meet him and get to the bottom of this murder business All along, her boss is giving her impossible ultimatums It was definitely a book that I could not and did not put down The writing was good, the characters were believable and the story was believable As usual, Henery Press has delivered yet another author that I will be adding to my TBR pile.Huge thanks to Henery Press for approving my request and to Net Galley for providing me with a free e galley in exchange for an honest review This one was definitely worth the ride

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