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  • Kindle Edition
  • 270 pages
  • Prisoner Mine (Base Branch #6)
  • Megan Mitcham
  • English
  • 10 March 2019

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    Zeke Zach is a fabulous hero with a troubled past He s a muscled hunk, but is gruff and battle scarred He usually closes off all feelings but can t resist the charms of Greer, a colleague in US Elite, especially after rescuing her from the Russian mob, and tending to her tempting drug fuelled body This book is fast paced, has plenty of action, suspense, and intrigue, with a sexy hero and strong sassy heroine.This is the first book I have read of Megan Mitcham s and I thoroughly enjoyed it I couldn t put it down, as I wanted to know what happened next This is book 6 in the Base Branch series, so I have a lot of catching up to do An excellent read I thoroughly recommend it

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    I received a copy of this book from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.The moment I started reading Enemy Mine, I immediately became a fan There was just something with Ms Mitcham s writing style that got me glued from beginning to end of that book Then, I followed it up with Justice Mine, and inevitably, I was hooked I would always wait for new installments for the series I also read her other books because I just love her stories It shouldn t be surprising then that I would grab the chance to read and review this book because I am such a fan of hers.Prisoner Mine is yet another great addition to the series This is now Zeke Slaughter s story I loved Zeke He is an alpha, but he is also of a lone wolf, a man who stood out on his own Of course, every single hero of Ms Mitcham are great characters, so that s nothing new I also liked the heroine I like that she was driven but still grounded This book was fast paced with plenty of action However, in no way will you feel that some parts were hasty or glossed over There s enough suspense and excitement to keep you reading on This book just further solidifies my being a fan of Ms Mitcham, and I will once again be waiting forher future releases.

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    I received this book as an ARC for an honest review While I had not read any other books in the Base Branch series I have read and thoroughly enjoyed the author s Bureau series However unlike the books in the Bureau series this book is not an absolutely stand alone story I did find starting the series at this point I lack some knowledge about the characters and organization that employed them But I found both the hero, heroine and their situation compelling enough to continue reading to until my initial confusion and questions were resolved Prisoner Mine did not disappoint and I plan on reading the entire series.

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    I recieved this book at an ARC for an honest review This is book 6 in the Base Branch series and is a stand alone story with a HEA I recommend reading all the books in the series but can be read in any order I have been waiting for Zeke s book, he is a lone wolf who does not work well with others Greer is a dedicated soldier and is working for the elite forces to stop a sex trafficking ring or so she thought Her world and Zeke s are falling a part and only together can they figure out who is pulling the strings Lots of action and suspense that will keep you reading for hours Highly recommend this book Looking forward to the next book in the series Happy reading.

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    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review and declare all words and opinions expressed are solely mine.I have followed this series and if you have read my previous reviews you would know that I am truly addicted to Ms Mitcham s writing as she not only delivers a complete readers type book with everything plus the kitchen sink thrown in she also does this in her own unique I claim this word in her name style I am yet to read one of her books that I do not like and I dare anyone to say they don t like her books First be aware that her stories are very detailed and engaging with drama and suspense and laced with spice and crowned off with the best 3 dimensional characters I have met to date Every book has its own twists and takes and carry you through a gamut of emotions and reactions you remained glued to the pages until sadly it s the last one.Prisoner Mine follows Zeke and his journey to redemption and forgiveness of himself He is a very complex character who we met briefly throughout the earlier books and here we learn of this huge, larger than life personality with a dense shell that no one has cracked save for this petite, hard as nails, huge hearted girl that brings him to his knees True to the series this one carries you over hurdles of emotion and intense action that has some heart stopping moments and heart rending disclosures that keeps you rapt We are thrown though doors and bombarded with bullets and debris while being so caught by every character you meet along the way For me Zeke overshadowed Greer a bit and although she was independent and a kick butt kinda gal she had a soft side that dominated her portrayal and for me a bit too soft as Zeke remained so hard and was only now discovering his soft side I would have liked to maybe see him a bit goofy just to balance her a bit better That said the continuous action packed scenes does not allow you a breather to dwell on minor issues as we duck and roll from chapter to chapter.We also are exposed to a horrible world of human trafficking and its destructiveness How can humans treat each other like this Ms Mitcham does not shy away from putting you face to face with the dirtier sides of humanity with corruption and greed touching people and places that are held in high esteem and usually depicted as golden to the world at large This is just a ballpark view into Prisoner Mine and the Base Branch Series in general, there is so much to each and every one of these books so what exactly are you waiting for Go get them please and enjoy the ride of your life

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    While I enjoyed this latest BASE BRANCH title, it sometimes felt very long The story itself isn t long, and the characterization and the growth of the characters, as well as the growth of the storyline, aren t long, but the reading itself felt long There were points where the writing felt as if I were watching a slow motion, silent movie but then there were others where the action read loud As with most of Ms Mitcham s writing, there is a lot of internal monologue that pushes the story along, especially in the opening chapters Zeke is on a mission to save Greer from an undercover assignment gone terribly wrong When he finds her, she s drugged and being sold thank goodness, he s the one who buys her, for a hefty amount of change, no less I enjoyed reading Zeke s perspective on everything While he was very much on a mission, he had feelings for Greer that he covered up amazingly well Greer feels his disdain for her it s in his actions, it s in his words She even points it out at one point when they were training, he was always either ignoring her or putting her down, which puts Zeke s mindframe in a completely new one I loved the gruff sides of Zeke, even though he didn t necessarily realize the harshness of his words He d noticed Greer Britton from day one Any man between the ages of birth and death would with her doe eyes, angel hair, and hot as the devil body He d tried not to treat her special, tried not to stare at her perky breasts that s fit just so in his mouth, lithe legs made perfectly for wrapping around his waist, and a high, tight ass he could think of all kinds of fun uses for In doing so, he d still treated her special only especially badly. As much as Zeke was this big, ol alpha male, I have to say some of his British moments were comical to me not that a Brit can t be alpha, but they just painted him in a different light Are you going to let me help without a trip to the theatre I don t care for drama Zeke to GreerAll in all, I felt that this was a solid, consistent Megan Mitcham Base Branch read There were times that I felt the descriptions were confusing, or that they were simply fillers for word count, but I did enjoy Zeke and Greer, and their journey toward HEA.

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    An ARC was provided by the Author for a fair and honest review.Prisoner Mine is another wonderfully gritty addition to the Base Branch Series.Zeke Slaughter works for The Base Branch, the UN Special Forces division Zeke s sister has just rescued him after he was kidnapped and tortured for 2 weeks in Alaska by the Russian Mafia Zeke is on a mission to recover the members of his team at US Elite Security, that were kidnapped when a mission to stop a Russian human trafficking ring goes horribly wrong Greer Britton is the only female on Zeke s team and as such when she was kidnapped she was sent to the Russians brothel, not to be sold but to be leased, over and over When Zeke finally finds Greer she has been sedated with so many drugs he realises he depend on her to help with her escape so he enlists the help another young girl he has leased for the night Zeke and Greer manage to work together well enough to move the investigation along until they find some incredibly incriminating documents in the Russian s computer files about Greer s family members and then everything seems to go to hell in a handbasket Zeke has to call in his boss at Base Branch when he realises he s in over his head While Zeke is taking care of things on his end thinking he has left Greer safe, the father of the man that Zekes sister killed when she rescued him in Alaska comes looking for revenge and takes Greer hostage to get to both Zeke and his sister Luckily for both Greer and Zeke, Greer is a very well trained Marine It s very heart warming when someone who thinks no one can possibly love them finds the very thing they re terrified of I have no hesitation in recommending Prisoner Mine to everyone But, you really have to read the entire series in order, you won t be disappointed

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    A complimentary e book version of this read was furnished by NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review The assignment to infiltrate a sex trafficking ring got personal for the team when all three teammates were discovered Escaping his own captivity, loner Zeke Slaughter scoured the Russian mob controlled men s clubs searching for female teammate, Greer Britton Almost two weeks later, Greer was found giving her captors hell, drugged and for sale as a sex slave So he bought her Zeke and Greer s strong mutual attraction and their short and shallow history are revealed through bickering and ongoing internal monologues as Greer regained her strength Z knows he has to find out who betrayed the team and he can t let his feelings for Greer affect his judgment or derail his purpose Especially when she demands to go with him to rescue their teammate.In friendly territory, surrounded by an extremely hostile enemy, the pair trust and rely on each other as they delve deep to unravel the mystery and hidden tracks of the actual villain A narrow escape kicked Z s uber alpha within to the surface in all his muscled and overprotective glory Fighting at his side, Greer admitted nepotism brought her to team U.S Elite but she earned her ranking As with most brotherhood type stories, this self contained installment was fine to read out of order with teammate cameos ensuring series continuity For this reader s taste tighter plotting would have helped the slower paced urgency building and fewer leaps of logic for scene outcomes would have smoothed the reading flow However, this new to me author intrigued me enough to plan on reading another installment.Rating 3.75stars

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    Lots of twists as well as the suspense in this fantastic addition to the Base Branch series, though at the start it doesn t seem to be a part of the main series Zach is brother to one of the main characters but know one knows quite who he works for or what he does, it is obviously something similar but deeper Action begins in the first chapter and continues on throughout, it is tense and a bit worrying in places with some of the treatment of the women Greer has been snatched and held for slavery, all she can do is pray that her colleague s find her before its to late She was forced into joining US Elite by her father, being transferred from her military unit Lies, betrayal and so much keep you enthralled in reading I am seriously loving all this series and have bought all the books, you can get 1 3 and 4 6 in two box sets to help lower costs but the rest are all single books You do need to read in order as the characters follow on in their own books and the end of the previous book usually leads into the next Violence and sexual content are all a part of this story, some is graphic I love that I can get lost deeply in the story, time and pages fly by and before I know it I have finished them Edgy with a great flow of content, well written and each book is different so you don t have time to get bored I have no hesitation in recommending this series and the author If you like military, security, suspense with a bit of action and love thrown in then there is nothing not to like.

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    ARC graciously provided by Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.This book took me by surprise I hadn t read any other book by this author so to start the series at book six made me a little nervous I had no reason to be This book was fast paced and intense from the beginning but it also made it that much interesting to read I didn t want to put it down even to go to work I plan on going back and starting this series from the beginning after this exciting book Greer goes under cover with the Stas only to be captured and have Captain Zack rescue her He s the last guy that she wants to be indebted to unfortunately they have to stick together if they want to find out why they were kidnapped Even if it means going against her father and uncle to do it I loved watching Greer fall for Zach and all his insecurities Zach had some major issues that made him the perfect Alpha I loved how he didn t want to fall for Greer and yet she became his biggest weakness Watching him realize that having a weakness isn t neccessarily a bad thing was priceless I loved Zach He stole the book and made it amazing.

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Prisoner Mine (Base Branch #6) characters Prisoner Mine (Base Branch #6) , audiobook Prisoner Mine (Base Branch #6) , files book Prisoner Mine (Base Branch #6) , today Prisoner Mine (Base Branch #6) , Prisoner Mine (Base Branch #6) 13179 Can The Bad Boy Protect The Good Girl Zeke Slaughter Played Two Sides Against The Middle And Found Himself In A World Of Hurt Luckily, There Was One Person In The World Who Cared Enough About His Rogue Ass To Save It But Neither His Sister Nor The Base Branch, The UN Special Forces Division She Works For, Can Help Him Sort Through The Lies, Money, Violence, And Corruption He S Gotten Himself Into Himselfand Others Yep, He D Dragged His Team Into The Mix Pin Another Medal Of Honor To His Chest For That Rookie Move Oh Wait, Mercenaries Don T Get Badges Of Honor Greer Britton Joined The US Elite S Brand Of Private Military To Please Her Father, A Third Generation Marine And Senate Seat Legacy That Failed To Attain The Brass Of His Blood Before Him She Doesn T Want To Think He Sabotaged Her Promising Career In The Marines, But When She Ends Up A High Priced Sex Slave For The Russian Mob She D Been Commissioned To Infiltrate With Her Closed Off Leader, Zeke Slaughter, She Questions Her Dad S Motive For Having Her Placed On The Team It S Up To Zeke To Save His Team And Complete His Missions Without Getting Killed And Without Crossing The Line With A Pristine Beauty Who Has No Business In Any Military, Much Less Surrounded By A Horde Of Violent, Horny Bastardshimself Included

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