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From the Ashes (Force of Nature #1) chapter 1 From the Ashes (Force of Nature #1) , meaning From the Ashes (Force of Nature #1) , genre From the Ashes (Force of Nature #1) , book cover From the Ashes (Force of Nature #1) , flies From the Ashes (Force of Nature #1) , From the Ashes (Force of Nature #1) 92173868af7f5 Piper Jones Can T Catch A Break After A Lifetime Of Animosity And Indifference From The Supernatural Community, She Thought She D Finally Found A Home With The Vampire King S Enforcers Then The Dark And Mysterious Merc Walks Into Her Life, And It Takes A Disastrous Turn For The Worse Now Under Attack By Enemies Both Known And Unknown, Piper Has Little Choice But To Flee Her Refuge And Start Over In A Place Few Vampires Ever Go Rural Alaska Seemed To Fit The Bill, Except For Knox And His Crew Of Werewolves The Pack Shares A Connection With Piper That Few Of Them Can Explain, And None Of Them Can Escape With Time Running Out For Answers, Piper Must Fight The Demons Of Her Past To Ensure Her Future Or Die Trying

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    May contain mild spoilers I wish I had DNF d this book I just rolled my eyes half the time I know I m the minority here giving it low rating Everything annoyed me here And mostly it was the MC I ll try to do my best here.Meet Piper , our victim, save me, I m weak, whiny.what have you MC I understand abuse, believe me I do I also understand that when you ve grown up your entire life being shoved around and as an outcast you cannot help but feel victimized And, you should cuz you are a victim I get that I just don t get is when you re given a chance to be something or do something about it how do you not make it work to your advantage Piper is magical, however, she does not know what she is or does not have any active powers She grew up being hated by the supernatural community which we re not clear on as to why except she is different She is saved by the Vampire King therefore, put under his protection and surrounded by the vampire enforcers who are in a nutshell badass So what does she do NOTHING I mean nothing except, playing the victim card I am weak, I am powerless, everyone hates me, I am clueless Heaven forbid, she learns to fight or protect herself Or figure out ways to find out about her magic Nooooo, that would be too good She does not even have a job So I am still confused on what she does ALL.FUCKING.DAY except for whine about her poor life Which may I remind you, she is being protected by the most badass folks, lives in a freaking mansion, has access to everything and anything she would want She does enjoy clubbing and dancing as that is what you d do when there is an enemy after you supposedly Enter Jase and Dean , our hot vampire enforcers, love her to pieces and protect her They do care for her like a sister and are very protective of her Why Cuz she is weak by her own admission sigh it was truly pathetic and I felt no connection to her She would go for these long jogs knowing that she had these enemies after her If you cannot bloody protect yourself why the heck do you venture out and get lost Few times she got very close to being hurt bad Yet, she kept complaining about being weak, has no powers, whining but, doing nothing about anything Enemies, I was still scratching my head by the end of the book as to why the warlock was after Piper We are told why he had a grudge against her yet, it just felt so flimsy a reason to keep after her the way he did I don t know maybe, it is a supernatural being thing to go on a killing vendetta on petty things Enter Merc , our super duper badass enforcer and brother to Jase and Dean As the prodigal son returns lets just say things get interesting Merc returns after a long hiatus which we don t know where he had been and joins the gang He does not speak but has telepathic abilities with some other gifts which come at a price We are unclear on the gifts except for 1 that was explained a little bit However, these gifts also make him a bit unstable and everyone fears him even his own brothers Oh and he has not spoken willingly for like 80 years now and guess who he first speaks with.our girl Piper Cuz she is Speshul I did not feel the connection between Piper and Merc, but apparently there was supposed to be a chemistry They barely exchanged 5 sentences the whole of 2 weeks that they knew each other, they went and bonded FOR LIFE to each other Merc asked Piper and she said yes, cuz she was in love and he would take care of her, love her, protect heryup All is good in the relationship for couple days till shit hits the fan Piper is running for her life from Merc and her other enemy Why Well, you ll have to read the book if you really want I wish I knew about Merc His background, his multiple gifts we kept hearing about I wish I knew what made him SO special We got nothing ExceptEnter Knox, our alpha werewolf all the way in Alaska Well, he has his own pack and is happy living there till he runs into Piper one day Yup, he is hot and all that alpha goodness Oh and he s a walking polygraph machine apparentlyno explanation as to why or how Wants to protect Piper and take care of her the moment he sets his eyes on her Piper is hiding in Alaska and running away from her past enemies She feels this connection to Knox and his pack And, lo and behold, she s already falling in love with Knox and next thing you know she s sleeping with him while still being bonded to her ex This happened in all of 2 weeks running away from the shit storm she left in NYC and her ex And, Knox and his pack are willing to give up their lives for her cuz CONNECTION yo And he is all this alpha for her And, he is all possessive of her, of course view spoiler I honestly did not like how Piper was OK with Knox abusing Kat when she came to Alaska looking for Piper I get that they could not trust Kat But, it was the reasoning behind what was going on in Piper s head and especially, knowing that she was abused by Merc, albeit, he was under the spell It was of how it was ok for others to get hurt but, poor me, I am a victim justification sense I got from Piper that ticked me off hide spoiler

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    Oh, orphan Piper, let me count thy ways that I want to kick you in the knee.If you are looking for a book with the following Mr TDH Great supporting charactersInsta Love x2A MC who you don t know if you want to stab or slapSelf loathingPNRShiftersVampsAnd a WHOLE bunch of I can t, I am not strong enough You have found your book.Honestly, the first 54% of the book I was utterly intrigued I loved Merc, Dean and Jase Here is how the book played out Piper was an orphan, she went from super natural click to the next not finding a place She was offered by the King to stay with the Vamps and under the protection of the enforcers, Jase and Dean They protected her like she was a little sister Soon their brother joins the scene, Merc aka Mr TDH Piper was told to stay away from him so what does she do She bonds to him and fall utterly in love with Merc within days of meeting him Insta Love 1 After being bonded Piper gets her ass beat so she flees to Alaska There she meets Knox and BOOM insta love 2 It was so fast I got whip lash from it When insta love 2 happened, I gave up on the book I just couldn t I hate a MC who spreads her legs for the newest piece of man meat that gives her any attention Dude it was like a week, give your vagene sometime to heal from the last man that staked out in it I finished the book, wasn t surprised by the ending, and refuse to ponder what the fuck I just read.

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    Read for the Unleash The Mods Challenge UTM over at Fallen Into Tijan Books Pick Maraya Month June Dragons Log 56 I have never utterly hated a heroine hero Until Piper Jones Dragons Log 83 I am seething Dragons Log 109 I am still seething Piper Jones is still alive which causes me to seeth harder.I will get you Piper.Dragons Log 178 Goddess damn it, why won t you just die already Dragons Log 213 My seething has drowned this galaxy Noone survived Except Piper fucking Jones.Dragons Log 267 My seething will most likely destroy another galaxy I am sorry not_reallyYes, I am still seething My anger hasn t lessened and probably never will until I die Not even then.In case you didn t figure it out this was bad, FUCKING AWFUL FUCKING.AWFUL.Our heroine is a fucking moron of unparallel unrivalled proportions She doesn t think, she doesn t fight She is basically a log No, scratch that Logs are useful than Piper Jones The only thing she does is whine, whine, whine and then whine some This book is one stupidity after another and it is all entirely her fault The only thing I am not faulting her with is persuing Merc Everything else is in there Yeah but Maraya there had to be other characters that were good, right Wrong Ok there was one ONE And we didn t get to see him all that much I am talking about Merc Do not get me start on that name cause I need to have something to like here Anyway, everyone else is laughable at best, pitiful and caricaturish at worst Not wasting my breath or magic spirit finger powers See some quotes with a few of my notes below.Don t read it Do something else P.S I am still seething I will get you Piper Jones I will view spoiler Not that you need it but my notes are in bold Just follow the seething hate I may be everything you ve been told, Piper I m cold I m a killer And yes, at times, unstable But not with you I felt the tickle of his breath on my mouth and I leaned toward him, desperate to feel his lips upon mine That is something I am not willing to lose I like how it feels far too much for that I like Merc Piper is TSTL though. 27% left to wonder what in the hell had just happened why everyone seemed so freaked out by it Maybe the whole crew was privy to something I wasn t His brothers explained that bonded pairs never fight or even yell at each other They are blissful in each others presence Yet here you stand wondering why everyone is freaking out when your bonded snapped raised his voice at you TSTL 40% I was tired of solitude Tired of the stress living on the run had caused On the run for two weeks Then you decide to live in a house in the middle of buttfuck nowhere Alaska with 15 male werewolves you know for an hour.Why the fuck are you still alive 53% Jase and Dean cared about me, I knew that to be true The question that remained was did they love their brother Hmm that s a tough one Let us see Their biological brother or you, the person without any ties to them that they have known for a little over a year I know there is a line of Sups that want to kill you but fuck it, I ll kill you myself 85% So much damage had been done that I questioned if it could ever be repaired or if I wanted it repaired at all Losing Merc to the madness had been like a death to me I d grieved his loss and moved on I d found someone else Or had I Watching him walk away, I wasn t so sure. Two weeks You grieved for two fucking weeks And you ve known your new man for one week.Oh my Goddess Piper, I hate you so much 96 hide spoiler

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    3 STARS What a book The prologue had me on the edge Confusing at times but loved the element of mystery Would have wanted back story on the characters Insta love making it hard to pick which hero to go for But overall I was engaged in the thrill and excitement to want to read book 2 Excellent start to a series by Amber Lynn Natusch.

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    Great cover Alas, I did judge it by that But it turned out to be a new adult love triangle without closure.The pace was so fast that it felt like a novella but it kept going and going I kept reading to find out the mystery of the h s power, but the emotional whiplash, confusing time jumps, contradictions, and insta love moved me to read other reviews And my irritation with the heroine and writing isn t just me Once I found out that her forever bond isn t forever, in fact she gets it on with another guy, I gave up I guess I won t find out just what she is, why supernaturals hate her, or who she ends up with but I m not tore up about it.Mature contentRead in KU

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    Well well, besides the fact that I already stated that this story is amazing and very satisfying, I just want to say wow There are alpha males left and right in this story and Merc and Knox are my favorite If I was Piper I would have my way with both but I know that won t be the case, and at the end of the day she will have to chose one over the other probably even none O yes, knowing the evil mastermind at hand she will twist the plot even further I love urban fantasy but this story had something in it that swallowed me in It delivered what my heart and mind wanted, even when I didn t know what this was Fascinating huh I thought so too It has romance, heartthrob kind of romance It was so fun to read and I have to say that I m hardly amused by anything Action tons of action, the kind that keeps you on your toes Most important fact is that it doesn t drag It goes straight to the point and that s one of the things I loved the most about it I had high hopes for this story, and I ve been waiting for it for so long that I was elated when it delivered.A must read if I will say so I love the characters but definitely Piper makes this story come together Piper has powers beyond any knowledge but she doesn t even know it Could NY provide the source of power that she needs That was a big spoiler she s a magnet of trouble, I feel that she shares that quality with Ruby from Caged and Khara from Unborn but she s far powerful than them I would say that she s a Ruby on steroids I love when the story has a powerful, strong woman driven by the bad circumstances that have shaped who she is, especially when she s surrounded by strong, handsome, swoon worthy males wiggling eyebrows I would rate it worth than 5 stars if I could.

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    Heroine is TSTL Quite possibly one of the most eye roll inducing books I ve ever read One star for the cover only.

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    47%I m throwing in the towel I m trying so hard to like the heroine but I can t I can t sympathize with her and I ll admit I m a bit annoyed at how weak she is Maybe it s setting up for her growth throughout the series I don t know But I don t care enough to find out.

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    RabidReads.com A few years ago I discovered a book titled, Caged, by this author I fell in love with the characters and the story and read them all until the series was finished last year I have read this book twice now once a few months ago, and again yesterday I thoroughly enjoyed myself both times And that s because for a first novel in a series, Amber has exceeded my expectations and has written a book that is just as good as Caged, if not better That s something I never thought I would say Piper Jones has made her home with the vampire enforcers of New York City Taken in a couple of years before by the King of the vampires, she had never really had a home until now When vampire enforcer Merc comes home after a long absence, Piper is inexplicably drawn to him, as he is to her But Piper has very dangerous enemies and ends up leaving to hide out in Alaska in the middle of nowhere It s not long before she realizes that she didn t leave the supernatural world in New York, instead she has moved in close to a werewolf pack one that wants to befriend her And just so we re clear, I am not going to mention what supernatural creature that Piper is or isn t That s just part of the mystery in this story.The characters in this book were pretty incredible at least I thought so Piper has to be one of the strongest characters as far as inner strength that I have read in quite some time She has been through a lot and continues to persevere even as is thrown at her Merc was perfect as a handsome, enigmatic vampire with a tortured past Knox, the pack leader in Alaska, was my personal favorite of the group He s down to earth and caring and seems to be a very sweet man And he loves his pack and treats them well It doesn t hurt that he s mega good looking Rounding out the group are Kat, Piper s best friend and a werewolf from New York City, as well as Dean and Jase, vampire enforcer brothers also from NYC, that have anointed themselves as Piper s protectors and honorary big brothers I also should mention a character named Grizz he doesn t have a big part, but I absolutely loved him, and look forward to seeing him in future books He was definitely the comic relief I will leave it to the reader to discover why.This story was filled with suspense and life and death moments Whether it was happening in NYC or Alaska, the action never lagged, nor did the development of the characters or story line It s also a romance and probably the most sexual of any books by this author And yes, I am being intentionally vague about the story line due to spoilers One thing, From the Ashes was a pretty perfect title of this book based on the story, and I thought the cover was pretty great as well.In the end, I came away from the book, both times I read it, wanting I would like the second book as early as yesterday Amber has proven once again to me why I enjoy her work not that I ever doubted her I adored this story and highly recommend it to both paranormal romance fans as well as urban fantasy readers as long as they are adults Adult, due to sexual situations and violence I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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    I read this book from start to finish in one sitting I could not put it down, to the point that I ate dinner while reading which is something I rarely do, as I have children and we all eat together tonight they ate in front of the tv The tone of this story, and that of the characters, is quite different to others from this author There was far less sass and swearing, although still a bit of course , so I expect it will appeal to a wider audience than Caged and Unborn.The story revolves around Piper She is a latent magical being of unknown origin, who has been taken in by the King of the vampires She is forced to run for her life, leaving behind her best friends and enforcers, but inadvertently runs into a werewolf pack.Piper must learn who she can trust, in order to save herself and her friends from her enemies At the same time she is trying to learn about herself and any powers that she may have access to There is plenty of action, and some romance in there as well however I use the word romance fairly loosely, as it s heat and chemistry than slow burning romance.As I implied above, this book held me captive The characters were well written and I really felt their motivation for their actions and decisions although that sometimes took a while to establish.There are vampires, warlocks and werewolves, and while none of these supernaturals are inherently original, the story is about the characters themselves they just happen to be supernatural so I didn t mind the unoriginal aspects of their types Piper, on the other hand, is different I m not sure I ve ever read a book about a supernatural with her variety of powers and we don t even know the extent of them yet.Piper is a very likeable main character She is tough, but also a bit vulnerable She doesn t wallow in pity, she just gets on with things, and for this I love her There are plenty of loveable male characters as well, namely Merc and Knox, as well as the werewolf pack and the vampire enforcers.I loved that this didn t end with a cliff hanger, but there are still plenty of unanswered questions to lead into the next book I cannot wait to read that, as this was an awesome start to a new series

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