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A Hustler's Wife files A Hustler's Wife, read online A Hustler's Wife, free A Hustler's Wife, free A Hustler's Wife, A Hustler's Wife dad3a0934 This Novel Portrays The Life Of Yarni, A Sweet And Innocent Girl From A Well To Do Family By Chance She Meets Richmond Virginia S Notorious Drug Kingpin, Des Immediately They Develop An Astronomical Love, Which Separates Her From Her Family And Friends But When Des Is Sentenced To Life In Prison, Yarni Will Learn Being A Hustler S Wife Isn T Easy With Her Sole Provider Behind Bars

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    Good series enjoyable and an entertaining storyline,with a few crazy characters..well written paperback

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    This book was off the chain Every woman has to have a copy of this book.

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    The story here was good, but completely unbelievable I just have trouble believing a character that starts out so sweet and smart turns into a conniving woman who lets herself get involved in positions that threaten her future I know that some will disagree and say that it s the environment she was exposed to, but I feel like she made some piss poor decisions as well I was also very annoyed by the amount of spelling and grammatical errors in this book No professionally released book should make it to print with this many errors in it It affected the way I was supposed to think about the character, as someone who valued education This vanity press needs to hire an editor, pronto The amount of errors in this book actually slowed down the pace of the novel for me I had to read this for a graduate level class and all I could think was, If I turned in this book as an assignment, the best I could hope for is a C.

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    Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you had all the suspicion in the world but you got so rapped up into something or someone to the point everything you lived for slowly went downhill a hustler s wife was a friction tale between love and the fast life that comes behind it a young girl named yarnise yarni fell in love with a big time player in harlem named des, yarni and des was chronically oppisite Yarnise was and young and educated girl of color She had dreamed of attending college to suceed and overcome her family s trac Desmon des was living in the fast lifemoney,women,drugs and cars he dropped out of school in the 5th grade put still he became the richest man living on the south side to know him was to respect himPartially i enjoyed this book 65% of my time reviewing it because of its appealing and great images and vivid vocabulary the characters jumped out to me as if i knew them and or could relate to them i could picture myself in this book playing the role of Yarnise pure beauty and brains, house on a hill, no children education funds complete and headed to the future but push come to shove would trade that in for pissy hallways and shoot outs every night and life in the projects Money doesn t by happiness and happiness doesn t buy love i can see myself walking a yard in her shoes sometimes things that aren t always good for us is good for us Shani Hayes i was highly betrothed in this book it wasn t fiction in the centerpiece of my eye it was real life of the streets.Nevertheless, their is a subvision of this book which prominently botherd me I m not a fan to the way Yarni was treated as a whole she gave up her education, her wonderful life and even her relationship with her mother to make Des happy and even though he was a player Yarni was understanding of that and still stood her ground and position as his wife they got married when Yarni was 17 and Des was in his mid twenty s Yarnise was new to the game but Des was true to the game, he ran everything and everyone later along the line Des was incarcerated and while time passed by he broke up with Yarni over a ciagrette and by this time she had no connections with her family the only one she had was her mother and by his commands she had lost all connections with her and Desmon s mother kicked Yarni out she had no money no friends and by now no pride she have been betrayed by the love of her live and the only way for her to survive is to sell her body she is now introduced to the game and this is her only was out.This book actually taught me something, everything good doesn t last forever so live everyday like it s your last and never be into someone or something so much that you betray your own mother and in the end you gave up your books for selling your body midnights in new york the most important body utensil is the one between your eyes brain Nikki Turner made a hit as a novel a Hustler s wife is one of my favortie books it has its Pro s and Con s to it but what don t nothing is perfect everything comes in a package with flaws as well as intutions.Yarnise had it all planned out for her, the house, car school etc but getting caught up between love and her own personal connections almost cost her, her life MSG TO ALL MY LADIES..9 out of 10 males are full of it and unsurprisenly that 1 thats left is taken my advice is to be independent to the best of your ability and if you think differently than never but an relationship in front of your dreams that you have put out for and to ubsurbly put your love ones out your life is insane no love is that strongWOMEN OF SOCIETY USE YOUR HEAD STAY WISE.

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    I found this abandoned in the laundromat and I took the liberty of perusing a few pages Now I see why it was abandoned They say that a person is composed of what they eat I believe a person s mind is greatly influenced by the materials that are put into it This book is a poorly written, grammatically incorrect piece of garbage with no redeeming social or entertainment value whatsoever It comes from a trifling place of mind and it reflects a backwards attitude Sample sentence The nerve of this big dyke looking wench, she could have told me that before, when I was here the first time I feel like smacking the hell out of her This book is the literary equivalent of dogshit on the bottom of your shoes without the good luck.

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    This book was utter crap Amateurish, poorly edited, implausible plot, no writing style at all virtually no dialog.big paragraphs of he said, she said It was like reading a junior high fantacist s spiral notebook Ugh.

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    A Hustler s Wife This triple crown production book is my favorite book of all time This book is so good I can go on and on about it This book was about a hustler being married to this seemed to be innocent girl Even though the book has so many things I like about it 3 things stand out to me The coming up, hood credit and the changes The coming up Imagine a girl with a nice family, quiet with no knowledge of the hood Being from the suburbs Then imagine meeting a drug dealer who runs the streets Well that is what happened in this book I like that the book had this because this girl went from living life average to living it big She stood by her man, he wound up buying her houses, cars, jewelry etc She stayed with money in her pocket Even when he was in jail she was out selling his drugs making that money, she was bringing home over 1,000 a week That is what I like about this book How a innocent suburban girl come up like that being taught almost everything about the hood to be out there making money while her man in jail That is crazy it makes you think does this stuff really happen Hood credit Went from nothing to something Went from only having a little friends to being known all across the hood In this book the girl got known She got respect all around She was able to sell his drugs for him when he went to jail If she had a problem his people was there for her She lost her virginity to him and all She really was the top bitch in the hood and everybody knew her She could do what ever she wanted and would not get questioned because people respected her so much I really liked that about this book because it really showed how someone can really get respect in the hood from dating one person It really seemed real like it could have really happened Changes She went from an innocent girl to a girl behind a hustler She went from Mrs goody to selling drugs She changed through out thee book As I said before she came up and she got hood credit thats all apart of her changing I like that she changed because when you first open the book you would think she would be good through out and he would just be the bad influence but it did not go like that He influenced her to stay in school etc She took it upon herself to gain respect etc I would recommend this book to people who like triple crown production books This book is a great book and is my favorite of all time because some things stand out to me like the hood credit, coming up and her changes.

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    Had to go back to old school reading, thoroughly enjoyed it

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    I liked this I would give it 4 stars but I m going back and forth between the two I was very annoyed by all of the mistakes in this book there are far in this book than any other I ve ever read I m not as anal as a lot of people when it comes to that sort of thing and I can usually skip right over any spelling I love it I just spelled the word spelling wrong LOL , punctuation, grammar, etc mistakes but the amount and the extent of the mistakes in this are no joke There were sentences to the effect of She said I won t be going with you Um, WHAT If you can get past the many mistakes I do suggest reading this because the plot and characters are great I loved what happened with Yarni s friend Cara, made me want to slap her in the face a few times The twist at the very end with Des and Rico was awesome and actually, there was quite a bit in there that probably doesn t seem realistic to some but to others it most definitely would I d give it 3 1 2 stars.

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    I read this book because my sister recommended it to me I really don t like type of book Gave it 2 stars cause I couldn t get into it.

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