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    Bruce, I fucking love you That was amazing June 1, 1985, Slane Castle, Dublin, Ireland Slane is NOT in Dublin, Bruce , our first stadium show ever Slane joined a rising number of our other performances to attain legendary status and, despite my distraction, turned out to be a solid show On the streets of Dublin, it is often mentioned that if you were there, you were there I was certainly there I was there too.My first rock concert 31 years ago I have the tickets and the t shirt to prove it.So began a lifelong love of The Boss.I have seen him only five times since then so six times in total My 20 year old son has also seen him six times We saw Bruce, as a family, over the years, five times 4 times in Ireland three in the space of two weeks, one summer and once in Belgium , but this summer my oldest son was the lucky one who saw him in Glasgow sans famille I think I will keep this short and sweet because I really could wax lyrical about the book and Bruce for hours on end Is it a book for hardcore fans I don t think so It is very much a look at American life over the years so that means it will be of interest to many who may not be Springsteen fans It is very personal, very candid Sad at times We learn about his relationship with his father a taciturn Irishman, who does not deal well with emotions or relationships It is hard to read at times but I think Bruce, by writing this book, sort of dealt with his Dad and it was cathartic for him I think they found peace in the end At least, I hope they did That was it It was all I needed, all that was necessary I was blessed on that day and given something by my father I thought I d never live to see If you are lucky enough to see Bruce in concert, you see a happy, upbeat guy No way would I have thought he had demons in his life But it is in his genes and Patti is there to see him through His love for her shines through in the book I guess she is an original rock chick Did I say I was going to keep this short and sweet Writing about yourself is a funny business At the end of the day it s just another story, the story you ve chosen about the events in your life I haven t told you all about myself Discretion and the feelings of others don t allow it I think you told us enough, Bruce It was a privilege to read about your life, your feelings, your love, your family and your struggles.I will finish with a quote from David Brooks in THE ATLANTIC He is a literate, artful, and even urbane writer there is no way this book is ghosted who has reaped the sorts of insights you get from than three decades in therapy He is still tortured and haunted, but he has gotten himself or less together The journey from obscurity to rock and roll fantasy is not as important in this book as the internal journey from anxious urgency to some sort of self forgiving peace I love the relationship he has with his Mom There was one thing I was sure of it was going to be Patti and me for life, until the wheels come off I guess that s it then He is committed to Patti He won t be coming, anytime soon, to drag me up on stage and Dance in the Dark Born in the USA may not be his most prolific album let s be honest, it s not He even admits it himself BUT , that album did introduce me to The Boss Maybe not introduce , as I had listened to The River and his earlier albums prior to listening to it, but it got me on board the concert circuit 1st June A happy day It s also Himself s birthday while I was rocking at Slane, he was elsewhere, doing university exams We hadn t even met yet Two years later, he did meet HIS Rock Chick My review cannot really do justice to this book I hope to see Bruce many times in concert Long Live The Boss Independence Day Well Papa go to bed now it s getting late Nothing we can say is gonna change anything now I ll be leaving in the morning from St Mary s Gate We wouldn t change this thing even if we could somehow Cause the darkness of this house has got the best of us There s a darkness in this town that s got us too But they can t touch me now And you can t touch me now They ain t gonna do to me What I watched them do to you So say goodbye it s Independence Day It s Independence Day All down the line Just say goodbye it s Independence Day It s Independence Day this time Now I don t know what it always was with us We chose the words, and yeah, we drew the lines There was just no way this house could hold the two of us I guess that we were just too much of the same kind Well say goodbye it s Independence Day It s Independence Day all boys must run away So say goodbye it s Independence Day All men must make their way come Independence Day Now the rooms are all empty down at Frankie s joint And the highway she s deserted clear down to Breaker s Point There s a lot of people leaving town now leaving their friends, their homes At night they walk that dark and dusty highway all alone Well Papa go to bed now, it s getting late Nothing we can say can change anything now Because there s just different people coming down here now and they see things in different ways And soon everything we ve known will just be swept away So say goodbye it s Independence Day Papa now I know the things you wanted that you could not say But won t you just say goodbye it s Independence Day I swear I never meant to take those things away

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    Excuse me as I quietly fangirl over here Yes, I m 20 30 years younger than most of this fanbase but this was the music I was raised on I literally didn t know of pop until middle school That s right My parents hid decades of music from me and I couldn t have had a happier childhood I was a grouchy old woman by the time I hit middle school, NSYC Turn that boppy crap down You all should be listening to music with soul As a symptom of this, I can sing to nearly every Classic Rock song on the radio but I have no idea the artist band title forgive me, I learned the songs when I was four Ergo, I have decided to educate myself and what better way than by reading books Figure 1 Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band circa 1977 To be perfectly honest, I only know which one is Springsteen because he s in the center I was FOUR okay I also always thought it was the East Street Band This memoir is fairly in depth featuring over 500 pages covering Springsteen s childhood to present day Every time dates or big world events were mentioned, I was taken aback It s a weird duality because I listened to his music in the mid 90s, I made the assumption throughout my childhood that the music was made in the mid 90s So, when I would read about Springsteen getting the first TV on his block, dodging the draft or causing tension by including black band members my immediate thought would be, but surely he s not that old Figure 2 Bruce Springsteen in the 80s I guess he really is that old Unlike many memoirs of the famous, he does than just name dropping and humble bragging When he spoke about the early stages of his career, Springsteen cited the typical motivations of the times Presley and the Beatles but he gave far page space to the real people friends and folks around his hometown He gave credit to everyone especially to his mother who scrimped and saved to buy him his first guitar.We do read about a few particularly memorable misadventures for example Springsteen and many of his friends decided to dodge the draft They wanted to continue their music, they didn t want to fight and most importantly they wanted to stay alive So, they concocted a plan to take full advantage of the mentally unfit excuse We proceeded as follows Step 1 Make a mess out of your forms Like them know they re trying to corral a drug addicted gay patholically bed wetting lunatic who can barely write his name into the US military.Step 2 Make them believe it. They proceeded to Act the mumbling, bumbling swishing don t give a fuck about orders freak On STP, LSD and anything else you can get your hands on A hippie outcast destroyer of troop moral, corroder of discipline, much trouble than you re worth Get the fuck out of here joke of a recruit He used his time saved from the military to launch his music career though he did hit quite a few rough patches From botched contracts to flighty band members, he s seen it all But throughout his career, he had one, singular goal I wanted to craft a record that sounded like the last record on earth Like the last record you might hear The last one you d ever need to hear One glorious noise, then the apocalypse. And to me, he s achieved it The 2018 PopSugar Reading Challenge a book with song lyrics in the titleAudiobook CommentsIt s a doozy this audiobook stretches 18 hours but hey, it s read by the author Woohoo Blog Instagram Twitter

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    Your mission today, if you choose to accept to accept it Self, is to head to my nearest Barnes and Noble and make this masterpiece mine MINE MINE MINE MINE

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    I loved this book Yes, I m a Springsteen fan but I am not always a fan of autobiographical books I couldn t put it down and actually finished in a day So much I had no idea about his life and he was so open in this book He was honest with his feelings and stayed true to himself in this book He is not without fault or demons but if your a fan, you will stay a fan but I think the Boss gained some new ones along the way It s a gritty book and not often pretty but just like his music says show a little faith, there s magic in the night You ain t a beauty but, hey, your alright Oh, and that s alright with me Must Read

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    I listened to this from Audible.com read by Bruce Springsteen Back in the 70s in very blue collared Cleveland, Ohio I first heard Bruce Springsteen Darkness on the Edge of Town was the first vinyl LP I owned I owned plenty of 8 tracks but albums were things you kept recorded to cassettes Springsteen, although a New Jersey native, was the patron saint of my hometown With the regularity of Big Ben ringing the hour, every Friday at 5 00 pm WMMS would blast Born to Run with every single one of the fifty thousand watts There was a better life outside of the Jungle Land and we all wanted to find it We knew the steel mills wouldn t last forever and, although romanticized, no one really wanted to be a factory worker Bruce Springsteen and a few others like Patti Smith and The Pretenders have followed me around for almost the last half century Love or hate audio books, but there is something about the author reading his own life to you It is warm and personal Springsteen is no different You can hear the range of emotions in his voice from ecstatic to sorrow Although in his mid sixties he still has that youthful punkish tone to his voice and attitude A great autobiography for rock and roll fans Springsteen is honest and doesn t hold back although he seems not to hold grudges He seems to take things as learning experiences Unlike flash in the pan musicians, Springsteen has paid his dues albums stretching back over forty years He has than enough stories to fill those years There is rarely a dull moment in his life story He includes background on his parents, friends, band members especially Miami Steve and Clarence Clemmons , and his family There are the ups and downs of running a band and the swings in popularity as well as trying to lead a personal life Springsteen also opens up about depression and its treatment He is still celebrated as the hero of the blue collar worker although concert ticket prices reflect otherwise but the shows are long although he freely admits he s never worked a day in his life Perhaps, I am a bit biased and see some of my younger years and environment in his writing and songs , but this is is an excellent, candid, and sincere book well worth the read.

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    4 My husband also a musician does not share my enthusiasm for Springsteen s music yes, this has caused a few tense moments in our marriage but admits that he is a great songwriter When celebrities who are not authors write a memoir they undoubtedly get help from ghost writers so I did some searching and learned that he worked on his book alone for seven years before seeking out a publisher I was pleased to discover that his songwriting chops crossed over intact to authoring and was engaged from the start Bruce is a showman and entertainer This one is verbose with many songs on the set list and no fan lucky enough to attend one of his legendary 3 4 hour concerts that would be me would expect anything less.After reading about early then later family life, the inspiration and heartache behind the music, coping with serious depression, reinventing his music, the brotherhood of the band RIP Big Man C , and the great blessings of his marriage and children, I was gratified to learn that I really like the generous and talented man behind the music I love.That moment at the L.A Coliseum when he sang So you re scared and you re thinking that maybe we ain t that young any then held the mike out to us and we sang right on cue Show a little faith, there s magic in the nightYou ain t a beauty but, hey, you re alrightOh, and that s alright with me Thanks for such a memorable night Bruce It was right up there with seeing The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl.With that I m dating myself and I ain t that young any but I danced through the entire concert and only sat down at the intermission.Fans, musicians yes, even my husband and music lovers everywhere will find this one is worthy of your time, especially if you grew up in the era of great rock and roll I was doing the E Street shuffle throughout the pages cause tramps like me were born to run and read Music and reading from one source A twofer Bruuuuuuuuuuce

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    Writing about yourself is a funny business but in a project like this, the writer has made one promise, to show the reader his mind In these pages, I ve tried to do this And The Boss certainly delivered Gah, I cannot compliment this book enough Springsteen writes his autobiography like he writes his music, with an honest voice and in the most beautifully stunning way He has a way with words They reach inside you and open you up, heart and soul.Reading about how Springsteen made it to the top is so inspiring A man who came from nothing and would not stop until he had everything All in a bid to achieve the elusive American dream but what happens when you achieve the American dream How does your music and style of writing change How do you relate to the life you used to have and the dreams you used to strive for All of this is covered in this book.He documents his father s battles with mental health, before exploring the dark looming cloud hanging over him He himself has inherited the susceptibility to depression and talks about it in such an open and honest way that only Springsteen could.One of my major takeaways from this book is that Bruce Springsteen is a guy that will always empty the tank in everything he does and he infuses that philosophy into the E Street Band They will play for at least 3 hours every night like it s the last concert they ll ever play That is showmanship That is passion That is Bruce Springsteen.

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    I m a huge Bruce Springsteen fan, so it would be hard for this not to be fun for me to read I loved the stories of his childhood of near poverty, Catholicism, Freehold, NJ, his family, his awful father Bruce s ambition, from the get go, is fascinating As his desire for fame He is very honest and searching in this memoir with thirty years of therapy to grease the wheels and I found him to be quite articulate about his emotional landscape He also takes a poignant look at depression and getting old It was thrilling to hear him discuss how he wrote particular albums and how he writes songs Less interesting to me were all the early bands band members figures who come in and out Some of his aggrandizing of himself and others got tired The book is a little repetitive and definitely could have used a heavy handed editor But, hey, it s Bruce Springsteen I think he s a fabulous storyteller in songs Darkness on the Edge of Town The River Nebraska and he does a pretty fine job of it here in long form.

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    18 hours is a lot of Bruce To be fair, it s a lot of anyone, but there is no better way to experience this than on audio with Bruce Springsteen expressively telling his story in his perfectly gravelly voice The beginning chapters were especially touching as he nostalgically described in detail his day to day upbringing with his extended family, his deep love for them, and his sense of attachment and loyally to his family, his friends, and his neighborhood It s difficult not to admire his ability to always keep his eye on the prize He knew from a very young age that he wanted to be a rock legend and he did it What I loved about this were the gems of wisdom he casually dropped that only come with age Had I read this, I could have marked them down and put them in my review There were many, they often came out of nowhere, and they were brilliant I loved the relaxed delivery of these lines I often thought what he had just said was a line in one of his songs, and I enjoyed hearing the back stories to some of those songs, even when he didn t actually point it out.Bruce Springsteen remains an enigma even after alllll those hours I spent listening to him tell his story At times arrogant, at times humble, he has the tremendously high opinion of himself required to be a rock legend, yet he appears to possess great humility He has released a lot of musicians from his various bands, he himself always in charge, yet he appears to have nothing negative to say about anyone and refers to most as very dear friends Overall, I truly enjoyed this but I did feel it needed some serious editing Then again, who would have the balls to tell Bruce Springsteen that they were going to cut out 200 pages of rambling stories from his memoir We all know he d just fire them but remain their good friend To me Bruce Springsteen remains an awe inspiring talent, who has never forgotten where he came from 4 stars.

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    I am not a Springsteen fan nor detractor Before listening to this, I could have named perhaps one of his songs, though I m sure I would have known if I were played them Yet when I heard his Desert Island Discs interview I was mesmerised by his personality, his voice, and his honesty This man is not just a rock pop soul icon, he s interesting and has something to say On top of all that, he has an incredibly warm, inviting tone, with a huskiness that suggests the daredevil beneath When I saw that he had narrated his own memoir and had done so recently, I was drawn to find out His words are beautiful crafted I m not sure why that was such a surprise to me, but his storytelling and writing style has moments of such stunning emotive and descriptive power that I immediately understood why his music has meant so much to so many for so long There are truths within it His own truths are bared to the reader listener too His openness about his depression was both stark and affirming he speaks without shame about his tears, the good times and the bad, the ways in which love and support has kept him going Here, the audio wins hands down you can hear every bit of emotion as he talks about his family and friends, his mistakes and triumphs every detail imbued with a frank self reflection that I would struggle to apply to my own life It felt like he was talking to me alone, perhaps in a bar over a beer, but it was of a celebration than a confession.It is all you can ask of someone in this kind of recounting, that they reveal what is is their mind and who they are In this, Bruce Springsteen has excelled.

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Born to run download Born to run, read online Born to run, kindle ebook Born to run, Born to run 745d2ac7312e Writing About Yourself Is A Funny Business But In A Project Like This, The Writer Has Made One Promise, To Show The Reader His Mind In These Pages, I Ve Tried To Do This Bruce Springsteen, From The Pages Of Born To RunIn , Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band Performed At The Super Bowl S Halftime Show The Experience Was So Exhilarating That Bruce Decided To Write About It That S How This Extraordinary Autobiography BeganOver The Past Seven Years, Bruce Springsteen Has Privately Devoted Himself To Writing The Story Of His Life, Bringing To These Pages The Same Honesty, Humor, And Originality Found In His SongsHe Describes Growing Up Catholic In Freehold, New Jersey, Amid The Poetry, Danger, And Darkness That Fueled His Imagination, Leading Up To The Moment He Refers To As The Big Bang Seeing Elvis Presley S Debut On The Ed Sullivan Show He Vividly Recounts His Relentless Drive To Become A Musician, His Early Days As A Bar Band King In Asbury Park, And The Rise Of The E Street Band With Disarming Candor, He Also Tells For The First Time The Story Of The Personal Struggles That Inspired His Best Work, And Shows Us Why The Song Born To Run Reveals Than We Previously Realized Born To Run Will Be Revelatory For Anyone Who Has Ever Enjoyed Bruce Springsteen, But This Book Is Much Than A Legendary Rock Star S Memoir This Is A Book For Workers And Dreamers, Parents And Children, Lovers And Loners, Artists, Freaks, Or Anyone Who Has Ever Wanted To Be Baptized In The Holy River Of Rock And RollRarely Has A Performer Told His Own Story With Such Force And Sweep Like Many Of His Songs Thunder Road, Badlands, Darkness On The Edge Of Town, The River, Born In The USA The Rising, And The Ghost Of Tom Joad, To Name Just A Few , Bruce Springsteen S Autobiography Is Written With The Lyricism Of A Singular Songwriter And The Wisdom Of A Man Who Has Thought Deeply About His Experiences