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The Angels Share txt The Angels Share , text ebook The Angels Share , adobe reader The Angels Share , chapter 2 The Angels Share , The Angels Share 748f16 Folksy Charm, An Undercurrent Of Menace, And An Aura Of Hope Permeate This Ultimately Inspirational Tale BooklistFrom Award Winning Author James Markert Comes A Southern Tale Of Fathers And Sons, Young Romance, Revenge And Redemption, And The Mystery Of MiraclesNow That Prohibition Has Ended, What The Townspeople Of Twisted Tree, Kentucky, Need Most Is The Revival Of The Old Sam Bourbon Distillery But William McFee Knows It Ll Take A Miracle To Convince His Father, Barley, To Once Fill His Family S Aging House With Barrels Full Of BourbonWhen A Drifter Recently Buried Near The Distillery Begins To Draw Crowds Of Pilgrims, The McFees Are Dubious Yet Miracles Seem To Come To Those Who Once Interacted With The Deceased And To Those Now Praying At His Grave As People Descend On The Town To Visit The Potter S Field Christ, William Seeks To Find The Connection Between The Tragic Death Of His Younger Brother And The Mysterious DrifterBut As News Spreads About The Miracles At The Potter S Field, The Publicity Threatens To Bring The Depth Of Barley S Secret Past To Light And Put The Entire McFee Family In Jeopardy Distinguished By Complex Ideas And A Foreboding Tone, Markert S A White Wind Blew Enthralling Novel Captures A Dark Time And A People Desperate For Hope Library Journal Mysterious, Gritty And A Bit Mystical, Markert S Entertaining New Novel Inspires The Question Of What If Many Characters Are Nicely Multilayered, Providing A Good Balance Of Intrigue And Realism The Fascinating Glimpse Into The Process Of Distilling Bourbon And The Effect Of The Prohibition On Kentucky And Its Bourbon Families Adds Another Layer To The Story RT Book Reviews

About the Author: James Markert

James Markert is a novelist, screenwriter, producer, and USPTA tennis pro from Louisville, Kentucky, where he lives with his wife and two children He has a history degree from the University of Louisville He won an IPPY Award for The Requiem Rose, which later became A White Wind Blew He is the writer and co producer of the new feature film and tennis comedy, 2nd Serve, starring Josh Hopkins fro

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    I greatly enjoy when a novel educates and The Angels Share delivered on that score The education began with the title which references the evaporation that occurs with bourbon and is said to be given to angels for protection of the distillery In the process of reading, I looked up around 7 8 words in the dictionary Some examples are cooper a person who makes casks or barrels , jake o.k or fine and bindle possessions of a hobo.Another positive aspect of the novel is the setting The story is set in 1934 Kentucky, during the Great Depression and just after Prohibition ended The events that happened and the descriptions that were included brought the time to life.The story line itself fell short for me and I was not invested in it I did enjoy the character development of both Barley and Samantha There were some sweet moments between the two of them.As a word of caution some readers may be offended by the hint at premarital sex and or the reference to drug use by one of the characters.My gratitude to the publisher Thomas Nelson for a complimentary copy of the novel It was a delight to try a new to me author I was not required to post a review and the opinions expressed are my own.

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    Bourbon and the Potter Field ChristWillie McFee grows up in Twisted Tree, Kentucky His family is relatively well off, although the town is suffering the effects of having the bourbon distillery, owned by the McFee family, shut down by Prohibition Although Prohibition is over, Barley, Willie s father shows no interest in reopening the distillery Willie encourages him dreaming of becoming the distiller as his grandfather planned Then a drifter comes to town He dies and is buried in the Potter s Field on the McFee property, but that s not the end of the story Gossip circulates giving the man credit for performing miracles Soon people arrive to pray at the site Rumors that he is the Second Coming of Christ spread changing the town and the McFees.This historical novel is true to the time presenting the problems and dislocation caused by Prohibition and the Depression It s also historically accurate that during the period itinerant preachers and drifters wandered from place to place giving voice to the word of God and sometimes miracles happened The characters in the book are well developed Willie struggles with his ambition and his father s retreat from the world The townspeople are representative of people caught in a difficult situation they cannot control The story is full of twists The several plots coming together from World War I and the Depression to the problems of Prohibition If you enjoy a well written historical novel, you ll enjoy this book I received this book from Harper Collins for this review.

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    Author James Markert s captivating novel, Angels Share, grabbed my attention in the bookstore first with it s appealing cover I like a good looking book cover The description too was fascinating, and I m so glad that I went ahead and picked it up to read This story, set just after Prohibition was lifted, pulls you into the lives of the McFee family of Twisted Tree, Kentucky, Once prominent maker of one of the best bourbons around, the family had fallen on hard times with the closure of the distillery and the tragic loss of their youngest son So it is understandable that the strange occurences after the burial of a man who claimed to have special power related to Jesus himself would affect the McFee s all in different ways Head of the family, Barley McFee, is especially troubled and finds a renewal of faith and forgiveness as he and his son William seek to fnd the answers to the question on everyone s mind was Asher Keating, the deceased homeless man, possibly the second coming of Jesus I really enjoyed this book Markert does a fine job of describing both the post Prohibition era as well as the absolute bare bones production of whiskey I also admired how Markert wove in a thread of faith that continued throughout the story While not your typical faith based novel, I found Angels Share to be a hidden treasure of a novel I can t wait to read from this author very soon

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    I can t in all good conscious give this read any than one star Despite the fact that James Markert seems talented in his writing skills I found this book at Lifeway Christian Bookstore on the bargain isle and while I was hoping for something different I wasn t looking for something so utterly disturbing and unbiblical I m shocked it s being sold as Christian fiction Where will the line be drawn

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    This is a very busy story It surprised me as I thought it was a different story This is like a jigsaw puzzle Once you start reading it is hard to stop It starts with WW I Then there was the big Depression and Prohibition This is when it turns to be a very Graphic book This was how it worked back then Now we have the evangelists travelling to push their religion This is a rough racist time and here comes the KKK Barley has a distillery that is shut down Asher shows up and seems to be able to fix people s problems He has a following, dies and is buried in the Potter s Field near the distillery The bad times come back again There are so many twists and turns like Henry who dances and is 3 They use the Angel s Share, which is the aroma from used whiskey barrels If you like hard times, murders, and making Bourbon Whiskey then this is the book for you Give this story a chance You may learn something I did I volunteered to read and review this book.

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    I received a copy of this book in a giveaway on Goodreads, with the expectation of an honest review It was a good historical fiction about a family in the 1930 s, who owned a non functioning distillery, who were also hiding their own secrets The book started out catching my attention, and didn t let up Many stories intertwined, but it didn t seem overdone Nice writing, and now, I want to take a road trip and visit a bourbon distillery, and smell the angel s share for myself.

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    Might as well start this party off I really liked this book in fact, I loved it But then again, I wrote it, sooooo, there you go I hope everyone likes reading it as much as I liked writing it.

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    Some books grab you from the first page and never let go Others take their time, gradually revealing themselves as the pages pass Books in the first camp all too often flame out, while books in the second camp sometimes never seem to get anywhere Angels Share, the second novel by James Markert A White Wind Blew , patiently takes its time, gradually assembling its pieces until they are ready to move And the result is a bittersweet tale of family, secrets, loss and joy wrapped around the repeal of Prohibition in a distillery town That distillery town is the fictional Twisted Tree, Kentucky, which is a stand in for any of scores of towns that had their lives torn asunder by Prohibition as the government shut down the town s economic engine in the name of spiritual purity and the Great Depression following hard on its heels Prohibition has now ended but the Depression still lies heavy across the country So why would the inscrutable Barley McFee, patriarch of the family that owns the distillery, refuse to re open Barley s son William, effectively the narrator of the story, is as puzzled if not as angry as everyone else in town.William assumes Barley s refusal to reopen the distillery stems from some combination of horrors Barley experienced, possibly as a front line soldier in World War I, or likely the tragic and unexplained death of William s younger brother Henry William s younger brother had been one of those kids everyone loved and a dancing prodigy to boot even as a little kid So why had he been in the car with Barley late on the night of the accident So the McFees are a family in misery, Barley s as bad as anyone s And you don t question misery.But then something odd happens A drifter is buried in the potter s field near the distillery The drifter was no ordinary man He had followers Followers who believed in him Followers who believed in him the way the Twelve Disciples believed in Jesus And then the miracles start.What ensues is a surprising, occasionally shocking, and at times joyful tale of a family coming to terms with its secrets, its losses, and recovering its sense of self While not every plot thread may be as successful as the others, the end of this tale is both realistically ambiguous and deeply satisfying.Markert writes clearly and cleanly, and Angels Share goes down as smooth as a glass of Old Sam The title comes from the bourbon that evaporates through the barrel staves during the aging process just one of the little delightful details Markert weaves throughout the novel A novel that doesn t fit nicely or neatly into any genre that I m aware of, Angels Share is an original and compelling read definitely recommended.

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    The Angels Share was both an interesting book and a challenge for me to read Set during the end of prohibition it is a time in American history I didn t know very well The small town of twisted tree sets the seen for a gritty and dark tale of clandestine distilleries and the making of bourbon When a passing drifter is buried in an aptly named Potter s Field , crowds begin to flock determined to witness a miracle by praying at his grave We see the story form William McFee s eyes as he and his family struggle to determine what is true and what is fantasy I found the setting and storyline compelling and was fascinated by the detail around the distillery and the title Angels share from the evaporating process of ageing the bourbon My only criticism is I found the characters hard to keep track of particularly how they placed in the family the mother and father character s routinely referred to by their christian name along side the children siblings for me made it hard to place the family dynamic but this is a small criticism A little added concentration to each character should remedy this All in all a very different book which challenges any genre you might like to try and shoehorn it into Many thanks to Harper Collins Fiction Guild for giving me the opportunity to experience it.

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    William McFee has yet to make anything of himself, though he works on becoming a reporter while secretly dreaming of re opening the family distillery that used to be the lifeblood of the town of Twisted Tree, Kentucky The story takes us on a journey through a pivotal time in William s life, as his father s past comes to light And that journey includes so much first kisses, gangsters, guns, bums and saints, murder and miracles Highly recommended, particularly for readers with an appreciation for gritty fiction set in the rough times of Depression Era small town America Definitely a book that will be on my shelves to be re read, The Angels Share has fueled my desire to read Erskine Caldwell I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers book review bloggers program I was not required to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own This is an edited version of the review originally published on bookworlder.wordpress.com

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