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G-Spot chapter 1 G-Spot, meaning G-Spot, genre G-Spot, book cover G-Spot, flies G-Spot, G-Spot fc5adf558d420 Her Man Demanded Loyalty, But Her Body Wouldn T Obey Have You Ever Rolled Over In The Middle Of The Night And Realized You Were Doing Things You Swore You D Never Do Sexing Brothers You Vowed You D Never Touch Bending Backwards And Stooping Lower Than You Ever Thought You D Stoop Well If You Can Feel Me Even A Little Bit, Then Let Me Hit You With A Story That Just Might Blow Your Mind Nineteen Year Old Juicy Stanfield Is The Sexy Young Girlfriend Of Granite G McKay, Owner Of Harlem S Notorious G Spot Social Club A Drug Dealer With A Lethal Streak, He Runs Harlem With An Iron Fist But Even The Cash And The Bling Can T Keep Juicy From Getting Restless, And While G Fulfills Her Every Material Desire, She S Burning Up With Unrequited Sexual Energy To Cheat On Him Would Mean A Death Sentence So Juicy Finds Pleasure In Secret Ways Fantasizing On Crowded Subways Or Allowing Her Eyes To Hungrily Take In The Male Dancers On The Club S Ladies NightBut As Juicy S Sexual Cravings Grow Stronger, One Thing Becomes Frighteningly Clear She S A Virtual Prisoner In G S Dangerous World As G Begins To Suspect Her Of Playin Him, He Pulls The Reins He Keeps On Her Even Tighter If She S Ever To Escape And Get A Life Of Her Own She Must Find A Way To Start Stashing Away Some Of G S Cash But Doing That Under G S Watchful Eye Is A Challenge She Might Not Live Up To Especially When Her Appetite Tempts Her With The Deadliest Desire Of All G S Very Own Son From The Trade Paperback Edition

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    This story is a fiction story of a girl named Juicy from Harlem Her life gets turned around when a big time drug dealer G makes her his girl and tells Juicy and her brother to move in with him in his big apartment Everything is great until G cant please Juicy sexually, he wont let her out the house besides to go to school and G starts beating Juicy when she does something he doesn t like After the 2 weeks in Hawaii Juicy spent with G s son Gino when he comes to visit, him and Juicy fall in love and decides she doesn t want to live with G and his life She had a plan to steal some of G s money and leave with Jimmy G finds out Gino and Juicy had sex and got mad and beat Juicy and tried to kill Gino but let him go, he also beat Jimmy but Jimmy saved the day by killing G Juicy and Gino met up again and found G s whole fortune and left for California.In this story there were a lot of obstacles that Juicy had to go through in order to try to run from G and try to have some fun for herself She had to lie to sneak to a party, she had to steal a key to the big safe, she had to keep her and Gino s relationship a secret and she had to endure all of G s beatings.

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    This book was awesome I need to read this again

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    My old co worker loves this whole urban lit genre and has read about a million of these shitty books She gave me the five best to read and although I don t have anything against an occasionally trashy book, I have to say that based the five I ve read this being the only one I could remember the whole Urban lit genre is entirely worthless With books like this and adults who read Harry Potter I m a bit conflicted Surely anything that encourages people to read is a good thing, right Maybe not when those book lack any redeeming quality Better to watch TV.

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    Okay, okay, okay.What the heck can I say about this book I must say that I do believe this was the first time I ever read a book from this author I liked it I really did I think I spent the whole time saying Ah Heck NawWouldn t have been meI think it made me really think that people are really out there doing this type of stuff I mean, I m really glad I know and knew what a lot because that girl was special My momma always told me a long time that money didn t buy you everything and this girl thought it did Now, I didn t quite like the ending because all I kept saying was we don t believe in getting tested It just seemed a little unreal I m going to have all that stuff happen to me and then I m going to want children sorry if it is a spoiler But come on heck to the naw I wouldn t even want another man on me But after reading this book it made me think of that rapper who sang These are the tales the freaky tales, these are the tales Because they sure did tale a freaky tale..and Noire whats up with the men who are big bosses but they don t know nothing about having sex Really I noticed this theme in your novel candy lickeruh not quite feeling that whole thing Definitely wrong if you asked me.

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    This book is a cross between THE COLDEST WINTER EVER and ADDICTED Its about a nineteen year old girl named Juicy and she is in a relationship w this guy named Granite G McKay who happens to run a strip club He hounds her and really doesn t allow her to do much He doesnt really respect her and the way I percieved it, he controlled her through his money G was the top dog around town and everyone respected him so even if Juicy wanted to go shopping or anything of that sort watchful eyes were always lurking..she couldnt even fantasize in peace Juicy was virtually a prisoner in G s world so she went on a mission of saving stashing money his money and developing a master plan to escape this monster of a man.

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    I read this book in high school and it is my favorite Urban Erotica This book is legendary I haven t met anyone who hasn t read this book.

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    This was my first time reading an Urban Lit book, and I m not too sure if I entirely have a taste for this genre I hate to base it off of this book only, but I guess that s another story.Juicy is this nineteen year old girl who s controlled and forced to be submissive in both public and in the bedroom by her notorious lover, G G, well known in the city for getting what he wants when he wants, is sexually depriving her to the point where she starts to fight back, forcing Juicy to learn about G s well hidden past, his true identity and how far he can be pushed.When she realizes her life is on the line as well as her brother s, Juicy knows she has to fight out of the world of designer drugs and sex in order to save the lives of everyone she holds close.It captures the essence I guess, of how these things work Underground clubs, prostitution, the drug dealing and body selling I just feel like the plot of the story wasn t to my taste Juicy was a nice character all in all, through out the book, she shows she s strong, independent, and willing.Not sure what else I can say right now 3 stars it is.

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    Use the following link to see the video review sensuousness of the cover image first captured my attention Then I read the caption that described the book as an urban erotic tale , and I knew the book would have characters that represented a side of black America that was rarely written about and I was intrigued.I then glanced at the author s name Noire , and I laughed at the author s clever play on words Noire means Black in French.Although, the book is entitled G Spot , it is far from a light hearted read At times I cringed and clenched my hands at the story that Noire unfolded Upon completion of the book two words rang in my headwell done.Euftis EmeryAuthor of Revenge Between my lovers legs..

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    G Spot is a good book to read Its about a girl named Juicy knew a big time drug dealer from around her way when she only 14 yrs old When her grandmother died when she was 17 her life changed It was a lot of betrayal, killing and drama The book is called G Spot because a big time drug dealer named G owned a club and everybody knew who he was and what is was about He took in Juicy and her little brother in After awhile he brought his son back to New York and that s when the betrayal started Juicy started to mess with G s son and it got out of control Another reason why I like the book is because of the killing In the middle of the book Juicy s brother killed G and then he shot his self on the count of G had set him up n nearly beat him to death One of Juicy s friends also died because he put out a hit on her Finally G Spot I loved the book because of the drama G would beat Juicy up if she would come in the house late He would also stop her from having friends and talking to people One time he beat her up in front of his son and her brother The drama was real crazy I really enjoyed G Spot It makes you want to read it again or if it was a part to read that one It had a lot of betrayal, killing and drama You should really pick up this book you will enjoy it like I did.

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    Although I didn t particularly care for the story, as this book is not my type of read, there s not a dull moment, and this book was well written It s not so much the content, but the choice in wording the content that can be a bit overly explicit at times There was nothing attractive about G I kept picturing the crazy abusive guy from the movie, Sugar Hill His character was a complete turn off No money is worth putting yourself in the type of situations Juicy found herself in I like at least one main character I can respect and right off the bat, I had no respect for Juicy After all that G does to Juicy, she actually sounds shocked when Gino Dicey tell her about his evil ways Juicy s response was They make him sound like a monster , really Juicy, you think The end of the story SICK The very last thing Juicy should think about let alone want, is sex

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