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    I love, love, love, Freddy He is one of my top if not THE top Georgette Heyer heros Surprised that s how I feel Then let me explain Freddy isn t your average GH hero, he is a pink, NOT a rake, NOT a nonsuch and certainly NOT in the petticoat line He is quite simply everyone s friend but no ones crush His cousin Jack Who IS a rake, IS a nonsuch and is VERY much in the petticoat line thinks he s amusing in the way that you might find a kitten or puppy amusing Which effectively made me hate, hate, hate Jack for the rest of the book Because the thing about Freddy is that he tries REALLY hard and make s things work out right He isn t suave, he isn t able to just swan about and fix everything effortlessly, and I loved him for it The happy endings he managed to salvage out of horrible tangles where all the better because he d given his all to make it happen And being ready to take a bashing for your girl, even when you know without a shadow of a doubt your gonna be beaten to pulp, makes a true hero A nonsuch would have known he was going to win, and therefore his willingness would not be as brave.

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    Kitty Charing is the orphaned ward of the miserly and eccentric Mr Matthew Penicuik Uncle Matthew has no children of his own, but has five grand nephews, including his favorite, the suave and handsome gambler Jack Kitty has a crush on Jack, and Matthew hopes he ll marry Kitty, but he decides to throw the field wide open he ll leave Kitty his fortune, contingent on her marrying any of his grand nephews So Matthew calls a meeting of all of his single grand nephews, two of whom promptly propose to Kitty But Jack, reluctant to be ordered about and to lose his freedom too quickly, doesn t show up at the meeting, thus offending both Kitty and Matthew Kitty impulsively asks Freddy, another of the great nephews, to enter into a pretend engagement with her for a month With a fair amount of difficulty and tears, she convinces Freddy to go along with her plan, partly so she can enjoy life in the big city for a few weeks, out from under Uncle Matthew s thumb and miserly ways, and partly to try to make Jack jealous.Freddy patiently squires Kitty around London his reactions at being forced to tour the sights of London with her are one of the highlights of the story Jack is a little taken aback by the news of the engagement, but thinks rightly that Kitty is just playing hard to get and maybe rightly that he can win her back any time he wants Meanwhile, he s busy trying to make the lovely and innocent Olivia his latest mistress she has a not so innocent Mamma To complicate matters, Kitty s generous heart is moved try to help everyone else in her vicinity with their romantic troubles She s very much like Arabella, actually And Olivia, of course, just happens to be one of those people Kitty meets and tries to help When I first read Cotillion, ten or so years ago, I thought it was pleasant but forgettable I think I was expecting of a focus on the romance I was new to Georgette Heyer at the time, and also my expectations had been set by Devil s Cub, probably one of Heyer s romantic books, what with the hot and hot tempered hero chasing the reluctant heroine all over creation be still, my heart Note Some spoilers follow, although I ve tagged most of them In Cotillion the romance is definitely low key, the handsome rake that the heroine has been angling for view spoiler turns out to be pretty much just a cad and a jerk and a cheater besides hide spoiler

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    Spoilers ahead Also beware of fangirling and reader who got considerably carried away This is a Heyer novel, so of course I expected to enjoy it, but I hadn t planned on falling totally head over heels in love with it This is by far my favourite of her Regencies It s been a while since I hadn t had that much fun with a novel This delightful Regency romp opens up with a hilarious scene of three cousins sitting in a drawing room at Arnside, waiting for their eccentric great uncle to put in an appearance and formally tell them why they invited them except that we know, early on, that one of them, Lord Biddenden, was NOT invited All three are already aware of the reason for their uncle s summons he means to give his inheritance to his ward, Miss Kitty Charing, provided she marries one of his great nephews Her choices are 1 Lord Biddenden is NOT a choice because he was NOT invited, because he is already married, as keeps repeating2 Lord Dolphinton, only Earl in the family, who appears to be slightly touched in his upper works, but in reality he is just very, very slow and possesses a very small amount of intelligence and common sense The poor man had me laughing every time he said something 3 Reverend Hugh Rattray, a very stoic and straitlaced man, although handsome, he means to offer for Kitty simply out of pity, and to give her the protection of his name and his education he promises to educate her yay fun.4 Jack Westruther, the rake Kitty has been in love with since childhood An entirely deplorable man, selfish and without morals, but nevertheless his uncle s and Kitty s first choice He does not, however, answer the summons to go to Arnside 5 Last but not least, Freddy Standen, who is on his way to Arnside, but has no idea of the trouble looming ahead of him.At present, Kitty s opinion of them all is Kitty Charing is a charming young lady with a kind heart and warm, open and unaffected manners She is innocent and seems even so because she has never been outside of the country I thought she made a lovely heroine, and although she may not have been as feisty and fascinating as Sophy The Grand Sophy , or as intelligent and resourceful as Mary Devil s Cub , the reader is easily won over by her simple kindness and desire to help others.Appalled by her uncle s heartless ultimatum, Kitty heedlessly flees Arnside and finds refuge in a nearby inn, where she happens to meet up with Freddy Standen, who was just on his way to Arnside Freddy and Kitty have known each other all their lives and have a very friendly, cousinly relationship The tale is soon poured out to him, and he finds himself very glad to have encountered her before reaching Arnside, as he had no plan at all to offer for Kitty They wouldn t suit But Kitty, in a light bulb flash of genius, asks him bluntly Then Freddy, will you be so very obliging as to be betrothed to me No Dash it, Kit Freddy is none of your typical bad rake in need of a sweet maiden to reform his ways, nor is he a perfect tall, dark, handsome and rich Nonesuch, admired and solicited by all the London beauties Instead, he is a much simple, yet much loveable character He is said to be less intelligent than the norm and repeatedly states the he has no brains , but in truth he is very down to earth, and it is just the way he speaks that make him sound less smart than he really he is I wouldn t change his speech for the world though, that habit of not using pronouns and using many forceful expressions became him so well and added so much charm to his personality He is described as not being particularly handsome, but as having an exquisite style of fashion he is not in the petticoat line, yet is the friend of everyone he prefers dancing to sporting, and his manners are always graceful and elegant He may not handle his team with the utmost perfection, but at least he knows how to tie his cravat Moreover, Freddy is the nicest, most kind hearted person on the planet He is loyal, devoted, and doesn t hesitate to help his friends I think Freddy has what is better than accomplishments a kind heart Yes, I fell in love with Freddy Of course I fell in love with Freddy He was downright adorable And, of course, Freddy accepts the counterfeit betrothal and agrees to whisk Kitty off to London I shall have a great to learn, because I have never been to London in my life But I mean to apply myself Together, they Make sure Kitty is properly dressed Charming Kitty You are as fine as fivepence Were you guided by Freddy s exquisite taste, or is this new touch all of your own devising Dance For this I will say, Freddy however stupid you may be, you are by far the best dancer in London And that, let me tell you, is what Lady Jersey says Visit London Freddy as the reluctant tourist was hilarious So Kitty, being new to London, naturally wants to see all the famous London sights, which Freddy has absolutely no interest in She even gets a tourist book, which describes all the Curiosities, Amusements, Exhibitions, Public Establishments and Remarkable Objects in London And poor Freddy is all No, really, Kit Not yourself Can t be Nice pair of flats we should look, going all over town with a dashed guide book But as kind as he is, he nevertheless agrees to take her on a tour of the City.Shall we The City of London with commentary by Freddy Standen Westminster Abbey But the dilapidated effigies in the Henry the Seventh Chapel, in particular the ghoulish countenance of Queen Elizabeth, proved to be his breaking point He said that he had never seen such a set of rum touches in his life, and represented to Miss Charing in the strongest terms that another five minutes spent in the chapel would make them both feel as blue as megrim The British Museum The thing s a dashed take in A pretty set of bubble merchants they must be, the fellows that look after place I ll tell you what Kit it s a fortunate thing you brought that book Why, if we hadn t had it we should have been done brown as a pair of berries The Elgin Marbles Dash it, they ve got no heads No, but you see, Freddy, they are so very old They have been damaged explained Miss Charing Damaged I should rather think so They haven t got any arms either Well, if this don t beat the Dutch And just look at this, Kit Birth of Athene from the brain of Zeus, said Kitty, consulting the catalogue Birth of Athene from what The Bank of England One of the wonders of commerce and one of the abortions of art read out Miss Charing Is it though Well, that settles it We needn t go to Cornhill at all You know, Kit, that s a dashed good book We can go home now They rack their brains to try and help new acquaintances befriended by Kitty get out of miserable tangles, even Freddy would much prefer to stay well out of it But, he has no choice but to help, says he, since Kitty s in it and if she s in it, so must he Literally out nice each other Not only are they the two nicest human beings, but they actually argued over it Tell you what, Kit Got too kind a heart A smile swept across her face Oh Freddy, how absurd you are When you have a much kinder one than I have No, really Kit protested Freddy, revolted Haven t got anything of the sort Been on the town for years Yes, you have, averred Kitty, lifting his hand to her cheek for a brief moment Could they get any cuter I found myself going Awwwwwwwwww every single time they were together And in the middle of it all, they obviously had tons of fun and so had I I daresay Freddy might not be a great hand at slaying dragons but one has not the smallest need of a man who can kill dragons I may be without sensibility, but I m dashed if I d sit tearing my hair out when a man came to tell me Kit was in trouble retorted Freddy Much good that would do her Not only does Cotillion feature one of the most irresistible hero and heroine of all literature, but the secondary characters are priceless as well We have Jack, the selfish, rakish cousin who likes to take advantage of everyone and loves to look down mockingly at Freddy and Kitty Curiously he did not bother me that much I expected to hate him, having heard much against him, but he was a rather spicy character and made a good contrast with all the other good characters Moreover I ve always loved rakes and he was very hero material just the kind who would have made for a perfect redeemed rake plot Then there is Lord Dolphinton, the dim witted cousin who wants to marry a Cit s daughter and who literally hides under a table when he thinks his mother is coming after him I don t think I ve ever laughed at a character so much before He added so much comical relief as though the book wasn t comical already Freddy s father, Lord Legerwood, was extremely fascinating and very hero material as well I wished he had been involved in the story Another one I loved was Meg, Freddy s older pregnant sister, who made a very good companion and friend for Kitty, and who had random mood swings I love the scenes when she and Kitty go shopping and try on clothes in her room they were creating such a lasting bond The plot of this wonderful book is also so clever and engaging Nobody really believes Freddy and Kitty s engagement to be real, but they are so busy trying to untangle everyone else s problems that they do not let it bother them And before they know it, it is no longer just a fake engagement What I mean is, like you to have everything you want Wished it was me and not Jack, that s all You don t feel you could marry me instead Got no brains, of course, and I ain t a handsome fellow, like Jack, but I love you Don t think I could ever love anyone else Daresay it ain t any use telling you, but well, there it is Oh Freddy, Freddy sobbed Miss Charing No, no, Kit, don t cry begged Freddy, putting his arm round her Can t bear you not to be happy I won t say another word Never thought there was any hope for me Just wanted to tell you Freddy, I love you with all my heart Kitty said, turning within his arm, and casting bothe her own round his neck Much, much than you could possibly love me And my reaction Honestly, this book is just so good, I can t recommend it enough MUST READ for Regency and non Regency fans alike, JUST GO GET A COPY AND ENJOYYY D D DGroup read with the Georgette Heyer Fans group.

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    Warning there may be spoilers for in this review.I find it hard to say which is my favourite Heyer Regency When I read Arabella that is my favourite,but when I read Cotillion that is my favourite I have only just reread Cotillion for the umpteenth time, but maybe Cotillion is my true, absolute love.The point both books have in common are the heroine Both are pretty brunettes with kind hearts no real money of their own Society s rules are less important to them than a social conscience Arabella and helping friends or family Kitty The books main difference is the hero Robert from Arabella is a true Regency hero dashing, handsome, witty autocratic In Cotillion view spoiler on first reading I expect Jack to be the hero he is Robert without money , as it turns out, without a heart GH has decided to turn romance conventions on their head gives us Freddy Stanton, the fool of the family, well dressed but of only average good looks He may not want to get involved in the impulsive Kitty s schemes, but it never occurs to him not to help her when her well intentioned plans go awry Freddy s true nature is shown by the way he keeps a protective eye on his siblings Meg Charlie He may not be too bright, but this Pink of the Ton is absolutely at home in his world Kitty comes to realise this Freddy s good nature are far important Freddy s family come to value him too this line, simple as it is, is one of the most romantic I have ever read What I mean is, like you to have everything you want Wished it was me, that s all hide spoiler

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    Synopsis Naive country lad Kit Charing s obstreperous and stingy guardian has made it clear that the boy will inherit nothing unless Kit marries one of her nieces either the amiable but rather dim fashion plate Frederica Standen, the simple minded Lady Dolphinton, mean spirited Claudette, uptight bible thumper Huette or the intended target, the beautiful and very popular Jacqueline Westruther Unfortunately, despite being rather in need of funds, the prideful minx Jacqueline resists, refusing to engage with this marriage plot And so Kit enacts his own scheme he and kindly Frederica will fake an engagement, in the hopes of igniting jealousy in the heart of flirtatious Jacqueline All s well that end s well when both Kit and the reader come to understand the callow heartlessness beneath Jacqueline s beauty, and the strength and loyalty that lie under Frederica s shallow obsession with fashion and manners Girls will be girls As boys will be boys.I loved this sweet and comedic confection Heyer must have been in a playful mood when writing Cotillion, as she does surprising things in this novel mercilessly sending up the superficial nature of high society including its discreet but constant focus on money putting romance to the side while instead providing a generous number of comic scenes based around shopping, couture and the appropriate colors that should be worn by certain complexions, describing an unpleasant dinner party followed by a trashy masquerade, and the visiting of many so called attractions of London spoofing the very idea of how a proper marriage proposal should be conducted making unseemly jokes about red light districts and honey traps and best of all, confounding reader expectations around gender roles and what sorts of traits romantic leads should embody I grinned happily and laughed out loud many times The title is clever as well, delineating the romantic entanglements that four couples dance through in the novel with one couple being a surprise, last minute addition All in all, Cotillion is an amiable and cheerful delight Actual Synopsis switch the genders in the Synopsis.

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    This is my first book by Georgette Heyer I ve heard so many great things about her that I had to see for myself At first, I wasn t too pleased with the book, but I warmed to it after the first couple of chapters The way Cotillion starts out with a miserly, eccentric uncle trying to hold his relations hostage to his will, I thought it would be dreary But as soon as Cousin Freddy comes on the scene, the book takes a most pleasant, comedic turn Against his will and his protests, the heroine, Kitty, talks him into a fake engagement, so that she may go to London, and make her cousin, Jack of whom she always had romantic fantasies jealous However, while she s in London, her kind heart gets her embroiled into all sorts of schemes to help various people Freddy is always there to get her and her friends out of a fix view spoiler During her stay, she has ample time to compare the selfish ways of her dream hero, Jack, with the very generous and honest ways of the real hero, Freddy hide spoiler

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    The cotillion also cotillon or French country dance is a social dance, popular in 18th century Europe and America Originally for four couples in square formation, it was a courtly version of an English country dance, the forerunner of the quadrille and, in the United States, the square dance That s what it says on the cover and that s what you will find between the covers of this delightful comedy of manners from the pen of Georgette Heyer, whose accomplishments in the recreations of the customs, fashions and linguistic peculiarities of the period have come to define the whole genre of Regency Romance I used to think P G Wodehouse is without peer when it comes to creative use of the English language and comedic entanglements, but Cotillion is a fine example for me of a succesful challenge to his elevated position While the historic periods are clearly different, the comparison is underlined by the setting of the story among the higher echelons of the British society the Ton as the Regency bucks liked to define it and by the pursuit of love as the prime engine of the plot The dance starts with an introduction of several gentlemen gathered at the manor of their cranky old uncle who wants to leave his whole wealth to a poor orphan girl in his household The condition for the inheritance is that the lovely Miss Kitty Charing must marry one of the nephews of Mr Penicuik Among the four nephews, Lord Dolphington is an Earl with a few screws loose in the belfry, Hugh is a stuffed shirt clergyman, George is already married and a bore, Freddy is an effete man about town, interested in the latest fashions than in petticoats, and Jack Westruthers is a scoundrel with the good looks and the loose morals that can get him any lady of the high society that he snaps his fingers at Seems like an easy choice for Kitty, but the only problem is that the saucy Jack has refused to answer the summons Inflamed by the plan of her tight fisted guardian to sell her out like livestock, Mrs Charing hatches a plan to escape for her first season in London, hoping to find there succes in her pursuit of marital bliss than in the isolated estate of Mr Penicuik I do not want neatness and propriety I want elegant dresses, and I want to have my hair cut in the first style of fashion, and I want to go to assemblies, and rout parties, and to the theatre, and to the Opera, and not not to be a poor little squab of a dowdy After browbeating one of the nephews into a fake marriage proposal, Kitty proceeds to do exactly that, armed with an illustrated guide of the points of interes in the metropolis The Picture of London Price Five Shillings, Bound in Red With an introduction to the household of her impromptu fiancee s sister Meg, the girl is ready to take the Ton by storm Fresh as paint, and full of enthusiasm Miss Catherine Charing is a delightful guide to the Regency landscape, cca 1816 While trying to solve her own marital status, she is pretty soon involved in the fate of two other couples, each totally unsuited to each other by the standards of the time All her best efforts though only lead to complications, to the exasperation of the amiable Freddy Standen, who finds himself plunged deep in the soup as his modern alter ego Bertie Wooster would say Unlike Bertie, the honourable Freddy turns out to hide behind the phlegmatic facade and the studied affectations of speech a healthy dose of common sense and resourcefulness under stress I think Freddy has what is better than accomplishments a kind heart exclaims the impressed young Kitty after the umpteenth time he comes to her rescue But can he replace the dashing Jack of her romantic dreams The casual reader might understandably dismiss the novel as inoffensive escapism, a pleasant way to enjoy a weekend pondering over the fashion sense of the well to do Ermine and chinchilla with blue, Meg Sables never show to advantage Now, if only you had chosen to wear the Merino cloth pelisse I bought for you not the earth coloured one, but the braided one in French green it would have been unexceptionable Between the lines though there is a glimpse of the dire position of women in a scandal prone and male dominated society where their only chance at a decent life is to ensnare a wealthy husband, or at least a generous rogue to pay their upkeep in exchange for sexual favours As Kitty is auctioned to suitors with the promise of a fat dowry, the impoverished Olivia is offered to the blase and elderly roue Henry Gosford as a mistress I am wholly dependant upon the generosity of my guardian I do not exaggerate when I say that I have not a penny in the world I have mentioned earlier that much of the enjoyment of the lecture came not so much from the plot or from the personable young people involved, but from the well researched linguistic peculiarities of the period While some words made me dive for the dictionary valetudinarian, cicisbeo , it is mostly in the bubbling conversation that the talent of the author really shines You know, Kitty, the old gentleman must be in pretty queer stirrups Unless he s been on the mop, and that doesn t seem likely Well, what I mean is, he must be dicked in the nob to want such a set of gudgeons at Arnside I have considered for a moment a three star rating for this divertimento, but then I had before me a picture of Miss Fishguard,the poetry obsessed governess of Kitty, and listened to her admonition So ignoble a thought will not for an instant be permitted to obtrude

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    Rating Clarification 3.5 StarsI am enjoying my reads from the prodigiously fertile pen of Georgette Heyer, but I m not always sure what I m going to get when I start Chapter 1 Some are dull Faro s Daughter , some are stupid Powder And Patch , some are downright wall bangers The Convenient Marriage , some are hysterically funny Friday s Child , some are gothically dark Cousin Kate , some are realistic non HEA s A Civil Contract , and some are little gems of near perfection Arabella I think whatever you re in the mood for experiencing, Heyer can almost always take you there Cotillion is certainly one of Heyer s lighter, frothier offerings Nothing much happens, there s no real drama or climatic denouement, and everything pretty much works out to the good for all concerned What makes Cotillion unique is that Heyer presents us with a hero who normally doesn t make the cut in her romances You fans know the secondary character I m referring to he s usually the hero s good friend and or side kick He s somewhat daft and young, and is usually there to make funny comments and egg on the main hero But Heyer brings this stock character to the forefront in this novel, and Freddy shines in the role of the unassuming but true love for our heroine Kitty Freddy makes the book, and it wouldn t be the favorite of so many Heyer s fans without him being the person he is.An enjoyable read Not my personal favorite, true, but good stuff Recommended for first time initiates to Heyer.

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    This is one of Heyer s best books featuring one of her very best characters, that of Freddie Standen Such an adorable man and just the perfect match for Kittie once she comes around to realising it So many great characters in this book I loved Freddie s father and his sister, Meg and Dolph was also great fun There is just something about a good Georgette Heyer book They are light, funny, entertaining and oh so smart And they are wearing the test of time Still so good after so many years

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    Cotillion quickly moved to the top of my favorite Heyer books It s so frustrating to see her lumped into the general romance novel section as she s so much than that and I m afraid that a lot of people who are snooty about reading romance novels are missing out on a marvelous author Time Magazine put it best, With a Georgette Heyer you don t buy a book, you buy a world If it suits you, you settle down forever.

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Cotillion download Cotillion, read online Cotillion, kindle ebook Cotillion, Cotillion 860d5b24b834 The Three Great Nephews Of Irascible Mr Matthew Penicuik Know Better Than To Ignore His Summons, Especially When It Concerns The Bestowal Of His Fortune The Wily Old Gentleman Has Hatched A Freakish Plan For His Country Bred Stepdaughter S Future His Fortune Will By Lovely Catherine Charing S Dowry If She Married One Of His Great Nephews To Spirited Kitty, The Conditions Of Her Guardian S Will Before She Could Inherit A Tuppence Were IntolerableIn Spite Of The Unwelcome Attentions Of Greedy Suitors, Who Are Scrambling For Her Hand, Kitty Is Not Wholly Averse, But Only If The Right Cousin Proposes Unfortunately, Kitty During Her Secluded Life Pining, Has Set Her Heart On Handsome And Virile Jack Westruther, A Confirmed Rake Jack, Who Is Well Aware Of Her Attachment, However, Made It Quite Clear That He Would Marry Her Only When He Had Sown His Last Wild Oat And Seems To Have No Inclination To Marry Her Anytime Soon But Kitty Has Other Ideas And Anxious To Hasten Matters She Devises A Plan Kitty Convinces Modest And Carefree Cousin Frederick Standen To Pose As Her Fiance, Hoping Thereby To Make Jack Jealous And To See A Little Of The World Than Her Isolated Life On Her Great Uncle S Estate Has Afforded HerHer Plan Takes Her To Visit Freddy S Family In London, Where Her Kith And Kin Embroil Her In Their Romantic Troubles, Sprinkling Witty Banter With Parisian Phrases Cousin Lord Foster Dolphinton Has Fallen For A Merchant S Daughter In Conflict With His Mother Meanwhile, Her French Cousin, Camille, A Professional Gambler, Try To Win The Heart Of Beautiful Olivia Broughty, In Turn The Object Of Cousin Jack S Dishonorable Intentions Resourceful Cousin Freddie Turned Out To Be Of A Man Than Kitty Anticipated And When Kitty S Generous Heart Leads To All Sorts Of Unintended Troubles, There Is Only One Man Who Can Rescue Her From Than One Dreadful Fix And Pick Up The Pieces Of Her Plotting Now, Kitty Herself Wonders Who Is Really Right For Her