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Fräulein M. summary Fräulein M., series Fräulein M., book Fräulein M., pdf Fräulein M., Fräulein M. 313b4cb8ef BERLIN, Sisters Raised In A Catholic Orphanage, Berni And Grete Metzger Are Each Other S Whole World That Is, Until Life Propels Them To Opposite Sides Of Seedy, Splendid, And Violent Weimar Berlin Berni Becomes A Cigarette Girl, A Denizen Of The Cabaret Scene Alongside Her Transgender Best Friend, Who Is Considering A Risky Gender Reassignment Surgery Meanwhile Grete Is Hired As A Maid To A Nazi Family, And Begins To Form A Complicated Bond With Their Son As Germany Barrels Toward The Third Reich And Ruin, One Of The Sisters Must Make A Devastating ChoiceUTH CAROLINA, With The Recent Death Of Her Father, Janeen Moore Yearns To Know About Her Family History, Especially The Closely Guarded Story Of Her Mother S Youth In Germany One Day She Intercepts A Letter Intended For Her Mother A Confession Written By A German Woman, A Plea For Forgiveness What Role Does Janeen S Mother Play In This Story, And Why Does She Seem So Distressed By Recent News That A Former SS Officer Has Resurfaced In America FR ULEIN M Abounds With Hidden Identities And Family Secrets With Its Multilayered Exploration Of Family Ties, Hard Choices, And The Weight Of History In Our Lives, The Novel Shines Light On A Brilliant New Voice

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    This is, first of all, a fantastically written book whose characters will grow on you even if you don t really approve of their actions Even though it is written in the third person, this book will give you a great perspective into lives of many different people who try to survive in a tragic pre war situation in Germany Two sisters who have never been apart will be forced onto different paths One will stand with Jews and befriend a phenomenal transgender Anita, while the other one will become a maid for a Nazi family whose son has the most powerful beliefs of them all I devoured the story about Berni and Grete and all the difficulties they came across and finished this story in two days It s a historical fiction with a modern touch what can you ask for Even though I could talk about this book for hours, I feel like it s best to start it without much previous knowledge The author provides a heart breaking and heart warming atmosphere all at once and I can guarantee you that you will love it Caroline, thank you for gifting me a copy of your wonderful book I wish you all the success.You can read this review on BookishFever.

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    In brief A twisting and powerful read highly evocative of time and place 4.5 5.In fullThis book revolves around the stories of two orphaned sisters who are in a West Berlin orphanage and it starts in 1923 Berni and Grete are the sisters and the book looks at their lives over time from one or the other s perspective up until the late 1930s There is also a strand of the story which is obviously connected in some way set in America in the 1970s Over this time the two girls lives take very different paths and have consequences for both of them.I found the writing in this book highly evocative right from the start Berlin with hyperinflation and life in the Catholic orphanage is well painted If anything the images of their later lives in Berlin are even vivid Berni is a cigarette girl in a bar not at all respectable while Grete is a servant I found myself completely caught up in their lives.The characters in this story are rich They feel like real people in a real setting and they get to you Not the most major character but important, Anita s story seemed particularly powerful and poignant at times as an example She is actually a man who dresses as a woman Perfectly acceptable in the right places at least at the start of this story Very unacceptable and dangerous as time goes by.By the time the tale moves fully to the USA I really did find it very hard indeed to put this down The twists become dizzying here at times and the rollercoaster of the sisters lives become even powerfully etched Powerfully moving at times this is a hard hitting book in places tackling the rise of Nazism and its consequences head on This is not a book I expect to forget for some time to come and one I really enjoyed reading Quite definitely a 4.5 5.Note I received an advance digital copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair reviewhttp viewson.org.uk fiction cigaret

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    After five years of writing and a three year agent publisher search, I feel very fortunate to be able to introduce you to Berni, Grete, and Anita Enjoy I look forward to hearing your thoughts

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    I finished Fraulein M. as the sun was rising this morning and when I decided to eat my lunch later in the day, I was kind of sad to remember that I had finished the book a few hours earlier Some books feel like friends, and this was one of them.I hesitate to call this a World War II novel because the setting is really pre World War II, but for the sake of the argument, this is different from other books set in that period of time This is wonderfully written and tasteful, suspenseful at times, and educational, particularly on the treatment of transgender people in the period this book covers I knew absolutely nothing about this topic.I may not have a sister, but I did appreciate the bond that forms the core of Fraulein M., and my heart broke for them as their different challenges were presented I could certainly see this as a film.

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    Celkem zaj mav p b h V lka, jej p soben a ovlivn n ivot dvou sester Berni a Grety Tak tro ku jin pohled, kter je t nezn me

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    The Cigarette Girl by Caroline WoodsBrilliant The opening section of Caroline Woods novel is based in South Carolina in 1970 and Janeen Moore and her mother Anita are mourning the death of her father When a letter arrives for her mother, Janeen reads it and discovers that it is written in German where her mother was born Janeen responds to the letter pretending to be her mother Her mother s story is then revealed.It began in Berlin in 1931 when two sisters Berni and Grete are taken to an orphanage As the story unfolds we are introduced to the different aspects of life that are affected by Hitler s rise to power and the impact that has on the German population This is unlike any other book I have read about this period Not only is it beautifully written, but it is powerful and scarily realistic As we know these events did happen and Woods plot and structure have the main protagonists leading their lives against this background.How could you not worry about poor Grete how can you fail to admire Berni s loyalty Anita s vulnerability I never quite knew where the story was headed but always felt divided loyalty, is Grete deserving is Berni the most admirable who is the bravest This is a very clever, well balanced book that explores relationships and character with the underbelly of Berlin in 1930 as the backdrop.I loved it.Thank you to NetGalley who supplied this book via Kindle in return for an honest review.

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    I ve read a lot of WWII historical fiction and they all start to blend together after awhile, but this one stands out it comes from a different angle and is incredibly engaging I picked it up on a snowy afternoon then ended up staying awake until 2am so I could finish it I love historical books that jump to present time or near present time in this case and I appreciate that the author didn t just tie it up in a bow at the end but rather went a step further and gave us a little bit of a story than was required Also, there is German sprinkled throughout which helps root the geography, but even someone like me who doesn t know a word of German was able to decipher what everything meant So good I can t wait to do this book with my book club The subject matter rise of the Nazi party and how the average citizen was involved let it happen is rather timely Red flags none really It is a WWII Holocaust book so it has dark themes, but no blood and gore to speak of I would consider giving it to a mature high school student.

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    Fraulein M draws you right into Berlin in 1930 during the rise of Hitler A suspenseful story unfolds through the eyes of two sisters thrown into psychological conflict amidst a rapidly changing and frightening German landscape Woods explores the increased pressure on the human psyche and moral dilemmas faced by those living in a world with significant evils The raw emotions and subsequent actions made by Grete and Berni are hauntingly relatable and shed light onto our own human experiences in the modern day.

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    A story of the life of two orphan sisters in pre World War II Berlin, Germany Weimar Republic An easy read with a few interesting twists, plus some subject matter that is not normally discussed in the historical fiction that takes place during this era Recommend.

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