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    I am not even sure what to rate this one It gets 5 stars for being HILARIOUS OMG, I just about died laughing at the stuff in this book Our intrepid HERO, whose name is T BONE like the steak not the rapper and who had a beard and apparently only ONE hair on his head I have a face full of hair, and the one on my head grows down past my shoulders Murders two people and feeds them to his hogs which I REALLY hope he never butchered and ate Then he stalks the heroine like a predator worthy of this own Dateline episode The little chart I d started keeping after finding the tampons in her trash told me all I needed to know about her breeding season Then he drugs her and has oral and anal sex with her And sticks fertility pills in her anus every chance her gets Are you going to kill me Her words stopped me in my tracks and almost knocked me off my feet No The thought never entered my head Why would she even think such a thing Ya I dunno WHAT she was thinking Insert sarcastic eye roll Then he basically just continues to have sex with her until she Stockholm syndromes all over his ass Then they have a TON of babies and live HEA.

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    WHAT IN THE HELL DID I JUST READ I CAN T BELIEVE I FINISHED THIS ONE Why just looking at her made me want to just grab her up and take her home and protect her she was so little The thought entered my mind that maybe I wouldn t mind seeing her little belly swollen with my child either This book is one that I think a psychologist would have a field day analyzing It s disturbing and because of the gendre it is, it s almost impossible for me to rate As a romance book this would maybe give it maybe 1.5 2 stars, because this book did not have many romantic elements in it He was an alpha and he does falls for her insta love lust He does some nice things for her and cares for her in his twisted way He buys things for her wellbeing and according to her wish list He makes her food and makes sure she is kept healthy with vitamins and going to the hospital when needed He wants her to be happy and never abuses her physically I mean he doesn t hit or beat her He doesn t cheat on her nor does he push her away He is 100% faithful to her These are all very sweet and well intentioned behaviour from the hero, but it doesn t really make up for the fact that HE KIDNAPPED HER AND HELD HER AGAINST HER WILL He drugged her, and while incapacitated, he sodomized and raped her When I d cum about the fourth time I was plum worn out After cleaning up after cumming in her ass, I d rubbed my cock all over her exposed body, even letting it sit on her lips and coaxing her tongue to lick me in her sleep For me, this was made even disturbing by the fact that the heroine was a virgin The hero thinks My little Angel was pure She s my first virgin And if I have anything to say about it, my last My mind was filled with the knowledge that she would be the last woman I lay with He plans on having children with her without asking her consent He thinks by hook or by crook T Bone Riley is gonna make that little beauty the mother of his children yes sir And he then proceeds to make it happen THIS ARE ALL VERY DISTURBING ELEMENTS THAT MAKE THIS A ROMANCE FAIL I will be honest and say I found the hero T Bone s character very fascinating, from a psychological point of view His history leads me to think that he is a victim of psychological conditioning, with the isolation from society and his father s emotional and physical abuse using the dog He never really attended school or even spend any length of time within society His father essentially isolated him from everyone Even his mother died young, so he had no real concept of right and wrong.The hero, honestly sees nothing wrong in killing those that have wronged him Then pulled my gun and blew them both to kingdom come I made sure they were done for, even a wild animal deserves to be put out of its misery after all. He firmly believes my daddy had told me long ago that it was a woman s place to give her man as many children as her body could hold, just as it was a man s place to provide for his family, and not just food and shelter, but love He has never even had real exposure to regular women You see the truth is, I don t know much about courting women Sure daddy had taken me on my sixteenth birthday down to the playhouse to lose my virginity Even his fianc e that he killed with her lover was a woman of lose moral fibre aka a slut Therefore, what chance does this messed up guy have of trying to make a relationship work using traditional methods NONE Now as an EROTICA, this would be a whole different rating I would have to say, other than the first sodomy while sleeping drugged and the fact that she was tied up aka dubious consent and rape , this book was actually pretty erotic As an erotica if you enjoy the rape fantasy thing I would rate it at 3 or 3.5 stars We have some hot mating scenes in the barn and on an ATV and not to mention what that man can do with his mouth Wow, that was very seriously hot However, this book is definitely NOT FOR EVERYONE It has too many elements and triggers for that But I will be honest here and say I did not hate this book I didn t love it, but no hate here Now the big question is Would I recommend it And honestly, it depends on how good a friend you are If I know you well enough book wise to know if you would be offended by the content or aroused by it Therefore, my suggestion is if you like your romance light and gentle, skip this book But if you enjoy a really twisted love erotica story, then honey you have come to the right place Happy reading or skipping Either way I don t judge It s not my place.

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    This book it s not fucking romance view spoiler this is rape, he kidnapped the heroine, drugs her and then proceeded to touched her and shoved his dick while she s drugged she CANT fucking say yes and just because the author wrote that her body is reacting to his touch does NIT she wants it or it does NOT she said yes That s fucking rape because the heroine doesn t know she s being touch, lick and penetrated hide spoiler

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    Re edit of T Bone and Redneck did you say Well, I may just need to try this one out I know, I know, And now that I have read it, I am of two minds about it While the content was digestible, it was not as captivating The whole rape sex scene has been edited out This is what took it s place instead But as I got into bed beside her with my dick in hand ready to seal the deal, I realized it wasn t as much fun, her not being awake I wanted to look into her eyes when I take her the first time Wanted her with me when I plant the first little one in her I studied her as she slept, all that beauty that was now mine I could see my sons and daughters in her arms, see the love and joy on her face as she accepted her lot in life The picture was so clear I almost spent right then and there She moaned in her sleep bringing my attention to her mouth She had full pouty lips that were just begging to be kissed I gritted my teeth and held myself back from touching her though I wanted to so bad my eyes were crossing I threw my arm around her and for the first time since my daddy passed I was at peace She jerked awake during the night and was disoriented for the first few minutes I didn t give her time to catch her breath or find that tongue of hers As soon as her eyes cleared I turned and took her lips under mine Our first kiss It was everything I imagined and I came up for air when she struggled to breathe but I could ve stayed like that for the rest of my days Does your head hurt Angel Therefore, the first time they have sex, she is mostly alert but she is still bound She is a willing victim of circumstances I have to be honest here guys It was not as intense and it felt forced After reading this re edit, even thought I enjoyed it as it was a relatively safe read, I feel that the censorship that was done to this book was WRONG YES, it s true that the first two version are hard to read with questionable content, but T Bone was lost in translation to me He became this slightly softer less primitive character who was less assertive He still does everything he did in the other two versions but in different set of circumstances Also, the story sequencing makes less sense to me When she wakes up after their first sexual encounter, why does she not remember it When this happened Her eyes opened wide when she felt me there and I had to move fast before she hurt herself fighting me It s okay darling, I ll go real slow, but I have to have some part of you Let me I planted my hands next to her head and slid my cock deep into her ass I held still once I was all the way in and then lowered my head to take her lips.Why does she says Did you what did you do to me I did not violate you Melanie I did touch you, but I restrained myself from taking your virginity, don t you remember So she was awake and remembered nothing As she thinks Why wasn t he pawing at me, forcing himself on me like a rutting beast I felt every movement of his fingers and they weren t the fingers of a man bent on causing pain I was confused and aroused as my body moved on its own, following his lead He touched me like he knew my body and I remembered just how much time he d spent playing with me last night Okay, now I am confused she remembered but she doesn t What NOW, THE COMPLETE STORYLINE IS A JUMBLED MESS Further, his personality, while basically the same, was not as intense and captivating to me Now, I don t enjoy or condone the acts done by T Bone, but at least the other versions painted a colourful picture of a completely 3D character If I have to pick between the three versions, I would have to say the first T Bone was much hard hitting and captivating Yes, I was uncomfortable reading it but I felt compelled to turn the page and discover of the story In conclusion, this book is a relatively safe read without triggers for those who want to read a raw book with an interesting character, this may be a book for you For me personally, I am glad I bought the first version It was raw and gritty but it s the authors original work and it SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN CENSORED Those are my thoughts only and you are free to disagree me However, Please don t disrespect my space or review and I welcome you to write your own.

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    is this people What a disrespectful way to treat a human being this is abuse and violence Who would see this as romance I was so uncomfortable reading this excerpt Unbelievable And no, in this case I can t suspend belief in right and wrong IMO, this is wrong.UPDATE And after being banned because of reasons the book is back for sale under a new name T BONE yes, the male character name I refuse to call him hero lol and with a cute disclaimer THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION Nice, heh That s all folks.

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    I have absolutely nothing good to say about this book It was absolutely disgusting I cant believe I actually finished it There is nothing right about kidnapping and raping somebody even if your body responds It is still rape I have read books where the h has been rapped but she never ends up with the villain or rapist so this was just gross for me And to rape her while she is unconscious WTF This was just crazy And thank you JS for clearing up what the male lead actually looked like at about 30% of the book I wasn t getting a very good visual on how she was describing him Ewwwww I was thinking maybe thisor thisJust no.so gross.

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    I read this book after all the fuss raised by some self righteous witches This is dark erotica, no romance involved The main character is an alpha stalker neanderthal recluse billionaire who once he saw his target he then kidnapped her because he wanted her to be his baby mama The girl sort of learned to accept him and there you go they may have lived happily ever after I wonder if they would have if he was dirt poor and didn t look like Charlie Hunnam This story isn t full of angst and there was non consensual sex at first but then if you read the blurb you know what you re getting into So if you have some triggers you shouldn t jump in blind and read ANY book without reading the synopsis first This isn t my top read but then this isn t my worst read either so 3 stars from me.

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    Nope This is not insta love, this is not some dark psychological romantic thriller There is no progression into maybe the heroine is suffering from Stockholm syndrome or anything that deep and thought provoking This is rape Saying that, this isn t the worse thing I ve ever read And I normally enjoy dark and twisted and to be honest this book doesn t even fall into the top 10 on my list of twisted My only issue is at the very least the author could ve left a possible trigger warning Mislabeling this as a romance was callous and insensitive and deceptive to her regular readers Some people were upset to the point of tears and now there s some long drawn out debate that could ve been avoided.

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    2.5 to 3 crazy ass stalker stars Love the new cover.

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    Well That was something LolDefinitely not for the faint of heart It was wrong on so many levels but I kinda loved it I know. I know. what s wrong with me right but c mon. I ve never met a hot sexy redneck in my life so give me a lil break here lol.It s a short, insta forced love, hot, gritty story.I ve read this kinda of theme before were the heroine gets kidnapped by hero, forced himself. heck even shared her with other men but a longer version Now this is a short story so I understand why a lot of people hated this book There wasn t much in it other than sex so it was kinda poorly executed He kidnapped her, drugged her, raped her and few pages later on she accepted it and they fell happily ever after LOL This is JS so to be honest, I didn t expect much other than all that I ll give this 3.5 stars.

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