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Bad Girlz chapter 1 Bad Girlz, meaning Bad Girlz, genre Bad Girlz, book cover Bad Girlz, flies Bad Girlz, Bad Girlz e3b61d516a207 The Bestselling Author Of B More Careful, Shannon Holmes, Delivers Bad Girlz, Another Wild Adventure Into The Streets The Setting This Time Is The Badlands, One Of The Toughest And Poorest Communities In Philadelphia Bad Girlz Takes You Into The Mysterious And Often Dangerous Lives Of Young Women Who Turn To The Streets And Strip Clubs As A Means Of Survival These Are Girls Who, Along The Way, Suffer Bad Breaks And Find Themselves Ripe For Exploitation By Men And Women Who Pretend To Be Their SaviorsTender And Goldie Were Taken Under Wing By Kat, A Veteran Stripper, Who Enjoyed The Life And The Risks She Had To Take To Stay In The Mix Of The Sex Trade Both Of These Young And Beautiful Girls Had Ended Up In Dire Straits And In Need Of Kat S Help In Different Ways, But Ultimately For The Same Reasons They Lacked The Love And Support That Most Of Us Expect To Get At Home And In Our Communities Where They Live, Illegal Money Is Often The Only Money To Be Made, And The Difference Between The Law And The Outlaw Is Tough To DiscernHolmes Tells A Page Turning Story Of Sex, Money, And Murder In The Name Of Survival And Reveals The Many Ways That Good Girls, Trying To Get By In Desperate Situations, Become Bad Girlz

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    I gave this book a four star rating only because it was written with so much Ebonics slang, I found myself having to re read sentences over and over just to get a full understanding of what it meant, On the other hand it was a good book because it kept my interest to the point of not wanting to put it down, some parts of this book ticked me off so much so that I ended up with a headache and that doesn t happen to often I also found then a few mistakes written in it which can be utterly frustrating I m not going to put to much into what I thought of the story only because it will be hit with spoiler Alerts , but I will say this Mr Holmes has a gift of writing which is a blessing in my opinion, but Damn , did he have to make my favorite character so dumb these broads were as dumb as a box of rocks I can only hope the characters in the next part of this story will wisen up, and not seem so uneducated, weak, and easily pursuaded Here goes. I m on my way to reading Bad girlz for life , fingers crossed.

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    That s all I can say is wow This book is awesome and keeps you wanting Although most of the time I was wondering when is this girl going to wake up The author puts you in the character s shoes most definitely and you still are guessing Read it in one day, just to see what would become of Tender At times I could feel her pain, and other times I was wishing she would see through Kat s games of lies and deception It is sad that it took something as dramatic as Goldie s situation for her to figure out that she was getting played I hated what happened to Goldie, just knew she was gone make it out but not that way Kat is a whole other story, she was a master manipulator that got what she deserved hate it happened that way , but you do unto others On to the next book Bad Girlz 4 life.

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    Again, Shannon Holmes slayed this book I love his writing, you can feel the realness on the pages His books are very scenic and gritty Bad Girlz is definitely in my top 10 most fave books of all time

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    Never Trust Females, Is What I Knew Already This Book Just Gave Me Clearer Reason on Top Of Mine To Support My Opinion Great Book A Must Read

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    Three young women and their less than wonderful lies become the focus of this story lives of poverty in finances and education, a poverty of opportunity and the long lasting aftereffects of abuse set these girls on a life long struggle Life isn t always kind or fair, especially not to those denied a level playing field from the start and these women all band together as a matter of necessity, a situation that exposes and feeds on the weak and na v Yes, there is still a sense of naivet from Tender, and a wish, perhaps even a need, to believe in Kat, the leader of their little group, despite Goldie s awareness of Kat s motives Throughout the roller coaster ride that is this story, we see Kat s selfishness that masquerades as care and concern by becoming the entr e into the world for the new girls, Tender and Goldie The sex trade is often a last resort for the broken and damaged, ones with limited or no options, or the inability to see other choices truth for all here While a sense of we have control appears in all three, as they believe they are holding the cards and have taken some of their own back, the reality of the situation shows otherwise With plenty of gripping moments, and several of tragedy, the details of each life are clear and their choices are understandable While a story of addiction leads to suicide for one, the growth of Tender admittedly a callous and harsh coming of age, is presented with honesty and care, and still shows a few moments of light Narration in this story is presented by Erica Peeples, and was a bit of a mixed bag for me While her presentation was clear, each character presented seamlessly and all were distinct The problem I had was some unneeded and often over emphasized breaks in the presentation periods and commas in the text were long too long pauses, and other sentences were broken without reason, emphasizing words that did little to nothing to impact on the story A reasonably good performance that, were it not for the pauses, would have been very good I received an audiobook copy of the title from the publisher via AudioBook Jukebox for purpose of honest review I was not compensated for this review all conclusions are my own responsibility This review was originally posted on I am, Indeed

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    A book that took me about four hours to read, it truly is a good read With a connected sense to the street life this book was not just something that was written to tell a story, but something much His afterthoughts struck me incredibly The story which he tells is real and there is nothing make belief about it A dancer s life is hard and he address different journeys that each woman chooses to take based on each person s different choice Some aren t even choices, but once you get wrapped up in the game, it s hard to get out.

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    This book was so good I LOVED IT , it makes you want to keep reading but at the same time you kind of know what to expect if you use to reading books like this I was a little hurt about Goldie dieing thats was my GIRL and how Kat was manipulating Goldie the main character Tonya Tender and used them and goldie was only trying warn Tender and she wanted to get out this life but Tender had to see Kat for how she was on her own , but pay backs a bitch Because Kat died.

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    I m pretty sure I ve read this book before Years ago But, hey No harm in a re read.The story is one that could very well happen to a young girl with nowhere to go With people around her that want to take advantage.Tender was a likable protagonist Kat a worthy villain.Like some of the other people, the conversations between the characters had me like Slang is one thing But, I don t know.3.5 stars I do think the final showdown between Kat and tender could have been different better.

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    This was a really good book It played out just like real life back stabbing chick and getting chicks strung out on drugs so you can control their lives I guess that the life of strippers and weak minded people This is just my opinion this is how I saw it in the book Can t wait to read the next part.

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    I liked this book , Now what i didnt like was Kat because she was mean and always thinking of a new way to get money in all the wrong ways but other then that i loved it , tender made me mad when she didnt listen to goldie i think if she would have went to new york with her none of this would have happen , because goldie told her how kat was but she didnt listen to her.

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