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True to the Game (True to the Game #1) chapter 1 True to the Game (True to the Game #1) , meaning True to the Game (True to the Game #1) , genre True to the Game (True to the Game #1) , book cover True to the Game (True to the Game #1) , flies True to the Game (True to the Game #1) , True to the Game (True to the Game #1) 63ef00608d2dd True To The Game Is Considered A Street Classic And For Over Twenty Years Has Been In The Hearts Of Its Readers With A Story Like No Other Gena The Main Character Finds Herself In True Blue Love With Quadir, A Millionaire Associated With The Cartel Quadir Is Faced With Combating The Art Of Extortion And Interception Masterminded By The Notorious Junior Mafia, Which Reigns From The Inner City Streets Of Philadelphia Onto The Pages Of This Book Both Gena And Quadir Find Themselves Caught Up In The Vicious, Yet Seductive, World Of Drugs And Money, Only To Find That Success Int His Game Is No Easy Win There S No Way Out Once You Re In, And Everyone In Stays ForeverTRUE Enjoy A Copy Today Of The ORIGINAL And CLASSIC Cover Copy Of TRUE TO THE GAME

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    Fabulous series incredible writing,this book was engaging and had a nicely developed cast of characters..recommend paperback

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    I liked the book because I think that it showed the consequences of being a drug dealer It showed that being true to the game would leave you dead, or paralyzed But I had a problem with all of the grammatical errors that showed up in the book Also some of the things that the characters would say was a little repetitive I also wanted Gena to learn by the end of the book I wanted her to learn that she needs to get away from the game Because it may bring wealth and material things, but in the end it leaves tragedy and despair Plus I hate the ongoing theme in urban literature where the guy cheats on his girlfriend all the time, but the author still praises him like he loves the girl anyway I don t completely doubt Qua s love for Gena But if the author really wanted me to believe that Q loved Gena beyond any doubt, then he should have been faithful to her.

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    Two stars and that is being generous How did this book make it to the top when they are so many well written writers who go unnoticed I have no earthly ideal If Teri Wood can make it as a so called writer, and be well received with accolades, any one can Gena is one of the most underdeveloped characters I have read and what was so special about Quadir That he sells drugs to his own people and is rich because of that The plot in the beginning was all over the place I like street fiction when the characters are developed and there is a lesson and good story line This was trash So mad I picked it up because of all the rave reviews I d read And they said Teri Woods is the new generation s voice from the street If this is true we are in serious trouble.

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    I read this as part of my library s Urban Fiction genre study.Years ago, when I took a library school class on adult popular fiction, I had to read two westerns One of them was Riders of the Purple Sage by Zane Grey It wasn t the best book I ve ever read, but it was very entertaining, and it contained all the elements I expected to find in the genre cattle stampedes Tumbleweeds A damsel in distress A villain who, literally, wore a black hat I feel the same way about True to the Game It s not the best book I ve ever read, but it was consistently entertaining, and it contained all of the elements I expected to find in the genre plus a cat named Gucci I d call this a rags to riches story, but Gena s not the sort of woman who would ever wear rags, so it s of a projects to Main Line then back to the projects then back to the Main Line again story In the beginning, Gena has a good for nothing boyfriend, a flirtatious best friend, and a desire to make a better life for herself When she meets Quadir on an excursion to New York City, she s intrigued, and when she gets to know him, they fall passionately in love Quadir is Philadelphia s coke kingpin, and he s got enough disposable income to give Gena the life she s always wanted Making the kind of money that Quadir makes puts a person in a lot of danger, and there s an upstart gang who wants a bigger piece of the drug dealing pie So there s a tough but tender heroine, a hero who, given the chance, really just wants to be a dentist, a grandmother Gah Git who is the mother to an entire neighborhood worth of children, a variety of associates and hangers on who want their piece of the good life, and villains who want to get in the way of Gena and Quadir s happiness Woods does a good job capturing the atmosphere of the streets and the varied relationships that develop between the characters It s easy to decry urban fiction as literature that reinforces illegal behavior I disagree Woods doesn t glamorize the facts of these characters lives What they do and how they live is dangerous It could get you shot It could get you killed It s one thing to have millions of dollars stashed away in a safe, but that money means nothing if you re dead and that s a point that s conveyed very effectively in this book It s up to the individual to decide if the game is worth the risk.

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    It felt just like the very first timeI red this book what now seems like a lifetime ago and it always been in my top 5 list of classics With the movie scheduled to come out in a few days, my bookclub decided to read so we can compare and from page one I was sucked completely in all over again There were a few things I felt different about this time around such as Gena and Qua s love Back in the day I thought they were everything together, now with age and wisdom under my belt I found myself feeling sorry for Gena than anything True enough Qua took EXCEPTIONAL care of her but can we REALLY say he loved this girl All in all it was still an amazing story of love, heartbreak and life being sooo blue I absolutely can t wait to finish the trilogy AND see the movie I m praying that they do it justice but if they don t I won t even be mad because I can always come back to this book that will forever be classically TRUE TO THE GAMEMy name is K SherrieAnd I recommend this read

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    I read this book, finally, because I always heard good reviews about it I honestly do not see why The main character had no development throughout the book She seemed to only care about money and how to maintain her lifestyle The writing was going back and forth from different points of view often jumping around making it read like a school aged story Maybe If I was eighteen I could appreciate this novel a little It was such a simple read that I was able to finish it in less than 24 hours.

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    Trashno plot and I couldn t really connect to any of the characters They were too ignorant for me But I was never into the drug game I don t mind chasing women but these guys were dogging these women and the women were seriously just after money Boring Worse was how shallow everyone was There s to life than money You can t take money with you after you re dead You can t take jewelry with you when you re gone You can t take any of that material nonsense with you.

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    When I was about twelve years old I was in the Philadelphia Library in search of a book for school Scanning the shelves I came across an aisle dedicated to African American Fiction Novels The first book I laid eyes on was True To The Game by Teri Woods The book cover was a plain black paperback with a set of dice on the bottom and the words TRUE TO THE GAME in big bold white letters The book cover was very simple not eye grabbing but the title made me want to see what it was about True to the Game was an urban tale about the drug game during the late 1980 s in the city of Philadelphia The main characters Gena and Quadir find themselves caught in a vicious, yet seductive world of drugs and money The price of fancy living can be expensive at time and deadly In Gena s case she must deal with the abuse from her then boyfriend Jalil who paid all her bills, provided her with money, jewelry and kept her in the latest fashion This lifestyle soon became only a memory to Gena when she meets Quadir aka Qua one night in Harlem Quadir a million dollar drug dealer sweeps Gena off her feet with a trip to Jamaica They haven t separated since But all stories can t have a happy ending Quadir is faced with the art of extortion brought upon by the notorious Junior Mafia With Quadir at war with the Junior Mafia, Gena is forced to hold her man down, their house, their cars, and his MONEY With everything at stake they both must stay on top of their game and win But all is tainted when Gena and Quadir join a party thrown by a close friend Gunshots are fired bodies were dropped and lives were lost and among them were Quadir Gena is forced to watch the love of her life die and with him goes all her faith Gena is lost now without Qua His mother took back the Minnie mansion they once shared She took the cars and left Gena for dead Gena didn t accept any handouts Gena return to the projects with her Grandmother and started from scratch One day Gena received mail It was a bill to an unknown address Gena visited the apartment and recognized it immediately as the one Quadir visited periodically Using the key Gena entered the complex As she toured the apartment she came across a closet with steel safes built into them Calling up a locksmith Gena revealed Quadir millions of dollars She found his hidden treasure but what would she do with it Who could she tell Who could she trust No one Bagging up the millions Gena climbed in her Mercedes jumped on the Ben Franklin Bridge She prepared to leave Philly and never return But some one has other plans for her True to the game was one of my very first urban novels I read It set the standard high for any other urban books True to the game was a page turning book It had drama, it was realistic, and told a love story All qualities an urban book should contain True to the Game was really a drama filled book The arguments and the emotional dialogue kept me intrigued She walked over to the jeep and knocked on the glass window Jamal jumped out of what looked like a very uncomfortable sleeping position Where the fuck you been Gena just looked at him, as if she didn t know what he was talking about I spent the night over Sahirah s, Jamal Oh, that gold diggin bitch with the matching hat and shovel Climbing out of the jeep, he continued, I thought I told you I didn t want you hanging around her I know what you told me, Jamal, but this is a free country and I can do what I The words were lost as her body made its way to the pavement with the force of Jamal s backhand The drama in this book kept me glued to the chair Every chapter in True To The Game had drama It went from Gena s abusive relationship, to the death of her best friend Sahirah, then her relationship with Quadir The drama kept me on edge Hungry for The production in the book is only one reason why I loved True to the Game True To the Game was such a realistic book Nothing was sugar coated Everything was real and gutter The streets were described to a T They had real life gang groups in the book and the time frame was on point The way Teri Woods put life in Gena and Quadir made them appear to be real life people Their problems were the same like any other couple They weren t like other characters in books I read Teri gave them life They were raised in the projects they had to deal with poverty, tragedies and hardships It wasn t hard for me to imagine them Instead of Teri idealizing the picture of life of a hustler and his wife she represented life as it really is She made it seeable This is another reason why I liked this book Quadir studied Gena as though he d just been introduced to a goddess My name is Quadir From their meeting I was in love with the book When reading True to the game the love story it shared was So Blue as Gena would say Gena and Quadir relationship was like the urban Bonnie and Clyde or Romeo and Juliet True to the Game told the love story of two people stuck in a hateful filled world The love in this story was so real it had me wishing I had somebody to love me like that When Gena and Quadir went to Jamaica for their first date they made love on a white sand beach where the waves crashed against their skin Gena would write Quadir love poems when he went out to work and they d sit in their mansion cuddled up in front of the fireplace staring in each other eyes Cute right I became so attach to their relationship that when Quadir died I cried reading how Gena broke down The love story True to the Game told is the last reason why I loved it In conclusion, True to the Game was the best book I ve ever read, it is definitely a must read book I loved True to the Game so much I read it six times Teri Woods really set the standards for urban authors Teri Woods True to the Game was a page turner It had drama, it was realistic, and it told a love story I Loved This Book

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    This read had me in tearsexcellent readclassic

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